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Emotional needs in your Relationships

Emotional needs in your Relationships


Emotional needs in your Relationships

Emotional needs are the basic requirements in a relationship. To attain a good relationship, you need to be the best version of you, and work towards self-improvement. To love and be loved is a fundamental human need.

Without your emotional needs being met you attract negative social and emotional Issues, such as the following. Underachievement, you can’t access all your natural abilities and talents. You become needy which pushes people away from you, making for greater unhappiness. Stress and anxiety begin to increase and some need medication to deal with mental issues. Others may overeat to fill the void in their heart, and lose hope.

Both women and men feel hopeless and unsatisfied when their emotional needs aren’t met. Giving your partner, child or parents the actions they need to feel loved and wanted is essential to not only their well-being but your own happiness. When you give love you receive love usually. There can be times when love is not returned. In these cases its best to move on and find the right person for you.

Having a good attitude and thinking positively will attract people to like you. People with a strong emotional desire for connection in a relationship like to do many things with their partner, big and small. What can you do for the people in your life? Like we have heard Doctor Phil say, “Each morning ask yourself, what can I do for my partner today to make them happy?”

Don’t overlook your parents’ emotional needs because you are too busy with your own family. Remembering special days like birthdays and Mother or Father’s day means a lot as you grow older. It shows them that their children still love and care about them.

Some people find their fulfillment through spirituality and mixing with people from their church or temple.  It’s often in these places you can find people to emphasize with your problems and needs, and offer real help. This is especially important for people who live alone. It fills their need for companionship, love and connection. Also, they may feel called to help others which also fills the need to be wanted. Strong relationships and an active social network can have an impact on your health which church life can provide to the lonely.

Children need to know they are loved and wanted and the best way of insuring their happiness is to spend quality and quantity of time with them. You can help your children to learn to manage their emotions through talk and play. Your aim is to enable your children to become self-sufficient adults who can live a happy life. You can encourage them to follow their own life path and choose friends and partners that are supportive and of good character.

It’s important for divorcing — and already divorced — parents to sit down with their kids and encourage them to say what they’re thinking and feeling. Parents must ensure their children know that they aren’t in any way to blame for the separation, and do all they can to keep both parents in the children’s lives.

Emotional needs are the same for everyone. Give others what you would like others to give you. It all boils down to the Golden Rule “Do onto others, as you would have them do onto you.”



Mind, Body Practice of Meditation

Mind, Body Practice of Meditation


Mind, Body Practice of Meditation

Meditation is a body-mind practice which has a long history of use to increase calmness and physical relaxation. It strengthens mental health stability, dealing with health issues, and raising overall wellness and well-being.

Meditation is safe for healthy people. This practice helps me to form better habits, it’s taught me to be more tranquil, focused, significantly less worried about discomfort, more appreciative and aware of everything in my life.

Many people nowadays are beginning a mindfulness meditation practice with good intentions and much enthusiasm.  Deep breathing is a mind and body practice which has a long history of use to increase stillness and natural relaxation, improving psychological harmony, managing illness, and boosting general health and well-being.

Meditation isn’t about forcing your mind and body to be quiet but to rather enable you to discover the stillness and quietness that is already there. Just choose to just let go in mind and body.

The rising popularity of mindfulness meditation in recent years has sparked much interest by the general population.  As you know, mindfulness meditation is sweeping the nation, and for good reasons.  A 2013 review decided that this training improved IBS patients’ pain and quality of life and their depression or anxiety.

Without question I think, Buddhism in itself isn’t so much a religion as a belief structure. I can’t find any contradictions between Buddhist beliefs while still believing in Christianity, or any other religion you may follow.

The three fundamental skills involved in a meditation practice is concentration, mindfulness and loving-kindness. That is sending out loving-kindness first to you, then to loved ones, and finally to the entire world.

Conventional Buddhism and Hinduism, tells you that you need many Births or many lifetimes of Spiritual Evolution to achieve Enlightenment or Liberation. It’s clear that Buddhism is about the issue of suffering and how to overcome it.

Buddhism is one of the three oldest practices in Ancient China.

I’ve personally found a peaceful meditation routine that works for me. A soothing, peaceful meditation promotes  peace, tranquillity and relaxation for your body, mind and spirit. There is plenty of information about meditating successfully on the Internet. You will see from my audio page that I have written and recorded quite a few meditation / hypnosis audios to help induce the correct state.


Law of Attraction Revisited

Law of Attraction Revisited


Law of Attraction Revisited

Law of attraction is undoubtedly, well, an appealing thought.  It’s a fundamental principle in the New Thought movement.  It can be defined by the quotation “What you wish for, you get”.  It can draw in whatever you focus on.  One must realize the Law of attraction is automatic and impersonal.

