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Health & Healing

Health & Healing


Health & Healing

Most people are born healthy, and bodies designed to heal themselves. Your body is a marvelous creation, with automatic systems built in to protect you from harmful organisms. Your skin, your digestive system and your airways are designed to protect you. Your natural state is health, and your body will work well, if treated well.

Even when you develop illnesses, doctors largely rely on the body to heal itself. They may use surgery to remove diseased tissue, or medication to help with a virile infection, but it’s the body which heals.


Thinking and Health

The brain controls all the functions in the body automatically, and the way you think has a remarkable effect on your health. As we have seen, the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination, but works at trying to keep a balance. If your thoughts are negative about your health, you attract illness. Your powerful inner mind brings about what it believes is your reality.  It’s well known voodoo practitioners can put a death curse on their victim, and as the victim believes in the curse, they usually die shortly after hearing the curse pronounced. The victim thinks he will die and his subconscious mind directs his body to obey.

On the other hand, if you convince yourself that you are well, and your body is healthy, your mind will work to bring about balance, resulting in a healthy and energetic body.


Health and Your Subconscious Mind

As we have seen above, if you program your subconscious to heal, your body will obey.  On the other hand if you think negative and destructive thoughts they cause illness, tiredness and you feel run down.

Bitter, angry thoughts, activates your automatic ‘fight or flight’ reaction, and secretes chemicals. These cause problems like arthritis, heart damage and indigestion. With thoughts of health, energy and love, your body produces good chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins help deaden pain, produce a feeling of well-being, and stimulate the immune system. So if you want to feel wonderful and have life giving energy, change your thinking. Think of all that is good, upbeat and harmonious.


A Boy is healed

A twelve year old boy, diagnosed with an inoperable terminal brain tumor, had no hope. His therapist, who was helping him to cope emotionally, believed in the healing power of the mind. He suggested to the boy that he imagine that his white blood cells resemble Pac-men and send them to the site of the tumor, then imagine them eating the cancer cells.

The boy did this two to three times a day. Some weeks later, during a session with the therapist, he told her that when he mentally sent the Pac-men to the tumor, they couldn’t find it.  They sent him for a new brain scan, and found the tumor had disappeared. The doctors discharged the child, and he went on to live a normal life.


Healing and Prayer Power

Scientific studies prove that prayer works. One study consisted of a group of heart patients in hospital. Half the group received normal care and medical treatment, the other half were prayed for in addition, without being aware of it. The group which received prayer recovered faster, had fewer complications, and the survival rate was significantly higher.

Combine right thinking with the power of prayer and you are release healing energy against your illness. Imagine your body as whole and energetic, and your thoughts and prayers will release divine healing power within you. It’s important to have faith that you will be healed, as thoughts with strong emotions are the answer to receiving healing. Faith is achieved by thinking positive and constructive thoughts, substituting them for the negative.

Thoughts of pain, illness and poor health will produce exactly that for you. You often get what you most fear, if that is what you dwell upon. Job said, “That which I greatly feared came upon me

In the Bible, God says, “Choose this day. Choose life or death.” Choosing life means selecting all that is good in thoughts, words and deeds. You already have the healing power within you. Choose life. Choose now.


Using Sleep for Healing

If a patient is in a poor state (for instance with major burns), doctors will induce a sleep or coma. This removes emotional strain, and enables their body to use its resources for healing.

You can make use of the same state, by using ordinary sleep, with instructions for your body to heal itself.  When you go to sleep at night, and when you wake in the morning, say a health and life producing affirmation aloud. Your mind is working while you sleep, and your last thoughts as you drift off will be affect your body, so make sure that you program your mind accordingly.


Use Emotion to Heal

It’s not always easy to line up your thoughts and words you say with your emotions, especially when you’re in pain. Your subconscious mind will always follow your strongest feelings. Unless you believe, you may be wasting your time. To overcome this problem, stop struggling and relax. Take time to sit quietly, and imagine the result you want. Imagine how you want to feel, and what can do when you’re fit and healthy.

Eventually, your feelings and thoughts will come into balance, allowing miracles to happen. Your subconscious will work to and bring about the wonderful outcome that you long for.

Keep relaxing, mentally imagine the best conclusion, and speak your needs are if they are true, and they will be. Control your thoughts, and speak out a carefully worded affirmation that you can believe. If you find this difficult, just keep affirming to yourself one word ‘health’, this will sink into your subconscious.


Lifestyle and Healing

Even the best doctors and surgeons rely on the patient to ensure their lifestyle contributes to their health and healing. If the patient isn’t prepared to change a destructive lifestyle habit, such as smoking, then the doctor’s work is in vain. These practices sabotage the body’s healing mechanism. There have been cases of dramatic instant healing, through prayer, but when the recipient reverts to their former lifestyle, the problems return.

When you eat in excess, smoke or consume too much alcohol, don’t exercise, or live a stressful lifestyle, you suffer the consequences. Your body is designed to thrive on healthy foods, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, wholesome grains and healthy protein. Your body needs regular and adequate exercise and rest.

Because of pollution in today’s environment you would be wise to take supplements. Depleted and contaminated soil, has less goodness than in the past, and contains harmful chemicals from pesticides. Eating organically grown foods may soon become a necessity to extract the goodness your body needs for optimal health.

Modern laborsaving devices and the work many of us do means that we get little exercise. Therefore it’s important to make the effort to take exercise in the form of walking, gardening or playing sports, to keep the body in good working order. Exercise releases endorphins, which make you feel good, reduces stress levels, and gives your body time to recover.

If you follow sensible rules for healthy eating, exercise and take enough rest then your body repays you, by remaining in good shape.


Fasting and Healing

Fasting can be good for your health, as your body needs rest from the process of digesting unwholesome foods. Fasting for a couple of days, or regularly missing a meal, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and controls weight. Drinking clear, filtered water, flushes toxins from your our system.

Fasting is not easy and without medical advice can be dangerous if practiced for extended periods. If you’ve new to fasting, I would recommend you fast from food only, for a maximum of one or two days. During this time ensure that you drink plenty of water, fruit juice and vegetable juices. If you have medical problems, consult your doctor before fasting.

If it’s difficult for you, or if you find you suffer excessively from stomach acid, tiredness or headaches, then fast just one meal a day.


Healing and Energy Drainers

People or locations can sap your energy, drain your resources. If you encounter bad energy over an extended time, it can cause illness. You may have experienced going into a roomful of people, then immediately felt uneasy because of a negative atmosphere. When introduced to someone who seems pleasant and friendly, you’re still uneasy, take note. Listen to these instincts, so you can take action. Leave the person or room.

Some people create negative energy, and drain positive energy away. It may be the person is negative, unhappy or jealous, and contact with them leaves you feeling tired, listless and depressed.

Think about the people that you see each day. Do any have a negative energy? Do you feel drained after spending time with them?  If so, then you need to act to protect your life force level. There is several ways of achieving this – first, if you can, get them out of your life. If not, lessen contact with them, and when you are with them imagine a shield or barrier surrounding you. You’ll reflect negative energy back to the sender.

Certain occupations or lifestyles come with negative and spiritually harmful oppression. For instance, doctors, policemen, and fire-fighters, are often in contact with misfortune and tragedy, and absorb feelings of oppression and trauma. If your job involves extensive public contact, be aware and sensitive to the spiritual. Protect yourself by prayer and affirmations, and imagine a protective light around you.

Old places radiate this negative energy, as the fabric of buildings absorb the energy produced by the people who have lived there. When you visit places, such as morgues, hospitals and cemeteries, you can absorb this energy.

You can cleanse buildings of harmful spiritual energy by prayer. Go through each room praying for any evil to leave, and asking for God’s love to fill each rooms.


Breathing and Health

Breathing is essential for life, but many people don’t breathe correctly. Deep breathing enables your life-giving process to work efficiently and revitalize your body. People often breathe shallowly and irregularly without realizing it. People can hold their breath, especially when concentrating.

Deep breathing is beneficial to your health, when you fill your lungs. Take time, especially in the morning, but also at intervals throughout the day, to breathe deeply near an open window.

At night breathing in and letting your breath out slowly will relax you and help you fall to sleep easily and naturally. A slower and more deliberate out breath than the in breath makes the body relax physically.


Health and Stretching

Slow stretching exercises, such as Pilates or Yoga, strengthens and relaxes your body. When you exercise the glandular and lymphatic systems clear and lead to increased flexibility. It’s an exercise that people of most ages can do, and is a low-impact, low damage exercise. To increase benefits, incorporate good breathing techniques.

Take a local course or buy a book or tape, and exercise your way to health.


Beautiful Thoughts – Beautiful Appearance

“Cheerfulness and contentment make a person beautiful and preserves a youthful look”                                                                          Charles Dickens

Your attractiveness or is mainly due to your genes, but your lasting beauty is affected by the way you treat our body, through diet, exercise, and your inner serenity.

Your thoughts, words and deeds impact your outer appearance to a great extent. Many a natural born beauty who has habitually worn a petulant look on his or her face finds a pinched, harsh appearance has decreased good looks.

The old advice from parents “don’t make that face, you’ll stick like it!” Is truer than you think. Thoughts affect the expressions that our faces settle. Lines form as meanness etches them on your face.  Continual thoughts of sadness and despair produces a facial expressions that an endless gloomy look.

A cheerful expression on the other hand may produce more lines, but they go in the right direction. A bright, cheerful personality is attractive, and it shows in your facial expressions.

Aged faces that show a serene, peaceful appearance, portray a life well lived, a life of contentment.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and reflect your character. We’re naturally drawn toward a person’s eyes. We’re attracted to eyes that have sparkle and a sense of fun in them, as they reflect inner health and peace. On the other hand, Dead and listless eyes are off-putting, and suggest a personality which will swallow your joy.

Use mind power to rejuvenate your looks, thinking youthful, joyful, happy thoughts, is reflected on your face, and the way you hold your body.

One of the great benefits of controlling and choosing right thinking is a renewal of youth in mind and body. Think young, think serenity, think happiness and grow an inner and outer beauty.


Meditation for Healing

Lie down in a comfortable place and begin to relax.   Lie quietly and let your arms fall down by your side.

A warm light, a warm golden light surrounds your body; your body begins to feel warm and relaxed.

Take a deep breath, hold and let the breath out slowly, deepen into your relaxation.  Feel your arms growing heavier and your hands warmer.

Count down from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

As you breathe out, let your whole body relax.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden, with rich, lush grass and brilliantly colored flowers. Butterflies flutter around a lilac bush.

You see a path leading to a bridge that crosses a small stream. Walk along the path towards the bridge. Stop on the bridge and gaze down into the sparkling stream watching a leaf float lazily along. Watch as it slips under the bridge and emerges out the other side.

Continue along the path and see an old cottage ahead. You reach the cottage and notice the heavy oak front door is ajar. Slowly you push open the door and step into the hallway.

Moving along the hallway you see another door that lies open. You approach the door and look into the room beyond.

In the room is a comfortable looking and inviting four-poster bed. You begin to feel tired and decide to lie down on the bed. The soft feather comforter billows up softly around you cocooning your body gently.

Your body feels more and more relaxed. Your mind feels peaceful and calm.

In the corner of your eye you notice a figure appear in the doorway. It’s man wearing a white robe and a blue cloak. He enters the room and moves to edge of the bed and sits. You realize that it is Jesus the great healer. He looks down and your eyes meet. His eyes are full of compassion and you feel peace flowing towards you.

He lays his hand on your head and His other hand on your chest. His touch is gentle and loving. You begin to feel a tingle from beneath the palms of His hands. You feel the healing power of Christ enter your body. The warm energy flows from His hand throughout your body, down through your head, spreading across your shoulders and your chest area. The power continues flowing down, through your hips and along your legs, right down through your calves to the tips of your toes. You have never felt such a warm, golden glow before. The energy is infused with healing, love and compassion.

The energy begins to repair any damage it finds in your body. Each organ floods with the healing glow and is renewed. You feel the energy moving through your bones and your flesh, and they begin to glow with His healing power. You know that every cell in your body is being healed and rejuvenated by God’s power.

As you look again into the eyes of Jesus, you see the pure love he gives you.  You accept it, and a deep comforting and healing feeling continues to flood your entire being.

You close your eyes and relax into the moment. You feel a weight lifting off the bed and you know that Jesus is returning to where he came.

You know the healing has begun to work in your body and each cell is repairing itself through the God’s power.

You fall into a light sleep for a few minutes basking in the warm golden glow.

A sense of vitality spreads throughout your body as you begin to stretch and begin to waken.

You begin to feel a joy and energy growing inside you.

As you start to stretch you begin to count from one to five. 1, 2, 3, coming fully awake now 4, you feel happier and more joyful than you have felt in a long time 5, you are now fully awake.


Health Affirmations

Chose several affirmations and speak them out several times a day, with faith and conviction. You may find it helpful to write them on a card, which you carry with you as a reminder.

I am blessed with a long, healthy life.

Vibrant energy exudes from every fiber of my being.

My body is healthy because I choose to look after it.

Energy, strength and vitality are normal for me.

I am in total control of my eating.

I love my body as the divine creation that it is.

I live in a safe environment.

I find it easy to maintain my ideal weight.

I always choose the right foods to eat for my health and well-being.

My body heals quickly and easily.

Each day I move closer to my ideal weight.

I awake fresh and hopeful each morning.

Beauty and grace surround me.

I grow younger and more beautiful as I take care of myself with God’s help.

It’s great to be alive!  I love to be physically active.

I enjoy play, humor, fun and curiosity.  I am involved in living.  I love my wild and silly ideas.

My immune system strengthens daily.

I feel healing energy flow through my body.

I have a strong, healthy body that teems with vitality.

I am totally relaxed as the healing energy flow through me.

I do my work in a calm, relaxed state.

Anxiety leaves me as I breathe in and out deeply and rhythmically.

I grow stronger each day as I increase my exercise.

I choose food that nourishes me and creates a strong healthy body.

I feel tension leave my body as I relax and let go of my fears.

I am thankful for a healthy and strong body.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. For more inspirational advice please visit   Blessings!

Miracles – An Everyday Occurrence

Miracles – An Everyday Occurrence


Miracles – An Everyday Occurrence

What is a miracle?

“Those things are properly called miracles which are done by divine agency beyond the order commonly observed in nature”

                                                                                    Thomas Aquinas

Miracles are defined as happenings that can’t be explained by the normal course of events, which defy the normal laws of nature, and which could only be attributed to intervention by God.  There are literally thousands of documented miracles from instant healing, miraculous escapes, through to miraculous material provision. You can read these if you search on the internet.

Many people experience miracles, and sometimes miracles have happened in people’s lives that they are unaware of. Later it’s pointed out to them, such as being saved from a disaster that they haven’t realized they’d missed.

In our modern secular, humanistic and scientific world, spiritual happenings are less likely to be accepted. We have become skeptical unless we can see it for ourselves, and even then we are unwilling to move out of our ‘comfort zone’ and accept something that we can’t explain. In ancient times, or indeed in modern isolated and less civilized societies, mystical, spiritual and unexplained events were and are part of life, and accepted without doubt.

This is written from a Christian perspective but please substitute your own name for the Divine Creator or Universal Spirit.


Miracles Are From God

God is a supernatural being and can do anything that He pleases. If this weren’t so, and if we could understand all things related to God, then He wouldn’t be God.  Who would want a God who is only equal to us?  Can an ant understand everything about a human?  The ant sees only part of a human, and accepts it as part of its world, without trying to understand. God is omnipotent, and we can only sense a part of His character, from His message to us through the Bible. He’s able to intervene directly and at will in this world which He created.

God wants to aid us in our life journey, and sometimes will give a miraculous answer to our prayers. It says in the Bible that we entertain angels without knowing. There have been several accounts of angels rescuing people out of difficult situations. For instance snatching a small child out-of-the-way of an on-coming train. They have appeared in the form of a man and started a car when someone is stranded and in danger.

Miracle Frequency

Littlewood’s Law of Miracles states that in any normal person’s life, miracles happen at a rate of roughly one each month. The proof of the law is simple. While we are awake and actively living our lives, roughly for eight hours each day, we see and hear events happening at a rate of about one  a second. So the total number of events that happen to us is about thirty thousand each day, or about a million  a month. With few exceptions, these events are not miracles because they are insignificant. The chance of a miracle is about one per million events. Therefore we should expect about one miracle to happen, on the average, every month.

Professor Littlewood from Cambridge University in England, who was the London Mathematical Society President in 1941 – 1943. He calculated the chance of a miracle was about one in a million, so the average person, according to the law stated above, should experience a miracle on average once each month!

The professor believed that a miracle was therefore a commonplace event.  This could well be the case as a miracle can happen without us knowing about it or noticing it.  For example, a person gets in his car and it fails to start.  If the car had started the driver could well have had a fatal accident around the corner. In this instance the driver would never know that a miracle had occurred for him.

“…to another miraculous powers,…” – 1 Corinthians 12:10


My Personal Miracles

I have personally experienced several miracles. On two separate occasions I have been in a situation where my car has been in the path of a speeding oncoming car, leaving me with no escape.  Miraculously, those cars have seemed to go through my car, and seconds later they have appeared on the road behind me.  I believe that this is a case where you can see the quantum theory at work, and used by God to manipulate reality.  Perhaps the spaces between the molecules of my car and the other car were aligned by God in such a way that the matter was able to pass through me and out the other side.  Only God knows.

One evening my husband and I had two couples round for dinner.  One of the men, Mike, was suffering from a cancer on his lip and was due the following week to go for radical surgery, where a large part of his lip was to be removed.  Not only would he have been badly scarred from this procedure, but would also have a long recovery time. Time away from his business, which would have been devastating financially.

The five of us laid our hands on Mike as instructed in the Bible, and prayed for a miracle.  The cancer caused severe pain in his lips, and when he went home that night the pain grew worse.  Eventually he managed to get some sleep, and on waking he found that the pain had disappeared and the tenderness gone.  A couple of days later Mike went to see the surgeon for his pre-op consultation, who found no trace of the cancer, so the operation was cancelled.


Miracles of Healing

There are many instances of healing in answer to prayer.  A friend of mine went to India on a short mission trip.  His group prayed for several people in one village and he witnessed several miracles.  A few the village children were profoundly deaf, which was a particular disability in that district.  After prayer, they were standing in a group, when a train passed close by, and they all heard the train. All the children turned and jumped, registering shock, as it was the first sound they had ever heard.

An even more spectacular miracle occurred when an elderly woman received prayer.  Born blind, and not only blind, but without eyes.  While praying for her, the group saw eyes grow where there weren’t any before, and the woman could then see.

There are many instances where a person with one leg longer than the other, causing walking difficulties and misaligned hip, shoulder and spinal column problems, have received prayer. The shorter leg grows to match the other while the prayers watched.

Proven in documented, scientific tests, that when one group of patients are prayed for regularly, they make a faster recovery than the control group for whom no one prays.


A Miracle of Provision

George Müller was an ordinary man, with an extraordinary faith.   With no resources, in Bristol, England, he set up and ran orphanages for the poor children, and his faith meant that he relied completely on God.   He never asked for money, never told anyone of his needs, but could set up several orphanages, eventually housing more than 2,000 children.  He raised more than ₤1,500,000 over the years, and this was in the nineteenth century!

Sometimes, at night, the orphanages would have no food, and no money to feed the children.  George’s faith never wavered, with prayer, every time, God provided, and by the morning food or money would appear, and they never missed a meal.

On one occasion, George went for a walk early in the morning, knowing there were no supplies for the children.  On this walk, he met a friend, who gave him some money, just enough for breakfast that day.  He never told the friend of his needs, but God provided exactly what was required.

George, during his sixty six years of ministry, never drew a salary. As with his orphanages, he relied on God to provide everything he needed, which he did until his death at ninety three!


A Miracle of Circumstance

A Tsunami which ravaged several countries in Asia, there were several reports of miraculous escapes. Read about this one.

Caroline Davies of the Telegraph Group Ltd reports:

Father James Pattinathan pastured four Catholic Churches with a congregation of 1,500.   Every Sunday except for three times a year, they held services in all four churches along the beach in Mullaittivu, a small town on Sri Lanka’s northeastern coast.

On the day the Tsunami struck, Boxing Day 2004, the entire congregation was worshiping at St. Joseph’s shrine, higher up and in the outskirts of the town. This was one of the three days each year they gathered there.  This particular day, the congregation were mumbling and complaining, because the service overran the normal time by fifteen minutes. Those fifteen minutes saved the lives of the entire congregation and their priest. If they had finished at the normal time, they would have been walking back home just as the wave struck.

Other churches and the homes along the beach were lost, and hundreds died.


A Miracle of Physical Protection

The following story is related by Gorman Woodfin of The 700 Club:

Kim Bernhardt is a single mother with a four-year-old son, Evan. She’s terrified of tornadoes, as she grew up in an area where they’re common. It was a particular fear of hers.

One day, while driving through town with her son, she suddenly noticed the skies grow dark, and a level three tornado formed. She tried to speed up away from it, but the tornado picked up her car and carried them along, turning them around wildly. They would die on impact. But then could look down on the tops of houses, and a witness said the van was at least fifty feet in the air, carried over power lines and a telephone pole.

Kim could only think of her son, and she worried in case he died and she survived – how would she cope?

She loosened her seat belt, reached over and embraced her son, telling him “God is with us”. She then began praying the Lord’s Prayer, while trying to shield her son on the floor of the van.

As she got to the part ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’, an overwhelming thought came into her mind: ‘Oh, no!  I don’t think I put the van in park!”, and reached over and put the gearlever in park, before lying back down over Evan on the floor. The van was still being tossed around like a washing machine, and she thought to herself: “Why did I do that?”

Suddenly, the twister put the van down, gently on the ground, in the front yard of a house, facing towards it.  She believes if she hadn’t put the van in park, the van would have carried on careering into the house.   All the trees roundabout had been uprooted.

Kim believes that she felt God’s presence with her, and the Lord’s Prayer has a different meaning for her now, ‘…. On earth as it is in heaven. Thy will be done.’  Amid her worst nightmare, she felt the peace that only God can give. She believes that God showed how much He loves her, and believed they would survive, and they did, without a scratch!


Pray and Receive

Jesus performed many miracles, and He has given us the permission and the power to pray for miracles, when we believe in Him and obey Him.  Go boldly before the throne of God today, and ask Him for your needs.  Bring all your needs to the Father in prayer; ask for healing, for financial provision, for protection.  He is waiting to hear from you, and His greatest desire is to have a personal relationship with you. Talk to Him today.

God loves you and wants to answer your prayers. Affirm that miracles occur in your life by regularly speaking out the affirmations.


Praying – How to Speak to God

When you decide to pray, first quiet your mind and think about God. With your eyes closed ask God to be present with you. He promises us that He is faithful to answer our prayers and we can confidently believe that He will.

Often we feel that God has stopped helping us, when the real problem is that we have stopped praying.  To receive answers to our prayers we do have to remember to pray about every circumstance, and continue to petition God until we receive an answer.

Praying is simply talking to God as you would to a good friend. It’s helpful to imagine that He is sitting in an armchair opposite you and that you are both having a relaxed conversation.

God’s own words have a special power. Memorize Bible verses and incorporate those into your prayers.  You can use verses to remind God of His promises to us. There’s many Bible verses in this book you can utilize in use when praying.

When you’re talking with a friend you give them an opportunity to talk too. It’s the same when you’re talking to God, you have to give Him a chance to talk as well. When we pray and then sit quietly, and wait, we can often receive an impression of what God is saying to us.  Or a picture appear in our mind or words form in our mind. The other way God may speak to us is through the Bible. It’s helpful to have a Bible with you when you pray, now and then reading a verse or page.  You will know that God is talking to you when certain words or sentences appear stand out as you read.

Sometimes you may not receive any message from God during the time of prayer. But later in the day you often find that He whispers in your spirit a word for you, when you least expect.

It is always helpful and uplifting to pray in a positive tone. Not dwelling on the problem, but praying for a positive solution, in fact praying in faith, as if you have already received the answer. For example don’t pray: “God, I have another cold again.  I catch whatever is going” it is much better to pray: “I thank you Father that you are strengthening my immune system and healing me now”

When you have finished praying, relax, let go, and leave God to deal with the problem.  Don’t keep taking it back from God and worrying about it, just look forward to seeing His miracle working power in answer to your prayer.  But do remember that God’s timing is in His time not ours, so be patient.

Lastly take any action that you can that will help the answer to come.  If you are praying for a better relationship, do everything you can physically to heal and nurture the connection.


Miracle Prayers

Heavenly Father, I thank you that you care for me and care about the situation that I am now in and want to help me.

You know all the details of my problem Lord and you know that I can do nothing to help myself.

I am relying on you Lord for your supernatural intervention in my life to deliver me from this problem.

Rally your angels for me Lord.  Send them out to work in this circumstance to change the outcome to one that will be a total blessing to me, Father give me the victory.

Let others marvel at the wonderful outcome that you are working in this situation for me Lord. Let resolving my problem be a blessing not only to me but to all.

Let the workings of your power bring glory to Your Name Father.

I thank you now that you have my deliverance in hand.

In the powerful name of Jesus I pray.                              Amen


Lord Jesus, in your time on this earth you healed many people. After your death on the cross you rose again to new life and you are alive now and still working your healing power in our lives.

You know the healing that my body needs to make it perfect again, the way you intended my body to be.  I ask you now Father to reach out your hand to me and release your healing power into my body.

By faith I receive your supernatural healing now.

Thank you Jesus that you love me and want to heal me.

Thank you Jesus for making me whole again.              Amen


Father God, I am in need of a financial miracle from you. I know that I may have not made the best financial choices in the past, and that’s the reason that I find myself in need now.

By Your grace Lord I ask you for a miracle. A miracle of financial overflow.  Open the windows of heaven Father, and pour me out a blessing that I can scarce receive it all.

Lord; give me a financial overflow for the rest of my days.  Lord; give me the wisdom to honor you with my wealth.

Thank you Father that you have heard my prayer and I wait in expectation for the wonderful blessings that you release today.

In Jesus Name I pray.                  Amen


Affirmations to receive miracles

Miracles manifest in my life daily.

I receive blessings and I am a blessing to others.

Miracles happen in my life naturally.

All things are possible through God in whom I put my trust.

There are no limitations to what I can achieve in my life.

Every day something wonderful happens to me.

Wonderful, exciting doors open for me now.

If I need help it comes to me from unexpected sources.

My greatest good is manifested in every situation.

The Holy Spirit gives me fore knowledge when I need it.

The Holy Spirit guides me into all truth.

The Holy Spirit makes known to me things that are unknown in the natural.

The truth about this situation is revealed to me now.


Miracles Are For Everyone

We are a miracle.  Formed in the womb from just a couple of cells, each part of our body develops in its own unique way. From those first few cells, each cell’s individually designed for a particular purpose.

The way our body works, and all the different processes which are happening all the time, just to keep us breathing. Our blood circulating, food digested, is nothing short of miraculous. We live in a miraculous world. Miracles aren’t rare and meant to be a normal part of our daily living. Faith and prayer are the tools that attract miracles to us. Live with expectancy and you will find that miracles begin to occur regularly.


Angels and Their Role

David Hume described a miracle as: “a transgression of a law of nature by a particular volition of the Deity, or by the interposition of some invisible agent”

Angels are God’s invisible agents, and are powerful beings created by God to be in His service.  Part of their duties is to help and protect us, God’s children, and there are many ways that we can ask God to use his angels to perform miracles for us.

Each day pray for the angels to protect you and your family.  Pray for them to protect your property, ask God to send angels ahead of you into conditions that may be dangerous and make that position one of safety.


The Bike Ride

On holiday in Tahiti, I decided to take a bike ride out of the resort to explore some of the island. The day was hot and I was out of condition. Also I had neglected to take a bottle of water with me and became dehydrated.

I had ridden for about one and half-hours, and began to worry how I would make it back.  I prayed for God to send an angel to help me and started to ride back to the resort. My miracle happened. First, the pressure on the bike pedals lightened and the bike went faster. I didn’t notice the distance on the ride back, but suddenly I looked up and found that I had arrived back at the resort. I looked at my watch, it had only taken fifteen minutes. The angels had somehow transported me over that distance, without me realizing it, in a record time.

Ask God to reveal angels to you, and to put in your mind when you need to invoke their support.  Many people have seen angels who may appear as supernatural beings or many appear looking just like you or me.

Already angels have helped you, without you realizing it. If you look back over your life, you will find moments you’ve been puzzled by events hard to explain events. Angels are real and are ready and willing to help.


Using Praise to Ask For Your Miracle

God tells us that He inhabits our praises. When we praise Him and worship Him, His power invades every cell of our being.

Sing to Him a sacrifice of praises. Don’t worry about the words you use, just let your emotions of thankfulness and gratefulness rise in your spirit and sing out.

In church the congregation attend to praise God in song and in prayer, and this draws the Holy Spirit into their presence, and miracles occur.

The Bible tells us there is power in praise. Start to offer up your praises to God regularly, and He is faithful to help us and will often give us the miracle that we need, during a time of praise.


Fasting to Get Your Miracle

When Jesus’ disciples tried to heal a deaf and dumb boy by praying for him, they weren’t having any success.  Jesus told them that this was a more difficult case to use a combination of prayer and fasting.

When we fast it concentrates the mind and moves us more easily into a spiritual state.   It calms the mind, and allows a deeper meditation to occur.  It works by taking away the control and concern of daily life; what are we going to eat and drink etc…?  It gives us a freedom by allowing your spirit to come to the forefront and commune with God.

Feeling hungry reminds you of that you are fasting to achieve your miracle.  It reminds you to seek God and pray. Fasting for someone else to receive a miracle is especially effective, and God respects and rewards the sacrifice you are making. He knows that you are serious.

The act of fasting in itself has healing properties, allowing the body to cleanse and repair itself. If you have a difficult decision to make and need a clear head to make it, you will find that fasting will open your heart and mind. This will allow you to clearly hear the voice of God whisper the way to take.

There are many opinions on the length of a fast and whether it should be a full fast, water or juice one. The maximum on water would be ten days and not recommended for a first timer. A juice fast can last up to 21 days. You can fast by missing one meal a day. Never do an extreme fast without talking with your doctor first.

My recommendation is to fast on juices for a maximum of three days. You may find that you only need to fast for one day or even just to fast by missing out one main meal. It’s not the length that’s important but the time spent praying and communing with God’s Spirit to receive your miracle.

Use the time to catch up on sleep, pray meditate and spend time reading the Bible or other uplifting books. You will know when you have achieved the break through that you are looking for.


Faith Is Essential

We have to believe in the possibility of miracles to have them happen in our lives.  Miracles aren’t uncommon; there are thousands of documented miracles throughout every age in history. You are a miracle yourself, in the way your body and mind works.  Open your mind by reading of miracles that have happened to others and have faith that what God has extended to others He is just waiting to give to you.

Start now to seek your miracle. Pray with heartfelt sincerity. Fast and humble yourself to God. Praise God for the wonderful miracle that you are, wait with expectancy and enjoy the wonderful miracles as they unfold daily in your life.

The Miracles of Jesus

Jesus is the son of God and as a member of the Trinity, is God.  Therefore He has supernatural powers to perform miracles. Jesus tells us that through His power we will have the ability to perform even greater feats of the supernatural than He did, during His time on earth. We haven’t the power ourselves but can only perform a miracle using His power through prayer.

Jesus performed many miracles during the three years of His ministry, when He walked on this planet. They are documented in the Bible and range from healing to walking on water. Here is a list of the documented miracles that Jesus performed.

  1. He turned six jars of water into wine at a wedding.
  2. He healed a young boy that was on the verge of death.
  3. He healed many who were demon possessed.
  4. He healed a woman of a high fever, instantly.
  5. He healed a several men who suffered from leprosy.
  6. He healed a man who was lame.
  7. He performed many mass healings.
  8. He healed a man who had a withered and deformed hand.
  9. He healed a sick and tormented servant of a Roman.
  10. He brought back to life a dead man.
  11. He healed people who were blind.
  12. He healed people who were deaf.
  13. He healed people who were mute.
  14. He spoke a storm at sea into becoming calm.
  15. He walked on water.
  16. He healed a woman who had suffered bleeding for many years.
  17. He brought a young girl back to life.
  18. On two occasions He fed a multitude of people using only a few fish and loaves.
  19. He healed an old woman that couldn’t straighten her back.
  20. The Bible tells us that He performed so many miracles that all the books in the world at that time couldn’t record them.
  21. He was raised from the dead after three days in the tomb.

Jesus is the same today as He was then and is ready and willing to give you your miracle.

Talk to Him and remind Him of the miracles that he has performed and ask Him to do the same for you. Don’t give up asking, waiting in faith until you receive a supernatural blessing from Him.

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When to Walk Away – Let Go – Reclaim Your Life

When to Walk Away – Let Go – Reclaim Your Life


When to Walk Away – Let Go – Reclaim Your Life

Is it time to walk away? We’re taught from an early age to keep trying, to struggle until we succeed or we will appear weak in the eyes of others. Sometimes it’s the stronger people who know when to quit and move on with their lives. Banging your head against a brick wall until it hurts is not the sensible course of action. Obviously, you do your best and try to work out difficult circumstances and obstructive people, but then you must make a choice. Continue battling the odds or walk away to fight another day.

What are you fighting at the moment? A business that’s past its use by date, a one-sided relationship, or some other problem? If you’ve done all you can, then perhaps it’s time to let go and start afresh.

The old saying ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ is often true. Driving yourself crazy mulling over what could have been, could you have done better when it is all over, is just stealing your joy.

Actions which proved successful in the past may no longer work, especially in today’s fast moving world. Businesses and jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate as the work environment becomes more automated. It’s estimated that robots will take over 50% of jobs now performed by humans in the near future. That’s many people who will have to make changes, and it’s maybe better to face it now than when it’s forced upon you.

Part of the business changes happening at the moment, are careers and companies squeezed out by the big boys. For example, Amazon food shopping and Alibaba are coming to Australia, making local retailers scared, and with good reason. Google algorithms change, and suddenly visits to your site drop off the grid. All this is not your fault, but it doesn’t pay to be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand. You may have to learn new skills and move on.

Relationships change over time and can end altogether. People are living longer, society is changing, and some may seek a different way of living than their partner or friends. Often it is pointless to cling on to someone when they clearly don’t want you. The fault doesn’t lie with them or you, it’s called life. What you wanted at twenty may not be what you want at fifty. People in your life change spiritually and emotionally, and their new paradigms may be different from yours.

If you have this disappointment to face perhaps you have to rethink your life and let them go, find others that think in the same way as you. Life is short and there is no point in putting your happiness on hold. People come into your life for a reason, perhaps for just a season, to strengthen you or to teach you a life lesson. Then they move on and so must you.

Think about what you want, how you can live an authentic life. Not everyone is going to like you, no matter how wonderful you are. Accept the truth of that, but don’t let it batter your self-esteem. After all there is only one of you in the entire world, you are worthy and lovable and born for a reason.

Misfortune is part of life. You do the best you can and if circumstances are against you and you can’t overcome a particular issue, then let go. Begin a new dream. Take time out, even a few hours walking in nature and allow a new future to evolve in your mind. Resolve to let go of the negative, the unworkable and begin again. If necessary, reinvent yourself. You can be a completely different person leading a new life if you want, or just change your circumstances little by little.

May you make the right choices and live a blessed life.

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Memory Healing – Heal and Live

Memory Healing – Heal and Live


Memory Healing – Heal and Live

Many people live with hurtful memories, maybe childhood incidents from parents, schoolmates or difficulties in your upbringing. Adolescence brings its own problems, including peer pressure, college and deciding what career path to choose. Even simple bodily changes such as pimples breaking out on a first date, or rejection for some other reason. Adulthood has even more hurtful events such as partner challenges, work and a host of other hurts large and small.

Old age can be a time when you dwell on past difficult memories, and new ones which continue to occur. Death of partners, friends or sometimes children and grandchildren. Life is a learning curve for sure, and painful memories are unfortunately part of being alive.

They say that time heals, but I know from personal experience through the loss of a child it’s often not the case. But memories can be lessened and even healed through using techniques and cognitive thinking.

Facing up to painful memories can help. Like Doctor Phil often says “you have to acknowledge events in order to change them.” You may find that you lock bad memories in a box inside your mind, never opening the box because of fear of being hurt. But suppressing horrible thoughts can cause stress and illness through the tension building up in your body. It’s much better to let them out one by one and use a healing technique to lessen or erase them over a period of time.

Traumatic memories are best talked over with a licensed therapist, but other smaller hurts you can heal over time. Here are some ways you can help yourself deal with them.

How to Heal

Relax, and bring the memory to mind. Imagine the scene unfolding in your mind’s eye. As you reach the moment when someone may have said or acted in a hurtful way, pause. Now, pick up an imaginary paintbrush and paint over the entire scene, then reinvent the scene with kind words or actions you would prefer. You may have to do this several times until the new memory overwrites the old.

Another way of coming to terms with raw memories is to imagine yourself as a lawyer, looking at the situation as an outsider. Try to think of the words or actions from the other person’s point of view. What hurt do they have that causes them to lash out at you? Often parents make mistakes because they are young and inexperienced, or are acting in the same way that their parents treated them. Is this the reason they hurt you? They may have had no idea that the way they raised you was hurtful. Can you find it in your heart to forgive?

As the lawyer, ask yourself if you would have acted in the same way in their shoes? What part, if any, did you play which perhaps caused them to retaliate, triggering their bad behavior?  Could you have said or done something differently? Even if attacked for no reason, you can still make the choice to forgive and let go. People hurt others because they’re hurt or angry themselves, and usually it has nothing at all to do with you.

If you had a choice of pressing a button that would cause the person who hurt you to disappear off the face of the Earth without being found out, would you do it? You may be thinking – “Yes in a heartbeat.” But would you? Everyone has their own problems and hurts, because we are all human. You don’t know the situations in the past which prompted the person to act in the way they did.

You can still press that button, but with another objective in mind. Simply imagine that it erases that person and painful event from your mind and emotional center. This is a much better choice!

