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Why care what others think?



Why care what others think?

The adage ‘You can’t please all the people all the time’ is true. Expectations assault you from every side. Family, Friends your work colleagues, customers and society in general all have their say in what you say or do. Are you trying to please everyone and raising your blood pressure and stress levels in the vain attempt?

People have their own agenda’s and want you to fit in with their wishes and wants, but why should you? Some do have your best interests at heart but most don’t, they only want to fulfill their own needs yours.

Your own ego often causes you to buy a bigger house, car or boat. Taking on debt you can ill afford, and for what? Do other people really care if you carry a designer handbag or were an expensive watch? If they do then they are shallow minded friends and you would be better off without them.

When the mortgage is foreclosed, the car repossessed your so called friends will be gone. If you can afford to have what you desire then do so, but if you are putting yourself in strife, that’s pure folly.

Teaching your children greed and fulfilling their every desire is damaging their character. First teach love, support, caring and belief in their own strength to work and save to buy fripperies. You teach by example. Spending time with anyone enjoying simple pleasures is more memorable than shopping for yet another new outfit or man toy.

Living within one’s means will bring peace and a good night’s sleep. It’s in the early hours of tossing and turning as you fret over the pile of bills on the kitchen bench you damage your health.

When it all boils down, people don’t really care about your possessions, looks or even behavior. They barely notice, and even if they do it is for a moment then forgotten. Forget what other people expect of you and be your own person. Do what’s best for you?

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