Law of attraction is at work every single day as we consciously create our everyday life. It’s more powerful than anything else, that is, what’s happening within yourself, and that’s only the beginning. It is working all the time, which means you’re receiving what you concentrate on.

It’s seen its fair share of controversy in the past several years, but the Law of attraction has been taught for millennia by innumerable teachers. LOA has been in existence since mankind has, and it always will exist.

So what exactly is this law? It’s a method for mentally manifesting what you would like in your daily life. It’s not kept as a magic formula incidentally. It’s all all-around us and proved in these modern times.

Law of attraction has grown to be one of the more well-known topics today in the realm of self-improvement. This is a natural law. The law of attraction is neutral. In fact, the Law of Attraction is a secondary law, with the most important one being the Law of Vibration. Law of Attraction is working every second of each day, and giving you what you give attention to.

In fact, the Law of Attraction is already functioning for you personally.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is giving us what we asked. The magnetism of the Law of Attraction is displayed throughout creation. It’s all around us and shown in today’s world. The first step to working with the Law of Attraction is to create a strong, specific intention.

Understanding this law is a first step in your spiritual journey. There’s one key factor to understand the law of attraction that many people often overlook, that is the law is continuously converting your thoughts, emotions and beliefs into your experiences. Which means you must control your thoughts, words and feelings as much as possible. Thinking in a joyful positive way will be reflected in your future experiences.

The truth is the Law of Attraction will allow you to realize precisely how powerful your thoughts are.
The Law of Attraction will attract whatever you focus on.  Even though you think you’re not attracting your dreams, you are if you continue to think correctly. There’s no doubt that the Law of Attraction has power.

Unlock the potency of the natural and supernatural laws from the Universe by not taking too lightly the power of your words. Your thoughts are powerful electromagnetic waves that produce a great deal of power within them.  To truly use the power of the Law of Attraction, you need to understand you have infinite potential. People in power in modern society and business have long recognized of the law and worked to keep it from ordinary people.

You are a powerful creator and you can now build your dreams by mapping out a vision for your life by intentionally choosing beliefs, inner thoughts and techniques that support that vision. The only person who can develop a path for your life is you, and this image could be anything you want.

Bring all the love, happiness and prosperity into your life by aligning your thoughts, emotions and words to work with this powerful law. Take time each day to meditate on what you want your life to look like. Using visualization to imagine your perfect life and piece by piece you can manifest your dreams.


Life – Quote Meaning

Life – Quote Meaning

quote for life

Life – Quote Meaning

Do you remember as a child what you wanted to be when you grew up? Perhaps, an astronaut, singer, a super hero or join the Police force. You played dress up games and acted out your dream future, but now as an adult your dreams lie in the dust, or for a few your dreams became a reality.

Influenced by television, video games, parents and teachers, or someone you admired like a doctor or nurse who helped you, you began to choose. As you grew older these experiences influenced more choices, such as which college you went to, or which first step of your career ladder you stepped on. But did you make the right choice?

How do you know? I suggest you search your soul and ask questions. Are you happy working or doing what you do each day? Have you since developed talents such as painting, writing or perhaps excel as a sport. These newer talents may be more appealing than your day job, and you’ve developed new dreams.

I’m not suggesting leaving your present job or role as mother, but it is worth exploring your new dreams. Perhaps you can try various types of work by coaching or offering your services to a nonprofit organization. Reading books and listening to audios by people who already have the lifestyle you aspire to can be helpful. It’s never too late to embark on a new career, to change your life around one hundred and sixty degrees. Become a different person.

You have this time on the planet for a reason, a purpose, and you could discover your purpose by inquiry. Perhaps meditate on various types of lifestyles that appeal to you. For instance I recently read a book about a nurse who by moving location started to care for hospice patients. This wasn’t something she thought she would like, in fact just the opposite, she hated the idea. But over time she felt a remarkable compassion for the dying and a feeling of fulfillment as she cared for them during their last weeks or days of life. I think she found her purpose for living, how about you?

Taking time-out to reevaluate your life is essential to leave the one you planned and find the one you waiting for you.

Be a Memorable Person

Be a Memorable Person



Be a Memorable Person

Ask yourself this. How do people remember you or think about you? Do they think about you at all? You may be beautiful, wealthy or have some incredible talent, but for most these aren’t the most important qualities people remember you by.

So, how do people think about you? They remember your Charisma, how you made them feel? Did you listen to them with interest, did you empathize with their problems, or were you more intent on making an impression?