Losing a loved one is a harder memory to replace. Firstly, you don’t want to forget them, and secondly it’s impossible to fade such a memory completely. My own ten-year-old youngest son was killed instantly when a car hit his bike. I still see him lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the road. When I do, I allow the memory to last a few moments, then turn my mind to a happier time, such as collecting him from school, when his face lit up when he saw me, or holiday times, and love and laughter playing together as a family with his brothers.

Prayer is a way of asking God or your Creator to heal your memories. If you don’t believe in a higher power, ask your higher self for healing. Imagine waves of healing light surround your body, soothing your fears and then let go of the negative.

Life is Short

Whatever your beliefs, we all die one day. Many believe we go to a happier place, others that life ends completely, but either way, it also ends all suffering. Why waste your time reliving bad memories? Life is short, so take the time to live and let go of as many painful thoughts as you can. One by one you can reduce the hurt and begin to improve your health and enjoy life.

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Observe Life and Understand More

Observe Life and Understand More


Observe Life and Understand More

Observe means taking a step back and wait before reacting. Your natural instinct is to react automatically, often to your detriment. You may jump in with an action or opinion for instance, when you would be better served waiting before making a decision. Often doing nothing is the best course in many circumstances.

Checking your emotions, feelings and thoughts through observation puts you in touch with your inner self, your real self. Watch and listen without judgment and new revelations will be revealed.

Remember, your mind is not the real you, your spirit or essence is outside your brain. By seeing with this part of yourself you will open new insights and ideas you normally can’t access. This is one reason that meditation is a good habit to practice.

Lie quietly for ten minutes, relax and watch the thoughts that arise. Do nothing, merely notice the thoughts. Feelings may come next, again don’t judge or do anything but watch within your mind’s eye each sensation as it surfaces. You may receive a great idea and want to jump up and start, but don’t, relax and view the ideas.

After a while you may want to shift your position, scratch an itch or feel restless. Carry on observing these bodily feelings but don’t move, don’t act, just watch. Practice makes perfect. The more often you take time out of your normal routine to lie down and observe the more you will discover about your inner self, your personality, prejudices perhaps and deeper beliefs about your life.

In company, try stepping back a little and note the conversations around you. Watch people’s eyes and movements. What are they truly thinking? Do their actions match with their words? When you’re not thinking of the next subject you want to bring up, waiting for a gap in the conversation to put in your pennies worth your observations will surprise.

Practice observation often and you’ll find a rise in your consciousness, understanding and give yourself the gift of true thoughtful insight.

“It’s funny how, in this journey of life, even though we may begin at different times and places, our paths cross with others so that we may share our love, compassion, observations, and hope. This is a design of God that I appreciate and cherish.”
Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

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Early Hour Terror Thoughts

Early Hour Terror Thoughts


Early Hour Terror Thoughts

Terror thought attacks occur around three in the morning. You wake in a sweat, stare at the ceiling as fearful thoughts race through your mind. This is the time when your confidence and common sense seems lowest. Worries of what might happen or how you have messed up tangle and twist through your mind.

Questions race in circles. What should I do? Why did I say that? Where can I turn? How can I fix this? Life seems complicated and the worst case scenarios juggle for primacy. Answers are sort without success, your worst nightmares seem insurmountable. You feel so down that sleep eludes and you know you will be tired with muddled thinking as dawn approaches. Does this resonate with you?

So what can you do to overcome the early morning panic attacks?

Allow yourself to feel your anxiety. As each thought arises, get into the sensation, make the situation as bad as possible. You may be thinking; “that defies the purpose.” But you would be wrong. Until you accept and delve deeply into the heart of your fear you can’t change. Then take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are stronger than you think and you can survive the worst result if it happens. Remember ninety five percent of fears never come to fruition! Then think of past events that you have overcome. The Universe has your back. Give over your anxiety to your higher self and trust that a solution will come and you will be an over-comer. When it comes down to the wire your inner strength will see you through.

Next accept that fear is the price we pay for life. No-one escapes being afraid at some time during their lifetime, often many times. It’s okay to be scared. It’s normal, you are not alone.

Now close your eyes and imagine you are in front of a huge screen. With your imagination create the future or past event that is plaguing you the most. Think of yourself as an accomplished and knowledgeable person. Let the scene unfold before you, if a past event, see the result you would have preferred. If a future worry, allow yourself to see the screen change into your ideal result. Let the finished scenarios fix firmly in your mind, and believe the past is changed and the future resolved.

Again, declare to yourself that you have overcome past difficulties and you can easily solve future ones. Remind yourself for the second time that events are never as bad as they seem in the cool light of day.

Still not convinced? Return in your imagination to the movie screen. This time let the scenes play out like a comedy. Imagine ridiculous characters and silly solutions. Laugh and giggle at the stupid antics of people who you fear. Make the scenes as funny as you can, smile, turn over and go to sleep.

Don’t let those early morning worries get the better of you. It will all turn out well in the end, if not, it’s not the end!

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Freedom is a Choice

Freedom is a Choice

Freedom is a Choice


Freedom is a Choice

Freedom is curtailed every day. You’re told what you can and can’t do, and punished when you break the rules. Nanny state is a term often used as governments pass more and more laws.

Because constant media streams fry and train your brains we no longer think for ourselves. The news isn’t always the truth, and the majority is to make us feel afraid. Do you question any of the state decisions or news stories? Ask yourself if they make sense or merely hype.

What hems you in daily? For most of you it is debt, mortgages, loans and credit cards. The population is manipulated to spend, spend, and spend. The latest gadgets, the bigger home, the flashiest car, and to what end? To put you in debt and thus under control.

Parenthood is another area in which you lose freedom. You have to send your children to a particular school unless you can afford private education. Here in Australia parents can’t send their children to kindergarten unless you fully immunize them. Parents who choose not to immunize their children are denied child tax benefits. I’m not saying it is right or wrong, but you should have a choice.

There are many ways freedom is compromised. From the work available to when you can take a vacation. One can say that some community laws are fund-raisers for the government. Every day we hear of cars towed from empty disused parking lots and the owner fined to recover their car.

There are many forms of enslavement but the choice to think your own thoughts is not one of them if you choose to question everything!

Several kidnapped ministers, kept with a hood over their heads, one for seven years survived. This seems to me the ultimate loss of freedom, but they survived without lasting damage. The reason? Because they used their mind to keep their thoughts occupied. Perhaps, took mental holidays or imagined time with their family.

Whatever way you feel trapped you can still control your thoughts, use your imagination. No one can read your mind and in that sacred place you are always free.

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Amazon Author Page

Amazon Author Page

Spiritual Prayer for Health

Spiritual Prayer for Health

Spiritual Prayers for all your Needs

Many people have spiritual beliefs but don’t attend a Church or even believe in religion. If this applies to you, you too have needs like everyone else, and do believe there is a being, force or entity who can hear you. Names can vary, like God, Jesus, Mary, Holy Spirit, Universal Creator, Angels, Unseen Helpers, or perhaps people you love who have passed on. If you can’t put a name to a helper from the other side, but would like to ask, just say… “Whoever is out there, who loves and cares about me.”

I have written a series of prayers to help you put what’s in your heart into words. I pray for you to receive love and blessings, and for your highest good.

Spiritual Prayer for Health

Poor health impacts your life in a myriad of ways. Illness, whether physical or mental, affects your family, friends, your ability to work, and your own happiness. Some are born strong and healthy, and others have a weakness for disease, perhaps inherited from parents. Anyone can find themselves unexpectedly hurt in an accident or diagnosed with an illness. The impact of poor health, whether long standing or sudden can benefit by the power of prayer.

Several studies have been carried out using patients in hospital with heart disease. Using a control group, people not prayed for, and another group who were prayed for daily over a period of months, showed that prayer made a difference. The prayed for group left hospital quicker, recovered faster, and had less deaths than the group who received no prayer.

Stress plays a significant role in health, both in mind and body. It’s difficult of course to avoid stress, but finding time to be alone, practicing meditation, listening to music, or your favorite way of relaxing, is beneficial when carried out regularly.

The mind also plays a large part in recovery. When you pray or others pray for you, your belief in the power of prayer can improve your health. Praying to an outside supernatural presence has often been shown to make a difference. Some have recovered remarkably, others have experienced miracles, literally brought back from death’s door.

A word of caution; sometimes your pre-ordained life path can include some form of suffering, perhaps to learn life lessons that you agreed to before your birth, or it is yours or a loved one’s allotted time on this Earth. In these cases, prayer can still be helpful. Praying for someone to have less pain, perhaps stay alive a little longer, or to have a peaceful state of mind can improve the situation for everyone involved.

Lifestyle plays an important role in health. Changing the way you eat, exercise or think can improve your health in many ways. Gaining knowledge from research can also point you in the right direction to make positive changes. Praying for guidance in the way you live, or asking for the right physician, surgeon or other medical practitioner to give you the most effective treatment, is also of benefit.

There are no guarantees in life, but praying has been shown to help many people. Whether you are worried about your own health or the health of a loved one, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by praying from your heart with belief or even without belief. Your prayer will be heard and in one way or another your pain lessened.


Dear……..(pause) Thank you for your love. Thank you for hearing me in my hour of need. You have given life to me and my loved ones, and our spirits are connected with yours. I ask you to surround me with your loving and protective light and banish any negative forces that may be impacting my physical or mental health.

I ask that you guide me towards the people who can help me and to place in my heart the knowledge that I am loved by you and your desire is to bring me relief and comfort.

Bring to mind actions I can take to change my lifestyle. Guide me to the right advice whether from medical professionals or through complementary medicine that will improve my health and the health of the people I love.

My particular concerns for myself and my loved ones are…

Take time here to pray for your health….

Thank you that you are willing and able to relieve or cure illness. I acknowledge your divine spiritual guidance and thank you that you are leading me to the help I need. Thank you for giving me peace in my heart and mind, and for the strength to endure until your welcome support arrives.

I know in rare cases that you can supernaturally deliver a miracle, and I pray for such a miracle in my need. If that is not your will or in my life contract I know that you will reduce suffering and gently place a blanket of peace around me.

Your Divine force is within me. Help me to connect with your celestial healing energy to activate your healing power as I pray. Thank you for hearing my prayer and I wait with the sure knowledge that you will help in many ways.

Thank you.

Sit quietly for a few moments and listen with your inner ear, your mind. You may receive a word of advice to move forward, or experience a loving presence or feeling of peace. Don’t worry if you don’t, be assured that your prayer was heard and help is winging its way to you.

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Spiritual Prayer for your Relationships

Spiritual Prayer for your Relationships

Spiritual Prayers for all your Needs

Many people have spiritual beliefs but don’t attend a Church or even believe in religion. If this applies to you, you too have needs like everyone else, and do believe there is a being, force or entity who can hear you. Names can vary, like God, Jesus, Mary, Holy Spirit, Universal Creator, Angels, Unseen Helpers, or perhaps people you love who have passed on. If you can’t put a name to a helper from the other side, but would like to ask, just say… “Whoever is out there, who loves and cares about me.”

I have written a series of prayers to help you put what’s in your heart into words. I pray for you to receive love and blessings, and for your highest good.


Spiritual Prayer for Your Relationships

Relationships can go through rough times, and if you are currently experiencing problems in this area, this prayer can help you. You may feel alone and unloved, and be looking for that special person, or perhaps your children have drifted away from you as they’ve grown, and you see little of them in today’s busy world. Friends may have little time to spend with you as you both work, study or each of you look after your respective families.

Modern media means that many communicate by email or Facebook rather than face to face, and perhaps you miss talking with, enjoying another’s company in the flesh.

There are many reasons for connections with others to break down, and this prayer asks for help to restore both old relationships or to create new ones for the lonely. Loneliness is on the increase. You may live in a family, work in an office, see plenty of people each day, but still a sense of isolation infuses your soul. If you relate to any of these scenarios, then prayer can help.

Improving your relationships starts with loving and respecting yourself. You are a unique human being, one of a kind, and given life for a reason. You are a worthwhile person, you are a whole person, you deserve to love yourself and be loved. Remember, you are a child of the Universe, you are special.

Find a quiet place, perhaps in your bedroom or in a local park sitting on a bench, or wherever you feel most comfortable. Think about family, friends, or work colleagues if you have them. Bring each one to mind and examine your connection with them. What do you want from each relationship? How would each person relate to you or you to them in a perfect world? What can you do to improve your bond? What could you ask them to do to draw closer to each other?

If you are alone in the world, and sadly, today many people are as they move away to take a new job, or people they love leave, then use this prayer. As you sit quietly, think about what type of person you would like to meet. What would be their qualities? Do you need a friend or a lifetime partner? When you have an image of your ideal companion in your mind, begin to pray.


Dear…Thank you for your love. Thank you that you have my best interests at heart. I ask for your help today to bring me closer or to introduce loving and caring people into my life. I often feel alone and sometimes unloved, and it’s my heart’s desire to have closer relationships in my immediate circle.

First I pray for your protection from any negative influences that may be interfering with my desires. Surround me with your love and light. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and for wanting to help me find the same love on this Earthly plane.

Help me to be a person who draws people to me. Remind me to be kind and helpful to everyone I meet. Put people in my path that I can help with their needs, with their loneliness. I pray to be the kind of person that I would like as a friend or family member.

Today, I pray for the following people. Ones that I know and others that I haven’t yet met. Please hear my prayer as I go through each of my relationships. Strengthen the ones I have, and bring the people I need into my life. I especially pray for…


(Use this time to ask for your needs)


Thank you for allowing me to present my relationship needs to you with the sure knowledge that you will send the help I need. As I move through each day, remind me to show each person loving kindness, have a ready smile and take the time to talk to those who need a friendly word.

Give me wisdom and discernment to know who to trust, move me towards the people who are worthy, and move away from those who wish me harm or who have no interest in my company. Remind me to take my time to grow a deep connection with each person. Let me allow others the time and space they need. I know that by moving slowly you can help me build trust and love little by little. Remind me that true connection will grow like an acorn grows into an oak tree over time, until the relationship is solid and immovable.

Thank you for hearing my needs, and thank you that I can trust in you to help me build strong and lasting relationships, connections that will last a lifetime. Most of all, help me to love myself enough to be able to share the overflow with others.

Thank you.


Sit quietly for a few moments and listen with your inner ear, your mind. You may receive a word of advice to move forward, or experience a loving presence or feeling of peace. Don’t worry if you don’t, be assured that your prayer was heard and help is winging its way to you.

For more prayers and life articles please like and join my You Tube channel and visit my website. Thank you for listening and may you receive a miracle today.

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Spiritual Prayer for Financial Needs

Spiritual Prayer for Financial Needs


Spiritual Prayers for all your Needs


Many people have spiritual beliefs but don’t attend a Church or even believe in religion. If this applies to you, you too have needs like everyone else, and do believe there is a being, force or entity who can hear you. Names can vary, like God, Jesus, Mary, Holy Spirit, Universal Creator, Angels, Unseen Helpers, or perhaps people you love who have passed on. If you can’t put a name to a helper from the other side, but would like to ask, just say… “Whoever is out there, who loves and cares about me.”

I have written a series of prayers to help you put what’s in your heart into words. I pray for you to receive love and blessings, and for your highest good.


Spiritual Prayer for Financial Needs

This prayer is for everyone who is in financial need. I have deliberately used the word need. If you are hoping to receive a Lamborghini, mansion or millions of dollars, this prayer is not for you. If you need help to feed your family, pay a bill, buy clothes for your children, pay your mortgage, or help with work or project then this prayer can help.

Before you pray, quiet your mind and think about what your greatest need is today. I suggest that you limit your requests to one or two. Remember you can pray as often as you like but your prayer will be heard the first time. Perhaps, pray the same prayer each day until you receive a breakthrough in those first needs, then you can start over.

You may address your prayer in any way you like, in a way that you can personally believe in, or use several names if you aren’t sure. Now, find a place to be alone and undisturbed, quiet your mind and heart and then begin.


Dear …I thank you for listening to my requests and for your support over the years. I know there have been times when I have despaired and then help arrived from you.

Thank you for all the good people and blessings in my life. I am grateful that I’m not alone in this wonderful Universe you have created. I thank you that I exist and have life given by you. Your unconditional love upholds me, your presence comforts me, thank you for being there for me.

There are many unseen spirits around me and I pray for your protection from any entities that may wish me harm. I ask you to surround me with the bright light of your love and shelter me from any negativity.

You know my struggles and my needs. At present I have no Earthly person to turn too and seek your supernatural help in my needs today. I respectfully ask for you to hear my needs and send help. Today, I need help specificity for…

(Use this time to ask for your needs)

Thank you that you have heard my plea and help is on its way. I understand that help can come in many forms and I leave you to resolve my problem in the best way. It may be you have better solutions in store for me, events that I could never imagine.

While I wait for you to answer my prayer remind me to be of help to others in any small way I can. A kind word, a warm meal, whatever I can do with my present resources. I pray for my highest good and for the good of those around me.

Thank you for being there, for your loving-kindness. Remind me to turn to you first for any future financial or other need.

Thank you.

Sit quietly for a few moments and listen with your inner ear, your mind. You may receive a word of advice to move forward, or experience a loving presence or feeling of peace. Don’t worry if you don’t, be assured that your prayer was heard and help is winging its way to you.

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Game of Life – Then the Box

Game of Life – Then the Box




Game of Life – Then the Box

What is the Game of Life?

Recently, I watched the documentary film Zeitgeist: Moving Forward and found the following story moving, told by the films narrator;

I loved my grandmother and spent time with her. She taught me many things but two stuck with me for life.

She was competitive and often we played Monopoly together. For years she wiped the board clean, picking up all the hotels and house and money. “This is the Game of Life.” Collect all you can by playing and working hard and you will end up rich and successful.”

Year in and year out we played until one day I won. She was left without a single dollar. With a huff she picked up the board and threw the contents into the box and shut the lid. “That’s what happens in life child. You spend all your time collecting stuff, much of it useless, and then it all goes back in the box, and you go alone in your own box.”

The narrator goes on to say that while a poor man dies of cold because he can’t pay his power bill, another buys a solid gold toilet seat. Unfairly shared wealth is the major causes of crime, addiction and despair.

Isn’t this the way of the world today? ‘The one who dies with the most toys, doesn’t win!’ The more powerful men or women who take away from the less well-off go as far as creating wars and are responsible for the woes of today’s society.

There are three films in the Zeitgeist documentaries, and all are eye-openers. I would encourage people to watch these films and learn the truth of many deadly events deliberately caused by the wealthy to increase their fortune.

An advert here in Australia run by The Smith Family foundation show a little girl in the school playground. Her ragged clothes match the plastic shopping bag which hold her school books. In contrast the other children carry smart school bags with the latest logos.

Where are you on the scale of acquiring more and more? Rich or poor everyone reaches the end of their life. Spare a thought for the less fortunate.

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Slender & Gorgeous Hypnosis

Slender & Gorgeous Hypnosis


Slender & Gorgeous:   Attain a Total Makeover the Simple Way


Would you like to lose weight and become more fit and toned? Have you tried all the famous diets without success? Would you like your overall appearance to please you when you look in the mirror? This audio program will help you to achieve those goals.

In this life-enhancing recording, you will discover how to use your natural resources to realize your full potential – to help you to become more confident, feel your innate inner and outer beauty, and help control your weight and tone your body. It works by programming your subconscious mind to change your self-image and by giving your conscious mind suggestions that will make it easier for you achieve a trimmer, healthier, shapelier body. By giving yourself a “mental make-over”, you can begin to create a new you in the flesh.

The Quantum Factor Life Enhancement Series of recordings uses powerful natural techniques to help you make profound changes, enabling you to visualize, plan, and achieve the future you want. They work by tapping into the vast natural resources available in your own mind. The information is absorbed into your subconscious while you are in a relaxed and receptive state, without any effort whatsoever.

The series uses four techniques to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the course: Visualization, Meditation, Hypnosis, and Affirmation. Their easy acceptance by your subconscious is ensured by the use of background alpha rhythms, which help to place the brain into a relaxed – but not unconscious – state. You will be aware of things around you while being in an ideal condition to learn and retain new information. In addition, theta rhythms will help you to relax.

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Slender & Gorgeous: Attain a Total Makeover the Simple Way

Question Everything!

Question Everything!


Question Everything!

Question everything! Are you living your best life? Are you happy and going in the right direction, or are you holding limiting beliefs that hold you back?

Throughout childhood, your beliefs were created and influenced by your parents, teachers and others. It’s likely that you still hold onto those same beliefs and created new ones along the way, influenced by friends and work colleagues. So are you living your life or as a shadow of others?

For example, you inherited your religious or nonreligious convictions from your parents and culture, but are they still true? Are they serving you well? Questioning beliefs, and exploring other ways of viewing the World, could change the way you see your own life. There are many philosophies that expand the mind, and ones that can give you peace you may never have heard about.

You may hold the belief that only certain careers are worthy, and follow a predestined path, although you hate the work. Perhaps you think you couldn’t take the risk of self-employment. This is a major area where you should question your true feelings, and then you may be motivated to make a change, learn a new trade, or decide to stay home and care for your family.

Health is another area you can question. Are you incapable of giving up smoking or changing from your unhealthy diet to start eating the right foods? You may tell yourself you can’t change, but can you? You have already decided that any form of sports or exercise is not for you, but have never tried. There are a myriad of questions in the health arena you can ask.

More Questions

You should always question relationships, partners, work colleagues or friends. You can save much heartache if you decide ahead of time the relations which are acceptable to you, and not let yourself be tossed around by the winds of fate. Do any of your relationships need to be jettisoned or strengthened?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in another country, but felt that your family would object, or you are too nervous to make such a large change? Perhaps another country would suit you better, such as one with a warmer climate. I’ve lived in three countries, and traveled all over the World; and yes, it’s true, travel does broaden the mind, and expand your experience of life.

Wherever you are right now, you can change yourself. The way you look, the work you do, the way your mind thinks. Don’t end up stuck in a rut, living a half-life, start today and question everything, become your own unique person.








Solitude – Have you considered the value of solitude? The art of stopping, being quiet, not rushing to fill in the silence is so beneficial, why not give it a try?

Yesterday, I decided to go and film some background for my You Tube articles. The place was in the middle of the Gold Coast in Australia. The council had built a quiet two lake park in the middle of suburbia. I could hear a quiet hum of traffic in the background but most noise came from the myriad of birds that flit to and fro.

Because I was looking for backgrounds to film it made me look, I mean really look! For ten fascinating minutes I watching two fish chasing each others tails. Round and round they swam in the clear water oblivious to me or anything else.

Normally, I would have walked in this park, my head filled with thoughts, not paying attention to my surroundings. But this time I realized the value in being quiet and observant. In order to film the birds take off in flight and the lizards as they run across the grass, I had to stand completely still and wait for the right moments.

During this time my mind was in the moment, enjoying the moment. All worries and concerns didn’t exist in this pure time of peace. I was living life in the here and now, not in the past or in the future, but enjoying the unadulterated essence of being alive.

I valued this experience and wondered why I didn’t do this more often. When was the last time you allowed yourself to sit in silence? No thoughts, just watching, maybe the sunset at the beach, or the city lights from a hilltop, or just sitting quietly at home or in your garden.

In these moments you will after a time receive creative ideas, perhaps solutions to problems, or simply refresh your soul. Remember it’s the space between the words, the space between musical notes that produce the pleasure and understanding.

Meditation isn’t easy for everyone, but anyone can sit in silence for five or ten minutes and enjoy the benefits of letting go. Not thinking, just observing, giving your mind a rest.

I would encourage you to find a moment today to take a walk or even look out of your office window and let your thoughts fly away, let your worries go, and enjoy a moment of peace, of joy. The joy of living in the moment.

Resentment Destroys!

Resentment Destroys!


Resentment Destroys!


Do you resent or blame others or events for your misfortunes? Most of us do this at some time or another, but it eats away your soul, bit by bit. “But you don’t know what these people have done to me?” you protest. “You would be upset if your life was like mine.” “I should be angry and I will be until they fix it, life fixes the problem, or the difficulty resolves itself.”

Do you want to be unhappy until one or more of the above happen? Why not choose instead to let the resentments go? “But why should I?” you ask. Because you more than likely had some hand in instigating the root causes. Even if you didn’t, why let someone else dictate to you how you feel?

Think back to times you have held resentment in your heart. How did you feel? Were you uptight and angry, perhaps depressed or defeated? Resentment can cause illness, both mental and physical. There is never a good reason to hold on to resentment be it toward a person or life circumstance.

Think about actions in your past that may have caused your present unhappiness. Did you own any part of the reason?  Perhaps you need to change your future actions, or distance yourself from the people or situation you resent.

What should you do?

You have to let go of blame and take responsibility before you have the power to be responsible for your own future actions. Choose instead to forgive, send loving and kind thoughts to people who have frustrated or hurt you. Holding on means you’re simply poisoning yourself, the other person can’t read your thoughts. The longer you resent them, the longer they win and you lose.

Often you can get upset by a person or life change that is no one’s fault, just life. If you depersonalize any event you won’t feel the need the lay blame, and save yourself much frustration and pain.

By responding with a loving and peaceful attitude to other people, you leave them with their own judgements and criticism. Deciding not to take offense whatever occurs, such as a nasty remark or even a market downturn, you keep control of your own emotions, thereby expanding your happiness and peace.

Don’t allow other people to define how you feel, choose your own response and feelings. Drawing love and peace into your life through your thoughts lies the road to contentment. You surround yourself with positive energies that draw more of the same to you.

Forgive and choose freedom, be happy, be peaceful.


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Gratitude the Best Step to Prosperity

Gratitude the Best Step to Prosperity


Gratitude the Best Step to Prosperity


Gratitude is the answer. The Universe consists of energy, including you, me, money and other types of prosperity. To draw good to you first be grateful for what you have. When you tell the Universe, Creator or God that you are grateful for the wonderful gifts in your life you activate a positive response. A flow develops starting from your own good thoughts about what you are thankful for, and back toward you bringing more gifts from the Universal energy.

It’s natural to think about what you haven’t got, and moan about your finances, job, family, friends and material objects, but that gives you more to complain about. Thinking about your life right now you will discover that you are better-off than ninety percent of the World’s population. Many people are on their deathbed today wishing they had just a few more hours with their loved ones. Big houses, fancy cars, and the right clothes don’t even enter their mind. My guess is that you have some good family and friends, food to eat and a bed to sleep in right now. There is lots to be grateful for and when you start dwelling on these thoughts your energy output undergoes a huge change.

The molecules of your body emit goodness or lack, depending on what you are telling yourself. It’s true that thoughts of lack can stream through your mind seemingly without control. But you can overcome this gradually by speaking prosperity and goodness into your life. Ignoring the negative thoughts keep speaking out loud to the Universe in general or to God in prayer, giving praise and thanks. By doing this several times each day your thoughts will change and you will immediately start attracting the substance of supply. The energy substance is all around you and will attract this energy to you, like for like, good or bad.

Don’t be anxious or strive to draw prosperity to you. Speak out your present blessings several times each day, relax in a state of love and peace as you wait. Ask for gifts that can create wealth such as talents, the right people to help you, and for wisdom. With these three prayers prosperity will become yours as long as you continue to be thankful for present day blessings.

Giving to others will accelerate your prosperity. When you give you are telling the Universe that you have more than enough. Remember you get like for like, if you act prosperous then you draw prosperity to you. You can give in time, love and a kind word, not just in cash.

It is simple. Bless everything in your life you are grateful for and then the invisible law of supply will jump into action, bringing you more blessings.

May Blessings flow for you….

Death Date – What’s yours!

Death Date – What’s yours!


Death Date – What’s yours!

A few days ago a thirteen year old teenager, wise beyond her years, said to me. “Do you know that every year you pass your death date by, but one year you won’t?”

This profound statement started me pondering on my own date. Death happens to everyone here on Earth, some sooner than others. None know the day and the hour of our death, when we pass from this life to another, fuller, richer existence. All of us have experienced personal deaths of family members, friends and people that we know through the media.

Visit any graveyard or memorial and you will see every age, from newborn to centenarians, and every single year in-between. As you read this article you may be asking why write about such a morbid subject. It’s a subject that people usually don’t want to think about or discuss, but nothing is surer than death. No one can avoid it.

Considering your own death has its benefits, for it reminds you to enjoy and not waste your life. Think about the wasted days, days spent doing the will of others to make them happy. Days spent working in an unfulfilling job, days being angry, unforgiving and stressed. Yes, we all spend many of our precious days in ways we wish we had chosen better. These wasted days are gone, they are the past but don’t need to be your future.

A nurse reported the top five regrets her dying patients expressed, and here they are.

They wished they had the courage to be true to themselves. Filled their own dreams and expectations instead of pleasing others. People spend years trying to get their parents approval instead of choosing to live out their own dreams. Are you a people pleaser? Do you come last on your list of to do’s?

The dying, wish they hadn’t worked so hard or so long. Missing their children’s sports days, barely keeping in touch with family and friends. Not taking the rest and relaxation, time-out for themselves. Is there some ways you can simplify your life to give more time to build and nurture relationships?

Expressing your emotions come high on the list. How many of you hold in your real feelings to please others. Holding in anger and resentment instead of expressing them in a loving way causes illness such as cancer and heart disease. I’m not saying you should go crazy when upset, but to tell the person who has hurt you in a kind but firm way. What they have done to upset you and listen to their explanation, what they can do to make to amends. Forgive and let go.

They regret losing touch with family and friends and now find it too late. The sole reason for our existence is love, loving ourselves, loving family and friends, and loving people in general throughout the world. Have you found time to express your love in words and time? Have you reached out to the less fortunate and expressed love perhaps by donations or community care?

The dying wish they had allowed themselves to be happier, content and to have lived their life in more joyful ways. Everyone has problems, but happiness can still be a choice even if it’s in the little things. Watching the sun rise or set, a light heart when hearing the laughter of children. Enjoying a lie-in now and then, reading a good book or soaking in a warm bath. If you look around you and be aware of life you can find many ways to experience moments of happiness. Decide to be happy and look for those moments, created those moments and enjoy them.

Yes, one day your death date won’t pass you by and your soul will be released into another world, another dimension, so choose wisely how you spend each day.

Nurture Yourself

Nurture Yourself

Nuture Yourself

Nurture is essential for a healthy mind and body

Nurture is essential. Do you always put yourself last in your list of priorities? Life is busy, especially if you have to care for children, perhaps elderly parents, and hold down a job. If your life is hectic then it’s time to slow down and look after your own health.

If you keep rushing around, seeing to your family and business needs, before long nature will force you to rest when illness strikes or even an accident brings you to a halt.  Ask yourself, if you become ill who is going to take over? How much better to take time-out regularly and stay rested and well. Think you haven’t got time, and have to keep going? The Universe has a way of making you rest your body and spirit eventually, forcing you into a longer time away from work and family responsibilities than if you had taken short breaks yourself.

To be a great parent, partner and employee or employer you have to look after your own health first. Yes, first! Who wants a tired miserable partner, parent or friend? You owe it to you as well as your loved ones to be the best version of you that you can be.

So how do you take this time?

First get organized. Organizing paying bills, your routine, your wardrobe and the many other do’s in your life can save your hours.

Share the chores with your family and enlist the help of friends by sharing jobs such as picking up children, shopping and perhaps baby-sitting for one another.

Say no! You have to let go of guilt trips that others are more than keen to put on, from going out too often to attending many meetings and school events. You do have a choice and can choose self-care instead.

Watch less television and go to bed earlier. Meditate regularly, everyday, even for just five minutes. Practitioners say the a few minutes can seem like an hours rest. If it means locking yourself in the bathroom for a while, do it, and just sit with eyes closed and breathe.

Spending time in nature is a boon for the soul, an easy way to rejuvenate yourself. A walk in the Local Park or simply sit in the garden for a while will pay dividends.

Reading a book, taking a bath or lying on the bed are all great ways to rest your mind and body. It’s an oxymoron but resting and taking care of yourself gives you more energy and you achieve greater levels of work than rushing around and not doing anything well. So there it is, permission to take time-out for you every day.

Life Transformation Tools

Life Transformation Tools

Life Transformation


Life Transformation Tools

Are you serious about making the Law of Attraction work for you? Then this is the book for you.  Just suppose you had all the tools and powerful techniques that you need to use the law to your advantage.

Wouldn’t your life improve tremendously?

This book includes leading edge tools, such as visualization, affirmations, prayer, story writing, Journalizing, mental movies, hypnosis, sanctuary building, meditation, list making, emotional therapy technique, plus many others.

Employing these practical tools can help you to transform your life, your finances, your relationships, and your health, as you work with the natural laws instead of against them.

These techniques will take you to the next level of action to create the life you want.

Life Transformation Tools

by Christine Sherborne

There are natural laws of the universe, which govern the way that everything behaves.  One law which is very powerful, is The Law of Attraction, which says that “we attract to ourselves that which we most focus upon and feel deeply about, whether positive or negative”.

This book will introduce you to practical tools which are designed to work with the law of attraction and other natural laws, to enable you to take advantage of them, aligning your life with them, instead of trying to fight against them.

If used as suggested these tools will help you to manage your life, dealing with and rising above obstacles and problems, and enabling you to work towards the life you desire, bringing peace, balance and success in every area of your life.

The Law of Attraction works whether you believe it or not, attracting into your life the things you hold in your thoughts. If you constantly expect bad things to happen to you, and are always worrying about them, your thoughts are always full of those negative things.  Your thoughts then become a self fulfilling prophesy.  Whereas if you can keep your thoughts focused on your goals and where you want to go, then the Law of Attraction works with your subconscious mind to bring that about.

It is not always easy to control your thoughts and emotions, keeping them focused on your dreams and desires rather than on your problems and fears. This book will give you techniques which are designed to help you learn to focus your thoughts, dwelling on your desires and goals, in order to activate the law of attraction in your favor.

They gradually help you to learn to align your feelings and emotions with the life you want, strongly imagining that life and all the steps towards achieving it, dismissing from your thoughts the negative and destructive ideas which lead you towards the life you don’t want.

These tools really work if used as described, and if you persist. It isn’t necessary for me to explain in depth why these tools work, but you can prove them to yourself by accepting that they will work, start to use them, and monitor the results over time. Put them into practice and marvel as your desires start to appear into your life.

Everything that has been created by man started with a thought. Before Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, he first created the design in his mind, together with the steps necessary to create it. He planned it out, producing sketches of various parts beforehand, changing them till he was satisfied with them, so that by the time he was actually working, he was following the path he had already created in his mind, bringing it into reality. Therefore, the Sistine Chapel ceiling began as thought, strongly imagined in detail, planned out and brought to reality.

Thoughts are very powerful, and control the way we understand the world around us. They are particularly powerful if aligned with strong emotion. If you don’t believe this is so, think about someone you know who is always ‘up tight’ and tense. People around that person sense the negativity being put out by them, and interact with them accordingly. How many times have you heard “be careful around so-and-so, because they are very prickly today”?

Thoughts are the precursor and filter for all your actions, coloring the way you react to outside influences, and the way that the world interacts with you. Everyone, to some extent, creates their own reality, by reason of the way they see the world, filtered through their own understanding and past experiences. This affects the way you react to the world and people about you, and thus the way they interact with you.

Your subconscious mind is very powerful.  It works with whatever is fed into it, processing it and feeding back the results to your conscious mind.   Your reality is whatever your subconscious mind thinks it should be, and it constantly works towards changing the outside world to align it with your imagination.  Whatever you focus on strongly with emotion, you eventually bring about, because your subconscious mind is working to align the outside world with the feelings and emotions you have internally, bringing it to reality.

The total sum of your lives up until this point is made up of every single thought and emotion that you have allowed into your mind, the way it has influenced your reactions to other people and situations, and thus the impact those situations have had on you.

William Shakespeare said:

 “Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

If you don’t like your life as it is, then you have to change your thinking. Your thoughts influence your own perception of the world and other people. If you are constantly telling yourself that you are worthless and cannot do anything worthwhile, your subconscious mind works to make that a reality, affecting your behavior to balance your actions to bring about what you expect.

Conversely, if your perception of yourself is that you are capable and well able to deal with any circumstances, then your subconscious mind will work to bring that about also, affecting your reactions to outside influences, ensuring that your expectations are fulfilled.

You may not be aware of the way you normally think. Your self perception is built up over time, and becomes so much a part of your personality, unless you actually examine it objectively or with the help of someone close, it doesn’t occur to you that it could be changed. You may even believe that you have no control over the thoughts that come into your mind, but if you spent a day concentrating on your thoughts, noting them down and deciding whether they are positive or negative, you would begin to see the subjects that you mostly focus on. Those subjects often consist of our daily worries and concerns and are very negative.

The law of attraction states that “we attract to ourselves that which we most focus upon and feel deeply about, whether positive or negative”, so that what ever you strongly think about most, what ever you focus on with emotion, eventually becomes your reality. If most of your thoughts are negative and based upon your problems, then that is the type of life that you are creating for yourself. This means that if your life is full of problems, it is entirely within your power to change it.

You may say to me, how can I control my thoughts? This book will provide you with tools which with practice will enable you to direct your thoughts, helping you to focus positively. When you take control of your thoughts you can create for yourself a successful and exciting life.


The Incredible Power of Thought

The most important tools you need are the ones which control your thinking and emotions. Whatever you hold in your mind and believe strongly, with passion, will be manifested in your life.

As a matter of fact, the more emotion that you put into your thinking, the greater effect it has. Your mind is very powerful. Your conscious and sub-conscious minds work together, the conscious mind feeds the sub-conscious with information, which it then works on before feeding it back to the conscious mind. Strong emotion makes those thoughts more powerful, producing the energy or vibration that transmits your desires to the world around you. These vibrations are detected by outside influences, attracting similar energy which is then drawn back to you.

When you hold something strongly in your conscious mind, your sub-conscious mind works on that thought, to produce a result. It is like programming a computer – your thought is the data input and your sub-conscious is the computer program which works on that data. It doesn’t know what the data is, but processes it as it has been programmed to do.

