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Wisdom – Making a Wise Decision Every-time


Wisdom – Making a Wise Decision Every-time


The total sum of your life is built on every decision and choice you have ever made. Therefore it is essential to take the time to make right choices and not be tossed by the winds of circumstance and change. Even if you have made unwise decisions in the past for which you will now be paying, it’s not too late to stop and begin to create a better life for yourself. Think carefully, following my guide lines to make good choices now.

It often takes courage to make a wise decision, and it’s important not to make a decision out of fear. The first part of starting the process of choice is to ask yourself a lot of questions and to ensure that you have as much information as you can on which to base your decision.

Questions such as;

Is it an easy or a complex decision?

If I did nothing at this time would there be any dire consequences?

Is there a real problem or an imagined one?

Have I collected all available data?

Have other people faced the same decision and what did they do about it?

Have you asked God to give you supernatural insight or an answer?

How big would the consequences be if I decided this way?

Can I live with this choice or that choice?

Would the decision I’m thinking of making hurt other people?

Am I over-reacting to the facts?

Are there any time restraints that need to be taken into account?

Is the problem involved with finances or connected with people?

Simple decisions should be made quickly and easily. If there are no long term detrimental consequences to your decision, such as which film to see, then it really doesn’t matter what the decision is. Don’t become a procrastinator.

Tossing a Coin

When you are not sure which way to jump when making a simple decision, you can simply toss a coin. Before the coin lands you will already know in your heart which side of the coin you hope will win. It doesn’t matter how the coin lands, it simply is a process that brings to the fore your real desire.

Delay making a Decision

Delaying making a decision can sometimes be the best thing to do if it doesn’t affect the outcome because of bad timing. Often time has a way of resolving the problem anyway, so don’t be in too much of a hurry, and don’t allow others to push you into a decision before you need to.

Write down the Problem

Always write down the problem. This act in itself is often enough to bring light to the right answer, or action you should take. Choose words that describe the problem fully then write down all the possible answers you can think of. The process will evolve as you write bringing new ideas to mind, and simply thinking about the problem and how you can describe it, clarifies it in your own mind.

Creating Distance

Sometimes you are just too close to the situation or the people and need to create some distance between it and you. If you can take a short holiday or even go on a long solitary walk it gives you the space to allow new ideas to come to you.

Using your Intuition

Problem solving is one of the best situations in which to utilize your intuitive powers. Always keep a pad and pen by the side of your bed as first thing in the morning as you awaken you will receive your best intuitive thoughts. Remember to ask your sub conscious mind to give you the solution as you fall asleep at night and then expect an answer to be forthcoming.


Use your gut feeling when checking out possible solutions or when taking advice from friends or professionals. What is that inner voice trying to say to you? Does what this person is saying ring true to you or do you get an uncomfortable feeling that all is not quite right? Don’t ignore your gut feelings.

Know when to Quit

Know when it’s time to call it quits. If you have made a bad decision then don’t hang in there, pull out, cut your losses and move on with your life. There is a time for holding on, as sometimes we quit just before a breakthrough is coming. But when you can clearly see the writing on the wall, don’t waste more time and energy on a dead duck. Quitting at this stage will leave you with resources to begin again in a new direction.