In a group or with one person, how do you sound to them? Loud, aggressive, arrogant, or caring and interesting? Are you moody, after a bad day and take your mood out on the next person you meet? Take time, take a deep breath and think before you speak. Try to be uplifting, not hurtful. The way you feel when treated badly is exactly the way other people feel when you treat them in the same way.

People feel your thoughts and vibration without you saying a word. Genetic programming of the flight or fight response alert them to the fact you are attacking them. Subtle snide remarks aren’t as subtle as you think, people aren’t fools. They may make you feel powerful in the moment but leave others wanting to avoid you in the future.

It takes but a moment to consider your effect on others. By being warm, kind, sympathetic and interesting, means you leave an influential memory in people’s minds. They like you, they want to be close to you, and you become a memorable person.

Just one more thought for today. Be kind to yourself, love yourself and then you will have love and kindness in abundance to share.

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Higher Self – Do you need help to turn life’s Problems into Successes?

Higher Self – Do you need help to turn life’s Problems into Successes?

Higher Self



Higher Self – Do you need help to turn life’s Problems into Successes?

Finding a problem difficult to solve? Contacting your higher self through your subconscious can help you find the answers. You have far more knowledge than you realize, gathered over time from personal experiences and the media. Even from your former lives if you believe in reincarnation.

Adversity is part of life and without some problems you can’t grow and appreciate the good times. Your soul is here to learn lessons and as you overcome a particular crises you move higher in vibration, and so on. For example, picking the wrong partner time after time, or running up credit card debt on articles you don’t need. There are of course big problems as well as little ones. Larger problems are harder to deal with and sometimes you have to learn a way to live more comfortably with them. A loss of a loved one, or living with a disability can be hard to overcome but one can learn ways of making your suffering a little less.

So, how do you contact your higher self, soul, or spirit guide? First it’s essential to find a quiet place. Perhaps your bedroom or a serene corner of your garden or other outdoor place. Being in nature is less distracting and brings you closer in vibration to the spirit world.

Find your quiet place and have a pad and pen beside you. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Relax each muscle in turn and quiet your mind. Send a message using thought, asking for advice from your higher self or guide. Stay quiet for a few moments longer, letting any stray thoughts pass out of your consciousness, just as if you were watching a cloud float by.

Now, open your eyes and write down your problem or circumstance for which you need an answer. Then write down your first question, close your eyes and let your subconscious mull over the question until an answer comes to mind. Open your eyes and write down the answer.

Follow this process as you ask a series of questions about your situation. Here are some questions you may find helpful to ask.

  1. What is my lesson, what can I learn from this circumstance?
  2. Has this same problem appeared in my past?
  3. Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes?
  4. What should I notice or consider about this problem?
  5. Is there a way I’ve dealt with it in the past?
  6. Can I see how other people have coped in similar circumstances?
  7. Did I draw this problem to me, how did I contribute to causing the problem?
  8. What parts of my circumstance can I control?
  9. What parts of my problem is out of my control?
  10. Bring to mind the skills I have which will help me in this situation?
  11. Which skills will be of value, or new abilities I can learn to help me?
  12. How can I use my knowledge to change my life for the better?
  13. Do I need to seek expert advice?
  14. Are there friends or family with the experience to help?
  15. Will those people be willing to help me?
  16. Is there an aspect of my problem that I’m missing in some way?
  17. Are there questions that I’m not asking but should be?
  18. If I had a group of respected people with high intellect, what would they advise?

These questions are samples to start your search for answers, but there can be many questions more related to your circumstances.

As you go through this practice you may receive some answers and insight allowing you act on and move forward with. Your subconscious needs time to mull over the questions, drawing from deep within soul to give you the right answers. Therefore you may find you need to follow this process several times.

The answers can arise into your conscious mind at any time, giving you a ha-ha moment. Often on awakening or any other time when you are quiet and relaxed. Try not to be impatient and ask your questions often as you work through the problem. You will find the benefit of asking questions during all your life will give you success. Wisdom and knowledge is King!

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Buddha Quotes for Wisdom

Buddha Quotes for Wisdom

Buddha Quotes for Wisdom


Whatever religion you are, or a non-believer, this quotes hold true for everyone.


Budda4 Budda7 Budda8 Budda10 Budda11 Budda2 Budda5 Budda9

Experiences Verses Materialism

Experiences Verses Materialism


Experiences Verses Materialism

What’s significant to you, a costly gadget or an unusual exotic vacation? Are you materialistic or do you prefer to fill your life with thought-provoking experiences?

Did you know people who regularly buy the latest new ‘thing’ are less contented and pleased with their life, and more likely to suffer from depression?