Similarly, your sub-conscious doesn’t question the input, it just uses it and tries to make sense of it, trying to produce a balance between the inner perception and reality. Like an auto pilot, you place a request with your thought, and your mind goes to work to deliver that which you have requested.

Be specific with your requests. If you are looking for a new relationship, for instance, consider carefully the attributes that you would like that person to have. Make a list, repeatedly look at it and speak out your request.

If it’s a new home that you would like, study the market and type of homes that attract you. Cut out pictures of your perfect house. Visualize the images and imagine living in that house. Go and visit those types of houses. Pray as you walk around the building and claim that house or something better, as your own.

It may be that you would like to get rid of conflict in your family or workplace. Imagine that place and the people involved having harmony and peace. Speak out words of calm and peace.

Don’t give up too easily. These processes can take time. Remember that in order for your desires to come to fruition it may mean lots of circumstances in other peoples’ lives have to change as well. You must practice the tools provided many times a day.

This is not as difficult as it sounds. Get into the habit of examining your thoughts, and bring them back to the matter or situation that you are working on. Write down affirmations and look at them often during the day and last thing at night before you go to sleep.

Lao-Tse said: “Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom.  mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”


 The Power of Emotions

As we said before, the power of thought is amplified by using strong emotions when you think. .  The law of attraction states that whatever you focus on with strong emotion will manifest itself into your life. Therefore, it is important to control not only your thoughts but also your emotions.

Again you may be asking yourself “how on earth do I control my emotions?” Controlling your emotions is easy when you have the right tools to do so. The first step in controlling your strong feelings is to learn to control your thoughts. The thought is directed into your mind by using the tools, and then the emotion follows.

Can you imagine your life, if you could create your own success, and feel fulfilled, excited and happy? By learning these tools you will be able to achieve exactly the life you want. When you consciously direct your thoughts and emotions you can choose your future and control exactly the things that you wish to be in your life.

You want to feel good about yourself – it’s human nature.  Unfortunately, very often you don’t, because you allow negative thoughts into your mind.  These thoughts feed upon themselves, spiral out of control and produce even more unhappy thoughts. When you find this happening you need to recognize it, and stop the process.

For instance, you may wave to a friend across the street, and it seems to you that they completely ignore you. You start to feel upset, what is wrong with them? Before you know it your thoughts have continued downwards until you think that they no longer like you, or you have done something to offend them. However, the truth of the matter is that they simply didn’t see you.

Do you find yourself acting in this way? It is human nature to fill in the gaps when we haven’t got the full picture. Nevertheless, very often the scenario that you imagine is inaccurate, and you find yourself going down the negative route. If you assume that you know the truth of a situation, then as with the word assume, you make an ass out of you and me.

Your perception of yourself is colored by self-talk. If you can control your self-talk, making it positive and complimentary instead of negative and derogatory, you will improve your own self-image.  Always imagine the best, and although it may not always be correct, your emotional state will be much healthier at the end.

In all situations try to find the positive.  Always look for the good in the situation, and you will feel better and be more able to deal with it successfully.  Then you will have moved yourself towards the future you want, instead of falling back into the bad old habits.

What is the point of thinking in a way that is depressing and makes you feel worse? Think of situations where you have assumed the worst, and you have been completely wrong. You may have spent days or even weeks being upset, only to find that you have the wrong end of the stick.

So one of the first things to learn is to monitor your thoughts and choose the ones which make you feel good.  You can only feel good emotions to the extent that you allow uplifting thoughts to stay in your mind, and get rid of the negative.  To do this, acknowledge the negative idea, then gently let it go.  You can even thank it for its input but then say “no thank you” and immediately replace it with a more uplifting thought.

Next, you must understand that you have no control over other people’s actions.  If you take on other people’s problems and try to solve them, you are allowing them to control you.   You are responsible for your own happiness, and they are responsible for theirs.  By taking on their problems you make yourself unhappy, a negative emotion which then affects you in other areas of your life.

Others would love you to take their burdens on your shoulders as it relieves them of their responsibility, improving their emotional state.  Even if you spend a lot of time and emotional energy trying to solve their problems, you have no control over what they eventually decide to do. Therefore, why expend the energy? Remember, you are responsible for your own journey.

Remember also, that the problems other people have are ones that they have attracted to themselves.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t assist others where and when you can, but that you help them to help themselves. That is similar to teaching some-one how to fish, instead of just giving them a fish. The law of giving is vital for you to receive.

William James, the American psychologist and philosopher, said: “If an unusual necessity forces us onward, a surprising thing occurs.  The fatigue gets worse up to a certain point, when, gradually or suddenly, it passes away and we are fresher than before!  We have evidently tapped a new level of energy.  There may be layer after layer of this experience, a third and fourth wind.  We find amounts of ease and power that we never dreamed ourselves to own, sources of strength habitually not taxed, because habitually we never push through the obstruction of fatigue”

Each time you strongly imagine having or being something, it is the same as placing an order on the Universe. You set up a vibration that moves out into the world and draws that desire to you. Your subconscious mind is very much like a computer.  By placing your order with confidence, you believe, so your subconscious mind has no doubts, and works to produce that order for you. Therefore you can see it is of the highest importance what orders you are placing by the thoughts you are thinking.

Someone once said, Take time to think…it is the source of power. Take time to play…it is the secret of perpetual youth. Take time to read…it is the fountain of wisdom. Take time to pray….it is the greatest power on earth. Take time to laugh…it is the music of the soul. Take time to give…it is too short a day to be selfish.

Make sure your thoughts are the ones that you want to come into your reality. If you are thinking: “I hate doing this job, but I’ll never get a better one”, “I hate being over weight but I’ve tried dieting, and it never works”, then by focusing on those thoughts, you are concentrating on the things you don’t want, so that is exactly what you will get and perpetuate.

However, if you are believing: “I am a lucky person, everything goes right for me”, or “I’m always successful”, then that will be your reality.  Carefully choose the orders that you place on the universe, by monitoring and choosing positive thoughts.

It is not just a new way of thinking that you want to achieve, but a way of reaching your goals, planning, and bringing to fruition all of your dreams.

Emerson said, “Great men, are those who see that the spiritual is stronger than any material force, that thoughts rule the world”.

Some tools which will help you to achieve your dreams are listed as follows:


Creating a Book of Goals

Writing A Story

Directing your Dreams

The Power of Appreciation

Using Affirmations

Uhe Power of Prayer

Speak it into Being

The Power of Meditation

Gain More Time

Programming with Visualization

Letting Go of your Past

Creating a Feel Good Box


Using Hypnosis

Emotional Freedom Technique

Using Thought Anchors

Creating A Sanctuary

Chart Building

Effective List Making

The Movie Studio Technique

Developing Intuition

Trusting Yourself

Getting Rid of Clutter

Getting on top of Procrastination

Unfinished Business

Acquiring Fore Knowledge

Lifting up your Emotions

Let me expand on each one:


Creating a Book of Goals

Before you can start moving towards the goals that you would like to achieve, you need to know what those goals are. A fun way help you to discover your goals is to make a goal book. First of all, look through magazines and find pictures of things that you would like.  It may be a beautiful house, a red sports car, an exciting relationship, or a piece of jewelry that you have always dreamt of owning.

When you cut out the pictures, paste them to a larger piece of paper and put them in your goal book. On the bottom of each page write a sentence “this or something better”

You can have lots of fun with this, don’t limit yourself, the sky is the limit. There may be other things that you can add into your goal book, such as pictures of people or places that you would like to visit some day.


Writing a story

You can write an essay about your life, not as it is now but how you would like it to be in the future. In this story where the hero is you, you can be and do anything you like. For instance, write about an imaginary journey, consider a place that you have always longed to visit, and write about every step of the journey.

You may like to write that you travel first class, you choose the best hotels in which to stay, and you pack your Gucci suitcases with exquisite clothes.

Be the hero in your story. Write down exactly what you would to have, own, or be. Think about who you would like to share your life with. You can even write out what the perfect day would be for you. Maybe you would start your day off with a swim in a warm blue ocean, then taking breakfast overlooking the beach.

Let your imagination run wild and remember that which you most think about with emotion, comes to fruition eventually.


Directing your dreams

Before you go to sleep at night you can program your subconscious mind to dream the dream that you wish. Many of us do this unconsciously, by thinking of our worries as we fall asleep, resulting in a restless night, and sometimes nightmares.

But if you direct your dreams, you can make them a powerful tool to solve problems or to reinforce the future that you want. Simply tell your subconscious mind that you’re looking for an answer to a particular problem, or about that you would like to dream.

As you are falling to sleep, direct your mind to think of a question or situation for which you require an answer or direction, something pleasant, or something you desire. Start the dream off consciously, putting yourself in the place, with the people and feeling the emotions that you want to experience. Even as you begin to fall asleep you will find that you can focus on the picture you have chosen, gently bringing your mind back towards that picture as it starts to wander. The more you practice this the easier it gets.

When dreaming, whilst expecting an answer to a problem, be patient. The answer may take several days to arrive. When dreaming about the future that you would like to create, be as specific as possible.

Always remember to have a pad and pen by your bed to record your first thoughts and impressions as you wake.

A word of caution here. Really think about all aspects of the life scenario that you are creating. Is it really for your good? Think about how it will affect your family and friends, will it change your relationships with them? It is always a good idea when programming your mind to dream to add the words “This or something better” and “For the good of all concerned”

Woodrow Wilson said: “All big men are dreamers.  They see things in the soft haze of the spring day, or in the red fire of the long winter’s evening.  Some of us let great dreams die, but others nourish and protect them, nurse them through bad days till they bring them to the Sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that they dreams will come true.”


 The power of appreciation

It is difficult to draw better things to you if you do not appreciate the good things you already have. You may be so used to thinking about what you don’t have that you have forgotten the many blessings that you do have. I know that some of you will be saying ‘what do I have to be appreciative about?’ Even so, every one of us has lots to appreciate in our lives. Firstly, you woke up this morning, some people didn’t. You have a roof over your head, and food in your stomach, many people do not.

Think about each area of your life, your environment, your relationships, your work, and your health. Mentally make a list of all the things that you appreciate in each of these areas. There will be many more than you first thought. When you show appreciation for the life you have at this point, you raise your vibration, and this will attract more to you that you can appreciate.

Start an appreciation journal and each day write down three things that you really value. As time goes on you will find more and more to appreciate. When you appreciate what you have you naturally draw more of the same to you.

Don’t get so caught up in your destination that you forget to appreciate the journey, especially the goodness of the people you meet on the way. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling, don’t overlook it.


Using Affirmations to re-program your Mind

Affirmations are statements spoken aloud with passion and conviction. They should be in the present tense and should be said using the, “I” statement. Carefully word the phrases that you use, to make them effective. There are free affirmations on our website for examples, and you can make up new ones to suit your situation, and what you are trying to draw into your life.

They should be realistic, but not limiting. For instance, you would be foolish to use a phrase such as: ‘I will become a brain surgeon within six months’ but one such as ‘my perfect occupation is opening up to me now’ The secret to moving the energy of the universe is to say each affirmation strongly, with emotion and faith.

The spoken word is very powerful. Be careful what you say, and think before you speak, as you could be unleashing forces for both good and bad by those words. Make sure the words you use are positive, and will move you closer to your dreams.  Don’t forget that words spoken out cannot be taken back. Words spoken in anger can harm another person, and whether they were meant or not, will affect that person greatly.  When talking to or about other people, be sure to use uplifting and encouraging words. Have a spirit of blessings and peace towards them.

When you meet people who you don’t like or who upset you, silently send them harmonious thoughts and wish them a good life. You will often be surprised how this turns the situation around as they subconsciously pick up on the thought vibrations that you send them.

Use the power of affirmations, start today, and be amazed at the results!


The Power of Prayer

Prayer is conversing with a higher power. I call that power God. Prayer has been tested and proven to work over the years, in many scientific studies.

One study was done on heart patients. Some of the patients were prayed for by people outside the hospital and the others were not. Even though the patients who received prayer had no idea they were being prayed for, they showed a marked improvement and survival rate over the patients who received no prayer.

Only prayer that results in good for you will be answered.   Sometimes you may pray for something that unknown to you could be detrimental in the future. You may then assume that your prayer has not been answered, but when you look back in hind-sight, you often find that it was answered in a different way than you thought.  Usually with far better results than the ones you originally prayed about.

You must believe and have faith that your prayers will be heard and answered. You can have this faith, because prayer has been proven to work, and even if you don’t believe in a Higher power, it can work in the same way as affirmations, by impressing those desires on your sub-conscious mind, which then goes into action to bring the desired results.

You will be amazed at the situations and circumstances that can be turned around miraculously.

Lord Tennyson said: “more things are bought by prayer than this world dreams of”


 Speak it into being

Words have creative power. They are energy and vibrate throughout the universe, through the power of our minds. Curses and Blessings are brought into existence by the spoken word, and you can bring curses on yourself when you say things, like ‘I don’t succeed at anything’. You can bring blessings on yourself when you use positive words and sayings, and speak out affirmations.

Become aware of the words that come out of your mouth and learn to control them. Speak good things into your life and build yourself up.

Eileen Caddy said: “The secret of making something work in your lives is first of all, the deep desire to make it work; and then the faith and belief that it can work; then to hold back clear and definite position in your consciousness and see it working out step-by-step, without one thought of doubt or disbelief.”



Meditation is sometimes feared and not fully understood, but it merely means pondering, thinking deeply, concentrating the mind on one thing, or serious study of one subject. Meditation takes practice in focusing your mind so that all the interference of outside thoughts are thrust out, enabling you to concentrate on one thing.

Meditation assists you to centre and quiet your mind. It can help you to find answers and direction for your life, by allowing your mind to utilize more of its immense power, without the constant interference of normal ‘background noise’. The sub-conscious and super-conscious mind is allowed peace to do what they do best, working in the background.

Meditation offers you serenity and relaxation, a time out from the stresses of modern day life, allowing your body and mind a chance to repair the damage caused by normal living.

There are many simple methods of meditation. I have found that the best way is to close my eyes and imagine a flame. I watch this flame and repeat in my mind or out loud a word, such as peace or love. As the clutter of the outside world becomes quiet, I often receive a special insight or direction to take.


Words to Meditate On

The following statements can help bring changes into many areas of your life. They will give you an idea of the way that you can phrase your own creative words to manifest the changes you wish for.

I flow with the stream of life. I accept the good the flows to me. I am never in lack as the blessings of the Universe flow in an endless stream as I expect and accept them.

In every area of my life, I achieve success and happiness. I am a magnet for the blessings of the universe. Good fortune is attracted to me in a constant stream.

Peace and comfort settle within me. They are my constant companions. I can be peaceful in every situation as I know all the goodness of the universe is flowing to me.

In every moment my life is complete. God’s love is constantly streaming towards me and through me. I lack nothing.

Through the power of my words, I can prosper and reach the dreams of my heart. My words and thoughts draw all that I need, in an endless flow.

I am protected completely. Nothing and no-one can hurt me as I bathe in the security of the universe. All that happens is for my good and the good of others around me.


The Value of Time

An unknown author wrote an important message for you to understand the value of time.  It goes like this:

Imagine there is a bank that credits your account each morning with $86,400.

It carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day.

What would you do? Draw out every cent, of course!

Each of us has such a bank. It’s name is TIME.

Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose.

It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the remains of the day. If you fail to use the day’s deposits, the loss is yours. There is no going back. There is no drawing against the “tomorrow.”

You must live in the present on today’s deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness, and success! The clock is running. Make the most of today.

To realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade.

To realize the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.

To realize the value of ONE WEEK, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of ONE HOUR, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To realize the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a person who missed the train.

To realize the value of ONE-SECOND, ask a person who just avoided an accident.

Treasure every moment that you have! And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time.

Remember that time waits for no one. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present!


Gain More Time

To move forward in life, you need to spend more time on what matters and reduce a lot of time wasting activities. Use your time to learn more about subjects which are useful to you.  If you improve your knowledge, you will advance in your career, or if you don’t work, you may study subjects which can be useful to you in other ways, such as cooking.  The important thing is not to waste time, but use it to the best advantage.

There are lots of ways that you can gain more time to help you move forward in life. Firstly, reduce or stop completely the time you spend watching television. Try to live without TV for a week and see how much more you can achieve. Another great time waster is reading magazines. Most of the content is not very useful and consists of gossip about people that have nothing to do with your life. Instead, increase your knowledge with books that will move you forward to realizing your dreams.


Programming with Visualization

Your subconscious mind can’t distinguish between reality and what you imagine with feeling. This fact makes visualization a fantastic tool to program yourself to perform well in areas you want to improve.  You can even use this tool to reprogram past events that have left hurtful memories, and change the way you feel and react to them now.

For instance, if you are still suffering from a past hurt you can find healing by visualizing the past situation, but in your mind change the ending to one that you can accept and be happy about.

The secret for this tool to be effective is to be in a state of relaxation and try to really experience the emotions, colors, smells and sounds of the situation you are creating or changing.

Most successful athletes use this method to improve their future performances. They visualize performing their sport in the optimum way, right through every detail.  A runner will see themselves running the race, right from the start, through every step to the winning post.  Jumpers, swimmers, gymnasts, all use visualization in their training, to achieve their best results, so that when they actually perform, they are repeating exactly what they have planned.


Letting go of your past

It is essential to live in the now. The only reality is this present moment, and if you don’t live your life in the here and now, you lose, because you are wasting time which you cannot recoup.    You must learn to let go of your past, in order to recover from it.   If you are reliving all your old mistakes, you are wasting your life, for no reason.  You have to make the decision to let go of all your past errors, learn from them, but live now.

If this is hard for you to do, use the movie technique to re-live the event and then change the ending to one that you can feel comfortable with. Remember that the sub-conscious mind cannot tell reality from the new powerfully imagined ending that you choose to give that situation now. Use this technique until the event is comfortable for you, and you feel able to let it go and move on with your life. Every day is the first day of your future. Every day can be a new start for you and a fresh beginning to the rest of your life.


Creating a Feel Good Box

This tool is something you need to have prepared in advance, and perhaps changed and modified over the years as you have matured.

Take a special container such as a decorative box or chest and begin to fill it with items that are uplifting and special to you. Items that you may like to place in the box would be a special book that really spoke to your spirit in the past. It could be a special CD to listen to, a poem or photographs of loved ones. You could include birthday cards or uplifting notes that you have received during the years. A small plaque with your favorite affirmation printed on, or a DVD that really changes your energy beneficially.  You may have letters that show you how much someone cares for you to re-read.

You will know what the special contents of the box will be as they will be special to you. Choose that distinctive container and start your special feel good collection today!

There are times when even though you have tried to keep your thoughts positive and focused on what you want to attract into your life, you just get down and find it very hard to keep your spirits up and focused positively.  When you are feeling low you can open this box and use the contents to lift up your spirits and give you a new and positive focus on life.



Writing a personal journal can be helpful in many ways. You can use it as a way of clarifying your thoughts, or releasing the past and negative emotions. It can be a source of inspiration when you use it to record answers to prayer, goals achieved and to list things that you are grateful for.

Using it to record your prayer requests and answers to prayer can be particularly uplifting. When you are feeling low you simply look at your past entries to see how your prayers have been answered, how they have uplifted you and blessed you. When you know that your prayers have been answered in the past, you will believe they will in the future.

When you record troubling thoughts of the past you can use your journal to re frame the events and put past events into prospective for you. Listing each emotion you have daily enables you to slowly change your negative attitudes to positive ones, by showing you the attitudes that you consistently hold. You can read them and release them to the Universe, letting them go.

Decisions become easier for you when you write down challenges that need to be solved and directions that you could take. As you write them ask for them to be resolved, and within a short time the decision that is best for you will be manifest.


Using the Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is another tool you can use to get rid of negative and destructive thoughts and emotions in a very easy way. The technique can also be used to build up a new way of thinking with a very little effort.

This simple technique consists of tapping areas of your face and body (Acupuncture points) whilst you reprogram your thoughts, by concentrating on the words that you use whilst tapping. This technique is excellent for any emotional problem and also for physical healing.

This system has many, many uses. It can be used for physical or emotional healing, removing blockages you may have from years ago which may be stopping you making progress, and it is the best tool to eliminate any negative barriers which could be holding you back.

If you have had some bad experiences in your past which still cause you problems, then this technique is ideal for you.  You can visit EFT practitioners, who are trained to heal many conditions, or you can learn the technique easily and use it on yourself.

I really encourage you to try it. This technique has been extremely successful for so many people, and even if you are a bit skeptical to start with, give it a go, and I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised!


Hypnosis Changes Your Thinking

Hypnosis has been used for many years as a tool for reprogramming your subconscious mind. There are many good tapes or CDs available on the market for a variety of subjects. If you can’t find the right one that addresses your problem, we would encourage you to make your own, so that you receive exactly the information that would be best for you.  Furthermore, the sound of your own voice can make the recording more effective for you.

It is like self talk, after all, that you use constantly day and night. If the self talk is carefully worded and listened to via a recording it will help change your thinking so much quicker.

Colourstory produces a collection of very effective hypnosis CDs called the Quantum Factor Life Enhancement Series. A full description can be found at


Self-Hypnosis Techniques

It is easier than you may suppose to hypnotize yourself. After all, hypnosis is only allowing your subconscious mind to receive suggestions by quieting down your conscious mind. This is done through a process of relaxation and letting go of the present input from your surroundings.

It doesn’t have to be a complicated process and can be likened to the state of mind that you find yourself in just before you fall to sleep. In the half awakening state your subconscious mind is open to accepting new suggestions.

Begin by making yourself really comfortable. Lying down, supported by soft pillows in a dimly lit room is ideal. Focus your eyes on a spot across the room until you feel your eye lids begin to close. Repeat this several times, whilst breathing deeply and regularly. Your breath should last longer on the out breath than when breathing in. This allows your chest area and arms to naturally relax.  If your mind seems active, overcome this by slowing repeating to yourself – r-e-l-a-x

Don’t worry about whether you believe you are in a state of hypnosis or not, it really doesn’t matter. Just the fact of acting as if you are, is enough for your subconscious mind to accept that fact.

After a few minutes of relaxation begin to say to yourself out loud in a soft gentle voice the messages that you wish to impart to your subconscious mind. Say words along the lines of the affirmations you would normally use. Make the words in the present and first person, worded in such a way that your conscious mind isn’t tempted to argue with them.

A similar state can be achieved by using the progressive relaxation technique of fixing your mind upon each muscle group and tightening and relaxing each muscle until you have completed them all, again using the long out breath to accelerate the process.

For an even quicker technique use the time just before you fall to sleep or when you are in a half wakening state to repeat your suggestions to yourself.

Practice these self hypnosis techniques often, using short affirmations on one subject at a time. Preferably decide on one area of your life that you are trying to improve and use the appropriate affirmations for perhaps a few weeks before moving on to a different subject. This will give your subconscious mind time to assimilate the message and act upon it.


Using Thought Anchors to Change Your Behavior

Thought anchors are a physical way of reminding yourself to think in a particular way. For instance, if you have to give a public talk, you may want to have an anchor to help you to relax and have confidence.

You do this by putting together the middle fingertip and thumb on both hands, pressing them together. As you press the fingertips together firmly, you say out loud and with feeling “I am relaxed and speak out confidently and with passion”, at the same time imagining yourself standing in front of your audience and giving an excellent presentation.

You need to do this quite a few times in a relaxed posture until your brain has anchored these thoughts and feelings to the physical action of pressing the fingertips together. When it is time for your speech, merely press the fingers together, and your brain will bring back the feeling, and you will be able to speak out with confidence.

Thought anchors could also be used in many other situations. For instance, if you are addicted to chocolate and trying to lose weight, you could imagine yourself as slim, and use words such, as ‘I don’t need to eat right away’ and ‘I always choose food that nourishes my body’. The possibilities are endless.

Use your imagination when deciding upon a thought anchor. The anchor could be an imaginary bracelet on your wrist or an actual object like the fridge door. Each time you touch your wrist or the fridge door you will bring to mind the thought that you embedded into that object originally.

Choose the real or imagined object. Relax. Choose the thought that you wish to be reminded of and repeat it slowly, with feeling, until your brain begins to associate that thought to that object.

Christopher Morley said: “there is only one success —- to be able to spend your life in your own way.”


Creating Safe Havens – Sanctuaries

Sanctuaries are quiet, peaceful and comfortable places where you can completely relax, get away from the noise of everyday living, and allow your mind to work quietly on positive information.

Ideally, a sanctuary should be in your own home, a place where you can feel safe and secure, and where you can control access. When you are decorating your home and buying furniture, consider the effect they will have. Is your house itself in a quiet area, is it light and uplifting? Are the colors peaceful and the items you surround yourself with giving a positive message? It may be that you are only able to create one corner of your home where you can sit peacefully and quietly. If this is the case you should take special care that this area is reflective of your inner spirit.

If you are unable to physically create a sanctuary, it is possible, with practice, to create a sanctuary in your own mind, which can give you an instant place of peace which allows you to retreat to it at any time.

Using your imagination, you can create the sanctuary in stages until the whole place is built. Firstly, relax, close your eyes and begin to build in your imagination. Create an entrance to your sanctuary, a doorway or maybe a marble stairway. The place could be a house, a room, or a forest glade. Then you furnish it with a couch to recline on or maybe a soft bed of feathers. I believe you get the idea! This may take many sessions to build your sanctuary exactly as you want it. But remember you can always make changes or a new one. The only limitation is your imagination. Happy building!


Ways to use your Sanctuary

Your sanctuary is not just a place to rest, it is a place where you can create, heal, and find solutions to problems.

In your sanctuary, you can have special rooms, as many or as few as you would like. Remember this is your special place, and you can build it exactly as you wish. To use your sanctuary as a place of creation, you can have a room that is your movie theater, as explained a little further on.

For instance, you can have a room that you may call “the healing room.” In this room, you can place a bed and chair. To use this room, you imagine that you are lying on the bed, and you invite a special healer to enter the room. The healer sits in the chair beside you, and you tell him your symptoms. He may then place his hands upon you to affect healing, or he may tell you what you must do to improve your condition. Always remember that self-healing isn’t meant to replace the medical profession. Visit the doctor or hospital when you need to, using the healing power of your thoughts to support their medical advice.

This is only a suggestion, as you can direct the theater of your mind in any way you wish.

Another room could be an office, in which you may place a desk and chair and a filing cabinet. The filing cabinet is a very special one, for in this cabinet is contained all the information that is available in the world. In order to access this information you only have to consider your problem and trust that the answer lies within the cabinet. Then see yourself taking out a file, opening the file, and trust that the answer can be read within. This may take a little practice, but if you believe the process as you carry it out, you are accessing your subconscious mind, to release the answers that already lie within, and you will quickly learn it.

You could create a costume room. This room has a large wardrobe, which is full of costumes that represent different areas of your life. The idea of this room is to try out ideas to see if you’d like them. For instance, you may be considering taking on a new job, say as a fire officer. You could then access the wardrobe and put on the fireman’s outfit and see how it feels. You could then go into your movie room and watch relevant scenes to see if you should take the job or not, depending on how you feel.

These examples only give you a few ideas of what you can do. There is no limit to your imagination, and you can have lots of fun with this.


The Movie Studio of Your Mind

Mental movies are fun and give you the opportunity to experience life in ways that you wouldn’t or couldn’t do in the physical realm. Remember that because your sub-conscious mind cannot tell the difference, everything that you think about, meditate on or dream about, utilizing your emotions, sense of smell, hearing and colours, appears to be as real as if you were actually experiencing them.

Begin by relaxing in a deep armchair, with your eyes closed. Make sure you are comfortable, steady your breathing, and relax your muscles one by one. When you are quite relaxed, imagine that you are sitting in a cinema, looking at the large screen in front of you. Now you are free to begin your own personal movie. Just as you can lose yourself in a good film at the cinema, so it is possible to do the same in your own imaginary movie.

One of my favorite imaginary movies features me as an ice-skating star. In my mind I see myself up on the screen, dressed in a beautiful skating dress, with my favorite music playing. I can effortlessly perform axles and pirouettes, and glide over the ice as if I am flying. After ten minutes in my own private world, I feel a sense of joy and freedom, and feel refreshed, all from my armchair at home.

This technique can also be used for solving problems and for focusing your mind on your goals and desires. Use this method to try out different situations that may arise in the future. For example, if you were going for a job interview, see the entire interview unfold on the imaginary screen before you. Of course you will be directing this movie and the entire interview will go exactly as you wish and the outcome will be the one you desire it to be.


Chart Building

We learn in many ways, but the best learning techniques use multiple reinforcement. We learn visually, by doing, by adding to what we already know, and we learn things easily which are relevant to us at this time in our lives. This tool and the following one use both visual and action techniques to assist you to concentrate the mind, whilst working on something which is relevant and of interest to you at this time.

Visual stimulation is the most powerful memory tool. One way to use visual stimulation to program your subconscious mind is to create a chart to illustrate visually the area that you are working on.

This technique can be used for solving problems, making decisions, and even programming your sub-conscious mind to work on your goals and aspirations. For instance, you may wish for a lovely home, new job, car or new relationship. Search magazines, newspapers or books for pictures that show your ideal requirements and paste these onto a large chart that is positioned where you will see it often. Each time you pass the chart look at the pictures closely and bring them to life in your imagination. In your mind brighten the colors, smell the new leather and hear sounds or voices that bring the item or situation vividly to mind.

For solving problems, use the chart to detail all the information you have about the problem, and then put all the potential solutions you can think of on the chart. In the same way, use the chart over a period, and your sub-conscious mind will work for you to produce a solution.


Effective List Making

This is also an action, and to a lesser degree a visual tool, working on currently relevant information in your life. Lists can be used in the same way as the chart, using columns instead of charts.

For finding answers to problems or challenges, use one column for all known details of the problem. Then start new columns for the steps required for each of the solutions you know about at this moment. Writing it down frees your mind so that it doesn’t have to keep remembering the problem, but is freed up to consider different solutions. As with the chart, leave it in some prominent place where you can see it easily, and ensure that you look at it several times each day.

As your sub-conscious mind absorbs the information in the lists, it will gradually work on it to produce other solutions, and you will find that in a very short time you will have at least one, possibly several, solutions which were not available to you at the time of writing the list.

Lists can also be used for working on your goals and desires. Write down as much information as you have at the time, making sure it is as detailed as possible. As you think of further information, add it to the list, again freeing your mind to come up with solutions rather than the desire.

Lists can be used as a basis for prayer, using affirmations and visualizations. When you have created the list, read it through several times a day and always last thing at night before you fall to sleep, directing your sub-conscious mind to process the information whilst you are asleep, and come up with an answer.


Developing Intuition

All of us have experienced at some time a hunch, an inner sense, a flash of knowledge or inner knowing. This is intuition. It can be triggered by your natural senses, some of which may have developed more than others.

These senses can detect minute changes in air pressure, aromas which are so diluted as to be almost non-existent, tiny changes in light etc. As a result, your hunch can be initiated by your physical senses picking up on something in your surroundings, memories of a past experience, or maybe a fleeting expression that crosses the face of a stranger that you have just met.

You may decide that you don’t like some-one, or that they are lying to you, by unconsciously picking up on something which is showing their true nature. Paying attention to this quick insight, developing and honing this gift, can serve you in many situations in the future.

Intuition is also spiritual. Your inner essence, your immortal soul, is sensitive to atmospheres which you may not detect physically. Other people’s spirits can be sensed by your spirit, connecting to the real nature of the person, not the outer veneer which they project. This information can be felt in the form of a deep internal perception, or inner knowing, or ideas which come into your mind independently.

The information may be in the form of symbols or images, it may be straight forward, such as an inner voice that says to you don’t go there or do that. You can even have dreams, in which revelations are made to you, which you find out are relevant to the situation you are presently involved in. You know that it is your intuition, instinct or sixth sense when you know things that intellectually you couldn’t know otherwise, especially fore knowledge.

The way to develop and use your natural intuitive ability is to begin with noticing the feelings and hunches that come to you throughout the day. Try them out in small ways and as you see the help that the intuitive messages give you, then begin to trust them for more important decisions or knowledge.

Ask yourself questions, which your sub-conscious mind will work on, and wait expectantly for an answer. If you are unsure ask for confirmation in the form of further questions. Be aware of your feelings and thoughts when you meet new people or are put in a new situation. Ask for direction and then note when you receive an inexplicable knowing that feels right to you.

Try keeping notes of the guidance you receive and see if a theme or general direction arises. In your journal make notes when you have followed your intuition and how the situation turned out. In these ways you will gain confidence and be able to use this useful gift.  Intuition is all about feelings. If you feel peaceful, go ahead, but if you feel doubts and unease it is the wrong choice.

Someone once said that, intuition is a truth that arrives in the mind unbidden.


Trusting Yourself

Too often you can look to other people to tell you how you should think and feel, because of lack of confidence. Why give your power away to others? Develop an inner trust by knowing that you are the author of your own life. You can decide to be happy, and outside circumstances only have power over your happiness if you allow them. You already are a complete and competent person, and you must learn to trust yourself. You already are capable of following your intuition and instincts, and choosing the rights paths for your future.

In order for you to take this truth to heart you need to remember that you have the power within you to choose your optimum life. Whatever has happened in the past is completely gone, and today is a new day. When you nurture yourself, love yourself and take care of your needs, you then have the strength and courage to trust your inner self.

When you have knowledge of who you are, when you know your strengths and weaknesses then you can trust your decisions. Take time to repeatedly observe your impact on others and adapt your interaction accordingly. Take time to know what is important to you, and build up your confidence in yourself.


Get Rid of Clutter

The law of vacuum states, that you cannot draw anything new into your life, unless you create a vacuum or space for it. A simple example would be, to clean out your wardrobe of all the clothes that are old or don’t fit and then a new wardrobe of clothes will be drawn to you.

A cluttered home or office will stop you from being creative and moving forward, make creativity difficult. Make a plan to clean up your environment. Tidy one room or even one drawer at a time until your home and workplace are completely organized. Then you will feel happier in your environment, and have room for creative flow, allowing good ideas to arrive easily.


Getting on top of Procrastination

Is procrastination one of your problems? Do you put off jobs when they seem just too big and impossible to complete, so that they fester and become more and more of a problem?

When a project looks overwhelming, break it down into smaller tasks, by writing one page per day, make five phone calls from your list each day, or start saving for your dream trip one day at a time. Divide your tasks into ten minute time blocks. Most people can work on something for ten minutes.

Prioritize! Do the important or unpleasant jobs before the ones that are more appealing. This will make you feel good about yourself and stop you being in a constant state of anxiety. Again, disagreeable jobs can often be broken down into smaller segments. If for instance you decide to clean up the garage you can work on that task for ten minutes a day, and before long it will be done, and you will feel proud of yourself. If the job is something unpleasant like writing a letter of complaint, then just do it and get it out of the way. You will be glad that you did.

Here are some pointers for you..

Prepare your plan of action.

The night before, make a to-do list, putting the important actions at the top of the list, rather than the urgent ones.

Make a plan for tasks you have to do.

Go out and buy the cleaning products or items you need to complete the task.

Just take some action that moves you in the right direction.

List out for yourself all the advantages of completing a task.

Think of ways that you can reward yourself for a task completed.

Each night resolve to accomplish two tasks the next day.  Imagine how good it will feel when those tasks are out of the way, not nagging at you all the time.  Ask yourself often during the day, “what is the best use of my time today?”  Above all, be courageous and make up your mind to tackle your most pressing problem or go after your best opportunity today.

Minimize your time on the phone to friends and family, and that applies to text messages and emails. On a normal day, you can be bombarded with all types of messages and information, and most of it irrelevant or negative. Just by cutting down the time you spend interacting with media in all its forms, you can double your amount of available time.


Unfinished Business

It is difficult for you to move forward when you have projects unfinished and jobs not completed which have been hanging around for a time. If you tend to lose interest in a project and quickly become bored and start looking for the next interesting thing to do, then this is for you. It is only when you complete projects that you gain the advantage and satisfaction of the finished work. There is no satisfaction in leaving bits and pieces of half-done jobs here and there.

Sometimes the cause of creating messes like this is the inability to say no to people or even no to yourself.  Learn to discipline yourself, and take stock of your current situation before you take on new responsibilities. Before you start a project make sure that you have the intention and the tools to complete it. Train yourself to plan the entire project through first, before you start, ensuring that you will be able to complete the work. If you have projects already part finished, before starting any new ones plan how you will complete the outstanding ones.

If necessary, make a realistic plan to complete it over a period of time, but write out the plan, with entries for each day, stick to it and mark off the actions or as they are completed. Even marking off successfully completed parts of the plan will give you an incentive to carry on to the end.  One project completed wipes out the majority of the frustration caused by many uncompleted ones.

There are lots of areas where you may have uncompleted tasks, even If only small ones. For example, have you balanced your cheque book lately? Is your car due for a service? Have you kept a promise given weeks ago?

Take time to consider the areas in your life that need some kind of completion. Not taking time to do this will leave you feeling unfulfilled, frustrated and drain your energy. Now you are watching less television you have the time to complete all the out-standing tasks and projects and release new energy to enjoy your life much more.


Acquiring Foreknowledge

Foreknowledge is a tenuous thing. Don’t expect to be able to predict the future, or know what numbers will come up in the lottery, but foreknowledge is a reality.  You sometimes receive fore-knowledge from the Universe, without realizing it. It can work with you to aid, guide and teach you. Not only can it give you knowledge of future events, but in some circumstances it will also give you knowledge of present and past events that would otherwise remain unknown, when they are important to you.  It can also save you when you are in a dangerous situation, giving you an insight into what is about to happen, allowing you to escape.

You access this knowledge through prayer and meditation, reflecting upon the areas that are troubling you. You can receive the information in several ways, the still, small voice that you hear in our mind and have an inner knowing that it is not your voice or thoughts that you hear, you may have a waking or sleeping vision, or it could come to you in a flash of thought at just the right time.  Be sensitive to this leading and revelation in whatever form it may take, and learn to refine it so that it comes to you more easily.


