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Author Christine Sherborne

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Colourstory Publishing offers the books and audios of author Christine Sherborne.  She’s a British ex-pat now living in Australia and loves the Gold Coast, surf, sun and fun.

I’ve been writing self-help, motivational, and spiritual books and audios for the last twenty years. The author of the Quantum Factor Life Enhancement Series, and Law of Attraction Series.  Enjoy the Imogene Supernatural Thriller Series, and hypnosis audios.


Many life subjects covered from relationships, finding peace, giving love to building a successful life. Please browse the articles, you will find some life-changing advice and interesting facts.

After many years of writing I decided to give my creativity a new outlet, returning to my first love painting.

I attended Walsall School of Art, England many years ago and now live in the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia enjoying sand, sea and sun.

Now I’ve opened my Etsy store and Fine Art America to share those creations.

From traditional landscapes to modern art there is something to please everyone.

As digital downloads you can have my original art at a fraction of gallery prices. Please check out my Art page and Etsy store and support me in my new endeavour.

Many thanks and blessings


Fine Art America – Christine Sherborne Art Shop


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Miracles – An Everyday Occurrence

What is a miracle?

“Those things are properly called miracles which are done by divine agency beyond the order commonly observed in nature”                                                                                     Thomas Aquinas Miracles are defined as happenings that can’t be explained by the normal course of events, which defy the normal laws of nature, and which could only be attributed to intervention by God.  There are literally thousands of documented miracles from instant healing, miraculous escapes, through to miraculous material provision. You can read these if you search on the internet.  Read More... Health

Health & Healing

Most people are born healthy, and bodies designed to heal themselves. Your body is a marvelous creation, with automatic systems built in to protect you from harmful organisms. Your skin, your digestive system and your airways are designed to protect you. Your natural state is health, and your body will work well, if treated well. Even when you develop illnesses, doctors largely rely on the body to heal itself. They may use surgery to remove diseased tissue, or medication to help with a virile infection, but it’s the body which heals.   Read More...

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