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Believe – Walt Disney’s famous words of wisdom


Believe – Walt Disney’s famous words of wisdom

Walt Disney used these four steps to motivate his staff:

 Think
 Believe
 Dream
 Dare

Think – What would you really like to do?
Believe – Believe that you can do it.
Dream – Dream of your desire being a reality.
Dare – Dare to step out and achieve your dream.


Using these questions as guidance, we can really think outside the square, as Walt Disney did, to succeed against all odds.   If you really answer the questions honestly, you may be surprised by your hidden desires.

Wisdom & Goal Setting

A wise man leads a planned and structured life, but with room for spontaneity and the choice to change direction when required. It is essential to set goals in order to live wisely, and to continually review those goals as circumstances change.   Circumstances do change, and you are either moving towards a better life or away from a better life, with each decision you make, but are rarely static. Wisdom means thinking about how we want our life to be in five or ten years’ time, and making a plan today to get there.

Christine Sherborne – Author

Author of Colourstory Publishing books and audios. My name is Chris Sherborne and after raising three lively boys in the UK, our family moved New Zealand, and now live in the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia.

I’ve been writing self-help, mind, body, and spiritual audios for the last ten years. I’m the author of the Quantum Factor Life Enhancement Series, and Law of Attraction Series. You can find my Life Mastery Apps on iTunes.  I’ve also written the Imogene Supernatural Thriller Series, and recently released Unseen Helpers from Invisible Realms – The Angels

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