Lifting Up Your Emotions

The law of Attraction or Magnetism works by keeping your feelings and emotion at a high frequency. It’s not always easy to keep your thoughts uplifted as situations and circumstances in your day to day living can often cause you to go into a downward spiral of negative thoughts. It is essential to leave this state as soon as possible and raise those vibration patterns quickly.

When you start to go down into that negative spiral of worry say to yourself “Stop!” Take a deep breath and start to argue yourself out of it. For example, you may have a job interview to attend. You start to feel that your qualifications won’t stack up, the other applicants are bound to be more experienced than you, and that you haven’t anything to wear etc.

Turn these thoughts around by bolstering yourself up with new thoughts, such as, I am more than qualified for this job, and they will be lucky to have me. I always look good and well presented in my navy suit, and I can get a good haircut to finish off a competent look.

Find a better feeling thought and build upon that thought until you have reversed the negative spiral into an uplifting positive spiral.

One way of stopping stressful and unhelpful thoughts is to ask yourself if this is a situation where you may lose your life. If it is not, then it is not worth worrying about. This question will deal with the majority of your concerns.


Summing Up

These practical tools can start to transform your life, your finances, your relationships, and your health, by assisting to align your life with the flow of the Universe. They will enable you to start experiencing the joy, happiness and prosperity that is your birthright, and eliminate the energy you waste trying to fight against that flow.

Start today to learn the tools and begin to use them!

No one has looked back sadly on a life full of experiences, but many look back wishing they had had the courage to do more.

For resource materials please visit

Thank you for reading and may all your dreams come true.

Perfect Future – Attract Yours Now

Perfect Future – Attract Yours Now

Attract Your Perfec Future

Perfect Future – Attract Yours Now

Can you remember a time when you knew exactly what you wanted out of life?

Alternatively, are you struggling to discover exactly what your purpose could be?

You were born into this world for a particular purpose, and to be living the life predetermined for you, t hereby gaining maximum satisfaction and achievement.

You can only find complete happiness when you discover your true purpose, and work with the natural laws of the universe, following the path set in place for you.

This book shows you how to make good decisions, and correct choices as you move through life. It gives you strategies to discover and follow your passions, activating the Law of Attraction to draw to you the resources you need.

Visualize yourself living the life of your dreams, and making a difference in the world, then watch as your destiny unfolds.


Attract Your Perfect Future

by Christine Sherborne

You are not an accident. You are a completely unique, one-of-kind human being. There is no-one on this Earth exactly like you. There never has been and never will be.

You were born into this world for a purpose, and to gain maximum satisfaction in your life and achieve all that you can, you should discover what that purpose is and follow your destiny. You will only find complete happiness when you discover your true purpose, and work with the universe, following the path it has laid out for you.

It takes time to discover your true path, and you will make many false starts.  But you will know when you are on the correct path, because those are the times in your life when everything seems to fall into place.

During your lifetime, you are faced with many decisions and alternative choices, each of which lead to many more choices, the sum of which ultimately create your future. You will undoubtedly make some good decisions and some bad ones along the way. This book will help you to make the right choices for a successful future by helping you to discern your destiny.

Past Choices

Sometimes you may think that the choices you have made in the past have spoiled your life for good, but be assured that it is usually possible for the worst decision, action or situation to be turned around for your benefit.  By acting now, using your intuition, prayer and spiritual guidance, with determination, and the help of this book, you can change your future for the better.

If you shrink from making a decision or taking any sort of risk, you end up wavering and being tossed and blown by the winds of fortune, which very often turn out to be the winds of misfortune.

You were given a spirit that is naturally drawn towards life and making choices that bring good to your spirit and body.  Your intuition is a natural gift – use it to discern the way to go.  When making decisions, there are techniques you can use to help – sometimes it is just commonsense, or discussing the situation with someone else, and sometimes you can call on your intuition, discerning in your spirit the correct decision.

When you are on the right track, working with your destiny, you will find that doors open for you, assistance comes from places you couldn’t imagine, and you will feel peace in your spirit.   When you are tempted to go the wrong way, very often you will find that obstacles arise, and everything becomes difficult.

Tom Stoppard said: “Every exit is an entry somewhere.”

and Harry Emerson Fosdick  said: “He who chooses the beginning of a road chooses the place it leads to. It is the means that determines the end.”


Character Traits we should all develop

Whilst you need to find your own unique purpose, there are general universal objectives which everyone needs to aim for.  These are the traits you look for in someone else, which attracts you to them.   You need to be a loving person, accepting others as they are, unconditionally, but you also need to love yourself.  If you don’t love and respect yourself, it is very difficult to show love to others.   To love and be loved is imprinted in your spirit, and your spirit is yearning to have this desire fulfilled.

Learn to give and to receive with grace, to pursue knowledge and wisdom in all that you can. Learn to focus on the present and revel in the moment, and to experience a life that is exciting and joyous, being all that you can, being true to yourself.


Evaluating Where You Are

Before making major changes, evaluate where your life stands at this moment. Ask yourself, what is working for you and what isn’t? Work out a plan to change the things that are not working for you and increase the time you spend on the things that are working for you.

Think about new experiences that you may want to try. Move out of your comfort zone, and include things which you might have dismissed in the past as too frightening.  Write out a list of anything that you might be remotely interested in trying, then decide to try each one in turn.

What other changes have you been thinking of? Think of each area of your life, such as relationships, spirituality, work, leisure, health and education. What is working and what is not working in these areas? What would you like to try that is different to what you are presently doing? Remember, the saying, that if you do what you have always done, you always get what you have always got. Nothing changes unless you change what you are doing.

Life is an exciting journey, and you only get one chance at it – this isn’t a dress rehearsal!  Remember, if it’s to be, it’s up to me.

Robin Williams said; “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”


Deciding what you really want

The law of attraction is all about feelings.  What you focus on with strong emotion is attracted to you.  But the question is, what do you really want?

“Lots of money would be nice” you may say.  But is that what you really want?  Could it be that what you really want is the security and freedom that being wealthy would bring?

Therefore what you really want is to feel secure and free to live your life as you please.  Having money as such, may not necessarily enable you to experience these emotions.

It’s somewhat of a paradox, that you need to start feeling secure and free in order to attract the means to experience security and freedom, because the negative emotions generated when you don’t feel secure, will drag you deeper into insecurity.


When you are able through your thoughts to focus on the feelings of security and freedom now, then the means will come to you.  The positive emotions generated by your thoughts will then help you start to make decisions and choices that move you in the direction of security and freedom.  At the same time as you move towards that state, the universe is bringing into line the means to achieve that state in your life.  You are working with the universe instead of against it.

In the same way you may think you want a wonderful relationship, and are looking for the perfect partner.  But what you may really want, is the feeling of being loved and cared for.  Again, you have to be happy with yourself, before you can give love to others.  If you are trying to find someone to share your life out of your need and lack, you do in fact drive away any potential partners.

So, to decide what you really want out of life, look first at the feelings you want to experience, asking yourself these questions:

What feelings would you experience if you were wealthy?

What feelings would you experience with the perfect partner?

What feelings would you experience if you were in the perfect job?

What feelings would you experience if you lived in the perfect house?

When you discover the true basis for your desires, then you can begin to learn to control your feelings, concentrating on the emotions you would enjoy in the perfect situation.  The emotions you experience will start to attract the right circumstances to enable you to make them a reality.


Ways to Discover Your Passion

Imagine that there were no obstacles to anything you wanted to do.  Money is no object, people accept whatever you want, and circumstances change to facilitate whatever you want to do. Imagine that you have all the resources that you could possibly need, there are no negative consequences, and you cannot fail. If this was the case, what would you really most like to do?

Think about things you do now which you enjoy. This could be some aspect of your work, volunteering for some needy cause, hobbies, pastimes, people you really enjoy spending time with, whatever. Would you like to expand on any of these, full time? If so, then that could be a starting point for you.

If you can think of nothing you particularly enjoy in your present situation then you must look for ways to expand your horizons. Try out new activities, read a variety of books. Take time to read the autobiographies of famous successful people to get an idea of their lives, and what they enjoyed. Be inspired.

Make a list of your natural talents and abilities. Make a list of your character traits. Do you enjoy humor, are you artistic, are you a good organizer? You might love music or dancing for instance. Move towards a life style that fits in with your natural aptitudes and you will begin to feel comfortable, that you are going in the right direction.

Really get into your feelings. What makes you excited and happy? Think back to times you really felt motivated and energized – After all isn’t that what you want – a purpose that you love? How can you recreate that feeling?

Harry Palmer said: “Following another’s path leads to who they are, not to who you are.”


Discovering your passion from your childhood

If you are not sure what your goals and dreams are, a good place to start is to think back to your childhood and the activities that you really enjoyed. It may not be the actual activity, but the emotion or skill that you enjoyed.

A simple example would be coloring and drawing. If the skill that you most liked was being creative with the use of colors, this may indicate to you that you would like to pursue a career in interior design or graphic art.

If you were always hammering nails into wood, or making models, this may indicate a desire to work with your hands, in engineering or carpentry. If you enjoyed traveling you may like to consider a career in the travel industry.

Take time to sit and dream about the future, imagining that you could do anything, and see where your mind takes you. Put the question to your subconscious mind before you go to sleep, and allow it to bring to the surface the answer.

Albert Camus said; “In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer.”

Ernest Holmes said “Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.”


Moving in the Direction of your Passion

No-one wants to spend their lives working or living in situations in which they are unhappy or unfulfilled.   You need to find your passion, your predetermined destiny. This passion could be in any area of your life.

Realistically you will have to do some things that you dislike, in order to operate in the world. For instance, you have to do your tax returns and pay your bills. Nevertheless, it is important that your overall life is in harmony with your passions, to give you a reason for living.

It may be that your passion is raising a phenomenal family, or you may have a calling to help underprivileged children. It could be working in a profession that is really fulfilling. Sometimes that passion is obvious and sometimes you have to seek it.

You may already know what you are passionate about but finding it difficult to develop that area of your life.  If this is the case you will need determination and persistence to gradually move in the right direction.

If you have no idea what your passion is, then try new things with enthusiasm and eagerness.  Go out of your way to try new experiences, new hobbies and be interested in everything around you.  Don’t be fixed in your expectations, but go out of your way to try as many new things as possible.  Deliberately move out of your comfort zone, push the boundaries, and monitor your feelings. Eventually you will find something that really moves you, something you can develop a passion for, something which will give you a joyful life.


The Rocking Chair Test

Imagine that you are eighty years old and sitting in a rocking chair, slowly rocking to and fro.

You begin to reminisce and look back on your life – what do you see?  Do you see a full life, well lived, with good lasting relationships, a life that made a difference in the world, or just a mediocre life without any major achievements, passionate relationships or highlights?

What did you contribute to society?

Will anyone miss you when you have gone?

If the answers to these questions are less than satisfactory, then now is the time to start to make changes.    You have the opportunity to change your future, but the time to start this is now.

Imagine a little while longer and allow your mind to think about what you would like to have achieved by the end of your life.  What would you like people to say about you?   Think carefully about each aspect of your life – personal, spiritual, relationships, work etc. – think about what an ideal life would look like, then begin each day to work on each area and build up step by step a plan for the life you can be proud of.


Planning Your Course

Your life is a journey, not a destination.  Every day you change the direction of your life by the decisions you make.  Each thought you think, each action you take, moves you in a certain direction, and that direction can be towards a specific goal or just randomly into the maze of life.  It is your choice to be randomly blown hither and thither at the whim of others, or to create the life you want by taking control.

You need to know where you want to go, before you can take any sort of control.  If you have not made goals, thought about your future and planned out a course, it is impossible to know which direction to go in.  To control your future you must know where you want to go, then consciously control your thoughts, speech and actions to lead you in the right direction.  When you make a conscious decision to do something, then you control the creation of your life direction.  When you don’t, you allow circumstance and other people to become the creators of your life.

Becoming a conscious creator means taking action and not waiting for life to unfold for you.  Become pro-active rather than re-active.   If you are constantly reacting to situations without conscious thought, you will be constantly ‘fire-fighting’, trying to extricate yourself from problems you could have avoided.

To choose your future, you need to choose to be fearless to try new situations and all sorts of new activities.  You become the owner, the leader and creator of your own destiny.  The more confident you become as you take control of your life, the more successful and happy you will be.


Direction with Purpose

When you are searching for direction in your life remember to consider your purpose. Why are you here? Is there a something to accomplish that only you can do?

It is not easy for most people to discover their life purpose. Some of the luckier ones have a clear vision, and find a calling in their work, achieve fame through music or art, or satisfy their inner guidance by living a life of sacrifice for others.

One couple to consider are Reginald and Catherine Hamlin. They gave up the luxury of comfortable living in their home country of Australia to go to Ethiopia to help young mothers who are left with a debilitating injury called a fistula after giving birth at a young age.   This injury causes them to be ostracized by their families, and forced to live in isolation from their community.

Reginald and Catherine set up and work in a hospital that is dedicated to repairing the injuries of these young girls, enabling them to return to their husbands and villages and live a normal life.

Another person who comes to mind is Fred Hollows, who worked selflessly among the blind in Africa and Asia.    He developed revolutionary technology for producing artificial lenses cheaply, giving the gift of sight to thousands.

For the majority of us our purpose is probably not as self sacrificing and noble as these, but could none the less be important.   You could be the most important person in a child’s life, or you could be a link in a chain of events that produces something great in the future.

Don’t be dismayed if it seems that your purpose is not immediately obvious, or if that purpose seems trivial compared with some of the famous, because you are unique, and your purpose can only be achieved by you!  Consider the following:

Purpose & Impact

It is possible that you have already fulfilled your purpose on Earth, and you may never realize it. As the following story illustrates, a poor Scottish farmer fulfilled his life purpose, which had a huge impact on millions of lives, but he didn’t realize that he had achieved his main purpose in life.

A poor farmer in Scotland was busy tending his sheep on his small croft when he heard a cry for help. He realized that it was coming from a nearby bog, which was notoriously dangerous. Running in the direction of the sound he came upon a young lad who was struggling up to his waist in the black mud. The farmer pulled him out, saving him from an almost certain horrible suffocating death.

Hoeing his garden the next day Farmer Fleming was surprised when a fine carriage pulled up outside his croft. He leaned on his hoe and watched as a nobleman stepped down from the carriage. The man walked over to him and introduced himself as the father of the boy he had pulled from the bog the day before.

“You saved my son’s life, and I want to repay you in any way I can”

“I couldn’t possibly accept any payment for what I did” the farmer replied.

As they were speaking the farmer’s son emerged from inside the croft. “Is that your son?” asked the nobleman. “Yes” replied the farmer throwing his arm around the boy’s shoulder proudly.

“If you won’t take any payment for saving my son’s life then let me take your son and give him a good education”

The farmer couldn’t let his son miss out on such a great opportunity and agreed to let the man take the boy.

Farmer Fleming’s son was a very bright boy and a quick learner. Many years later he graduated from medical school in London. Eventually, he discovered penicillin and became known the world over as Sir Alexander Fleming.

Decades later the boy that had been saved from the bog that day by Farmer Fleming contracted pneumonia.  He was saved a second time from death by the drug that has saved millions since, penicillin.

That boy was Sir Winston Churchill, who as Prime Minister of England led the country to victory in World War II.

This one quick action by the farmer resulted in saving and continuing to save, millions of lives.  Maybe that farmer didn’t live to see the results of his actions that day and never knew what his purpose was in his life, but he fulfilled it none the less.


Guidelines when Making Decisions

You are creating your life every moment of every day by the constant choices and decisions that you make. Every choice changes the course of your life in incremental steps.

Some decisions are small and some are life-changing, but the more often you can make the right choice the better your life will become. Remember, you are the sum total today of every decision you have ever made. If you want your life to improve, then you must ensure that your percentage of right decisions is higher than the wrong ones.

In order to improve your decision making, please consider the following guidelines. Firstly, consider whether the decision is yours to make or someone else. You only need to be concerned with the decisions which are yours to make.

Try to give yourself the time and the information you need to make an informed decision. If the decision is reversible you can make it in a shorter time, but if it is one that you can’t change then you must allow yourself enough time to choose correctly. Don’t be rushed.

Choose with integrity, that is choosing the decision that is morally right and not what someone else believes is right.  I talk more about this later on.

Work through your decision on paper.  Write a list of pros and cons and what the possible outcomes may be.  Then sleep on it if possible, before making a choice.

Be aware of other people who may be affected by your decision.  How will it affect them?

Look for the smallest action you can take to move in the direction of the decision so that you can correct your course if necessary.

Think how you will implement the decision.  What steps need to be taken?

Once you have decided, stick with it and don’t worry about it.

Robert F. Kennedy said: “Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.”


Changing Automatic Responses

Studies show that for more than eighty five per cent of our time, we are on auto pilot.  We respond automatically, and that response is learned from our experiences, such that eventually our subconscious brain responds without us being aware of it.

Most of the day passes in automatic actions. You drive to work and arrive, without any conscious thought of the trip. The whole time you have probably been thinking about your day, or what happened on a date the previous evening. This is the way most people go through their day, on automatic pilot. Try to be aware of the now, by being alert, so that you can choose the path which will create your life as you want it to be.

When you make a decision on ‘auto pilot’, you are not really thinking about the choices – you are only reacting as you have in the past, without considering the present circumstances and experience you have gained.  Think of times in the past when you have made a bad choice, and probably still regret it today.  If you are honest with yourself, those times are often caused by faulty decision making, probably through not thinking clearly and impartially.


Making a decision impulsively, without thought, is to be reacting primitively, choosing from your conditioning and past experience, without really considering the situation.  Thus you always get what you always have in the past.  Your mind becomes programmed to think that is the way it will always be.

The danger is that if you don’t sometimes question these responses, you move through your day doing, saying and reacting in the same old way that you have done for years. This is part of the learning process, but sometimes it doesn’t serve you well.  You occasionally need to take a step back and observe yourself from a distance, and evaluate your responses.

Take Charge

It is possible to change the course of your life.  You need to take charge of your thoughts and decide what you want the outcome to be, then work at thinking about the best outcome, concentrating on it with emotion, and you will draw it to you.

To overcome your habitual reactions you can use several techniques.  Seek knowledge from reading relevant articles, or discuss the situation with informed people.  This will widen your perceptions and give you a greater choice.  When you talk to other people be as objective as possible, leaving your emotions out of it.  Just give them the facts so that they in turn can be more objective.

Be alert. That is, make an effort to be consciously aware of what you say and do, at every minute in the day. Living in the moment not only enables you to experience and enjoy life more fully but also gives you the opportunity to consciously think about and question why you feel and act the way you do.

When you are asked your opinion on some subject, pause and really think about your answer. Nine times out of ten you have your answer straight away from your automatic pilot, without really thinking.   However, if you take the time to actually listen to the question and think about all aspects of the subject, you may find your habitual thinking has changed, and you have developed a new view point, thus creating a new pathway in your brain.


Challenge your own thinking. Be your own lawyer, but argue both sides of the question. You may have always thought, for instance, that the government does too little for the homeless, or you may feel that the homeless should help themselves and get a job. This is just an example where you may have one point of view, but if you argue the other side to yourself your point of view may change. When you are thinking for yourself and not just sticking with a biased auto response, you have become an educated thinker.

Human nature is to avoid change and remain more comfortable by following the familiar path, one which doesn’t challenge you too much.  If the right decision involves big changes then you need to be open to consider them, open to new ideas and solutions.

You may be reluctant to make a decision because you have already invested time and money in getting to your present situation.  Be willing to admit past mistakes and learn from them. Be honest and consider the choices impartially, and it could be that rather than pouring good money after bad, your best choice could be to start again at the beginning, working in a completely different direction, a direction decided by you.

Try to take past actions out of the equation, and consider new and different ways in which to move, ways which bring you in line with your values and future desires.

J. Slim said; “When you cannot make up your mind which of two evenly balanced courses of action you should take – choose the bolder.”


The Benefits of Living in the Moment

To live mindfully is to be aware of the present moment, to have your focus on the now and not on the future or the past. This does take practice, especially if you are a dreamer or a worrier. Make up some cards to remind you to live mindfully and place them where you will see them often throughout your day.

Each time you are reminded, put yourself in the moment. How are you feeling? What are you doing? Focus your whole being on the task in hand.

The benefits of living mindfully are that you have a greater appreciation of your life – you are more self aware and more in control. The more you can live this way, the more peaceful and serene you will become.

This in turn helps your health to improve, both physically and mentally. You will find that you are more able to accept and deal with life’s challenges. Your creativity and inspiration will improve, and you will find that you can concentrate more easily, becoming more effective in living each day well.

Corita Kent said: “Love the moment. Flowers grow out of dark moments. Therefore, each moment is vital. It affects the whole. Life is a succession of such moments and to live each, is to succeed”.


Making Each Day Count

If you were told today that you had less than two months to live, what would you do?  Would you change what you are doing at present? How would you treat your family and friends? Are there things to say and clear up with them that you have been putting off? Have you told anybody lately that you love them? Are there places to visit that you have always wanted to see?

You can only live today fully by being aware that your time on this earth is finite. You really don’t know if you have a week, a month or sixty years. The only certainty is that one day your time here will be finished.

Do you wake up every morning and think “what a great day, I’m really excited about today?”  Make the most of each day, and each moment of each day.  Every morning, there are many people who just don’t have a future beyond today.

Never have regrets – were you grumpy with your spouse or children before you left the house today?  Did you tell them to shut up so you could listen to yet another hour of television?  Think about these questions and begin to live mindfully and change your habitual negative reactions.  Treat everyone as if you may not see them again, because someday that will be true.


Attitude is Everything

By Francie Baltazar-Schwartz


Jerry was the kind of guy you love to hate. He was always in a good mood and always had something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, “If I were any better, I would be twins!”

He was a unique manager because he had several waiters who had followed him around from restaurant to restaurant. The reason the waiters followed Jerry was because of his attitude. He was a natural motivator. If an employee was having a bad day, Jerry was there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation.

Seeing this style really made me curious, so one day I went up to Jerry and asked him, “I don’t get it! You can’t be a positive person all of the time. How do you do it?”

Jerry replied, “Each morning I wake up and say to myself, ‘Jerry, you have two choices today. You can choose to be in a good mood or you can choose to be in a bad mood.’ I choose to be in a good mood. Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or I can choose to learn from it. I choose to learn from it. Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can choose to accept their complaining or I can point out the positive side of life. I choose the positive side of life.”

“Yeah, right, it’s not that easy,” I protested.

“Yes, it is,” Jerry said. “Life is all about choices. When you cut way all the junk, every situation is a choice. You choose how you react to situations. You choose how people will affect your mood. You choose to be in a good mood or bad mood. The bottom line: It’s your choice how you live life.”

I reflected on what Jerry said. Soon thereafter, I left the restaurant industry to start my own business. We lost touch, but I often thought about him when I made a choice about life instead of reacting to it.

Several years later, I heard that Jerry did something you are never supposed to do in a restaurant business: he left the back door open one morning and was held up at gunpoint by three armed robbers. While trying to open the safe, his hand, shaking from nervousness, slipped off the combination. The robbers panicked and shot him. Luckily, Jerry was found relatively quickly and rushed to the local trauma center.

After 18 hours of surgery and weeks of intensive care, Jerry was released from the hospital with fragments of the bullets still in his body.

I saw Jerry about six months after the accident. When I asked him how he was, he replied, “If I were any better, I’d be twins. Wanna see my scars?”

I declined to see his wounds, but did ask him what had gone through his mind as the robbery took place. “The first thing that went through my mind was that I should have locked the back door,” Jerry replied. “Then, as I lay on the floor, I remembered that I had two choices: I could choose to live, or I could choose to die. I chose to live.”

“Weren’t you scared? Did you lose consciousness?” I asked.

Jerry continued, “The paramedics were great. They kept telling me I was going to be fine. But when they wheeled me into the emergency room and I saw the expressions on the faces of the doctors and nurses, I got really scared. In their eyes, I read, ‘He’s a dead man.’

“I knew I needed to take action.”

“What did you do?” I asked.

“Well, there was a big, burly nurse shouting questions at me,” said Jerry. “She asked if I was allergic to anything. ‘Yes,’ I replied. The doctors and nurses stopped working as they waited for my reply. I took a deep breathe and yelled, ‘Bullets!’ Over their laughter, I told them. ‘I am choosing to live. Operate on me as if I am alive, not dead.”

Jerry lived thanks to the skill of his doctors, but also because of his amazing attitude. I learned from him that every day we have the choice to live fully. Attitude, after all, is everything.


The following wonderful thoughts come from Brother Jeremiah’s “I’d Pick more Daisies”,:

If I Could Live My Life Again

If I could live my life again, I’d laugh at my misfortunes more and other people’s predicaments less. Spend more time counting my blessings, less time scrutinizing my blemishes.

I’d spend more time playing with my children and grandchildren, less time watching professional athletes perform. More time enjoying what I have, less time thinking about the things I don’t have.

If I could live my life again, I’d walk in the rain more without an umbrella and listen less to weather reports. I’d spend much more time outdoors in small towns and much less time in tall buildings and big cities. I’d eat more of everything healthy and delicious, less of everything each meal, saving enough on the bill to feed a starving child.

If I could live my life again, I’d get more beach sand between my toes and less friction between myself and others. I’d take more long baths and fewer showers (I can’t explain why I’ve always been in such a hurry to spend my time). I’d spend more time with old people and animals, less time with strangers at clubs and parties.

I’d act the age of my children and grandchildren more and act my own age less. I’d visit libraries, bookstores, and computer networks more and malls and movie theaters less. I’d play the piano more and play fewer mindless games like solitaire. I’d give my spouse and children more tender touches and much less advice.

If I could live my life again, I’d spend more time fully involved in the present moment, less time remembering and anticipating. I’d be more aware of my core values and life mission, and less concerned with the reasons why I might not measure up.

I’d smile more, frown less. I’d express my feelings more, try less to impress my friends and neighbors. I’d forgive and ask forgiveness more, and curse my adversaries less – but most of all I’d be more spontaneous and active, less hesitant and subdued.

When a great idea or spur-of-the-moment adventure popped up – an Easter egg hunt, an open house at school, a game of hide-and-seek, an opportunity to solve a problem at work or to satisfy a disgruntled customer, a hay ride, a chance to build a snowman or paint over graffiti, an invitation to watch a lunar eclipse or a shuttle launch. I’d be less likely to stay in my chair objecting, “It’s not in our plan” and more inclined to jump up and say, “Yes, let’s”.


Sydney Harris said; When I hear somebody sigh, “Life is hard,” I am always tempted to ask, “Compared to what?”


Emotional Decision Making

When you have a difficult decision to make you may feel very emotional about it. It may make you anxious, confused, depressed, stressful or excited.

You may feel pressured by other people and this in turn can cause you to have physical symptoms such as headaches or nausea. They may make you feel frustrated and annoyed when they can’t see your point of view, or when trying to inflict their own views on you.

Often when there is a difficult decision to make, you find you can’t sleep well, so that during the day you are unable to concentrate.  If you can, delay the decision until you feel competent to make it.

Try not to make decisions whilst in an emotional state, as you can be steered along the wrong track.  Deal with the emotions first, get them under control as much as possible before finalizing your decision. If possible, put off the decision until you have had time to think about it logically and without the emotions getting in the way.

To help yourself into a more calm and logical frame of mind, distract yourself by taking a walk, sleeping on it, or have a long hot soak in the tub.

Remember that the Law of Attraction says that we draw to our selves that which we emotionally focus on.  Trying to make a choice while you are in a high negative emotional state can cause you to become impulsive or can prevent you being able to make a decision at all.

Talk to Other People

Talking to others can help you verbalize your choices, which will clarify them a little more in your mind. Choose someone to advise you who is not involved themselves, and ensure they haven’t got a hidden agenda of their own.

Remember, with every decision you should think about your life values and whether the choice will reflect them. Decide if the answer will move you towards or away from your goals? Are there other alternatives that you haven’t yet considered? Asking the right questions can often reveal the right answer. As Paul Samuelson says “Good questions outrank easy answers.”
Mark Twain said: “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”


Write down the Problem

Put everything down on paper. This will help you to organize your thoughts and often the solution will jump right off the page.

Just writing it down is often enough to bring light to the right answer, or action you should take.  As you choose words that describe the problem fully, you will be analyzing the situation in your mind. Simply thinking about the problem and how you can describe it, clarifies it for you, so that you understand it better.

When you have it concisely on paper, write down all the possible answers you can think of.  The process will evolve as you write, bringing new ideas to mind.


Your Mental Movie Studio

This is a way of using your imagination to make great decisions, by living them through in your mind first.

Sit in a comfortable chair and relax your muscles, one by one. Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in a cinema. In front of you is a large screen, and you are the star of the movie.

Start by seeing yourself as you are in your present situation on the big screen. Mentally create the setting which is most appropriate, and then bring in all the people involved. Play out the scenario of how you may act and how others could possibly react in your present circumstances.

Then imagine changing to one of the choices you could make. Strongly imagine yourself in this situation, and again think how others would react.  You can repeat this several times, changing the scenario as appropriate, utilizing whatever alternative actions and reactions may occur to you as you play through the movie in your mind. This will give you more information on which to make a decision.

For instance, you may have to decide on whether to have your mother in Law move in with you. Imagine her living in your home, and go through what you think a typical day would be like. Then imagine her moving into a village for the aged and again imagine what her typical day would be like. In both instances try out alternative realities as you go.

Now look at the situation from a completely different perspective. Imagine that maybe you have got the circumstances all wrong, for instance the people involved may not be thinking along the lines that you think they are, or the imagined conditions may never happen.      Imagining the opposite can often give you valuable insights that would otherwise elude you.

You can play the movie through several times, with the aim that you refine the situation until the end of the movie is you seeing the ideal outcome for your problem, on the screen.  You note the solution, and with that successful outcome in your mind slowly see the credits go up and you gradually come to a fully awakened state. Sit quietly for a few more minutes and think about what you have learned from your visualization movie experience, and write down the solution.


The Imaginary Mentor Method

This tool helps you by imagining you being advised by some of the world’s wisest people.

Sit in your most comfortable easy chair in a restful sitting room.  Now imagine that opposite you is another person who is also sitting comfortably.  This person could be someone you respect as a role model, someone who is famous in the field of the problem you are wrestling with, or if you don’t know anyone in that field, someone who is renowned for their wisdom, such as Dr Phil, Nelson Mandela, or another well known figure.

Talk to this other person and describe your problem or dilemma as fully as you can.  Just thinking through the problem in order to verbalize it will help to crystallize the situation in your mind, and then you can ask them what they would advise.  What would they say, how would they solve your problem?  Listen carefully, get involved mentally in the conversation, and you may be surprised at the advice you receive.

Another method is to imagine yourself in the boardroom of a large company.  Sitting around the board table are six to eight people.  These could be people you know who seem to have made wise choices for themselves, they could be well-known business people, or they could be famous people that you respect, such as Donald Trump, Henry Ford, or Bill Gates for instance.  If you use this scenario, mentally go around the table and imagine what advice each person would be likely to give you if they were in your situation.

Again, as you advise them of your circumstances, your own subconscious mind will be working on the problem, and helping you to come up with suggestions from your board of advisers.

Creating Distance

Sometimes you are just too close to the situation or the people and can’t see the wood for the trees.  This is a poor position to make wise decisions from, and you need to create some distance.  If you can take a short holiday or even go on a long solitary walk it gives you the space to allow new ideas to come to you.

The Tropical Island

f you can’t actually create the distance physically, you can use this visualization method, to create a mental remoteness.   Your imagination is very powerful, and if you can imagine yourself away from your normal life on holiday, you can sometimes get the same results as you would from a physical break.

Relax, letting go of the fear, and imagine yourself on a tropical island.  Allow the image to form in your mind, creating the perfect setting.   Firstly, imagine what the island will look like – white sand, beautiful blue sea lapping on the shore, graceful palm trees fringing the beach.  Then put yourself fully into the picture, lying on the warm sand with the blue sky above, and the soothing rhythm of the waves lapping on the shore.  Lazily watch the small puffs of white clouds float slowly across the sky, look to the horizon, and the blue sea spreads out before you as far as you can see.  Relax and empty your mind of the problems and choices that you are struggling with.

When you have relaxed completely and let go of the fear, pray quietly for wisdom.  Then start to think of the situation in a detached way, as if it is some one else’s problem.  Letting go of the fear in this way, and distancing yourself from the problem will enable you to think more clearly and dispassionately.  As you continue to relax it allows your subconscious to bring into your mind solutions that will work, which you can test by the mental movie tool, enabling you to arrive at the best decision.


Decision Making by the Pro and Con Method

This is a simple method of making two lists, thinking of all the pros and cons you can, listing them in column A for positives, and B for negatives.  Think carefully to come up with as many positives and negatives as you can.

This can be carried out over a period of time, so that your sub-conscious can work on the problem.  Keep the list handy, so that as you think of new points, you can add them in the appropriate column.   When you are confident you have as many points as possible, compare the number of pros or cons in each list.  The list with the greatest number of points gives you an indication as to the decision you should make.   However, just straight pros and cons may not be sufficient, as some points are more valuable than others.

Then you can use the weighting system, to add value to each item in the list.   Give each point a rating from one to ten depending on how important you think it is.  Then add up the score in each of the two columns, and you can usually see clearly the best course of action.

Using this method, even though you may have more points against the decision, with the weighting system, the decision may still go the other way.


Tossing a Coin

When you are not sure which way to jump when making a straightforward decision, you can simply toss a coin.  This may seem a trivial method of making decisions, but the philosophy behind it is that in your heart, you know what you want, and before the coin lands you will already know which side of the coin you hope will it will land.  It doesn’t matter how the coin lands, it simply is the process that brings to the fore your real desire.


Making A Wise Decision Every-time

Who you are today is built from the sum of every decision and choice you have ever made. Therefore, it is essential to take the time to make right choices now, and not be tossed by the winds of circumstance and change. Even if you have made unwise decisions in the past for which you are now paying, it’s not too late to stop and begin to create a better life for yourself. Think carefully, following the following guide lines to make good choices now.

It often takes courage to make a wise decision, and it’s important not to make a choice out of fear. To start the process, ask yourself a lot of questions, to ensure that you have as much information as you can on which to base your decision.

Questions such as:

Is it an easy or a complex decision?

If I did nothing at this time would there be any dire consequences?

Is there a real problem or an imagined one?

Have I collected all available data?

Have other people faced the same decision and what did they do about it?

Have you asked your sub-conscious mind to give you insight or an answer?

How great would the consequences be if I decided this way?

Can I live with this choice or that choice?

Would the decision I’m thinking of making hurt other people?

Am I over-reacting to the facts?

Are there any time restraints which need to be taken into account?

Is the problem involved with finances or connected with people?

Simple decisions should be made quickly and easily.  If there are no long term detrimental consequences to your decision, such as which film to see, then it really doesn’t matter what the decision is.  But for significant choices, it is important to commence the decision process with as much information as possible.


Delay making a Decision

If you feel that you haven’t yet got all the information you need, if you can, delay making your decision until you believe you have as much as there is available.

Delaying making a decision can sometimes be the best thing to do if it doesn’t affect the outcome because of bad timing.  Often time has a way of resolving the problem anyway, so don’t be in too much of a hurry, and don’t allow others to push you into a decision before you need to. Wait as long as possible, but don’t become a procrastinator, using that as an excuse not to make a decision at all.


Using your Intuition

Problem solving is one of the best situations in which to utilize your intuitive powers.  Always keep a pad and pen by the side of your bed as first thing in the morning as you awaken you will receive your best intuitive thoughts.  Remember to ask your sub conscious mind to give you the solution as you fall asleep at night and then expect an answer to be forthcoming.

Use your gut feeling when checking out possible solutions or when taking advice from friends or professionals.  What is that inner voice trying to say to you?  Does what this person is saying ring true to you or do you get an uncomfortable feeling that all is not quite right?  Don’t ignore your gut feelings.


Always choose Integrity

If you find yourself in doubt, always make the choice of integrity. The dishonest or devious choice will always backfire on you, but all that is good and decent will move you in the right direction. Choosing against your own values is a recipe for disaster and one that you want to avoid at all costs.

Ask yourself questions such as: “will this action hurt me or anybody else?”; “Will the direction I am moving in create a win-win situation with my fellow man?”; “If the direction my life is taking was reported in the newspaper, would I be proud of it?” “Would my mother approve if she heard about it?”

Anything that you would not like to be public knowledge should always be avoided, but act and make your choices as if it was, so that you are honest with yourself.

Washington Irving said; “An inexhaustible good nature is one of the most precious gifts of heaven, spreading itself like oil over the troubled sea of thought, and keeping the mind smooth and equable in the roughest weather.”


Paying the Price

Someone once said, “Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.” There is always a price to be paid for success or change, and it is the person willing to pay that price that succeeds.

Whatever situation you are in, you are paying the price right there. Staying in a boring job means that you pay the price of monotony. Staying in a love-less relationship means that you are paying the price of loss of intimacy. Therefore, it makes sense to decide to pay a new price to better the situation.

For example, when you leave a boring job it means that you have to pay the price of insecurity, searching for new work, perhaps moving to a different district, having to make new friends. When you decide to leave a love-less relationship it means that you have to pay the price of upset, maybe being alone for a time, and again perhaps a change in friends.  You have to decide whether the price is worth it.

If you are undecided, weigh the price you are presently paying and the price you will pay to change, then look forward and estimate the advantages or disadvantages in the future.  This will soon show you if it is beneficial to make that change or not. If the price seems too high, then think of other directions you could move in, and calculate the advantages or disadvantages of those changes.

Remember, when looking at the future, it may be that in your new direction there may be benefits which are not immediately evident, such as opportunities which come your way because you are in the right place at the right time.

The longer you procrastinate, the deeper you sink into the rut your life has become.   The longer you stay there the harder it is to escape it and change your life.  Resolve to move on and achieve your goals by paying the price that you need, to succeed and begin to reap the benefits.

Bernard Le Bovier De Fontenelle said; “The world knows well that whoever takes one step will take more; it is important, then, to take the first step well.”


Know when to Quit

Know when it’s time to call it quits. If you have made a bad decision then don’t hang in there, pull out, cut your losses and move on with your life. There is a time for holding on, as sometimes we quit just before a break through is coming, but when you can clearly see the situation is hopeless, don’t waste more time and energy on a lost cause. Quitting at this stage will leave you with resources to begin again in a new direction.


Instant Reaction

When unexpected events or changes occur in your life always respond with purpose, and don’t over-react.  Always give yourself time before you answer or make a decision, and control your emotional responses by not reacting immediately.  Stop, take control, think and then decide your response.

Even a few moments taken to think about your response can save you heartache and grief.  It may even be that the best response is no response, that is, to walk away.

Take stock of your options and choose the best one.  Ask for more time to review your options if needed.

Walt Disney’s famous words of wisdom

Walt Disney used these four steps to motivate his staff:

  • Think
  • Believe
  • Dream
  • Dare

 Think    – What would you really like to do?

Believe – Believe that you can do it.

Dream – Dream of your desire being a reality.

Dare     – Dare to step out and achieve your dream.

Using these questions as guidance, we can really think outside the square, as Walt Disney did, to succeed against all odds. If you really answer the questions honestly, you may be surprised by your hidden desires.


Think Long Term

Beware of instant gratification – it usually leads to long-term loss. Instead look at the future, and try to take decisions which will benefit you long term while not being detrimental to the present. Try to think one month, six months or one to five years out, and think about the effects of today’s decisions on your situation at that time in the future.

Always take time to consider decisions – choices made on the spur of the moment can have a sting in the tail which you didn’t see at the time. Taking time will always allow you to consider the future effects of any important decision.

Salespeople often use the tactic of “you must buy today to receive this offer”, knowing that psychologically we don’t want to miss out, and may take a risk just so we don’t lose the benefits on offer. In most cases, the offer is still there tomorrow, and taking the time to think about it will allow us to consider it much more sensibly, a situation the salesperson does not want!

William James said; “When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that in itself is a choice.”



Sometimes decisions you make could affect friends or family, or could have a detrimental effect on your finances or those close to you.

Try asking yourself questions such as:

“What effect will this decision have on my present and future relationships?”

“How will this decision affect others in my world?”

“What will other people’s reactions be to this decision?”

“What factors do I need to consider before committing to this course of action that may affect my children, spouse or co-worker?”

By asking these questions before you act, you can avoid possible negative reactions from others whom you hadn’t considered.

Again think long term, of how your decisions will affect those around you.


Job Direction

Doing what you love will always bring you the greatest success. You only have one life, and it is too short to waste half of your waking time or more at a job that you don’t enjoy.  If you are in that position and able to change, do so. You have to be reasonable in your choice, ensuring that it is realistic and within your capabilities, but don’t sell yourself too short either.

Many of you may not be able to pursue the job or career of your dreams at this time, but don’t give up.   You can take action now to start moving in the direction of your dream career, opening up new pathways for you.

Use your spare time to read, train or take courses to help prepare you for your new direction.   It may be that you are doing a repetitive job that enables you to listen to training tapes whilst you are working, or you could take the time during the day to focus your thoughts as if you were already working in your new environment, and repeat appropriate affirmations to yourself.  This will help activate the law of attraction in your favor.

If you are unsure what your perfect career would be, think of careers which appeal to you, and approach people already doing those jobs. They can tell you exactly what doing the job is like and may even allow you to work with them for a few days in order to gain first hand experience.  In this way you can eliminate the occupations that don’t fulfill your expectations, and you may chance upon the type of career that excites you.

Employ the movie method by relaxing with your eyes closed, put yourself mentally in front of the screen and play out various job scenarios. Try out each type of work you think you might like, and watch yourself on the big screen, putting in the words, sounds and even smells that bring that occupation alive for you. When you have settled on the right one, research it to ensure that it really is suitable, then when you have decided that it is indeed the one, add it to your list of goals, and actively work towards it.

Kahlil Gibran said; “We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.”


When You Have the Perfect Job

The perfect job is one which utilizes all your natural talents, and allows you to grow to fulfill your potential.  It may be working for some-one, having your own business or running a nurturing household.  It will have a future, offer growth and will give you great satisfaction as well as abundant rewards.

In order to maintain and expand your success, give your very best in every aspect of your work.  Continue learning and improving in your particular field, and aim to be at the top of your profession or calling.

Take time to interact with other people in similar work so that you can benefit from their knowledge and impart your own to them.  Be the very best that you can and leave the mediocre and average people in your dust.


The Direction Power List

This is a very powerful method of changing your future, helping you to draw your dreams and aspirations towards you. It works by programming your sub-conscious mind to work on changing your conscious reality, ensuring that you are constantly heading in the right direction. As I said, it is a very powerful tool, so write your list very carefully.

Write a list of goals in a small notebook, then write a list of benefits you will enjoy when you reach each goal.

The items should be very specific and measurable, so think clearly how these benefits will look and feel when you have the pleasure of experiencing them. Write them down being as specific as possible, so that you will definitely know when you have achieved them.  I suggest that you write not less than seven benefits and not more than fifteen.

Several times a day, try to withdraw to a quiet place, sit down, relax, and read your list.  As you read each item, try to strongly feel the emotion of achieving that benefit.   Imagine as vividly as you can enjoying the experience, as if it had already come true.  The more intensely you can feel the emotion of the experience, the stronger the law of attraction will work for you, drawing the necessary steps to bring it into being.

The goals on your list will gradually become clearer, and may evolve.  As the goals on your list become reality, cross them off and add new ones. On reviewing items already on the list, if your desire has changed, simply cross off that item and add any replacement desires.

Whatever you deeply desire to have or do, becomes reality for you. Make sure you recognize when the goal has been achieved, as sometimes it may appear in a different form to what you thought.  Don’t panic when the goals do materialize. When you first use this method it can be a little scary as your life takes dramatic turns. It is an extremely effective and powerful tool.

One last comment is not to show your list to anyone. Keep the list private so that you don’t attract the negativity of others, whose energy could repel the goals, negating your attracting energy.

Preston Bradley said; “I’ve never met a person, I don’t care what his condition, in whom I could not see possibilities. I don’t care how much a man may consider himself a failure, I believe in him, for he can change the thing that is wrong in his life any time he is ready and prepared to do it. Whenever he develops the desire, he can take away from his life the thing that is defeating it. The capacity for reformation and change lies within.”


The Secret to Receiving

When you have decided on the direction you want to take in life, and begin attracting your desires to you, remember some important points:

  1. Directing your imagination, dreams and feelings will increase the speed at which your desires materialize.
  2. Remember the law of giving. You receive in proportion to, or more, the amount that you freely give.
  3. Don’t hold grudges or be unforgiving as this blocks the movement of universal energy.
  4. Cultivate feeling wealthy and living in abundance, as you can only grow in the areas that you believe you can.
  5. Try not to mix with people who are energy drainers and those who love to knock your dreams down.
  6. Trust yourself to choose the right direction and goals for your life.
  7. Every event or situation in your life happens for a reason. Look for the lesson, learn the lesson, and move forward.
  8. There is no lack of abundance in the Universe.

Use the law of vacuum to create space for new and exciting situations to materialize in your life each day.  The law of vacuum operates by filling a void that you create.  For   example, clean out your wardrobe of old and out of date clothing, and you have created a vacuum for a new wardrobe of clothes to be attracted to you.

  1. Focus on the positive, and believe in your dreams.

Goethe said; “Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.  Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, and then Providence moves too.  All sorts of things occur to help one that would otherwise never have occurred.  A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.                                


Inspiration from the life of Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller was an outstanding American philosopher, inventor, architect and writer.

There is a story that in his early years, he had a reputation as somewhat of a wastrel, he was lazy and enjoyed socializing instead of spending time with his family.

One day in 1927 when he was 32, his 6-year old daughter, Alexandra, was sick, and he left the house to go to a football game. He promised to return soon, and bring his daughter a small flag which they had at the game, for her birthday.

In the event, he didn’t go home for three days, and when he returned, his wife told him that Alexandra was very much worse, and had been asking for him.

When Fuller picked Alexandra up, she asked him if he had brought her the flag. He had to admit that he hadn’t, and the disappointment for her was so great that she gave up her fragile hold on life and died in his arms.

Fuller felt so bad, that he went for a walk, and decided to drown himself in Lake Michigan. Standing on the bank of the lake, the story is that he heard a voice, saying that he had no right to end his life, it was not his to end, and he had not fulfilled his purpose yet.

Fuller decided to ‘experiment’ to try to discover what, if anything, one penniless individual might be able to do to benefit all humanity.

First of all, the story goes, he stopped talking for two years!  He realized that words had tremendous power, and had often got him into trouble. He vowed not to speak until he was sure of the effect and meaning of every word.

He believed that there was a supreme being who wants to make people successful and provide everything that they need to live an abundant life.  He tried to discover what ‘rules’ God used in setting up the universe, and went on to formulate what he called the ‘Generalized Principles’ of the universe.

During the course of his remarkable ‘experiment’, over the next fifty-four years, he:

  • Was awarded 25 U.S. patents
  • Authored 28 books
  • Received 47 honorary doctorates in the arts, science, engineering and the humanities
  • Received dozens of major architectural and design awards including, among many others, the Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects and the Gold
  • Medal of the Royal Institute of British Architects
  • Created work which found itself into the permanent collections of museums around the world
  • Circled the globe 57 times, reaching millions through his public lectures and interviews.

It is remarkable the catalyst that can propel us into achieving more than we ever thought possible. This is a sad story in one way, but in another it illustrates the possibilities which are available, and shows how one man overcame the past and accomplished so much.

If you feel insignificant and without the resources to cause a change in the world, remember this one man’s story and know that it is possible to soar to the heights that we used to only dream of.

Henry David Thoreau said; “Things do not change, we do.”

Life Passes

Your life passes, whether you guide it or drift with the tide, and it is up to you to decide your direction, and plan to live life with passion and joy. Work out where you are now, decide what you want out of life, then take the steps necessary to achieve your goals.

Remember along the way that life is a journey, not a destination.  Take time to enjoy each day, whilst moving in the direction of your dreams.

For resource materials please visit

Thank you for reading and may all your dreams come true.

Attract Success – Complete Book Free

Attract Success – Complete Book Free

Success Free book

Attract Success – Complete Book Free

Picture yourself five years from now, when you have put into practice the tools of success found in this Powerful book.

Wouldn’t it be awe-inspiring to find that your relationships, career, education, finances and health have reached a level previously unmatched?

You’ve got to wonder why you haven’t taken advantage of the Law of Attraction before now.

You will discover the secrets of goal setting, blueprint building, effective list making, visualization and many financial principles.

This book answers questions such as, how do you define success? How do you measure it? How do you maintain it? What level of achievement or accomplishment shows that you have become a successful person?

You can use these practical tools to achieve the success and the rewards that real abundance brings.

Attract Success

by Christine Sherborne

How do you define success? How do you measure it? How do you maintain it? What level of achievement or accomplishment does it take to show that you have become a successful person?

I am sure you will agree that most people’s perception of success relates to material possessions – money, income, and maybe fame as a measure of a person’s achievements. Yet, to truly be successful, you need to have success in all parts of your life.

Tell me, what use is it if a ‘successful’ businessman achieves all the material possessions he could possibly want, but suffers a breakdown in his marriage, with estrangement from his children?

Or think of the ‘successful’ entertainer, who has fame, fortune and admiration, but becomes so bored by having access to all the diversions available to him, becomes a drug addict and eventually commits suicide?

Wouldn’t you agree that a good balance in all parts of your life – sufficient income to be comfortable, a happy family life, good health and satisfaction from giving back to the society in some way, would give you the peace and harmony that leads to true success?

Please understand that at this moment in time, you are the product of all the choices you have made in your life up to now. Therefore, whether you feel that your life so far is a success or not, you have to take responsibility for the world you have created for yourself.

If you have not yet achieved the success you hoped for, you can’t blame anyone else. So, if this is you, let go of the ‘blame game’, because YOU are responsible, whether you feel that circumstances have been for or against you, or if people have let you down, you are still responsible for your reaction to each life circumstance which has molded you into the life you are presently living.

However, please don’t worry as whatever your present level of success is, it can be improved. It’s true that you can’t change what you don’t first acknowledge, so you must begin by realizing that all the choices you have made to date have resulted in your current situation. Therefore, to achieve greater success you simply have to make better choices in the future.

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying “well it’s not all my fault, look at what so and so did to me” However, it is crucial to accept responsibility for your past reactions and responses. Can you see that by failing to accept the part you have played in creating your present situation, you are making yourself into a victim? Just think about it, if you are a victim in life then you are giving your control away to other people. Now, let me ask you this, do you want other people to control what happens to you?

Still not convinced? Consider this – are you overweight? Who was responsible for eating or over-eating the wrong foods? Do you hate your job? Who is responsible for accepting that job, or for staying in it when you dislike it? Have some of your relationships soured and caused you pain? Who was responsible for not giving time to the relationship, or maybe you didn’t treat the person as they deserved?

Just think of all the things in your life you are not happy with, and take ownership for those situations. You are responsible. Analyze them honestly, and learn how your choices created them, and how different choices could have created a different outcome for you.

Understand that according to the law of attraction, you create in your life the things or circumstances you mostly think about and focus on. Therefore if you think about the awful things that have happened in the past, or could happen in the future, rather than the good outcomes you want, you are drawing to you more of the same.

Are you beginning to see that you can just let things happen to you and play the victim, or you can take charge of your life by setting goals, disciplining yourself, and start heading for that great future you want?

My own definition of success is to live a life of love and happiness, with the family and friends that truly love and support me; to use my gifts and talents creatively, so that I can fulfill my destiny; to have a good character that others respect, and to live by high ideals; to overcome all challenges and make my dreams become a reality; to have health and energy; to attract enough wealth to be of help to other people and to enjoy many of the wonderful experiences that the world has to offer; finally to depart this life, leaving behind me a footprint that is a legacy to all the people I have touched with joy.

However, like everyone else I am still working on becoming the person I want to be. The truth of the matter is that success is an on-going work in progress, and the rest of this book will guide you in the right direction.

Bessie Stanley said: “He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much; who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children; who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; who has left the world better than he found it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul; who has never lacked appreciation of earth’s beauty or failed to express it; who has always looked for the best in others and given them the best he had; whose life was an inspiration; whose memory a benediction”


Successful relationships

Now let me ask you this, thinking back over your life, how have your past relationships helped or hindered you?

It is true that you are very unlikely to become successful without the help and input of others. Consider this; is it probable that you will be promoted at work if you don’t get along with the management above you? It’s also a fact than when you are running your own business a lot of sales will come from people who have recommended you. And of course that will only happen if you get along with your customers and if they like you.

So it is easy to see that it is important to make it a priority to work at and nurture your close relationships, taking the time to cultivate and develop selected casual relationships which could develop into close ones.

You can see can’t you, that to get along with others, it is essential to make yourself pleasant and agreeable, making an effort, nurturing the relationships by showing them friendship and consideration?

Apart from the personal peace this engenders, you never know when the person you are interacting with now may be in a more powerful position in the future, able to harm or assist you in some way.

Please don’t think that I am saying that you should befriend people you don’t really care for, just to use them for your success. In any case if you did that, eventually your ruse would be seen for what it is, and wouldn’t work in the long term.

What I am saying, is that you should treat everyone you meet with respect and with the general love for mankind that we should all be striving for. Then some of these relationships will turn into real friendships. Consider this – the energy that you give out attracts to you people who are on the same wavelength. Therefore, when you are giving out positive vibrations you are attracting positive people to you.

Just think about it – have a confrontation with the receptionist, and you may never get that important appointment that could have changed your life. Imagine what happens when you complain or are unpleasant to waiting staff in a restaurant. You will probably find that your food contains more than you bargained for. The car you cut off at the intersection could belong to the person who is interviewing you today!

Often we don’t appreciate the people closest to us. We take them for granted and sometimes even take advantage of the relationship to gain benefit in some way, maybe to the detriment of that person. Can you see how this sort of behavior could backfire on you in the future?

Your family and friends should be the most important people in your life, so give them the gift of your time and respect. It’s strange how we often treat strangers with more courtesy than our family. I would like to encourage you to make your family and friends a priority in your life, as time spent with your life partner and children is as precious as gold. The success you are trying to achieve would not be success without them.

When you are with your family or friends, become a good listener and cultivate the practice of being present in mind as well as body. Really listen to what a person has to say, and listen to what is unsaid to discover their true meaning. There is nothing more demeaning than to ‘listen’ to someone, when you are reading the paper, watching the television, or looking at a computer screen. This gives the message that the person is not worth your attention, and you have more important things to do.

Remember that acceptance and validation are the priority needs for everyone, and rejection is our worst fear.

Learn to let minor disagreements go. Often the issue is never really worth the argument, and if not settled can fester and grow out of all proportion. Always make sure that you settle differences before you part, leaving in as friendly and a loving way as possible, for you don’t know what may happen to you or them in the near future. If anything happened to a loved one, you would be devastated if the last contact you had with them was an acrimonious and unhappy one.

Accept people as they are, and allow them to have their point of view and beliefs, knowing when to back down. It is pointless upsetting others just to win an argument, when winning will have no overall positive effect on your life at all.

Work towards helping others whenever you can, walk in peace and acceptance, smile and show others your appreciation of them, and you will always be surrounded by people who love you.

Greenville Kleisser says: “Good humor is a tonic for mind and body. It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset. It attracts and keeps friends. It lightens human burdens. It is the direct route to serenity and contentment.”


Education & Success

Success does not depend entirely upon knowledge, but certainly having knowledge helps considerably. Knowledge is powerful! Moreover, continuous learning increases knowledge in an exponential way, because the more you know, the easier it is to learn new things, as new knowledge is often built upon existing knowledge.

It is like trying to find your way in a new city. Even with a map, it can be difficult, because you have to plan out the entire route over unfamiliar ground. But think, when you know some parts of the city it is very much easier, as you can relate the new destination to places you already know. Therefore you only need to plan part of the route from places you already know.

It’s a fact that the success you achieve in your chosen field is in direct proportion to the amount of time and effort you spend in increasing your specialized knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had a college or university education, as you can still take steps as an adult to improve your knowledge through reading books, attending seminars, listening to audio or arranging one on one mentoring.

If you are in a job you don’t like very much and want to follow a new path, you will find it much easier if you use your spare time to learn about your planned new field. And for those of you who say you haven’t got time, I suggest that you can use audio courses in your car, to and from work.

Another good idea is to take one of the books that you need to study into waiting rooms with you. Whether you are waiting for the doctor, the dentist, or just waiting for a bus or train, you can use that time productively. The out of date, grubby magazines that are available for you to read whilst waiting won’t move you forward towards the successful goal you are aiming for. If you go out for a jog or a walk take your MP3 player with you, making sure it is loaded with course material and not music.

I would also suggest that you get up an hour earlier in the morning, and have a quiet study time before the rest of the house get up.

Don’t you agree that it is a matter of choice, as to what you do with your time? You very likely find time to watch television, go out to dances and parties, meet up with friends and generally socialize. But you don’t have time to learn!

Can you see that if you discipline yourself to make the most of your time in a productive way, and genuinely think of this learning time as a season in your life that will pay off in the future, you will find that you are much more satisfied, as you are moving towards your goals?

Being successful in your career means constantly updating your skills by learning. Education is a continuing process, as there are always advances being made in whatever field you work in. Whether you want to further your present career or change to a new one, learning the relevant skills will pay enormous dividends, ensuring your success.

Earl Nightingale said: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”


Success & Goal Setting

Clearly, without setting goals and working to achieve them, you cannot move forward in life. You will just drift along, going around in circles and not achieving anything worthwhile. I urge you to take the time to consider carefully what you want from life, where you want be, and how you are going to get there. This is the first step towards achieving your successful life.

Studies have shown that student’s who set written goals, monitor them and constantly review them, become the most successful people.

Thinking carefully about your goals, writing them down then constantly reviewing them, is a perfect way to put your desires into your sub-conscious and out into the universe, activating the Law of Attraction in your favor.

There are many publications on goal setting that you can read, but usually the simplest method is the easiest. If you try to make it too complicated, you will just give up and not persevere.

Take a sheet of paper and write down headings that cover each area of your life that you would like to set goals for. For instance work, family, friends, leisure time, financial, health and spiritual.

Then think carefully about where you presently stand in each of these areas and decide where you would like to be in six months, one year and maybe even five years time. Write out your goals in a positive manner under each heading and each time frame, considering carefully, making them real and achievable. Then write out the steps you need to take to reach each goal, being as detailed as you can.

Once you have this basic set of goals and the route plan of how to get there, keep them in a safe place, and look at them regularly. Keep track of the progress you have made, noting it on the paper, and if necessary modify the eventual goal as you progress.

It’s okay to modify your goals, and the methods of achieving them, as you move forward. Very often your goals will change as you move through the action steps on your list, or your circumstances change. You may find that some steps are easier than you imagined, others harder, or you may find a completely better way of arriving at them.

It is a good idea that when you decide on your goals, you seek the input of only positive, encouraging friends and relations, or keep them secret. Absolutely do not discuss them with negative people, as they are always quick to put down other people’s dreams, because of their own insecurities. There will always be those who will knock your ideas and tell you that you are reaching too high, that you don’t deserve to advance, or just that you are dreaming and have no chance of succeeding. Their negativity will rub off on you to some extent, muddying your clear intent, diluting the effects of the Law of Attraction.

When you work on your goals, picture yourself five years from now. What will you be doing? Who will you be with? What will your ideal life look like? Although you shouldn’t limit yourself unnecessarily, at the same time have a healthy dose of realism. For instance, you are unlikely to become a brain surgeon overnight, but on the other hand, you may find that you can achieve far more than you presently believe. Imagine what it would be like if you push yourself that little bit more and are committed to making good progress. Aim for the stars, and you may just get there.

Michael Angier said; “Success is the result of steadily taking action on our most important goals. When we consistently focus our energies and our efforts upon what matters most, we can’t help but be successful”.


Successful Planning

In every instance planning is a key ingredient to achieve success. You have probably heard the saying “If you don’t plan, you plan to fail”. Undeniably, if you don’t know where you are headed you haven’t much, if any, chance of arriving at the destination you want. Furthermore, when you have a destination in mind without a route planned, you don’t know which direction to move in.

Imagine a ship leaving port with no idea of its destination. What do you think would happen? Clearly, with no idea of which direction to head, and no course charted, it would just go round in circles or eventually run aground.

I am sure you know many people who act in much the same way, using their life up, moving in endless circles. It is true that time passes whether you make the most of it or not. Just think, in six months, one year or five years from now, time will have passed anyway, and you will have either used it successfully moving towards your goals, or have wasted it going round in circles the same as the ship. Is your life like that?

Not only must you take the time to decide on your future goals, but you need to extend that process into each day by planning your day, writing down your goals for the day. Include tasks that you know you need to get done, then list them in priority order.

It really is important to place the most important task first, rather than the most urgent or most agreeable. Otherwise, you will find that you are chasing your tail trying to achieve all the pressing items on your list, but at the end of the day you will find that none of the important tasks were done, making them tomorrow’s urgencies. Each evening, cross off the tasks you have achieved, add any new items, re-prioritize them and produce a new list for tomorrow.

I encourage you to discipline yourself and make a commitment to keep this system diligently, and you will find that you will rapidly achieve success. I promise you that you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish each day!

It is a fact that many people live a humdrum existence. They scrape by each day, reacting to life instead of living a planned proactive life. Their daily routine of work, food and sleep is followed one step after another without any thought of moving towards their life’s dreams.

Unquestionably, they are tossed about and battered by the vagaries of life, bending first this way then that, suffering whatever life’s storms may throw at them, and there they stay, moaning and groaning that life isn’t fair. They never entertain the idea of improving themselves, and believe that the world owes them a living.

I can’t express to you strongly enough how important it is to take the time to think about and set detailed goals along with a time frame for achieving them.

As you make your plans, at the same time you are setting in motion the right vibration to begin the process of drawing the results to you. Remember that when you are actively thinking in a positive way, your sub-conscious mind works with your surroundings in a mysterious way to move you in that direction. Energize your goals by reading them and thinking about them every day with focus and emotion. As you know, this will activate the law of attraction to work on your behalf.

Every day, decide on the one thing that you can do that day that will move you towards completing the most important goal on your list. For example, you may have decided to begin a savings plan, so open a savings account, plan how much of each pay check needs to go into it, and make those arrangements.

Always bear in mind that what you intensely think about with a strong desire, you will usually accomplish. Therefore, make sure that all your intentions are also energized by visualizing your desired outcome. You can increase your focus by listing all the benefits that you will receive when you reach your target.

Next I will talk about some tools which will help you to visualize your goals, bringing them to reality. By using these techniques regularly, you will find that they help you to fix your goals into your mind so strongly, that your subconscious mind will automatically work towards bringing them to completion.


Tool one – Reprogramming with Visualization

It is true that your subconscious mind can’t distinguish between what you imagine with feeling, and actual events. This fact makes visualization a fantastic exercise for you to practice, helping you to program yourself to perform well in the future. You can even use this tool to reprogram past events, to turn hurtful memories into acceptable ones.

Clearly, the secret of making this tool as effective as possible is for you to be in a state of relaxation, and try to really experience the emotions, colors, smells and sounds of the situation you are creating or past event you want to change.

As you may know, many successful athletes use visualization to improve their future performances. They visualize themselves performing their sport in the optimum way. The runner will imagine running the race, from the starting pistol, through every step right to the winning post.

The High jumper practices the run-up, the take off, the feeling of clearing the bar, right through to the successful landing. Each athlete actually competes in their mind dozens of times before the actual event, programming their minds to automatically follow the path they have already planned in their subconscious.

Relax in a chair, close your eyes and visualize your own goals, whether running a successful company, becoming fit and healthy, or meeting that special person to share your life with. The secret to programming with visualization is to practice it daily until it becomes automatic and easy for you to do. The more you practice, the better the results will be.


Tool two – Chart Building

We learn in many ways, but the best teaching techniques use multiple reinforcement. We memorize visually, by doing, or by adding to what we already know, and we absorb information easily which is relevant to us at the time. This tool and the following one use both visual and action techniques to help focus your mind.

Visual stimulation is the most powerful of these techniques, and a good way to use it is to create a vision chart. Use a large board, and paste pictures which illustrate your goals or desires to it. This technique can also be used for problem solving and making decisions. As time passes you can change the board, by adding to it, and adjusting the content.

For instance, you may wish for a beautiful home, new position, car or fresh relationship. Search magazines, newspapers or books for pictures that show your ideal specifications and paste these onto the chart, making sure that is positioned where you will see it often.

Each time you pass the chart look at the pictures closely and bring them to life in your imagination. In your mind brighten the colors, smell the new leather and hear sounds or voices that bring the item or situation vividly to mind.

For figuring out a problem, use another chart to detail all the information you know about the difficulty, and then put all the potential solutions you can genuinely think of on the chart. In the same way, use the chart over a period, and your sub-conscious mind will work to produce or develop a solution.


Tool three – Effective List Making

Making lists can be a valuable tool. Think about a simple shopping list, taking a list with you can save money by helping you to remember what to buy and reminding you not to buy if it isn’t on the list.

Lists can be useful for working out a problem. To do this use one column for all known details of the problem, then start new columns to write down all the known solutions that you know about now. Then write down all the steps you can take at this point in time to move closer to the solution. I can assure you that the simple act of writing it down frees your mind so that it doesn’t have to keep remembering the problem. You mind is then clear to consider alternative solutions. As I suggested with the vision board, leave your list in some prominent place where you can see it and take time to read through it several times each day.

As your sub-conscious mind absorbs the information on the lists, it will gradually work on the known information to produce other solutions, and you will find that in a very short time you will have at least one, possibly several, new solutions which were not available to you at the time of writing the list. Write these fresh answers on your list, so that your mind can release them and be freed up to consider further options.

As you can see, you can use lists for all sorts of reasons besides working on your goals and desires. Write down as much information as you have at the time, making sure it is as detailed as possible. As you think of further information, add it to the list, freeing your mind to consider new creative ideas.

Think about making use of the list tool in all sorts of situations, and when you have created the list, read it through several times a day and always last thing at night before you fall to sleep, directing your sub-conscious mind to process the information whilst you are asleep, and come up with an answer.


Success & Your Finances

To be successful in your finances, again you need to plan. Many people drift by from week to week, falling deeper into debt, because they do not sit down and analyze their situation and plan a budget. Often it’s not the amount of money you earn which decides your success with finances, but the way that you use the cash available. You probably know of some people are good managers and make intelligent choices with their money, and others who don’t.

Clearly, to enable you to make a plan you need to know the current state of your finances. How much income do you have? What are your regular outgoings? How much do you owe? Have you any savings? Do you know the details of pensions and insurance policies etc? Until you know all these details, you cannot begin planning. This is the start point of preparing a workable budget.

You need to be honest when preparing for a budget. One way to ensure you include everything is to keep track of your spending for a week, or a month, recording every cent you pay out. When you have all the information, if your outgoings are greater than your income, you have a problem! You would be surprised to learn how many people are in this situation, and don’t know it until they actually put all their details on paper. If you find that your income is less than your outgoings you need to do something about it now. Start of by working out a way to reduce your outgoings, and increase your income, as soon as possible.

If you have a lot of debt, you can usually get a consolidation loan to help you pay it back over a longer period, but it is essential to have a detailed budget to enable you to prepare a realistic payment plan.

The next step when have prepared your budget is to analyze it and scrutinize each item of spending religiously. Question each item to determine whether it is necessary. For instance, could you start taking lunches to work, rather than buying food and lattes at the coffee shop? Would it be cheaper to catch public transport to work, or car pool with someone, rather than wasting petrol in traffic tailbacks? How much do you spend on drinks or cigarettes?

You will see here that even the smallest regular expenses add up. Imagine this, you can save 5.00 per day by cutting out the Latte, this amounts to $25.00 per working week, or $1,300 for each year. This money could be invested in starting a new business, or put on deposit, which will give you a return. If that $25.00 was put in the bank weekly at say 5 percent interest, in 5 years, you would have accumulated $7,400 in savings, purely by doing without your coffee.

You can see, can’t you, that if you could find 9 other items of similar value that you could cut out each day, that figure would increase to $74,000 in savings in five years! Just by making small adjustments to your spending you could quickly build up a fund you could use to further your success. The thing to do is to plan your expenditure carefully, and avoid impulse buys.

Avoid credit card debt! It is very easy to run up a liability on credit cards, and they are one of the most expensive forms of borrowing. If you have an outstanding balance on your credit cards, cut the cards up, and formulate a plan to pay off the balance over as short a time as possible. Consider a bank loan or extending your mortgage to clear the credit card balance, as the interest rates from other sources are often very much cheaper. Of course, this should only be done as a part of an overall strategy for your finances.

It’s true that financially successful people spend their money on items which appreciate in value, such as antique furniture, jewelry and of course stocks and bonds. However, many items which the average person buys such as cars, cameras, televisions etc. all lose value, and are therefore an expense rather than an investment. Buy a cheaper car, rather than putting yourself in debt to buy a new one or a luxury one as a status symbol.

I would encourage you to think carefully before you buy anything. Does the purchase of this item bring you closer to your goal of becoming debt free? Do you really need that new dress or a one-day wonder electronic toy? Become discriminating in your acquisitions and it will pay you dividends by freeing up money to use to become more successful.

Be sure to factor into your budget a savings plan. Even though you are still paying off debt, it is important to get into the savings habit. Aim to save ten per cent of your income, but if that is impossible immediately, at least start a regular pattern of saving. This will give you the saving habit and emotionally make you feel that you have backup money available, even if you have no intention of spending it.

By following these guidelines you will begin to accumulate the investments you need for your money to self perpetuate. The energy that you will be generating by your thoughts and actions will be working in your favor and the growth will start to expand exponentially. As your riches begin to grow and expand you will begin to attract more to you, and then you will have the financial freedom to be able enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Wallace Wattles said: “There is a science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches, and once these laws are learned and obeyed by anyone, that person will get rich with mathematical certainty.”

Now we will take a little time to consider some of the universal laws. It is essential to your success that you work in harmony with these laws, because as you do you will begin to reap amazing benefits.

See yourself mastering the following five laws which relate to success and prosperity. Many studies have proven that when you are using these laws and have your life aligned with them, you will reach your goals much more quickly than people who have no knowledge of them. Obviously, it is easier to move with the natural flow of things, rather than trying to push against the universal forces.


The Law of Attraction

How do you use the law of attraction to bring you the success you deserve? As you know, the law of attraction works by bringing to you all that you think about and focus strongly upon.

Clearly, the first step is believing that you can and will achieve success. Do you believe that you can be a success? If you find it hard to really believe that you will be successful, you have only to remember successful times in your past. All of us have had some success, big or small that we can build upon to change our inner beliefs about future success. If it’s true that you have had past successes, then it is possible to have success in the future.

Just see yourself becoming a magnet for success by visualizing a successful outcome and knowing without a doubt that your energy is making all the pieces fit, and that before long the whole will come together and materialize for you. Build up positive emotions as you think about your future, remembering that it is your emotional energy that becomes the magnet that attracts like energy to it.

Each day, focus on the successful outcome of your goals. Make your request clear to the universe, by stating in detail what you want to eventuate, adding the words, “this or something better, for the good of all concerned”. Each day, take some action to move you towards the successful outcome you want.

Once you have given a clear objective to the universe and your sub-conscious, let go of how it will be achieved, as very often help and progress will come from areas you have never even thought about. Allow the universe to work on your behalf, without limiting the resources it can bring to bear to achieve your desired outcome.


The Law of Vacuum

In every instance a vacuum has to be created in order to make room for new gifts or changed circumstances to appear. You can see that whenever a vacuum is created the natural order of things is to fill it, in just the way water will move towards a hole in the ground and fill it up. Need a new wardrobe? Give away all the clothes that you don’t wear or don’t fit, then wait for the vacuum to be filled, with clothes which are perfect for you.

Would you like new friends who are positive and in tune with your own beliefs? Then create a vacuum by letting go of some of your present friends who drain your energy and don’t and anything to your life.

The lesson here is that if there is not a vacuum, there is no room for anything new. First create the vacuum, then attract into your life people, situations and gifts that are perfect for you.

Try this for yourself, and you will soon see that it works. Take a moment to think of something you would like to change then create a vacuum in that area, then watch how that space will be filled by the good things you want.


The Law of Desire

It is said that you become what you strongly think about and focus on, and this is true. The more you think about the things you want, the stronger they are imprinted in your sub-conscious mind, and thus your super-conscious mind, which automatically goes to work to bring about balance between your internal thoughts and your reality.

Whatever you really desire to happen in your life is automatically directed to you if you constantly hold that desire strongly in your heart and mind.

This law is strengthened by using vivid imagination combined with powerful emotions, and the more dominant your emotions are in visualizing what you want, the sooner that reality materializes into your life.


The Law of Giving

This law is based upon the principal of cause and effect.

There is a natural order of things which works on the principle that everything eventually balances out. As you know everything is in motion, and everything is made of energy, therefore nothing is ever stationary. Knowing this makes it obvious that in order to allow energy to flow; you must work with the process by circulating your energy in forms of time, goods and money.

Clearly, the flow of resources is essential in order for riches of any kind to move from one person to another.

You can see can’t you, that by holding on to the small amount that you have can stifle your spirit, and shows a lack of faith which stops the flow coming your way.

The fact is that the more you give, the more you receive. In addition, for this law to work, it is important that your motive is right, by giving with a willing heart, and not just so that you can receive. When you give joyfully, without thought of return, you can receive up to a hundredfold increase.

It is a paradox that things which we don’t hold onto too strongly are easy for us to get and enjoy, but things which we hold tightly can be lost, sometimes in an instant.

Remember that you are only a steward of all you have. You can take none of it with you to the grave. Therefore it makes sense to hold your riches lightly. Enjoy them with appreciation, knowing that they are for a time only.

The Dalai Lama said; “The greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being.”


Success & Health

It is true that unless you enjoy good health, you can’t enjoy any other part of your life. Poor health or lack of energy will spoil any kind of pleasure, and your health to a large part is in your hands.

You can see how important it is to develop healthy habits and make good lifestyle choices in order to keep or improve your health. Clearly the rewards far outweigh the effort, with increased energy, more strength and stamina, and the promise of a longer, happier life.

Why not make the commitment to yourself that you will take all the steps needed to become as fit and energetic as you can be, and enjoy all the rewards good health returns to you?

Whatever your situation, you can always improve it. If you have an illness or disability, then you may have to work around that, or even take specialist advice as to what is permissible and what is not, but your health can always be improved, and that can only be beneficial.

Gain without pain is impossible. If it was that easy, then you would not see all the unhealthy and overweight folk walking around, and the health and diet industry would not be so huge. Learn to aim for your long term health and fitness rather than the instant gratification.

As with all other areas of success, you will have to formulate a plan and determine that you are going to stick to it in order to achieve your goals. You may have to make some uncomfortable choices, in order to achieve maximum health, and start considering your health as a change in lifestyle rather than a short term diet or exercise routine.

Our bodies were designed to move and work, and need regular movement to remain supple and healthy. Regrettably, in the modern world, everything is designed as ‘labor saving’, which sounds good, but has created a whole generation of overweight, unhealthy individuals. In the ‘good old days’, just normal living involved much more effort than it does now, and in those days even your normal daily routine required a lot of physical effort.

You already know that regular exercise is essential to maintain your range of movement and staying power. How can you achieve or even enjoy your other goals if you are too tired to move off the couch?

Today, decide to start your new exercise regime, and set out a plan, with ultimate good health as the goal to aim for. You could start with as little as walking for a few blocks each evening, building up to thirty to sixty minutes of exercise each day over a period. You could employ a personal trainer, or join a gym, if these options are within your budget. The secret is to make a start, however small.

Make simple changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator; park the car further away from work and walk the rest of the way. Look for other ways to exercise during your daily routine, such as playing with the kids or gardening.

It’s true that the more you exercise, the easier it becomes. In time you will find that the endorphin’s that your body releases when you exercise are pleasurable, and actually improve your mood. They have other health benefits too, such as reducing blood pressure and improving your frame of mind.

Food is one of the essential ingredients of life, and is not something that you can totally give up. However, modern food production is a multi-billion dollar industry, which tries to make it as easy as possible for you to eat loaded calories, without thinking.

To progress in the industry, much of the modern fast food we eat has additives which are designed to titillate your palate, and as a result can be habit forming. Because the food is attractive, we crave more of it, and as a result usually end up overeating.

Obviously you can’t stop eating altogether, but you can change eating habits. Stop and think before you eat, and ask yourself if the food you are about to consume is going to nourish you, or is moving you one step closer to ill-health.

You have to make a plan to control your eating, and plan out meals more carefully, rather than taking the easy option of eating ready-meals or takeaways. There are more diet books available for you to read than I could mention, and all claim to have the answer, but these days most of us know what type of foods we should eat and the ones that we should eat sparingly, and common sense should enable us to choose wisely. If you are not sure, get a book on nutrition from the library or your local bookstore.

Start by making small changes in your eating habits; choose the fresh fruits and vegetables and eat less of the fats, cakes and cookies. Get into the habit of speaking out the affirmations that will assist you before you eat, for instance: “I always choose the foods and drinks that will foster my well-being”

Take responsibility for your eating, as will power alone will not work. You could for instance decide that you will take a half hour walk at lunchtime, and that you will take a healthy lunch to work instead of buying fast food.

Choose a plan that you can stick to, and eliminate temptation by only having healthy food in the pantry and taking a route to work that by passes the takeaways. Your food choices start in the supermarket. Shop around the edges, where all the fresh food can be found.

You will know if you need to deal with any other unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, or taking drugs. You will have heard that today some people are becoming addicted to prescription drugs, such as painkillers, which are just as habit-forming as the hard drugs. If these are issues for you, I would encourage you to seek professional help to kick the habit.

When setting new goals please make them specific, by writing out exactly what you will do. For instance: “each day I will walk around the park exercise track for thirty minutes”, and not “I will take more exercise”

You can see can’t you that if you set a measurable outcome, for example, “I will lose twenty pounds”, you are more likely to succeed, and will have something to monitor progress by?

Always ensure that you have a timeline, such as “I will lose seven pounds within three months”

Make a plan and work on your plan, monitoring it and adapting it as and when necessary.

Set up your environment to serve you and not hinder. For instance, if you have a goal to lose weight, then don’t have high calorie foods in the cupboard. Just don’t buy them, and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Make yourself accountable for your actions. If you eat something that you have decided to give up, then you must take an extra thirty minute walk the next day, or forego some treat that you wanted. Even so, don’t give up if you slip once. Take it in your stride, and keep to your overall plan.

Live one day at a time. If you fall down one day, don’t worry. Resolve to do better tomorrow.

Abraham Lincoln said: “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.”


Sowing & Reaping

The law of sowing and reaping governs all areas of your life. Obviously you cannot expect to grow flowers or vegetables in your garden unless you sow seed, and it is the same in everything else. Every day you are sowing ideas, discipline, effort and determination, and by doing this you are sowing for success.

Truthfully, the farmer doesn’t just plant his crop and then wait for the harvest, without any further effort. Each day he has to weed, water, scare off birds and generally take care of the seeds he has sown. This is the effort he sows into his crop. You achieve success in the same way as the farmer, sowing your resources, time and effort. It is a fact that every one of the small actions that you take from the moment you wake up until the time you go to sleep are forming your future.

You can only work one day at a time, so it is important to use this day productively. You can only live in this moment, and can only sow those seeds today, as you consciously decide the crop you want to create for tomorrow.

Jean De La Fontaine said: “Man is so made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish.”


Shortcut to Success

Truly, there is no short cut to success. Success is achieved by consistent daily effort, focusing on your goals and doing the tasks that need to be done. A lot of people in today’s world expect everything to be instant, including success, but this is rarely achievable.

You have probably heard that some actor or comedian has become an overnight success, but the truth is that they have probably toiled for years honing their art before their big break which makes them well known.

Kaizen is the Japanese philosophy used in business, and it means that success is gained by the use of constant incremental improvements made towards your goal. The theory is that as you improve, you get closer to the ideal, or perfection, but never actually achieve that perfection, as the yardstick for perfection changes.

There are countless schemes that bombard us daily, trying to seduce us into investing money or time, but these schemes usually only benefit the people operating the scheme. They are successful at using your resources! Many of these get rich quick schemes are the pyramid type of operations that only benefit the players at the top of the chain. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true!

Remember that each moment, each hour, each day, each week, each month, each year will pass, whether you make improvements or not, so get into action today! Imagine yourself looking back in five years time and see how far you have come, and the great strides you will have made.

George Bernard Shaw said: “People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.”


Unlock Success by Dissolving Your Fear

It is so true that fear can be a huge barrier to your success. Do you remember times when fear and worry has stopped you in your tracks? You couldn’t think straight, and had no idea how you were going to get yourself out of the mess. Face it – fear, stress and worry are killers. Most people are aware that worrying over a prolonged time can cause all sorts of unpleasant illness’s and disease.

It is a fact that, “fear of success” is one of the most prevalent fears around. You may question this and say why would anyone be afraid of success? But think, have there been times when you have inexplicably sabotaged your life just when everything was going well? Some people put an imagined ceiling on their level of success, and some fear that their friends will resent a success greater than their own.

The other side of the coin is “fear of failure” that can stop you even trying. For instance you may wish to be a successful author, but keep making excuses not to finish the novel or send it to be published, in case it is rejected.

Imagine what it would be like if you could deal with your fear as soon as it reared its ugly head.

So how do you overcome the waves of fear when they wash over you?

A good start is to ask yourself “what is the worst that could happen?” When you imagine the very worst outcome, you will probably realize that you could deal with it. But often when you analyze your situation honestly, you will find that the actual situation is not as bad as you had thought, and in any case you could cope should the worst transpire.

On the contrary, imagine yourself believing that the best will happen – visualize the optimum outcome in detail. You know that you have the ability to attract the best scenario, simply by putting out the confident energy which will activate the universal storehouse on your behalf.

Then you will find that taking the risk is worth it after all, as you can influence the outcome. So exercise your courage, step out and face your fears. The only way to overcome anxieties is to face them.

The saying “It is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all” is true!

Just remember that worry is a form of negative prayer, and creates unwanted energy. If you push ahead through the fear, you will discover that you have a natural strength that will always see you through.

Check the status of your worry and if that worry isn’t life threatening, then it is just not worth expending energy on it. Ninety-nine percent of your worries will never happen, and even those that do, usually are never as bad as you can imagine them to be.

Conserve your life-energy to use in reaching your goals, and let go of all despondency. Every day is a new opportunity to begin your life afresh. You are stronger than you may think and when you keep sending out positive energy the universe has to respond by turning everything around for your good.

Norman Vincent Peale said: “People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.”


Successful Action Explained

I think you will agree that true success needs action on your behalf. If you drift along aimlessly, you will end up in a place that you don’t want to be – nowhere! Consider this – if you are going on a journey, in order to arrive at your destination, you need to know where that destination is, and you need to plan a route to get there.

Clearly, how much more important it is then, to plan your life’s journey. By setting out your goals and aspirations on paper, and then following up with an action plan that you monitor regularly, you are setting out a route plan for your life. Therefore, you actually do have to take action.

When you fail to take action after you have made your goals, you are letting yourself be tossed by the waves of circumstance, and you will feel anxiety and confusion, as your life is out of control. Many people make goals, and then just forget them. You actually have to monitor them and act upon them. If you don’t take action to improve your situation, it won’t change, and the longer you allow this to continue, the more confused and lost you will feel.

Do you find yourself tired by what life has thrown at you? If this is the case you may find it difficult to even begin to consider making changes. Don’t worry, just make a start in a small way; decide on a minor goal, achieve that one, then make another. Little by little you begin so see the benefits of taking action and control of your life, and the action habit will grow on you. Before you know it your circumstances will have improved dramatically.

As I have pointed out before, your thoughts are very powerful, and influence your life dramatically. Challenge each negative thought and take control of your old ways of thinking by using the tools provided previously. You will quickly train your mind and create new thought patterns and inner beliefs. If you use your remarkable gift of imagination and your ability to influence your reality, you can do it.

You can see that by using the strength of your emotions to move in the right direction, you are directing your thoughts into thinking positively, and very soon new doors of opportunity will open up for you.

The bottom line for success is to complete some activity each day that will move you towards your goal. Truly, imagining, dreaming and planning are ineffective without action. Don’t delay – start today by taking action.

Thomas Jefferson said: “Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.”


Unlock Your Success by Giving Service

One measure of success is how much better you make the lives of your fellow man. Ask yourself, how much good do you contribute to the lives of your family and friends? It is so true that when you have a genuine attitude of service and look for opportunities to serve others by helping them achieve their dreams, you benefit enormously yourself.

Opportunities have a way of presenting themselves when you are willing to help other people. If you take up these opportunities you benefit in many ways. It gives you feelings of satisfaction, well-being, fulfillment, and peace. By the law of cause and effect that assistance can never be wasted and will always be repaid in some way. For instance, if you were in a position to offer a job to someone who has a poor work history, you may help them to achieve stability, and you will find that you have the best employee you could hope for.

Consider this – you are probably among the most privileged five per cent of the world’s population. If you don’t have to worry about where your next meal is coming from, and your life is not normally in danger from wars, starvation or disease or the whim of a local warlord, then you are blessed.

For millions of people this is their reality, making their life so very insecure. When you think about how privileged you are, you really do have a moral duty to help those less fortunate whenever you can.

Helping others makes you feel good emotionally, and offers you tremendous benefits. By helping other people you send out positive energy that returns to you multiplied many times over. New opportunities will be opened up to you that may not have happened otherwise. Look for ways you can practice the law of service every day and in return receive all the blessings that will pour into your life.

Dr Patrick Gentempo advises; “What you thought before has led to every choice you have made, and this adds up to you at this moment. If you want to change who you are physically, mentally, and spiritually, you will have to change what you think.”


Achieving Success through Self-knowledge

In order to achieve success in life you need to know yourself, like yourself and learn to trust yourself. Socrates said: “an unexamined life is not worth living”. This means that many of you take your life for granted and waste much of it by not really getting to know what you are capable of.

By taking time to get to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and then working to improve the areas that are weak, you will achieve your best potential.

Part of getting to know your true self is to examine your belief system. Many of your core beliefs were learnt in childhood and may no longer serve you well. You can see that your basic beliefs may be helpful or may be negatively impacting your adult life.

For example, children who have suffered physical and mental abuse are left with the belief that they are not worthy, that they don’t deserve to have a successful life. Children who have suffered sexual abuse are often overweight as adults in order to repel sexual advances.

If there are core beliefs from your past that are holding you back from achieving your potential, it is time to let them go. Begin by making a list of your current self beliefs and examine them, deciding which ones are beneficial and which are not.

These beliefs affect the way you see yourself in the world and the way you believe the world sees you. They may be restrictive, such as, “I will never amount to much” or they may be good for you, such as, “I am creative and talented and the world is my oyster”

To change the unwanted beliefs, pretend you are in a court of law and argue the opposite viewpoint to what you now believe, and this will enable you see that the events that happened to you as a child were not under your control. Had things been different, you would never have accepted such a damaging core belief.

It may be that you need professional help to change your core values and harmful thinking. If this is the case, ensure that you get it soon and stop the damage now. Your core beliefs can be changed and replaced by self-serving ones that will move you closer to your success.

Warren G. Bennis said: “You are your own raw material. When you know what you consist of and what you want to make of it, then you can invent yourself.”


Leaving A Legacy

Imagine for a moment, that you are looking down on your family and friends after you have left this bodily plain. Do they miss you? Are they grateful for the part you played in their life?

Do they remember times when you were a soft place for them to fall? Or do they remember you being too busy working, or perhaps watching television to be there for them? What was important to you as you lived your life?

Everyone wants to believe that they will be remembered lovingly. Whatever you do during your life, you leave a legacy to the ones you leave behind. That legacy can be worthwhile or can be detrimental, as no-one walks on this earth without leaving some form of footprint.

Wouldn’t you agree that your wish is for your children and grandchildren to benefit from the legacy that you leave them, whatever form it may take? You may leave a financial inheritance, but a more powerful bequest could be that you established good values and character in them, and part of you is reflected in the good character of your family. Clearly, you would want the footprints you leave on the heart of a child to have played a part in building up their self-esteem and happiness.

It is so true that respect and affection have to be earned, and can not be bought or gained by force. Obviously, all of you have great talents but not everyone can leave gifts such as works of art, music, and books or push through policies that change the world. Even so, everyone does and can influence the people around them by their actions. For instance helping a needy neighbor, being a good friend, or supporting worthwhile charities.

Most people admire the angels who have dedicated their lives to serving people, like Mother Teresa, or Doctors Catherine and Reg Hamlin who established and ran the fistula clinic in Ethiopia. I believe these people have a special grace that enables them to endure an uncomfortable lifestyle and often emotional and physical hardships to be a blessing to others.

Here’s the truth. You have exceptional gifts and talents that are yours and no-one else’s.  Now, let me ask you a personal question – have you used your gifts to the best of your ability?

Really think about it – your talents were given to you to enable you to fulfill your destiny, and not one other person can step up in your place, if you decide not to not to use them. You know that not one single person in the world has exactly your combination of attributes and it is your responsibility to use them for the good of the world and those around you.

I encourage you to actively seek to leave behind a memorable legacy in the way you live your life now, in the way you give, both to your family and your fellow man or woman. Then you will know that your life has been a success.

I just know that you have what it takes to make all of your dreams come true. Have faith in yourself, for you are a unique and magnificent person. Walk each day in integrity, kindness and love, as the universe always rewards these qualities. You cannot fail when you truly believe. You are ready for success!

I would like to finish with these words by Ralph Waldo Emerson who gives one of the best definitions of success that I have heard:

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; this is to have succeeded.”

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Thank you for reading and may all your dreams come true.

Attract Prosperity – Complete Book Free

Attract Prosperity – Complete Book Free

Attract Prosperity

Attract Prosperity – Complete Book Free


Christine Sherborne

After living through one of the biggest global financial meltdowns in years many of you are focused on securing your financial future. Like many others, you are probably thinking about your finances more than ever before, and wondering how you can future proof your income and pension.

If you’re like everyone else you can’t help feeling a little uneasy about the impact the last few years may have on you and your family. Even so, remember in good times and bad there are always some people who continue to prosper. You can be one of those people. How? By practicing the Law of Attraction and using it to create the future that you want.

I live in Australia and we have a strong economy but even so, the media are talking the economy down and making people panic. Many of them are rushing to draw their money out of stocks and even banks. It is easy to see that media scaremongering and exaggerated negative talk can quickly turn a good economy into a recession.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to recession-proof yourself, even when those around you are speaking doom and gloom? At the conclusion of this book, you should have all the knowledge you need to succeed in any economy.

What does prosperity mean to you?

Think back to when you were a child, your idea of prosperity was getting the latest toy for Christmas, or a second helping of your favorite dessert. However, now you are an adult you probably tend to think that prosperity means having more money in the bank.

Here’s a fact for you, many of the world’s richest people are often the unhappiest souls you could imagine.

The fact of the matter is that you need not only great finances, but also peace of mind, good health, and harmony, then you can boast a prosperous life.

Most people realize that we live in wonderful world, that is very bountiful, and this world was created for you, it freely offers all that abundance, for your enjoyment.

The problem is that even though this is an abundant world, we still have to contend with man’s greed which causes poverty and starvation in many countries.

Luckily, you probably live in a part of the world were there isn’t any shortage, and more than sufficient for everyone. Even so, you don’t receive your share automatically, you have to discover how to attract and receive the prosperity you want, using the Law of Attraction and other tools.

Wayne Dyer said, Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.

So is Money Important?

You often hear people say “Its just money, it isn’t important”, but try telling that to a mother who needs a life saving operation for her sick child, or the father of five whose mortgage payment is overdue. Of course money is of the highest importance to us all.
Admittedly, as I said earlier, money doesn’t buy happiness, and it is true that many wealthy people are often miserable, but usually for other reasons than lack of money. Even so, I think that you will agree with me when I say that not having enough money, as a rule brings stress, strife and unhappiness.
Just think about it – having sufficient money for your needs and your dreams certainly lightens your burdens, and allows you to provide for your family and even give to others less fortunate than yourself. Having plenty of surplus money also enables you to experience and enjoy the world around you, opening doors of opportunity that would otherwise be closed.
The first step in building wealth is to accept that you deserve to be wealthy as much as anyone else. By making this decision you open the gateway of your mind and before long you will start receiving all the abundance you could possibly wish for.

You live in an Incredibly Abundant World

Are you beginning to see that you live in a generous world, with more than enough resources to provide abundantly, for everyone?

When you live your life caring not only for yourself but also for others, when you identify others’ needs and problems, and share with them, then you open a portal that allows the flow of abundance to move freely into your life. In order to do this you need to have more than enough surplus money to look after your own family as well as give to others.

Each time you are generous to the people in your life, you actually allow the flow of wealth to circulate in your own reality. It’s a paradox that the more you hold onto what you have, then the more likely it is that you will lose it, but conversely, the more generous you are, the wealthier you will be.

Basically, the laws of the universe dictate that what you give away will return to you, up to a hundredfold increase. By being able to give with no regrets, you send a message to the Universe that you do not fear insufficiency, and you do believe that resources flow to you, in a never ending stream.

Ask yourself this question: “are you creating a barrier to attracting prosperity by having thoughts of scarcity, unworthiness and disbelief”? When you think these types of thoughts you produce a poverty mentality, which in turn blocks the flow of abundance. Whatever the situation of the economy or stock market, you can still be well-off. Your income doesn’t depend upon these things, and at any time your sub-conscious mind can give you original creative ideas to use, that will generate riches for you now.

Little by little, you will begin to see that everything in this world consists of energy, which you are either attracting, or repelling at any point in time. The law of attraction states that your thoughts and beliefs can either attract wonderful things into your life or repel them. Now keep in mind the Law of Attraction works on the principle that whatever you think, feel and strongly focus on, is attracted to you.

If you believe that prosperity is for others, and that you don’t deserve it or cannot have it, your thoughts will attract a state of poverty to you. Now, as you come to believe that you deserve to do well, live well, enjoy good health and prosper, your thoughts will help you to attract all these beneficial things. It really is true that as we read in the Bible “as a man thinks so will he be”, therefore you have to discover your optimal way of thinking.

So now you have to choose between thinking “I’m not worthy” thoughts, and replace them with thoughts such as “out of all this abundance there is plenty for me and plenty for everyone”.
You will probably have been told at some time that money is the root of all evil, but in actual fact it is only an inanimate object, which can only be as good or bad as the use it is put too.

Let your thoughts focus upon this fact …………you’re an incredible, unique person, and you are the only person on the planet exactly like you. Now keep in mind that you are special and deserve to have the mastery to attract a wonderful life for yourself, and that you are entitled to be wealthy.

In order to live a generous rewarding life you need to be successful first, as you can’t give to others if you haven’t got a surplus to start with. The law of reciprocity and the law of vacuum work on the principle, that you can’t attract wealth to you, unless you are prepared to give of your surplus, thereby creating a vacuum that can then be refilled. Remember that if you stockpile what you have, it will remain static, or dwindle away completely, forming a stumbling block to further riches.

Now just, imagine what it would be like if you knew with certainty, that every time you gave something away you were opening the door to receive even more than you had given?

Now you are beginning to realise that wealth has to circulate to work – it has to flow to come into your life, and that means using and giving the money you receive, without worrying, thus creating a smooth flow, through you and back to you. With this newly learned knowledge, you now have the power to manifest money and the keep it flowing.

Deepak Chopra said: Life is a field of unlimited possibilities.

The Law of Attraction

You probably already know that this law is one of the most significant laws of the Universe, and the one that interacts with many of the other laws. Remember, as I said earlier, this law works on the principle that what you think about with focus and feel about most intensely manifests in your life. Isn’t that amazing, knowing that you have the power to constantly create your own life experience as you want it to be?

Now, as you become more aware that if you operate at a high level of vibration, that is, having thoughts and feelings of happiness, joy, success, and abundance, you will attract circumstances to you that will bring you more of these experiences. After a time, as you continue to experience what good vibrations feel like, you will naturally tune into them more and more.

As your knowledge continues to expand, you will quickly notice when you are giving out low vibrations, allowing thoughts and feelings of lack, poverty, depression and stress. That is the signal to change your energy, so you are attracting the circumstances you want.

The more you practice this law, the easier and easier you will find it to control your thoughts and emotions, allowing them to vibrate at a high level of attraction. Imagine what it would be like if the Law of Attraction became second nature to you? When you learn to understand and apply this law, on a regular basis, you will be directing your life along the path that is best for you.

Now let me ask you this, if you were to disregard the law of attraction, what would your life be like? Just think about it, more than likely your life would be haphazard, out of your control, and you would be either happy or sad depending on how you felt the majority of the time.

In order for the law to be under your authority you have to learn to control your thoughts and feelings. In just a short while, you will discover that there are many ways this can be done, as you progress through this book.

There are just four steps in using the law of attraction; step one, decide as clearly as you can exactly what you want, that is, what you are asking for; ………step two, think about what you want with excitement, see it, feel it, smell it, imagine what your life would be like when you get it. This raises your vibration in line with the universal energy to attract it to you; …………..step three, believe you are going to receive it, without any doubt in your mind, that is allowing it to be manifest into your life; ………….step four, take any action that will move you towards your goal.

How to Bless Others and Receive Blessing

Just think that when you bless others, and wish for their well being, you automatically open up the way for yourself to be blessed in a like manner.

Have you ever felt bitterness and resentment of another’s good luck? In that case, you are blocking yourself from receiving your own good fortune, forcing you to simply stay where you are, with never enough. Any adverse feelings you have about other people’s success, only attract negativity to you, so I encourage you to release any of these feelings, which are not helping you but are simply causing you damage.

Can you remember the wonderful feelings of success, times when you did well? Give others the opportunity to feel good and celebrate with them, when they do well.

You may feel that you want to choose who the ‘others’ are for you to bless. For that reason you may want, for example, to exclude the people you believe don’t deserve your good wishes, but by doing this you merely send out hostile vibrations and attract unwanted bad energy back.

Think about it – blessing even the folk you may not like, blesses you, as you are transmitting good energy. As you say the words of praise and kindliness to people, you are releasing the powerful energy that attracts the flow of abundance to you.

Wouldn’t it be awe-inspiring if you could regularly believe that you deserve to be happy and abundantly blessed, without doubting it for a moment? When you have this level of belief, the Universe has to deliver.

See yourself knowing without a doubt, that as money goes out, more will come in, in a never ending supply. Just think every time you bless someone and pray for their financial success, you are actually placing a request on the Universe to give you exactly the same.

Some wise soul once said: “We are so often caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey, especially the goodness of the people we meet on the way. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling, don’t overlook it”

How to Attract Abundance by the Power of Imagination

It is a fact that by using your imagination to see, feel and smell how things would be if you were already enjoying the prosperity you wish for, you set in motion the power of the universe to attract it to you. This is because the sub-conscious undertakes to balance your imagination with reality, beginning the process to attract to you exactly the condition you visualize.

Always, keep in mind that the law of attraction works by bringing to you whatever you focus on and feel deeply about. You can use this law to your advantage by focusing your imagination on exactly the life you want to be living. I suggest that you make a specific time each day to sit in a relaxed state, and let yourself daydream about your perfect life. By doing this you are initiating the universe into action on your behalf, bringing you the life of your dreams.

The whole universe is made up of energy. Your thoughts and feelings create energy, and that energy connects with energy around you, attracting the focus of your thoughts to you. That is why you must be aware of the type of thought activity you are sending out.

Everyone is aware that new discoveries generally make their creators a lot of money. Most of them would tell you that their ideas originated in their subconscious mind. For example, Einstein’s theory came to him in a dream, as ideas have for many other famous inventors.

One of the ways you can get new ideas is to ask for them from your subconscious mind. You can do this most effectively as you are falling to sleep at night. Just before you fall asleep, ask the Universal mind to download new ideas that you can use to increase your wealth. I suggest that you always take a pad and pen to bed with you, so that you can record any thoughts or dreams as soon as you wake. Your dreams and awakening thoughts are very elusive, and you rarely remember them later in the day.

Another way your super-consciousness mind can work for you is by using the power of meditation. When you are quiet, allow your conscious mind to open up your subconscious mind to receive new thoughts and ideas.

Your super-conscious mind is the source of your insight and is always at work in the background, finding solutions to your problems. The knack is to tap into that function of your mind, by meditating or dreaming, to access the ideas and answers you need, when you are relaxed.

It is a good idea to stimulate your imagination by watching good documentaries, and read a diverse range of books and magazines. Take time to talk to interesting people, and read the newspapers, so that you are up to date with the latest discoveries. Stay interested in all that is happening around you and this will help you generate interesting and creative ideas.

Eileen Caddy tells us: “The secret of making something work in your lives is first of all, the deep desire to make it work; then the faith and belief that it can work; then to hold that clear definite vision in your consciousness and see it working out step by step, without one thought of doubt or disbelief”

Discover how to Control your Negative Thinking

You will probably find that it is difficult to let go of your negative thoughts. There are techniques for doing this, and first of all you need to monitor your thoughts, words and emotions, keeping in mind that it is your strong emotions which ultimately count. The emotions you feel create the energy which attracts your abundance or lack of it. When you feel good emotions, feelings of kindness, contentment, joyfulness, generosity and happiness, then you are attracting exactly the positive kind of energy you want.

It would be unrealistic to expect to change your thinking and emotional state overnight, because you have most likely been operating in an automatic, negative mode, for many years. The years of self-recrimination and pessimistic thinking, and limiting self-beliefs will have been programmed into your mind as a habit, and it will take time to unlearn that way of thinking and replace it with the correct, positive, constructive way of thinking, to reprogram your core beliefs.

To begin with, try to monitor your way of thinking and speaking, and when you find yourself being critical or angry for instance, make a deliberate effort to think or say a something positive and re-conciliatory. After a while, you will probably find it easier just to monitor your emotions than analyzing every word you say or think. Simply ask yourself several times a day, “how am I feeling?” then you will easily see if you need to adjust your attitude.

Imagine what it would be like if you could enjoy life and attract exactly what you wanted, all the time. After all, your natural state should be one of joy, and you can achieve that state if you monitor and correct your thoughts on a regular basis.

Your body is programmed to seek out good feelings, and when you can’t achieve them in normal life, it can cause you to search for them in other ways, usually in the wrong areas which can lead to addictions. People drink alcohol, take drugs or shop excessively in order to forget their unhappy lives. These activities can be in themselves destructive, they only bring short term relief, causing the person to sink deeper and deeper into their unhappiness, creating many more unwanted problems.

There is a much better way of achieving the happiness that you want, and that is to begin to raise your level of thinking and thereby your way of living in the world. Each time you find yourself beginning to slide into a negative spiral, find a thought that will reverse the direction, to lift you into a better emotional state.

For example, you may have lost your job for some reason. You start to think that you won’t get another one you like, or one that pays as well. This leads on to other negative thoughts. How will you manage to financially cover the period between jobs? Etc. etc.

To reverse the cycle you may deliberately decide to think, “When one door closes, another opens”. “I didn’t really enjoy that job, and now I have the opportunity to enter a field that I really like”. On the other hand, you may decide it is just the opportunity to re-train in another field, or start your own business.

The idea is to find the thoughts that will make you feel better, and then intensify those thoughts, until you are feeling happier and more positive. In the situation mentioned you have a much better chance of finding new employment, when you are thinking right, than if you come across as desperate by allowing wrong thoughts to control your mind.

It is a good idea to use a notebook to monitor your successes. It may be noting a small success, such as remembering to say your affirmations, or resisting that piece of chocolate cake.

You will find that as you write down each successful action you can think off, you will be retraining your mind, to think in a more positive way. Little by little, you will begin raising your good vibrations, and before long you’ll become a magnet for success and prosperity.

You can use the methods in this book to help you to start reasoning in a way that is going to attract what you want, and ward off what you don’t want to manifest. Imagine you are creating your life experience every minute of every day, by the thoughts you are thinking. Are you beginning to see that you do literally change your life by changing your thinking?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself”

Unlocking Your Natural Talents

You were created with unique talents and abilities, the exact mixture of which no-one else in the entire world has. You are intended to use these gifts, and as you do, they will expand, gaining you the ability to maximize your potential beyond anything you could imagine.

Now, let me ask you this, are you making the best of the talents you have been given, and improving them by all means available? Really think about it, have you studied and expanded your knowledge in the areas that you naturally excel?

If not, this can be achieved by reading books, taking courses, studying under mentors, learning from your successes and mistakes as you go. Like any learning process, it is hard at first, especially if it has been a long time since you did any studying, but as you practice, it will become easier for you to progress.

Now, as you become more adept at programming your sub-conscious mind, you can ask for guidance in the areas of your talents, and then imagine creative ideas being given to you, ideas that empower you to use your gifts, to generate prosperity.

The power of your thoughts and feelings generate action on your part, and it is those actions that create amazing changes in your life.

Erica Jong an American novelist tells us: “Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads”

Why you should Create a Vacuum

Imagine what it would be like if you were a hoarder, holding on to every piece of rubbish that you owned. Before too long you would be swamped and be pushed out of your own home, and it would all still be rubbish. There would be nothing worth keeping.
The Law of Vacuum works on the principal that when you hold on to things that are old and worn out or no longer useful to you, you don’t leave room to receive anything new.
This is one of the paradoxes of life, that when you hold onto things too tightly, you create a blockage to receiving, and doing this can in fact make you lose the very things you are trying to protect. This is true in relationships as well as possessions.
Set time aside to clean out your wardrobe, giving away anything that doesn’t fit you, or hasn’t been worn for a long time. It is amazing how creating that space in your wardrobe, attracts new clothing that you really want.
Do the same thing in each room of your house, getting rid of the clutter, simplifying your life. Many of your ornaments, books, tapes, unused gadgets and even furniture could be culled, not only attracting new articles to you by creating a vacuum, but also clearing your home and your mind, which will bring you a sense of peace.

Choosing Phenomenal Relationships

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the people that you mix with most often had a strong positive effect on your well-being? Psychologists tell us that when you regularly associate with positive, happy people, you are much happier yourself. It makes sense, doesn’t it, that the people who give off life-giving and uplifting energy will pass that same energy to you.

Imagine what it would be like if all the people you mixed with were the sort of people who encouraged you, motivated you, and helped you to refine your ideas and aspirations.

Clearly, negative, complaining or simply unhappy people can be toxic, draining away your own positive energy, as they give off their negativity and unhappiness. They are the type of friends who will always shoot down any good ideas you have, because they feel threatened by anything which will take you further ahead of them. Avoid these people like the plague.

Let me ask you about the people in your own life, who are the friends, or should I say, energy vampires that drain you and give nothing back? You’ve got to wonder how you have put it with them all this time. So why not examine your relationships critically, and decide whether it may be time to let go of those people who are actually harming you.

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying “how can I abandon my friends who are in need?” I am not saying that you don’t help friends who have a genuine need, or friends who have hit a temporary bad patch, but there are some people who you know, deep down, that can’t be helped. You just know that they enjoy complaining, and need an audience. Make sure that audience is not you!

After you have carefully considered that the right thing to do is to distance yourself from the energy vampires in your life, do so gently, with forgiveness and goodwill towards them. The fact of the matter is that by releasing these people, you gain the freedom of new energy into your life, and a vacuum which attracts positive and compatible people to you.

Envision yourself being able to make exciting and positive new friends. Now keep in mind when making new friends, tread carefully at first, don’t get too close until you really know the person, ensuring that they are optimistic, upbeat people who will enhance your life and not drain it.

You can’t always tell what a person is like until you have met with them a few times. As a general rule when you first meet someone, give them the benefit of the doubt, they may be having a bad day, or you may be misinterpreting their actions. After a time, as you get to know them, you will be able to evaluate them in a number of situations, and then with that knowledge, you are in a position to make a decision about pursuing that friendship, or not.

Dale Carnegie tells us: “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you”.

Prosperity Habits Explained

Picture yourself five years from now. Will your life be the same as it is now, or better? Imagine what it would be like if during this time, you had changed all your bad habits, and replaced them with good ones. You probably know that you can’t just train yourself to stop them. The truth is that you can only replace one habit with another habit. Therefore, in order to be successful in changing routine unsatisfactory behavior, you need to concentrate on a rewarding new habit, and substitute it in your behavioral patterns. You’ve probably heard that you need to practice a new routine for thirty days, in order for it to take hold and supersede an old one, and that is true.

A good habit to work on initially, is taking actions that build up your self-mage. As mentioned earlier, the more that your value yourself, convincing yourself that you are worthy to receive and enjoy your prosperity, the more success you will have. You can see that without this basic belief in yourself, whatever else you do can’t succeed, because you will convince yourself that you don’t deserve it. Work on one habit at a time, using the tools provided, to ensure that you progress with new and useful habits.

For instance, when you are out shopping, saying to yourself “I can’t afford these”, or similar negative words, reinforces that poverty mentality. Instead, say “I don’t choose to purchase these items at this time”, allowing an opening for you to attract the items to yourself, in the future.

When you have adjusted your mind set, you can then work on the practical methods of attracting wealth into your life. Some of these include actions such as working to a budget, saving regularly, thinking before squandering money on luxuries which do not appreciate in value, and keeping track of spending.

I suggest that you seriously study the habits of the wealthy, finding ways to develop these same traits yourself. I can tell you that most wealthy people don’t squander money on things which depreciate quickly, such as motor vehicles and the latest technology toy. Instead, they think carefully about their purchases, and invest their money in items which appreciate in value, such as property, land, fine art, and antiques, thereby increasing their wealth.

Here’s the bottom line: be aware of how much you owe, and know what you are spending. A new study, recently conducted, has shown that those who know their true financial situation spend a lot less, and start to pay off their debts. If you don’t know how you stand financially you will carry on as if you had all the money in the world, and dig a deep hole for yourself. I urge you to be aware then, of all aspects of your spending and income.

The fact of the matter is that when you learn about finances and work out a budget, you are in control. Just the fact of being in control reduces the stress, enabling you to make more rational and considered decisions. The first thing you should do is pay off your debts. Debts are costly with interest rates and penalty rates, especially on Credit cards. Once you have worked out a strategy to pay off your debts, then work out a savings plan and invest part of your income.

Doing these practical things actually helps the law of attraction to work for you, as you start to control your spending you feel less stressed, and when you are feeling better, you of course attract better things to you.

Henry Miller an American Author said: “Life is constantly providing us with new funds, new resources, even when we are reduced to immobility. In life’s ledger there is no such thing as frozen assets”

Secrets of Setting Goals

Most people know that goal setting is of the utmost importance, in order to achieve a prosperous and abundant life. If you do not plan, you plan to fail. Think about this – when you are setting off on a journey, you plan your route rather than just setting off in whichever direction takes your fancy, hoping for the best. Here’s the bottom line – most people put more energy into planning their vacation than they do into planning their life!

To set and achieve your goals you first have to generate an intense desire for them. Your goals have to be personally important to you, and they must be your goals, ones that will bring you personal happiness and prosperity. I encourage you to not allow fear of failure to stop you making bold goals, as the stronger you feel about the goals you set, the more likely you are to achieve them.

Next, you must believe you can reach your goals with all your heart. When you have faith in yourself, this in turn activates your subconscious mind to use its natural goal seeking ability, to push you towards success.

Even though I am encouraging you to seek big goals they obviously need to be within your capability. Because you are learning and improving all the time, your goals can grow progressively over time, so you should regularly review your goals and expand them.

Always write down your prosperity goals, placing them on your list in order of importance. Then write down the first step you need to take to achieve your goal, then the second step, and so on, in order to move in the right direction.

Make goals for each area of your life such as financial, relationships, friendships, health and spiritual goals. Then make a list of all the ways that you would benefit from reaching them.

Write down where you stand at this point, for instance how much you have in your savings account, and then how much you intend to have. Then make another list of all the small steps that you need to take each day, in order to reach that goal.

Have a think about the people or mentors that could help you reach your goals, and contact them. Each day review and adjust your goals and the steps to reach them. Every day, take a step towards your goals in the one or two areas that you are seeking to improve on. Imagine what it would feel like as each goal is reached, remembering that the emotion of experiencing what life would be like for you when that goal is achieved, is the energy that is drawing that reality to you.

What are you looking forward to in your future? Where will you be in five or ten year’s time? The future can be exciting when you imagine the wonderful possibilities there are, and set goals to make them a reality.

Taking any action to set a goal, whether it is writing it down, cutting out an article or picture or even saying “this is what I want” all of these things initiate the vibration energy that starts attracting that goal into reality.

Norman Vincent Peale one of the great goal setters of our time said: “All successful people have a goal. No one can get anywhere unless he knows where he wants to go and what he wants to be or do”

The Power of the Spoken Word

Can you recall what a critical word from someone you love feels like? The criticism probably affected you for days, if not for years. It is obvious that not only the thoughts that you think, but also the words that you speak or are spoken to you, affect your life tremendously.

I am sure you realize that the words you say are extremely powerful, and can have a very strong influence on other people. The truth is that the spoken word gives out a strong energy, which not only affects you, but those around you.

Your speech is very seldom neutral, but is usually either positive or negative. At the end of the day, you reap the results for every idle word that you say, as these words affect your life. It is essential that you try not to be a fault finder, boaster, grumbler or complainer. Talking to people in this way not only affects them, but has a great detrimental impact on your own well-being.

Your own words are building blocks in your development, and they decide the direction your life will take. It goes without saying that the situation you are in at this point, and the character you have developed at this moment in time, has been built up over time by your thoughts, actions, and the words you have spoken. You have literally created the life you are now living.

It makes sense therefore, to be extremely careful not to say negative things. You know that one negative statement can stay with you for life, but the positive ones are easily forgotten. You will have heard it said that for every negative statement you make to a child, you have to counter it with ten positive ones to repair the damage.

Remember your childhood; were there times that your self-image was impacted in a negative fashion? Clearly, children are particularly sensitive to the words they hear, especially from their parents and teachers. Recognize that children are in the greatest learning phase of their young lives, and they pick up on even very subtle influences, from their family and friends.

Ask yourself this question – is there is a particular comment or criticism which has stayed with you from your childhood? For instance, did someone say to you “you never finish anything” or “you are hopeless at drawing”? If thoughts from these times still bother you, then I suggest that you heal yourself to clear the effects of these negative statements.

You can do this by doing “Mirror Work” – that is by looking at yourself in a mirror, and say out loud to yourself all the positive things that you can think of. Say things like “I love you” “I am special” “I am unique” I am talented and loved by everyone” etc. Give yourself the nurture and praise that you may have lacked as a child. It is possible in this way to re-parent yourself, by using this sort of self-talk to re-build your self-esteem.

An affirmation is a positive statement that you repeat out loud to strengthen good habits, and use the positive words to draw good energy you need. The important thing is to choose affirmations which are tailor made for you. The way to do this is think of areas of your life which you would like to improve, then make up affirmations which address those areas. For example, you may have a liking for french-fries that is not serving you well. In this case you could say something like “I choose to eat nourishing and healthy food”

For more ideas and affirmation CDs to listen to, please visit on the site you will also find free affirmations that you can print out to use each day.

It is a good idea to develop the habit of saying your affirmations daily, out loud, with feeling. I can tell you that the results will be surprising, and you will find that good things will start to manifest into your life almost immediately. You will wonder how you went for so many years speaking trouble into your life, when you could have been choosing to speak prosperity and abundance instead.

You can read in the bible that you have a choice, a choice to choose life or death. The choice is made by the words that you say and the thoughts that you think. In fact, you are actually choosing life or death. Think about it – have you ever heard someone say “Such and such disease runs in the family, and I am bound to get it!” And what happens? They eventually develop the disease. You always get what you ask for. That is the law of attraction.

Frank Outlaw has these words of wisdom:
Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Learning to Manage Your Thoughts

Just think – your brain is working all the time, even when you are asleep. Are you aware that your brain is approximately only 2% of your body weight, and yet it uses 20-30% of your energy? That is why long periods of mental work can be so draining. So, it’s a good idea to ensure that your energy output is put to good use, and not wasted on flawed thinking.

When your thoughts are negative and worrying, they trigger the body’s automatic ‘fight or flight’ systems, producing powerful chemicals which cause the heart to beat faster, your breathing to increase, and changes in the way the blood is circulated. If you are constantly in a state of nervous tension, these chemicals are released into your blood stream all the time, and eventually cause diseases such as cancer, arthritis and chronic fatigue. If you are always in a state of stress and tension, you are constantly producing, wear and tear on your body!

Let me ask you a question – are your thoughts mainly pessimistic and negative, outnumbering the positive uplifting ones? If so, you are almost certainly constantly in a state of tiredness, unhappiness and despondency, which not only spoils your enjoyment of life, but also ultimately shortens it!

If you think about it, it is difficult to produce creative and productive thoughts, and make dynamic logical plans and goals, when most of your thought energy is being wasted and you feel tired.

You can see how important it is to manage your thoughts, channeling them into the areas which will bring about the best results. Why not notice, and write down your thoughts for a day, and see how many of them are good and how many are not.

If you do this, you will instantly see the thoughts that need changing. Do you recall the way to change them? Simply examine each thought pattern, and then come up with a better feeling thought, to replace it with. Even if you can’t think of a completely positive thought in exchange, think of one that will move you forward, but make sure it’s credible. For instance “I always seem to say negative things to my children” can be changed to “I am getting better each day in praising my children and catching them doing something right”

As you know, prosperity means different things to different people, and you need to take time to define for yourself what it means to you. When you have worked out what you want, then you can start projecting your energy to attract those things to you.

Imagine your special wishes – financial security, a beautiful house, a sports car, a boat, or something else?

Once you have decided the main desire you want to manifest, hold that thought and build on it, using conceptual pictures to strengthen your mental image, building up a detailed picture of what life will be like for you when you achieve your objective. Have a store of these images in your mind that you can bring to the fore whenever you find yourself straying off into negative or anxious thoughts.

You have a choice – you can do the work to take control your thoughts, or you can continue to let any random thought energy run your life for you. Imagine what you could do, if you gain control of your thought life.

A quotation from A Course in Miracles says: “You may believe that you are responsible for what you do, but not for what you think. The truth is that you are responsible for what you think, because it is only at this level that you can exercise choice. What you do comes from what you think”

How to Give Generously and Receive Freely

The universe operates by means of natural laws which sometimes seem paradoxical to us. One of those laws is the Law of Giving, which is particularly significant in the area of prosperity.

It may help you to relate to the law of giving a little easier as you listen to the following illustration about relationships.

Isn’t it true that when you genuinely love someone, you give to them, both physically and emotionally, without the need for them to give back? As you know, this is called unconditional love.

When you give to another without any thought of return, it is usually reciprocated by that person, as they understand and respect your love for them, and appreciate your attention. You can see that this produces a relationship of mutual trust and respect. It is true that as you give, you receive.

On the other hand, if you love someone in a selfish way, you will quickly find that your love is not reciprocated. That is because the more you try to hold on, the more they pull away from you. You can clearly see, can’t you, that you have to give to receive?

This is the reason why people who are jealous end up losing relationship after relationship. Jealousy is simply the fear of rejection. The more you try to control your partner’s actions, the more they will try to resist, until they break away from you completely.

And as you absorb this information, you’ll see that the law of giving works in the area of wealth in the same way. In every instance, the act of giving produces a generosity of spirit, which in turn activates the prosperity vibration. You will immediately experience the energy, and release a flow of abundance that is working in your favor.

You will soon discover that the fastest way to enter this flow of abundance is to start giving. You should get really exited about this, as it is so easy to do. Maybe you are thinking that you haven’t anything much to give, but don’t worry, you can always give the simple things, like a listening ear, or by helping someone with their grocery bags. As you go about your day, be on the watch for ways to help people, and as you do, the Universal tap will be turned on, and the prosperity river will begin to flow.

Now, let me ask you this, is it worth holding onto your possessions, time and money, when you know that is working against the law of giving? The Universe can and will return to you up to a hundredfold of what you give.

Kahil Gibran tells us that: “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give”.

Discover how to Develop Your Intuition

What is your intuition and how can it help you to prosper? Intuition or sixth sense is merely your subconscious guiding you. Usually it guides you by giving you a feeling of peace or uneasiness. As you can see, to use your sixth sense to your advantage, it is necessary to check in on your intuitive feelings. For instance, when you meet someone new, or have a decision to make, take a moment to ask yourself “what am I feeling about this person or this situation”?

If you are feeling good, then go ahead, but if you feel that sick twist in your stomach, then think twice about proceeding. Also consider that if you start justifying a decision, to make it fit with either what you think you should do, or fit with another person’s idea of what you should do, it is probably wrong.

Really think about it – even if the path you are about to take seems to be against everyone else’s wishes, but you can feel a deep feeling of peace, then take notice, your sub-conscious is guiding you.

Try not to jump into decisions if you can feel nothing either way, but wait until you feel that tranquil place, a feeling of peace about the situation which tells you that you are making the right choice.

It helps to pray for the right outcome or answer to be given to you but even then, wait a little longer if need be. Wait until you really get that feeling of peace before you take any action at all. Although this is sometimes difficult to do, over time, as you get used to checking on your intuitive feelings, making good decisions will become second nature.

So, to recap, practice programming your sub-conscious mind, waiting, and listening for guidance from your spirit about every decision you have to make. Before long, you will find that your life begins to run more smoothly, and you begin to prosper in all parts of your life.

Don’t forget – your present life situation is the culmination of all the decisions that you have ever made. To improve your life, improve your decision making ability. You can easily see that it doesn’t take many right decisions to achieve a complete turnaround in any situation.

Lucia Capacchione said: “We belittle our intuition, calling it only a hunch, and therefore not to be taken too seriously. I encourage you to take your hunches and intuitions very seriously. They contain some of your highest, most profound insights and wisdom”.

The Gift of Discernment

Discernment is similar to intuition, but it is a gift that is more spiritual in nature. It is an inner knowing, or insightfulness, which cannot be explained in the natural. It is a meeting of souls, and the God given ability which enables your spirit to supernaturally interact with another person’s spirit. When this meeting of souls takes place, you instinctively know the truth about a situation or person.

Take this example: You could be thinking of entering into a partnership with someone, or doing a business deal, which in the natural way seems to be profitable and exciting. However, if you have thought carefully about it, meditated on the pros and cons, and still feel uncomfortable, even if there is no specific clue as to why, listen to your inner voice and don’t go ahead.

An acquaintance of mine in New Zealand, who is quite wealthy, is a man who listens to his inner spirit. He told me how, during a time of prayer, he felt that he should change his investments from the Stock Market into property. He wisely obeyed this inner voice, liquidated all his stock market investments, and shortly after, the 1987 stock market crashed but his money was safe.

Another American friend was offered an opportunity to invest in a successful company, at a very advantageous rate of return. As you can imagine, he was very excited about this once-in-lifetime opportunity, and made arrangements to raise the capital needed.
Wisely, he put the situation into his sub-conscious mind to be worked upon, and before long, began to feel uneasy about the investment. After further confirmation, he heeded this inner warning, and declined to invest.
Over the next couple of years, the company was one of the stars of the business world, growing at a phenomenal rate, and of course he felt that he had missed the boat. However, a year later, the company suddenly collapsed, and many of the board of directors were prosecuted for fraud. The value of his investment would have been completely lost, along with his reputation.
As I am sure you will agree, from these two examples, discernment is a valuable tool. Certainly it needs practice, but the gift is already there, and can be accessed by meditating, getting quiet, until your inner spirit speaks. As you sit quietly, the thoughts and feelings will gently rise up, and you will receive that special knowing from within your soul.
Please be encouraged, as before long, you will become accomplished at listening to your inner spirit, and will wonder how you managed before.

How to Profit from Fairness

You will have heard of the old saying, “what goes around comes around”. If you think about it, this is the basis for all religions, “do onto others as you would have them do onto you”. This is also one of the secrets of the universal laws, as they basically work on that same principle.
All you have to remember is to be decent and ethical in your dealings, and on balance you will always receive fairness in return. On the other hand, if your behavior runs contrary to this rule of fairness, it is likely that you will, on balance, be treated in the same way, to your detriment.
When you act selfishly, you may believe that you have gained an advantage, and actually you may prosper for a time, but there is no doubt that ultimately the balance will turn against you, and eventually you will pay the cost.
Are you beginning to see that the balance of the universe is fixed? In the end everything balances out, and your efforts will eventually prosper if they are based on good practice and fairness. As your view continues to expand you will realize, that when you misuse people or misuse your wealth, you may prosper in the short term, but in the course of time justice will always catch up with you.
So as you can see, this is another easy way to create abundance, merely by being fair to everyone.

Uncover Self-fulfilling Prophecies

You may not realize how potent the power of self-suggestion is, and how it can make or break your future. Now keep in mind you are always programming yourself, be it for success or failure. But if you think about it, you are probably operating on automatic pilot most of the time.

As we have discussed, when your thoughts and beliefs hold the suggestion that you are wealthy, then of course you will be. You will know from past experience, that when you have acted with confidence, everything automatically flows well for you. If you hold the idea in your mind that you always make a mess of your life, then of course your expectations will be fulfilled. You program yourself by whatever you are continually thinking of with passion.

It is the way you picture yourself that creates the self-fulfilling prophecy for you. For instance, if you continuously picture yourself as a successful person, enjoying the fruits of your labor, then you are programming yourself for success. On the other hand, if you see yourself struggling with everything you try to do, what happens? Before long your sub-conscious mind will try to balance out that scenario and you end up in the situation you imagined, but where you do not want to be.

You can see it’s essential that you check your thoughts regularly, making sure that you are thinking positively, and about the way you want things to eventuate. When you find negative and destructive thoughts coming to the fore, counter them, and consciously think of positive, uplifting and successful thoughts instead.

Imagine what you could do if you were to use affirmations and visualization to reprogram your thinking. In an amazingly short time you could turn the tide and be harvesting the benefits of success. It is so simple. Choose the right words, repeat them out loud on a daily basis until they have taken root in your mind, work towards making your dreams come true, and very shortly you will have changed your circumstances for the better.

Brian Tracey tells us: “You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts”.

Letting go of Worry & Fear

If you think about it, worry is simply a form of negative prayer. We read in the bible about Job, who said the famous words “that which I greatly feared came upon me”. This is one of the best examples of a self-fulfilling prophecy I have ever read, as he ended up losing everything he had worried about losing.

Worry and obsessing about your fears, attracts to you the very things that you don’t want. When you worry, you are inviting negativity in, which also has the effect of draining your energy, leaving you with little or no reserves to effect any change. Worry is destructive. It causes illness, disease and premature aging. You definitely need to avoid it at all costs.

Clearly, it all comes down to developing the ability to monitor and control your thinking. From now on, whenever you catch yourself worrying, immediately affirm to yourself that 99 per cent of the things you worry about never happen anyway, and even the 1 per cent that do occur are seldom as bad as you imagine them to be.

Even if bad things do happen, worrying about them does not change the situation, and just means that you live through the bad things for a longer time. For instance, if you have to go into hospital for an operation, worrying about it for days or weeks beforehand doesn’t change the situation, it just means that you have suffered the operation many times over before even going into hospital, probably imagining it as worse than it actually is.

As you know, your imagination is very powerful, and your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between strong imagination and reality. That means that when you worry, your subconscious mind is being programmed to bring that worry into reality. Now that’s a scary thought!

So when you find yourself being a worry wart, think through all the different aspects of the situation, logically consider all the possible outcomes, making sure that you concentrate on the positive ones, do something where you can, then release the situation from your conscious mind and let events take their course.

Decide before hand that If you catch yourself worrying about the same situation again and again, that you will find a distraction to take your mind off it. At the same time you will replace the negative and destructive thoughts with positive ones, such as your goals and dreams. All you need to do is make a conscious effort to think about something pleasant, or indeed, physically do something pleasant.

One of the ways you can put worry into perspective is to ask yourself “is this situation, life threatening”? Then if your life is not in imminent danger, it is just not worth your energy, worrying about it.

By training yourself to do this, you will find that it will eventually become second nature to you. Someone once said “I am an old man and have had many troubles, but most of them never happened”.

Bob Proctor advises you that: “You must begin to understand, therefore, that the present state of your bank account, your sales, your health, your social life, your position at work etc., is nothing more than the physical manifestation of your previous thinking. If you sincerely wish to change or improve your results in the physical world, you must change your thoughts, and you must change them immediately.”

Learn to Ask and Receive

How does the Universe know what you want, unless you ask? I can hear you saying, “How do you ask?” In actual fact you are asking all the time, through the energy you create, by the way that you feel. You are creating that energy by every thought you think, and every word you say. These actions are producing the emotion that in turn, produces the energy that attracts everything to you.
Another way of asking is to inquire of your sub-conscious mind, expecting it to generate prosperous ideas for you or to give you answers to problems. The ideal way to do this is to ask yourself questions as you fall asleep at night, and you will find that the answers will come, either in a dream, or they will formulate in your mind during the night.
A third way of asking is by prayer; that is, telling God what you would like to happen in the life, and asking for his help.
Always remember that your sub-and super-conscious minds are connected on a quantum level with everything else in the universe. By asking your mind to work on your behalf, you are setting in motion the energy of the universe to work for you.

The ‘Let’s Spend’ Game

Of course, you realize by now, that you can stop the flow of financial blessings by having the wrong mind-set. You may feel that you don’t deserve to be financially well-off, because you haven’t really expanded your thinking beyond the level you find yourself in at this moment in time.
If this is the case, then this is a great game to play. It will open up your prosperity consciousness, and give you the ability to receive personal wealth.
You can either play the game alone, or with a friend. It’s very easy to play with a friend by emailing each other once a day, helping one another to remember to do it.
It really is amazing what happens when you start to play this game. It’s like a blockage is washed away, and you begin to receive financially from places that you wouldn’t have dreamed you could before.
As you play this game, you find that the more money you have to spend, the more you decide to give away, matching the pattern of the universal law of giving.
Try it and see for yourself.

Let’s Spend

The first day you have an imaginary 1,000 dollars to spend. Write this down and then decide how you would like to spend it. Be detailed in listing how much you spend and on what.

It is a good idea to decide to give away at least ten per cent to a charity or people you know that are in need, before you spend the remainder on yourself.

The second day you double it. $2,000 is available for you to spend today, and continue in this way, each day doubling the amount you allow yourself to spend. By the eleventh day you will have $1,024,000 to spend, in a single day.

You can play as long as you like but fourteen days is a good length of time to open up the channels in your mind, to begin thinking like a millionaire.

On day fourteen will have the staggering amount of $8,192,000.00 to spend, in just one day.

Remember, the whole amount has to be spent that day, and you can’t leave any over to spend the next day.

You will find this a real eye-opener, as the things you thought you would buy will differ greatly as you progress in the game, and you will be surprised at how much you find out about yourself.

Have fun!

The bible tells us: “Bring the full tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house; and thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you an overflowing blessing.

This is again, the principle of giving. The more you give the more you receive.

Secrets to attracting abundance into your life

Abundance in every area of your life is available freely for everyone, but you have to attract it and receive it. Receiving wealth is also a mental concept, not just a physical one – it is the concept of allowing. In order to allow prosperity to show up for you, you have to be in a state of mind that believes that you deserve it, and that it comes easily to you.
As you now know, the basic principle of attracting what you want into your life is to ask, believe that you will receive what you ask for, and then to receive it. Also remember that the secret is to ask with emotion, and the stronger the emotion that you put into your request, the quicker you will receive.
To reinforce the attraction factor you should be thankful and grateful for all that you have already received. If you fail to be grateful for what you have already received then the universe has no interest in giving more to you.
Here is a list of some practical ways you can invite and pull towards you the desires of your heart, whether it is money, cars, homes or improved relationships. If you practice the following beneficial ideas your life will quickly change dramatically.
1. Be careful not to allow negative media to enter your mind. Watch uplifting television programs; select the newspaper and magazine articles that you read. Your mind is a like a computer, what you put in so you get out.
2. Spend time with inspiring people. Spend less time with friends who are depressing and negative. Gently ease them out of your life and go out of your way to attract friends who uplift and encourage you.
3. Use visualization to attract your desires. Relax into a comfortable chair and imagine that you are driving that dream car or living in your dream house. Walk through each room and see each one furnished and decorated exactly as you wish.
4. Express your desires by saying “wouldn’t it be nice if…………………..” You may find this an easier way of asking than by being more direct, because you must believe that you are going to receive what you ask for.
5. Make yourself a goal book or create a vision board, or box. Into these you can put cuttings from magazines, of anything you want. It could be a picture of a dream location you would like to visit, a wardrobe of new clothes, or you may write down the income you believe is the right amount for you to have, or the balance you would like to see in your bank account. Open the book or box every morning and every evening and look at each picture and imagine with as much feeling as you can, as if you already own each item.
6. Write out a check to yourself, drawn on the account of the universe. Fill in the amount you would like to receive and the date you believe you can receive it by. Put this somewhere that you can see it several times a day.
7. Imagine an event that you would like to happen in your life, writing the scene out as if you were writing an essay. For instance, if you wanted to go on a special trip, how you would travel – would it be first class? What would you see on the way, what would you do when you got there? Who would be traveling with you? I think you get the idea. Before too long after reading this essay every day and imagining the trip with strong emotion, you will find that trip happening for real.
8. A cautionary note here. Be careful what you ask for! Sometimes it may not be in your best interests, although of course you think it is. Or you may be shortchanging yourself for what you could have had. Be careful to add to any request “this or something better”
9. When your request involves others you must also be careful to add “for my good and the good of all concerned”
10. The universe responds to your being grateful for what you have already. You can’t expect to attract even greater benefits to you if you aren’t grateful for what you already have and enjoy. You may think that you haven’t anything you are grateful for right now but you would be wrong. Can you see? Can you walk? Can you go to work? Did you wake up this morning and find yourself still alive? You get the idea. To enable you to really make this work for you, start a gratitude diary.
11. A useful tool for remembering to be grateful is to carry a small object such as a stone, and each time you feel it in your pocket send out a grateful thought into the universe. The universe will respond in giving you even more to be grateful for.
12. Give words of appreciation freely to your family, friends and fellow workers. Do this regularly and often and the response will be phenomenal, and you will wonder why you haven’t always done it.
13. Always go the extra mile to be helpful. What you give you receive back, even if it’s not from the person that you help. The universe will always reward a good deed many times over.
14. Act as if what you wish for has already been granted. If you are searching for a better job, then dress and act as if you are already in the position that you want.
15. Appreciate other people. No one is all bad, and if you look for the good in others you will find it. Doing this lifts your mood and a good mood is the power that attracts to you what you want. Irritation, hate, vengeance or any of the negative emotions that you feel towards others, lowers the vibrations that you send out, and attracts negativity. Love and appreciation improve your mood, and that feeling attracts good to you.

Here are a few other tips for you.

Everyone knows that stress causes illness and disease. Try using a method of relaxation or meditation to eliminate as much stress as possible. Remember that ninety per cent of situations that we stress about never happen. If you were to die today those stresses would be of no consequence, so why not let them just roll off your back now, and replace the stressful thoughts with ones of your greatest dreams and desires. You can get into the habit of changing your thoughts to more pleasant ones with daily practice.
Focus is the key to realizing your desires. Focus with feeling every day on what you do want and spend as little time as possible on what you don’t want.
Use affirmations to build your self-confidence. Write several out and pin them where you will see them often, then repeat them as often as possible. Self-confidence attracts wealth because you go into things with a positive attitude and know that you will succeed.
The creator of the universe is God, and it is He who has put the universal laws in motion. He created us to be in relationship with Him, and the way we can have this special relationship is to spend time with him, through prayer. It has been scientifically proven that prayer works. Open your heart in prayer, by first thanking Him for what you have, and then ask Him to give you the desires of your heart. Wait expectantly for God to answer.

Creating Prosperity Energy

Just imagine – the whole world is made up of quantum energy particles and is constantly vibrating, moving and interchanging. Isn’t that amazing? In order for you to draw that wealth energy to you, you have to tune in your energy to the same frequency.
You all know people who have a natural flow of energy, and enthusiasm for life, and you may be one of them. These folks seem to have unusually good health and demonstrate an air of serenity and competence. Positive prosperity energy is about being a whole, healthy and enthusiastic person that everyone loves to be around.
When the flow of positive energy is moving through you freely, you find you become more focused, have greater clarity in your thinking and it this state which increases your energy output.
Here are some ways you can achieve this flow of energy, so that you can easily attract all the prosperity you want:
See yourself living in a clean and uncluttered environment, as nothing repels prosperity more than a messy home, car or office. Look after yourself. Take the time to dress carefully, have a good hairstyle, wear polished shoes, and immediately you feel good about yourself, thus attracting good energy to you.
Be sure to drink plenty of water to wash out the toxins from your body, and choose good quality, fresh food to eat. As you already know, lots of bread, cakes and takeaways really clog up your system, as well as being bad for your health and weight. Positive energy finds it difficult to flow through a clogged digestive system. Fresh fruits, vegetables and salads are live foods and therefore energy giving foods. If most of your diet consists of these types of food you will soon begin to feel more energetic and lively.
Along with a healthy diet you need movement, to allow your energy to flow. Any type of exercise is good for energy flow, but especially walking out in nature. Walking through a forest or along the beach, allows you to draw in the life energy from the planet. As you walk, stop now and then, and breathe deeply. This will allow more of that natural energy to enter your body, and you will feel really great.
I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s important to keep track of your financial health. You know that you should pay bills on time and be aware of your financial situation. If you feel short of money try to spend less and maybe get a second job to increase your income. You will already recognize that spending your nights tossing and turning on account of financial lack is a big energy blocker.
If you have any objects in your house which bring bad memories to mind, please get rid of them. When you surround yourself with objects that are pleasant and uplifting to you, they will lift your energy vibration. Decorate your home in soft colors and comfortable furnishings and keep your house and contents in good repair. This will allow good energy to flow throughout your home.
I’m sure you can see the reason that you need to pay attention to all this energy in your daily environment. The more positive energy you can build up in your surroundings, the greater the flow of prosperity is drawn to you.
Catherine Ponder says: “When you realize that prosperity is your divine heritage, you should persist in claiming it”

Inside Secrets of Feeling Prosperous

How do you feel when you go shopping, or out to lunch with a friend? Do you feel confident and expect to have a wonderful time? Or do you feel that you have to please the shop assistant or the waiter, because you think they are better than you? For instance, the waiter brings you the wrong order, do you complain and insist on the meal you ordered, or do you sit and meekly eat it?
Perhaps you worry about whether you have the right clothes or appearance that you believe you should have to enter an up-market establishment? Do you feel confidence in yourself and your worth as a human being? If you don’t then you can see that the energy you are giving out is working against you. If this is you, then next time you go out somewhere, walk into the building as if you owned it, and you will be surprised at the quality of service you will get.
It is obvious, before you can change the outer world you have to change your inner one. Build your self-esteem up with appropriate affirmations; such as “I deserve wealth” I do belong in any place I choose to visit” Every one treats me with respect” etc.
The law of attraction is all about your inner thoughts and feelings that you hold about yourself. If you feel poor and underpaid, you will stay poor and underpaid. If you feel that your life and finances are improving, they will expand and improve.
Take time to daydream about how your life would look if it was perfect, spending time to build up your inner images about yourself and about your world. Imagine everything in detail and then look for even one small step you can take in the physical realm, to move you in that direction.
Andrew Young tells us: “I have about concluded that wealth is a state of mind, and that anyone can acquire a wealthy state of mind by thinking rich thoughts.”

Send me a miracle

Many people, who are short of money, start relying and waiting for a miracle. They are hoping to win lotto or to have some distant unknown relative leave them a fortune. And of course, it is possible that this could happen to relieve your financial burdens, but it doesn’t happen for most people.
If you are in trouble financially you need to take practical steps to help yourself. Firstly, I would suggest visiting an agency that can give you some good budgeting advice. Often local communities offer this service free of charge. This type of agency will help you work out a financial plan that works for you. They can also help you negotiate with creditors if necessary.
Secondly, find ways to raise some cash such as putting unwanted items on E bay or holding a garage sale. You may be able to work overtime to earn extra money, or get a second job for a time. When you are actively doing something to improve your income, you become less stressed and are then able to start attracting more of what you want.
Take care not to waste your money, by going on a money diet. Look for ways to curb your spending, and find other avenues to increase your income. At the same time you don’t need to and shouldn’t, discount a miracle. You can always use the power of prayer and ask for specific needs. At the end of the day, you may or may not receive a large miracle but many small ones can come along, that will improve your situation.
Even so, absolutely keep believing for a big miracle, they do happen.

The Parable of the Rich Family

One day a very rich father decided to take his family on a trip to the country. His son asked: “Why are we going to the country, dad?”
His father said, “Oh, I think that you take everything we have for granted, so I thought I would show you the difference between the rich and the poor.”
The family spent a week in the country, staying at an old farmhouse, belonging to a struggling farmer.
At the end of the week, the father asked his son, “How did you enjoy the holiday?”
His son said “It was really super, dad. Thanks!”
The father said “and did you see how poor people can be?”
The son replied “Yes, dad, I did.”
“And what did you learn from the trip?” his father asked.
“I saw that we have a pet dog at home, but that farmer had four really well trained dogs. We have a swimming pool in the garden, but that farmer and his family have a beautiful creek with fresh water that goes on forever. We have electric lamps in our garden, but did you see those stars and the moon? Our patio reaches to the front yard, but they have fields right to the horizon. You work in a stuffy office, but that farmer gets to be out in the fresh air all day!”
The boy thought for a moment, then said “Dad, you said you were going to show us how poor people can be, didn’t you? I get it – I didn’t realize how poor we are!”
This story illustrates that prosperity is very personal, and it depends on the way you look at things.
It is said that money is one of the easiest substances to manifest, but that is only part of the story. True prosperity is achieved, when you have a constant feeling of happiness and joy, and when all areas of your life are working well.
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Thank you for reading and may all your dreams come true.

Attract Great Relationships – Complete Book Free

Attract Great Relationships – Complete Book Free

Attract Great Relationships

Think back to when you were a child, and were totally dependent on members of your family for everything.

The Universe interacts with all people, and everyone is part of creation, sharing the same life energy.

We were born as social beings, designed to live in family groups and in communities. The human race was designed to give and receive mutual help, security, companionship and friendship.

Actually, if you think back you will see that your greatest moments were experienced through special relationships, with your parents, siblings, children, spouses and friends.

Your ability to get along with people in general can determine to a great extent your level of success and therefore, your degree of happiness.

This book offers you strategies and advice that will help you to improve present relationships, and attract satisfying new relationships in all parts of your life – home, work and leisure time.


Attract Great Relationships

by Christine Sherborne

You were created to be a social being, living in family groups and communities designed for mutual help, security, support, companionship and friendship. And I think you will agree that you receive your greatest joy and happiness in life through the special relationships you have with your parents, siblings, children, spouses and friends.

Your ability to get along with people in general can determine to a great extent your success and therefore your happiness in life. If you haven’t developed the ability to form and build worthwhile relationships, you will find that friendships are short lived; your marriage difficult, often leading to acrimony and strife, and your career may be jeopardized. Therefore, it is crucial that you develop the skills to build meaningful relationships in all parts of your life.

The key to changing and building relationships lies in the power of your own mind.  If you think about it the only relationship you can have with someone else, is the one in your mind.  It is how you perceive other people and the picture of them that you build up in your mind that is the basis of any relationship.

Your relationship with people is determined by the thoughts about them which you hold in your mind.   Every one of those thoughts is made of energy, and that energy is detectable by others.  Even if you try to act in friendship towards someone, if your true feelings about them are negative, they will pick up on that negative energy and see right through you.

Therefore to build long lasting positive relationships you have to have your mind and feelings aligned, otherwise it just won’t work.

The Basics of Being Likable

One of the basic needs of every person is to have the acceptance and approval of other people.  But as we will discuss later you can’t force approval.  Luckily, it is quite easy to develop the traits that make others warm to you.  Everyone likes a warm agreeable person, someone who is fun to be with, who is helpful and attentive to their needs.  By looking for the good in others, and overlooking small annoying habits, you will find that you can get along with most people.

There will be times that people upset you, and then you have to weigh up whether you will confront that behavior or not.  Clearly, important issues need to be resolved, but generally it is easier to overlook and accept each others minor faults, as no-one is perfect, including yourself. When you learn to let small annoyances wash over you, your day will run smoother, and you will avoid building up unnecessary stress.

It is essential to develop good listening and communication skills.  As you probably already know a large part of communication is in body language, eye contact and active confirmation of understanding, besides just hearing.

This is illustrated by a disability called Autism.  This condition is where the sufferer is unable to socially interact in a normal way.   They do not understand body language and the socially accepted norms, due to abnormalities in the brain.  Although they hear what is being said, they cannot put it into context, and therefore do not fully comprehend. They have to learn acceptable behavior and ‘act’ it out.

Although they are parroting what they have learned from others, it is usually easy to see that it is not ‘natural’. Even though the majority of people don’t suffer from autism they may still have problems in bonding with others.  This could be genetic or learnt from their parents as a child.

Unless you suffer from Autism or some similar condition, you can improve your relationships by becoming a good listener, focusing on what the other person is saying, and convey this to them by your body language and actions. There is nothing more annoying and demeaning to the speaker than someone fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, looking at their computer, reading or continuing some other action while they are ‘listening’. Show that you are attentive and interested in what the speaker is saying, and it will really be appreciated.

One of the biggest barriers to developing good relationships is low self-esteem. If you don’t think well of yourself, how do you expect others to respect you? Those with high self-esteem are more out-going and confident, which draws people to them, and others want to be in their presence. People with low self-esteem tend to be critical, angry and self centered.

Why you shouldn’t chase Approval

You have probably heard the old saying “you can’t please all the people all the time” and it is so true.  With some people, you cannot gain their approval no matter how hard you try.  These people are more interested in themselves than in others, so many of the behaviors you may adjust to accommodate them will largely go unnoticed.  So why waste your energy on the effort?

It is a basic human need to have the approval of other people, but paradoxically, you won’t get it if you seek it too hard.  If you act in this way your neediness is quickly picked up by the other person, and you then receive less approval and even worse they could use your neediness to manipulate you.  Clearly, the last thing you want is to be controlled by the whims of your friends and family.

Conversely, when you go your own way and stay true to your moral boundaries, this is recognized by others as strength of character, and you then receive the approval automatically.

Just decide not to care whether people approve of you or not, it really isn’t any of your concern what others think of you.  Be true to yourself and follow your own path, and then they can choose whether it is right to go along with your plans or to go your own way.  Let go of neediness in any form, and you will find that your newfound resolve will end up attracting others to you.

Forgiveness in Relationships

No one is perfect, and all of us at some time will upset others, either accidentally or sometimes on purpose if we happen to be in an irritable mood that day. If you become upset at every little perceived snub or offense by others, or create an argument unreasonably for the sake of it, you will soon end up with very few friends.

Learn to forgive people, for your own peace of mind, as well as theirs. When you take offense at something, it is a deliberate act on your part, as you always have the choice to let it go. Very often people can offend without even knowing it, and would be surprised and upset to discover that they had hurt you.

Often people are oblivious to the fact that they may have upset you, and meanwhile you can be fuming and damaging your health by getting angry, whereas you could instead choose to overlook the offense and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Everyone knows these days that feeling bitter and holding grudges causes great stress in your life, which in turn causes ill health, high blood pressure and other related problems.  In the meantime the person we believe has caused the offense, is very likely unaware of your feelings, so is unaffected.

The act of forgiveness is a kindness not to them but to your-self. Holding resentment and bitterness inside is like injecting yourself with poison every day, as the negative emotions release harmful chemicals into your system from the ‘fight or flight’ instinct.

If you find it difficult to forgive, realize that it is not a case of forgetting, but a deliberate action of choosing to let it go and not holding it in your mind, for your own sake.   Remember, the law of attraction says that you attract to yourself those things which you hold in your mind with strong emotion. Therefore you will be drawing negative and hostile energy to yourself from the vibrations you give out.

Very often the other person has no idea they have upset you, and cannot understand your resentment.  In fact, you are the only one suffering from that real or perceived offense, and that doesn’t make sense does it?  Make up your mind that you will always practice forgiveness, no matter what the circumstance or offense. This decision will give you one of the greatest health benefits and allow you to be at peace.

Catherine Ponder said:  “The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good.

No good thing can be withheld from the forgiving state of mind.”

The Law of Acceptance

When you accept people as they are without trying to change them, it brings peace and harmony into your relationship. It is amazing how many people marry the person of their dreams, and then immediately set about trying to change some aspect of their personality or actions.

How quickly it is forgotten that a particular quirk, which now irritates, probably attracted you to them in the first place. Every person comes as a complete package, and changing or attempting to change one aspect of them can change their attitude to you, or may also change some of the good points you like.  Then if you do manage to change some part of their behavior, you may lose respect for that person if they try to act as you want them too.

Acceptance makes sense because you cannot change other people in the long term; you can only change your attitude to them. Changing your attitude to them may or may not cause some transformation in them, but very often your new attitude attracts better behavior.  Practicing acceptance in love towards your spouse, children and others, will move you forward and deepen those relationships.

This is especially true in relationships with your children. The greatest gift you can give to your child is to accept them exactly as they are and love them unconditionally.

The law of acceptance should also be practiced in other situations that you may find yourself in. For instance, your partner may develop an illness which obviously is out of your control.   It is pointless to rail against this or let it develop a chasm between you, and acceptance with love will enable you both to find answers and strategies for coping. Non-acceptance puts you in the victim role and prevents you from thinking clearly, thus causing you to make poor decisions.

This law applies in many areas. For instance it may be that you find it hard to accept your financial situation, or your in-laws, maybe your partner’s past, or changes in your partner or children. In every situation I urge you not to hit your head against a brick wall by trying to change circumstances without first accepting the reality. Start by acceptance and the remedy will follow.

Reinhold Niebuhr said: God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, Courage to change the things which should be changed, and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

Accept and be Content

When you accept circumstances as they are rather than as you would like them to be, it releases you to work on improving the situation, enabling you to be happy in the now, rather than longing for that which is not.

In all your relationships, aim for a state of serenity, regardless of external circumstances. Make a commitment to support each other and endeavor to be content in all situations. You will find true happiness with your life partner, if you appreciate each other, can rely on each other and feel secure in each other’s commitment.   Then even in the worst situations it is possible to be content and feel confident that you can overcome any adversity together.

Remember that when you develop acceptance, you are at the same time changing your inner energy which will in turn attract a change for the better in the energy of your partner.

Even though I am talking about acceptance and contentment, that doesn’t mean complacency.  It doesn’t mean that you are content to stay in that place for ever, but to be happy in the moment whilst working towards an improved future.

Benjamin Franklin said: “Content makes poor men rich; Discontent makes rich men poor”

 And Cicero said: “To be content with what we possess is the greatest and most secure of all riches”                                                    

Communication – A Two-Way Street

No relationship, whether at home or at work, can survive without good communication, for that is the bedrock upon which bonds are forged. Good communication has to be worked at, as it doesn’t just happen.   It is part of the commitment that you make with another person when you are building a relationship.  Make it a habit to set aside certain times to be with your partner, friend, or work colleague, a time that you can use to ‘catch up’ with things as they happen in your lives.

If necessary, make a date with your partner or friend regularly so that you have uninterrupted time to talk. If you have children, take the time to spend with each of your children individually, planning outings that will honor and please that child. I am sure you will agree how much it means to children to have the individual attention of their parents, away from their siblings. Making time for this will enable you to connect more closely with each child, giving them an opportunity to ‘open up’ to you in a relaxed one-on-one atmosphere.

It is just as important to spend time by yourself to re-charge your batteries and allow your own feelings to surface, without distractions. It is remarkable how many people don’t know what they think and feel, because they have never stopped to listen to their own inner feelings.  Not taking this time for yourself can result in repressed feelings or needs, which in turn is harmful to your well-being.

I am sure that you know many people who keep their schedule so crowded so that they don’t spend any time alone, to the extent that their personality becomes identified with the happenings in their life, rather than who they really are.  You may be one of them.

Often these people would rather watch TV or play on a computer if they have a few minutes to themselves, as they have lost the ability to ‘be’ themselves. They feel the need to try to drown out the silence rather than spend quiet time in introspection.

Everyone needs some quiet time alone to really think things through. If you find it difficult to sit quietly, go for a walk in nature instead.  Often just the practice of time spent alone will bring insights and answers that could surprise you. Try it.

Thomas Mann said: “No-one remains quite what he was, once he recognizes himself.”

Learning how to listen

Now, let me ask you this, “What do you appreciate most in your friendships?”   I am sure you will agree with me that being listened to and valued is high on the list.

One of the greatest skills that you can learn is the ability to listen to others. Some of the most popular people have developed this ability, and have honed it so finely that it is second nature to them. Without a doubt this ability makes them popular, as everybody likes to feel that they are important enough to be listened to without interruptions. Just think about it, if you cultivate the ability to listen well, you will soon find yourself to be a very popular person.

One other advantage to being a good listener is that you learn and understand much more about the people around you, and understand more what is really going on.

How many times have you found yourself waiting to jump into a conversation with your own self-absorbed story, not really listening to the current speaker?   By doing this you are missing out big time, for really listening to others’ opinions opens you up to different view points, and knowledge that could be useful in the future.

Not only that, but you stop yourself looking like a fool because when you are thinking about what you are going to say next you could loose track of the conversation, and find that the topic you were going to talk about is no longer relevant.

Another reason you might find yourself interrupting a conversation is because you can’t resist giving unsought for advice.  Are you are one of those listeners who can’t wait to correct others, or criticize what they are saying?  If so this is definitely not the way to make friends and influence people.

So, what makes a good listener?

  • Firstly, try to relax when in conversation and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy what the other person is saying.
  • Give the speaker your full attention – make sure they know you are listening, by nodding and making encouraging expressions, and by paraphrasing back to them to show you understand.
  • Clear your mind of whatever you find yourself ready to jump in with, by putting your own thoughts on the back burner for a while.
  • Try not to have any preconceived ideas of what the person is saying, they may come out with something totally off the wall and not what you are thinking at all.
  • Pay attention to the emotion behind the words.  Notice the expressions on their face and if their body language is tense or relaxed.
  • Try to listen to the message behind the words, what is not being said, try to read between the lines to detect what they are really saying.
  • When the other person pauses to take a breath, train your-self to wait and give them chance to carry on with their train of thought.
  • Encourage them to continue with their story by giving encouraging signs or short words such as, …..and….. then…….. etc   They will love you for it.
  • Validate what they are saying by allowing them to own their own experience and emotions without you trying to change that.
  • Never try and top their story with an even better one of your own, this leaves them feeling very deflated.
  • Try not to give advice unless asked for but encourage them to talk it out until they come to their own conclusions.
  • Always assume that what someone has shared with you is confidential and don’t allow yourself to gossip about the conversation with others.
  • If you don’t have time to listen, then say straight away that it isn’t a good time for you, and reschedule another opportunity for them.

Once you have mastered active listening, try to develop other skills such as empathy, patience and understanding. When having a conversation, always make your conversation relevant to the company, making it interesting, and be attentive to your audience’s reaction, to ensure that you don’t go on too long, and that you keep their attention.

Law of cause and effect

There’s an old folk saying which goes like this:

It’s a funny thing but true,

The folks you don’t like, don’t like you.

I don’t know why this should be so

But just the same I always know,

That when I’m sour, friends are few,

When I’m friendly, folks are too.

I sometimes get up in the morn,

Awishin’ I was never born,

And then I make cross remarks, a few,

And then my family wishes, too,

That I had gone some other place,

But then I change my little tune,

And sing and smile,

And then the folks around me sing and smile.

I guess ‘twas catching all the while.

It’s a funny thing but true,

The folks you like, they sure like you!

It is a fact that people tend to reflect back to you what they see in you, whether it is friendliness or irritation and anger. To control what you receive back, usually you only need to control your own disposition. As I have said before, you cannot control the other person’s actions or reactions, only your own, but in most cases your manner is reflected back to you.

Take this example.  If you become angry with a teenager and rant and rave, the teenager will immediately react with his or her own anger, and the situation can escalate into a serious argument until both of you can say things you don’t mean and later regret.

Instead, if you keep calm, listen attentively to what they have to say, and speak in a low, measured voice, usually this will take the heat out of any situation. Cleary by controlling your own negative emotions and practicing positive behavior you will achieve relationships.

Teach people how to treat you

Think back over the past few years and ask your-self “how am I treated by my family and friends”?

Do they treat you like a doormat, expecting you not only to jump, but to say how high?  Do they even hear you when you speak, or do you have to shout to get heard?

Or are your views respected and your advice sought?

It is essential to develop a level of assertiveness by letting people know how you will and won’t be treated.  In order to do this you first have to have a belief within you that you deserve to be treated well and with respect.  You can see can’t you that if you always give in and go along with what the other person wants, they will always expect you to?

This isn’t a matter of being unkind, but of being positive and firm in protecting your own interests and boundaries.  If you allow people to ignore your standards and not respect your limits, you will find your life stressful and tiring.  Perhaps you have accepted the role of being a people pleaser.  If this is the case it could take a little effort to change their expectations, but is necessary for you to regain your own self respect.

To help you to start the process, when quiet, take time to imagine how you would handle a confrontation in which you find yourself being disrespected.  See yourself being pleasant, calm, kind but firm, letting them know where your boundaries are, and that from now on you are standing strong and will no longer be at their beck and call.

You can never please all the people all the time, and I am sure you will agree that your mental and physical health is just as important as theirs.  Decide today that you will expect good treatment from others, and will take the steps to ensure you get it.  You may lose a few friends but don’t worry, a worthwhile friend cares about you, not just themselves.  Realize that you deserve good friends, and without a doubt new friends will come into your life as you create a vacuum, by letting the energy vampires leave.

Considering Other People

What does it mean to consider other people? Firstly, it means caring about them, considering their situation, caring about what happens to them, and how they are feeling. The only way you can do that is to know what is happening in their lives, by giving them your time and attention.

You can have a huge impact on other people, by your actions and words. You can make someone’s day, or you can ruin it. They have the same power to affect you too.

You will know from past experience that if someone is moody or out of sorts, it doesn’t take long for you to feel much the same way. Conversely, when you meet a friend who is excited and optimistic you enjoy their company, and those feelings rub off on you too.

You may ask why you should care how you affect other people and why you should consider them at all.  This is easy to answer.  How would you like people to ignore you, be unpleasant and rude and generally walk all over you?  Not at all, I am sure.  It is a fact of life, and the law of attraction says that you receive exactly what you give, and in order to be treated with consideration you have to offer the same courtesy to others.

Body language is a big factor in the way you appear to other people.  Do you have an aggressive stance?  How do you come across when talking to people?  Are you aware if your words are kind and helpful, or are they designed to hurt in some way?

Unless you care about being considerate, your own self worth and self respect will suffer.  By being a caring, loving person, you are actually helping to love yourself.  When you care about other people you feel less lonely, more secure and part of the human race.  Studies have shown that loving yourself and loving others brings you happiness, peace and joy.

S. Lewis said: “The rule for us all is perfectly simple. Don’t waste time bothering whether you “Love” your neighbor, act as if you did.  As soon as we do this we find one of the great secrets.  When you are behaving as if you loved someone, you will presently come to love him.”

Don’t Judge Others or Yourself

If you are in the habit of judging other people, then you are actually making a statement about yourself.  All the topics that you judge other people on, their looks, their jobs, their religion, their possessions, and many other aspects of life, these are the same topics that you judge in yourself.

Can you see that when you judge others you are trying to get a ‘fix’ for yourself?  Making detrimental comments about other people, trying to bring them down a little, makes you feel better about yourself.

Clearly, judging other people shows a lack of self-esteem and a lack of self worth within your-self.  By allowing the people that you interact with to have their own opinions, their own way of being and doing, and not judging them for it, you are giving them, and your-self, one of the greatest gifts.

As you look for the good in others, it frees you to see the good within yourself.  Don’t be a criticizer, looking for ways to denigrate the other person, but instead look for ways that you can build them up, being generous with praise and encouragement.  You can see, can’t you, that spending time and energy being judgmental is such a waste of your life energy, energy that could be better spent enjoying your life.

It is obvious that people resent being judged, and if you become known as a nit-picker who always criticizes and denigrates, you will quickly find yourself without any friends.  Even if you don’t judge them to their face they will still know how you feel by the negative energy that you are continuously transmitting to them.

Surely, life is too short to spend it on such an unimportant activity?  Every single person has talents and good points, you just have to take the time to look for them.

Law of Service

The law of service uses reciprocity, in that any service you offer to others is returned in kind.   It may not be in the same way, in the same time frame, nor even from the same person, but it is an immutable law that service is always returned in some fashion.   Usually the service you receive back is in an area where you are in need at that particular moment, and sometimes you may not even recognize that it is a return from some kindness that you have done in the past.

For this law to work, as with most of the other laws, serving others needs to be carried out with the right motivation, and is rewarded by satisfaction in having been able to do a good turn, besides any tangible future return.

Give mercy and receive mercy. Be a peacemaker and receive peace.

Law of Commitment

Commitment is a discipline, a choice we make, which has rewards far beyond the obvious immediate advantages. Whatever we commit ourselves to grows, and returns to us in kind.

Make a commitment to your marriage and to your spouse, and with the law of cause and effect, your change in disposition towards your spouse will be reflected back to you, bringing trust and peace to the relationship.

You can see the advantage of you and your partner knowing without a doubt that whatever happens you are both committed to making the relationship work and last. When you both constantly reiterate that commitment, comforting and reassuring each other of that promise, you are giving each other the gift of peace and security.

Conversely, when one partner starts threatening to leave, or suggests something which could threaten the strength of the bond between the couple, whether they mean it or not, they create a deep insecurity in the other.

There is no excuse for this, even in play, so think before you speak. Make a commitment with each other that if your relationship starts to have problems, you will both do your utmost to correct them and work towards recreating the strength of the bond between you.


This agreement in attitude will grow, as you become more in tune in every area through sharing, and the old adage ‘the sum of two is greater than the two parts’, begins to work, with growth in every area of your relationship.

Make a commitment to your children, to love them unconditionally and always be there for them. If you do this, even if they go off the rails at times, they will always return to you and remember their core values that you have taught them.

Commit to being a good friend. Many friendships eventually fail because the effort that was first put into the relationship wanes. Continue to do the things that promote and build your friendships, and help them to grow into lasting and meaningful ones.

Aneurin Bevan said about commitment: We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.

Qualities to look for in Relationships

Whether you are searching for a new partner or friend, here are some tips on the best characteristics to look for.

Firstly, do they show a positive attitude? You want the people you mix with to lift up your spirits, not drag you down.

Are they Playful? Life is a one time experience, and you want to have fun along the way.

Have they got a good sense of humor? Being able to share a joke is one of life’s pleasures.

Are they able to communicate well? Unless you have good communication you are prone to misunderstandings that can produce a lot of unhappiness.

Have they got common sense? If your friend or partner have big dreams, that is excellent, but they also need to be somewhat grounded and realistic, in order to avoid costly mistakes.

Are they good with their money? Living with a spendthrift who has no thought for tomorrow can be very stressful.

Do they work hard, or are they unemployed? It is a fact of life that we all need an income to live. Make sure that they are able and willing to do their fair share.

Have they got a generous personality?  There is nothing worse than living with a mean-spirited person who counts every penny and expects every act of kindness to be reciprocated.

Do they practice forgiveness?  People who hold grudges tend to hold them for ever, and the people around them really suffer for it.

Are they respectful?  One of our basic needs is to be respected and validated by the people we love.

How honest are they?  We all deserve honesty in a relationship in order for that relationship to work.  Not just honesty in money and goods but honesty in telling the truth and being open to each other.

Do they have the same spiritual values that you do?  It is difficult to interact with people who hold different values from yourself.

Are they faithful?  Do they do what they say they are going to do?  Trust is an important part of any relationship.

Do they show compassion?  We need friends who are not just compassionate to us when we need it but have compassion for all the needy around the world.

I think you will agree that these attributes are important, especially in a life partner.  If they or you fall short, don’t worry.  As long as the effort is made to correct or develop the missing character qualities, you will soon be the kind of person that makes a good friend and a supportive partner and parent.

Mind Power in Relationships

Thoughts are physical energy emitted by the brain. They create a measurable, if small electrical charge. Therefore, it is easier to accept that we can affect others with our thoughts, if we think of that charge being like a radio wave sent out by the brain, which could be picked up by another brain tuned to the same frequency.

Very often people who have lived with each other for a long time begin to anticipate the others thoughts before they voice them. Close friends also can experience this, and maybe you have experienced examples, for instance thinking about a particular friend you haven’t seen for some time, only to have them telephone you shortly afterwards.

Test it for yourself – to influence others in a positive way of your choice, concentrate on thinking about them, and send out to them mentally the idea or thought which you wish them to receive. Do this several times a day, record it in your journal, be consistent, and you will be amazed at the results.

Others may be doing the same to you, so be aware of this, as this technique can be used negatively also. If you have been experiencing unaccountable fears, have been feeling particularly down, or feel a heaviness, this could be caused by someone you know sending you negative or harmful thoughts.

If someone is sending a negative message to you, then you need be aware of the fact, and take steps to stop it.  You can do this by praying for a hedge or barrier around your mind to block any negative or evil thoughts that others may be sending.  If you try to affect other people in a negative way, it sometimes can back fire on you, with you receiving what you are wishing for others.  Only use this power for good, and life will flow smoothly for you.

Using Intuition in Relationships

Intuition can be very powerful, but in the modern world we tend to ignore it or have lost the ability to use it. Intuition makes itself felt with subtle or sometimes palpable feelings, which can be of fear or apprehension, or peace about a situation.  Usually we dismiss these and tell ourselves we are imagining them. If you learn to listen to and develop your intuition, it can be a very valuable tool.

When you are in the presence of others, be aware of what is going on beneath the surface. Use your intuition to understand words that are not being said but are intimated. Study body language, develop all your communication skills, use your intuition or inner sense, and you will find that you will make fewer mistakes. This way you will suffer less misunderstanding, and gain the advantage of a greater insight into people’s motives in all situations.

Negotiation in a Relationship

Over time it is inevitable that you and your partner or friends will have disagreements. The trick is to learn to resolve conflict by negotiation and choose not to fight or argue. Remember, in a disagreement it is not important who is right or wrong, but how you settle the argument, ensuring that both parties retain their dignity. Always try to negotiate a decision which both can accept.

When you have a disagreement, don’t air your feelings in front of other people, especially not in front of your children. They should not suffer by listening to their parents vent their feelings, so find a private place where you will not be over heard, in case things do get heated.

Everyone wants their needs to be understood, but keep your discussion to the issue in question. Don’t use the occasion as an excuse to bring up all the old hurts and wrongs, making it impossible to reach an amicable outcome. Try to be honest by saying exactly what is upsetting you and how the other person can help you. This makes it clear what the issue is to both of you. Remember that when you have finished stating your case the other person needs to be heard too. Don’t interrupt when they give their side of the issue.

Always keep to the topic in hand, keeping the discussion impartial and not personal.  Recognize that you may not get all your own way and be prepared to negotiate a position that you can both agree on and be happy about.

It may be that the other person is just tired and out of sorts and that the issue presented is just a symptom of something else.  Treat each other with respect throughout the discussion, and finally, try to come to a mutual agreement as soon as possible so that the disagreement only lasts for a short time.

Prayer in Relationships

Prayer is talking it over with a higher power, whatever your understanding of that higher power may be.  You may know it as God, Allah, The Universe, or just your own inner self.  Use the term you are most comfortable with, and the prayer will be heard.

Prayer is one of our most important tools, useful in every situation, but particularly in relationships.   Very often we drift into friendships, partnerships, or even marriage without seeking guidance in prayer.   If you pray before committing yourself to anything, and listen to and follow the guidance you receive, you will find that you will be much more fulfilled in your relationships of every kind, and you will possibly save yourself a lot of heart-ache down the track.

Guidance can be received in many ways.  It could be in the form of words coming into your mind – this is generally called ‘the still small voice within’.  It may be in the way that circumstances work out – meeting the right person at the right time, or in a way that you were praying about.  It could just be a feeling of peace or unease about the person.  Again, be aware of your feelings and your intuition.  Do you feel peaceful or uncomfortable about taking a particular course?

It is important to be honest with yourself and pray with an open mind, with a willingness to act upon the guidance you receive.   Sometimes, when logic wants to go in one direction, but our heart says the opposite, it may be prudent to wait, if possible, before committing yourself.  It could be that there is more information to come, which your intuition is aware of, but which is not yet available for your logic to work on.   Make sure that you train your intuition, being aware of it and the small ways in which it makes itself known to you.

Pray often for your relationships and to bless the people in them.  Be specific when praying for change, but also pray for a general blessing to be given.

Charles Trumbul  said:  Prayer is releasing the energies of God.   For prayer is asking God to do what we cannot do.

Attitude Makes All The Difference

Winston Churchill said: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

W Clement Stone said: “There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”

Your attitude to people and life in general can be the most important factor influencing your success or otherwise in relationships. Everyone is drawn towards the cheerful, happy person who enjoys life and enjoys the company of others, and shows it in their attitude. No-one likes to be in the company of a perpetual complainer who displays a miserable countenance and has a negative attitude towards everything.


Be aware, the person who is always complaining about the Government, their boss, their job or the state of the word in general, will probably complain about you to someone else, so avoid them.

For your part be the enthusiastic one, the one who lifts others up and encourages them.  Train yourself to overlook offenses and to look for the good in others.

Each morning, before you start your day, give yourself an attitude check.  If you are not feeling optimistic and joyful, take a few moments to appreciate what you have, and think about happy times from the past.

Then make the decision that you will act happy until you feel happy.  The Law of Attraction rules that whatever you think about with feeling, will be attracted to you, so you will find that as you decide to be happy anyway,  you will attract to you positive and fortunate circumstances.

Loving Your Enemies

Martin Luther King jr. said:
When the opportunity presents itself for you to defeat your enemy, that is the time which you must not do it. There will come a time, in many instances, when the person who hates you most, the person who has misused you most, the person who has gossiped about you most, the person who has spread false rumors about you most, there will come a time when you will have an opportunity to defeat that person. It might be in terms of a recommendation for a job; it might be in terms of helping that person to make some move in life. That’s the time you must not do it. That is the meaning of love. In the final analysis, love is not this sentimental something that we talk about. It’s not merely an emotional something. Love is creative, understanding goodwill for all men. It is the refusal to defeat any individual. When you rise to the level of love, of its great beauty and power, you seek only to defeat evil systems. Individuals who happen to be caught up in that system, you love,
but you work to defeat that system.

Holding on to resentment and ill will only harms you, and draws more negative circumstances and people to you.  When you let past offenses go, and forgive, you rise above the damaging negativity, and change your own future.

When Relationships Go Wrong

At some time in your life, you may have been or will be badly hurt by a friend or family member. Before you write off this relationship, examine your own thoughts and ownership in the situation, and see if you have given them the benefit of the doubt.

Sometimes you may believe that someone has hurt you or betrayed your trust, but you could be wrong because you don’t know all the facts. You must make sure that you have made the effort to gather all the facts, and that they are correct. Then, you must be convinced that their actions were meant to be hurtful, and done purposely.

If you then find that they did mean to be hurtful, you need to understand the circumstances they were in. Sometimes people hurt others because they are fearful and hurting themselves. This does not excuse their behavior, but at least it gives you some understanding of why they have acted in a particular way.

For your own peace of mind wish them the best and forgive them as soon as you feel able to do so. Then, if this relationship can’t be salvaged, gently move this person out of your life. Imagine in your mind that they are in God’s hands and you are no longer responsible for them.

Fritz Perls said: “I do my thing, and you do your thing, I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine. 

You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful.  If not, it can’t be helped.”

The Power of Synergy

The synergy of a good relationship is characterized by the fact that the two are greater and more powerful than the sum of the two parts. When two combine their talents, energy and creativity, it should form a powerhouse from which they can both improve their lives.

Pulling together and not against each other is the recipe for success, ensuring that the full potential of the relationship is discovered.  Working in tandem will present a strong front to the world, and maximize the capabilities of both, to the benefit of the partnership.

Be the Person you would like to find

If you want to have a loving and caring relationship, then be the person you would like to be friends with, a person who brings love and attention to your relationships, contributing to them rather than draining them. You know what other people enjoy, so work at bringing that enjoyment to them. If you want people in your life to treat you with respect and courtesy, then treat them in that way, and the law of reciprocity will return that respect and courtesy to you.

How often do you brush off your partners’ efforts to please you? Are you difficult to please, so that they give up trying? Recognize when someone is trying to be nice to you and trying to make you happy, and respond with gratitude and thanks and they will try even harder to please you. Respond in an off hand manner, as if it is your due anyway, and they will give up and stop trying.

Find as many ways as you can, however small, to make life pleasurable for the ones you love. Let the small things go – some things are not worth fighting about, so don’t make a big deal out of everything that upsets you.

None of us knows what the future may bring, and today may be the last day you spend with that special person, so make each day special for them and for you.

Martha Washington said: “The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.  We carry the seeds of the one or the other about with us in our minds wherever we go.”

A Soft Place to Fall

One of the best parts of marriage, as Doctor Phil often says, is having a soft place to fall.  Your home should be a haven for you, and when things aren’t going well in your outside world, you need to know that you can go home and be nurtured by your spouse.  Be there for each other.  Sometimes it will be one of you that need the support and cosseting and sometimes it will be the other.  Be that soft place for each other.

Joseph Addison said: “A happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of a friendship, all the enjoyments of sense and reason, and indeed, all the sweets of life.”

Fulfilling each others’ needs

D L Moody said: “Success in marriage consists not only in finding the right mate, but also in being the right mate”

A large part of success in any relationship relies on being able to fulfill each other’s needs.  Not in the sense of replacing something which is missing in your partner – but both should strive to be as complete in themselves as possible.

Then the qualities brought by each person to the relationship complement and increase the completeness of the pair, rather than draining one to improve the other.  The idea is to not suck the life out of the other person, but for both of you to give a hundred per cent to each other, making the partnership two hundred percent.

To enable each to provide the qualities needed to maximize the fullness of the relationship, you must both make sure that you communicate your emotional and physical needs to each other in an honest way.  No one is a mind reader, but because you are thinking of your needs, sometimes you seem to think that others can read your thoughts.

Studies have been carried out which have documented the top five basic needs for men and for women, and the results illustrate beautifully the difference between the sexes.  These needs obviously differ in importance and necessity in individual couples, but knowing what they are likely to be in your spouse will give you an insight and allow you to work at fulfilling them.

Men’s Needs

  1. Active Sex Life
  2. A wife who is a friend to play with
  3. An attractive wife
  4. Family & Home Support
  5. Admiration & Respect

Women’s Needs

  1. Affection
  2. Conversation
  3. Integrity and Truthfulness
  4. Monetary Support
  5. Commitment to the family

Simone Signoret, a French actress, said: “Chains do not hold a marriage together.  It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.  That is what makes a marriage last  –  more than passion or even sex.”

Don’t Let the Sun go down on a quarrel

When you have a disagreement, try to resolve it calmly – determine that you will sit down and discuss any differences in an adult manner, listening to each other until you can arrive at an agreement that you are both happy with.

If this is impossible, it is much better to reach an understanding of agreeing to disagree, rather than continuing the quarrel to the bitter end. Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? Determine never to go to bed without settling your problems if at all possible, as they will fester and can escalate into all out war if not resolved.

Don’t argue in front of your children, because even if it doesn’t seem to affect them at the time, it has been proven that constant conflict in the home can have a huge detrimental affect on their emotional development, and will change who they are.

They come to accept this behavior as the norm, with the result that it shapes their personality so that as adults they perpetuate the conflict and violence.

Keeping Yourself Positive

It is difficult for others to enjoy being with you if you don’t make an effort to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind.   Being positive doesn’t just happen, it has to be worked at. Find ways to raise your mood, and activities that you enjoy. Let the little things go, resolve differences, and find the place of peace.

Allow other people to be different from you, and enjoy that difference.  If we were all the same, it would be a boring old world!   Develop your sense of humor and use it often.  Pay close attention to what you are thinking, and actively change the focus of your thoughts if you notice that negativity is creeping in.

Play at being Pollyanna, finding the best in every situation, being optimistic in every circumstance. This will help lift your mood and the vibrational energy of those around you.

You can learn to be happy and positive, just as any other skill can be learned.  It is an attitude of the heart.  Develop your positive attitudes today, by focusing on your blessings and be grateful for them.

Plan Your Future

Alan Lakein said: “Failing to plan is planning to fail!”

It is true that if you don’t plan you will never know if you have arrived, as you don’t know where you are supposed to be! A ship that leaves port without a detailed plan of its course will very likely hit rocks and sink, and that is a rule of life as well.

If you don’t take the time to sit down with your partner and write down your goals for your life together, your family and your future, you won’t know what your partner’s goals and dreams are, and you will always feel lost. A good relationship is one where each is a partner to all aspects of it, and everything is shared.

Planning the future together has many advantages beyond the obvious one of having a common goal to work towards. Planning together ensures that the future vision is a planned one, which both have shared input into, and both then put equal effort into achieving.

Make sure your goals are exciting as well as practical, and when you both get energized to work towards them, you will achieve them sooner, and it will add happiness to your lives drawing you closer together.

Mark Twain said: “Plan for the future because that’s where you are going to spend the rest of your life.

Finances as a Partnership

Marriage or a long term relationship is a partnership in all things, including finances.  In a good relationship there should be no ‘mine’ or ‘yours’, with everything ‘ours’.   It is possible to have individual accounts, but all aspects of them should be open to your partner’s knowledge, as secrets in any aspect of a partnership create division and mistrust, leading to a breakdown.

Work together to plan out your finances, and ensure that each knows the full financial situation, so that each is responsible.    Be open with details of what savings you have, and discuss between you when to buy big-ticket items.

Working together to sort out your spending can save a lot of stress, and can actually bring you closer together.  The number one cause of divorce or breakdown in relationships is money problems, which can be strain on finances generally, or one partner being irresponsible with the family money.

Jean de la Bruyere said: “The shortest and best way to make your fortune is to let people see clearly that it is in their interests to promote yours.”

The Importance of a Sense of Humor

A sense of humor and enjoying a good laugh, has been demonstrated to improve your physical and mental health. It also improves the health of a relationship when humor and laughter are a part of it.

Laughing about everyday events and finding the funny side of problems releases tension and helps you both to relax and see challenges in a different light. Not only that, but playing together, having fun, telling jokes and having family quirks that you can laugh about makes life interesting, enjoyable and satisfying.

Make sure that you are both fun to live with, to improve your enjoyment of each others’ company and strengthen your relationship. The effect of one partner being negative and pessimistic quickly spoils any advances you may have made. It also ensures that people in general, but especially your partner, avoid you and leave you to be lonely.

Mark Twain tells us: Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.

Keeping Romance Alive

When you first meet, each of you makes an effort to bring romance into the relationship, arranging special dates, bringing flowers, giving surprise gifts etc. Unfortunately, in time, the romance can disappear, replaced by apathy and laziness, and taking the other person for granted.

This will lead to problems in the relationship. For instance, when one partner does not feel appreciated or listened to at home, they look for attention elsewhere. They may then meet someone at work or the gym, who takes an interest in them and listens to them, appreciating their company. It is normal for them to seek that attention, which can eventually lead to infidelity.

Don’t let romance slide when the demands of work and family threaten to overwhelm you. Make your partner feel special, for instance by listening to their account of their day, making a point of hugging and kissing each other when leaving or returning, or doing nice things for each other. Ensure that you remember anniversaries and special occasions, take flowers home for no reason, slip a note in your partner’s lunch box or briefcase.

It is an excellent idea to have a weekly date with each other, especially if you have children. Make the date really special if possible, by dressing up and going somewhere nice.   Ensure that you maintain a pride in your appearance, keeping healthy and fit.

For a woman, have a good haircut and have your nails done, wear make-up, make sure you are always looking your best. For a man, shower and shave regularly, wear a good after-shave and nice cologne.   Make sure your clothes are stylish and always smart. In other words, all the things you did naturally when you were courting! It’s all the pleasant little things that create a great bond between the two of you.

Keep the romance alive and you keep your relationship alive.

How to have a Successful Partnership

One of the basics to having a successful partnership is to be friends with your spouse or partner. Do all the things you would do with a friend, or that you did when you first met. Play, laugh and have fun. Plan fun things to do together, go out on dates regularly, have dinner together, go to the movies, or a walk in the park. Spend time together and chat about all sorts of things, just as you would do with a friend.

Get to know what each one needs in a relationship. Tell each other what your needs are, your partner isn’t a mind reader. When you know what your partners’ needs are, do all you can to meet them.

Make plans for your future together. What would you like your life together look like in five years time? Set goals, and work out how to achieve them, with each one playing their part to reach them.

Try to make life harmonious as much as you can. Let the small annoyances pass you by. By pulling together and both taking responsibility you can quickly enhance your relationship.

If you have any problems, discuss them, negotiate solutions and make a plan to correct them. Every day, ask yourself “how can I make my partners life easier, happier or run more smoothly today?”  Genuinely ‘care’ for your partner.

  1. Scott Peck said: Love is the free exercise of choice. Two people love each other only when they are quite capable of living without each other but choose to live with each other.

Relationship with your children

In the Bible we read: “Train a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not turn from it”                          

Most of a child’s character and therefore future is decided by their experiences in the formative years, usually reckoned to be up to seven years old.   During those years, they learn most of their values, they learn how the world works and they learn their own self-image from the way that they are treated.   This is why a child brought up in an abusive home, generally grows up to be an abusive person – they think that this is how the world is supposed to be, and how it was for them.

It is important to spend as much time as possible with your children in these early years, and if necessary sacrifice time from other priorities to spend time with your children and tell them how special they are, how unique they are, and how much you love them.   Share as many different activities with them as you can, making them as much fun as possible, helping them to become multitalented through their hobbies so that in later life they will have a wide range of interests.

The most important needs that children have are to feel secure, to be loved and to be accepted unconditionally.   Make sure that you show them how much you love them, listen to what they have to say without being critical, let them know that you will always be there for them, and then when they have something important that you should know, they will tell you.  Look out for ways to give them praise, as a child that is constantly praised tries harder, and has high self-esteem.

Set them a good example.  Remember that children learn more by seeing how you conduct your life than by what you say.

Nurturing your Children

As parents we have a tremendous responsibility. As we have said before, the child’s formative years are up to age seven, and in those years the child’s initial values are formed. They learn so much, and are like a sponge, soaking up all the information which is fed to them and which is around them. Therefore, it is important to monitor the type of information and surroundings they are exposed to, so that their personality is formed in a balanced and appropriate manner.

Encourage your children to be curious about the world around them, help them to dream big dreams and imagine the possibilities this wonderful world provides. Give them the opportunities to explore and grow through challenges, and stimulate their imagination, so they develop their own creativity.

Help your child to develop their sense of optimism. Teach them that whatever the circumstances at this point, they can choose their reaction to them, and the situation can change, sometimes miraculously, for the better. When they make a mistake, tell them not to worry, everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are to be learned from. Be realistic in your expectations, but ensure that they do learn from their mistakes.

Teach them early on about the Law of Attraction, that whatever they think about strongly, with emotion, is drawn to them.  Help them to focus their dreams, so that they are training their mind to work in a high vibrational state, giving out positive, optimistic vibrations, not negative or fearful ones.

In their early years, when they are growing at a terrific rate, children need good nutrition and exercise. Feed them a healthy diet and ensure that they get to play outdoors often, to be nurtured by the fresh air and the natural vitamin D from the sun’s warmth.

Monitor the type of television they watch and the type of web browsing they are doing, as so much today is complete rubbish and inappropriate. Encourage them to improve their concentration and focusing skills, improve their perseverance by ensuring that they finish projects rather than giving up half way through.

Ensure that they understand personal responsibility and accountability, so that they grow up as caring, sharing, dependable adults. You can help develop this by giving them small chores to do around the home, which are solely their responsibility. However, ensure that the tasks you are expecting them to perform are appropriate for their age and competence. If you push them too hard and give them chores beyond their years, you are setting them up to fail.

Nowadays we see that parents have a tendency to over commit their children with too many activities, which are the parent’s dreams not the child’s. Try not to fill their every moment with dancing, piano, clubs, gym classes etc., but give them time to relax at home, dream and time to just play. Their adult life will have enough stress, so let your children have the time to be what they are, children, while they can.

Bruce Barton tells us:  “If you can only give your son or daughter one gift, let it be Enthusiasm”

Family Relationships

In our modern times, it is often difficult to spend quality time together as a family. Life is busy. Parents work, children have school and sports, and very often evening activities. Some families also have the added responsibility of aged parents needing care. This can make for a chaotic and stressed family life.

In order to create more quality family time and harmony in the household you may have to cut down some of the activities that each person enjoys. Your children are only young for a short time, and you don’t want to miss out on the joy they bring to your life, or the opportunity to mold their character and behavior. Take some time to see if you can cut out or reschedule each person’s activities to carve out some family time together.

Maybe each person in the family can help with the chores so that you all have more spare time to enjoy each other. Even the youngest member of the family can do something to contribute. Mothers need to learn to delegate, and fathers to help when possible. A family who pulls together, stays together.

One of the most important family times is the main meal of the day, usually in the evening. This is an opportunity for you all to sit down together to discuss the day’s activities and catch up on each other’s news. It is a time to give praise, offer advice, and most of all enjoy each others’ company.

Take time to play together, either in the backyard or maybe playing board games, but not watching television. Make each child feel special by doing something individually with them, something that especially interests them. Take a child fishing, boating, running or some other activity they particularly enjoy. You will find that when you are playing or working together that they feel safe to open up and talk to you about their problems and dreams.

Cooking with children can be rewarding. They are learning at the same time as enjoying themselves and enjoying time with their parents. Have a family day out regularly and give each family member the chance to choose where to go.

Have family meetings where differences can be resolved, problems aired and where each member feels heard. Make the meetings fun, talk about serious issues, but also decide what fun things you can do together. Discuss special events that are coming up such as birthdays and holidays.

The most important relationship in a child’s life is with their parents. Show a happy and united front to your children, and let them learn from the way you live your life. Children learn more by what they see than by what they are told. Show them what a happy couple and happy family look like so that they can choose that for themselves when they grow up.

Charles Montague said:  “Among the mind’s powers is one that comes of itself to many children and artists.  It need not be lost, to the end of his days, by anyone who has ever had it.

This is the power of taking delight in a thing, or rather in anything, not as a means to some other end, but just because it is what it is.

A child in the full health of his mind will put his hand flat on the summer lawn, feel it, and give a little shiver of private glee at the elastic firmness of the globe.”

Relationships Summary

Ultimately, the relationships we have determine our quality of life. We were made to be social beings, living in a community, with community responsibilities, and good relationships bring happiness and contentment into our lives.

No man is an island; no one likes to be lonely. Make the effort to be a good friend, a loyal employee, an excellent parent and a spouse who is also a friend. It is an effort that will pay huge dividends in your life.

Mother Teresa said: “Spread love everywhere you go:  first of all in your own home.  Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next-door neighbor.”

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Thank you for reading and may all your dreams come true.

Cyber Bullying against Children

Cyber Bullying against Children

cyber bulling


Cyber Bullying against Children

I’m writing this article after a young relative of mine, a twelve year old girl was targeted by a friend. After a falling out, and without the victims knowledge this girl took a picture of the child changing out of her swimsuit at school. The bully then sent the naked image to the boys at the school.

A mother discovered the image her son’s iPhone and reported this to the school. The school contacted the police who went to the school and gave the students a general talk about cyber bullying. The young girl was embarrassed and upset and who knows what problems this may cause her in the future. Luckily, she is a sensible well-adjusted child and is coping well. But another child could well have become depressed about the incident to the point of suicide.

Cyber bullying is a recent problem and your child can be the perpetrator or the victim in your own home.  The bullies use e-technology as a means of victimizing others. It’s a serious problem for young people and can cause long-term damage to victims and bullies. Of course, these bullies can remain anonymous. They use information technology repeatedly, including e-mail, instant messaging, blogs, and chat rooms, to deliberately hassle, threaten or terrorize others.

If you’re a child or teenager, report this abuse immediately to your parents, school or college. Adults, remind your child the use of cellphones and computers is a privilege. Seeing your child upset after using social media is a good signal they are suffering emotionally from being bullied. If your child has reacted to being victimized by bullying back, help your child find better ways to deal with the problem. Taking the time to teach your child about cyber space, including cyber bullying will lessen their chances of becoming a victim.

History shows students may be a victim of this behavior for months or even years before a shooting takes place. Young women are more likely to have unkind information about them posted on the Internet than boys.

Children and older students are wary of telling anyone about the bullying abuse. They are afraid that they may targeted even more, or they won’t be allowed access to their phone and computer. Holding these feelings in makes them prone to developing depression or anxiety.

Cyber bullying is harmful to everyone involved. Teachers and parents must be aware and alert and watch for signs of a child’s changing behavior. Children must be taught of the dangers of being a bully and being the victim. Speaking to younger generation about empathy and kindness may help stop this horrible destructive practice.