Experiments show clearly, people who spend their money on an experience such as an excursion or visited performance by a favorite artist enjoyed their memories for many years to come. They continued to feel good about the experience, than those who bought a physical item.

Over time, experiences often improve as you remember moments like your first date or a child’s birth. Conversely, the coveted dress or jacket you picked up in a sale is long worn out or given away. The piece is still just an article which gave temporary pleasure.

A car remains a car, even if it’s the latest model. Especially when you choose a vehicle merely to impress and not for your own comfort. A new car or truck pleasure for a limited time, and eventually rusts and wears out, whereas you keep happy memories for a lifetime.

Telling friends and family about the great time you enjoyed overseas is more interesting to them than bragging about your latest purchase. People become envious and their envy creates negative energy toward you. Conversely, if you enjoy plenty of experiences, you’re become a more attractive and congenial person, and people enjoy living the events through you.

With material possessions you get aboard the comparison bandwagon. Is your car or house better than the neighbors? This causes unhappiness and discontent eventually because there’s always someone who has a flashier car or makes more money than you do. If you’re the one, who has the most possessions the jealousy of your friends is still fleeting, compared with having wonderful life experiences.

Think about the bumper sticker “The one who dies with the most toys wins.” This is definitely not true when lying on your deathbed. The people who love you and are with you toward the end weeks and months of your life are there to give comfort and help.

Experiences tend to be unique but material possessions are churned out by the million. The latest gadget is one of masses being sold throughout the world. Enjoying a day out with your family and playing with your children, releases endorphins, the happiness hormone. Often, the person who owns the most toys and values them above relationships eventually ends unhappy and lonely.

Of course we like to own stuff, and that is absolutely fine, but let this come second to enjoying your life with family, friends and exciting events. So, I ask again, what’s most important to you, experiences or material possessions?

Balance – Live your Life and Enjoy each day

Balance – Live your Life and Enjoy each day

Balance – Live your Life and Enjoy each day

Isn’t it true you think about the negative problems before anything else? Making a mistake, forgetting to pay a bill, making a bad comment, all the problems go round and round in your mind and joy is at the bottom. Consider this, life is a balance, a time for happiness and joy and you could spend a much shorter time to obsessing over difficulties.

Where do you give your attention? It’s natural to worry but you can plan a time just for worrying so you aren’t upset all day. For example you can decide to have a fifteen minute worry time at ten o’clock each morning. Set an alarm for the time to begin and end. During the time let yourself worry, imagine the worst scenario, and then decide you can survive or live with whatever happens. At the end of the worrywart session write down any step, however small you can take to help your problem. That’s it, no more worry for the rest of the day.

I’m suggesting you focus most of your day in the present moment. If working, deal with clients or projects cheerily. Making other people feel good, and doing the best job you can. You will feel satisfied at your day’s end, your mood will have lifted and you will have sown goodness for you future.

Spend your free time mindfully. Notice when you start to worry and turn your thoughts to happier times, daydreams, and future events you’re looking forward to, real or imagined. Distract your worry thoughts by remembering your achievements, joyful family times, and perhaps great holidays you’ve enjoyed.

Most of all life is for living, talking with friends, and reading, watching a funny movie or any activity you love. Make a planning time in the same way as your worry time. During your planning session think of simple affordable ways you can bring joy and happiness into your life. Visiting an art gallery or museum, taking the kids to the park or a walk in nature. Perhaps you will try some new hobbies, or make more friends.

It’s important to connect with Spirit through prayer. Ask for help from God, family and friends. Man is not an island!

Affecting other People

Affecting other People

Affecting Other People

Affecting other People

We’ll all aware of how people affect us, but have you considered the affect you have on others? You know people who have adversely affected you throughout your life, by a careless word, a mean action or simply ignoring you. Often these actions by others affect you for life. For example, parents who call you stupid – no-good – amount to nothing. Snide comments from work colleagues and even friends, can leave you tossing and turning all-night reliving the horrible words or actions.

Everything is energy and people’s negative energy directed toward you can be harmful. But now, consider the way you affect when you interact with them, your family, friends and people you meet daily. Are you creating a negative or positive impression on the people you know?

Other people’s actions toward you play a part in the person you become, but also your actions toward them shape your character. You are in fact creating your life by how you choose to treat other people. Choosing to be kind, respectful and treating others with compassion, creates a positive energy that brings good into your life.

It’s true when you’re feeling irritable you can lash out instinctively and say words that can’t be unsaid. But you can repair any damage by apologizing or being especially kind to the person hurt in the future. In the same way, other people can be hurtful without meaning too. Forgiveness is always the right answer to all who have harmed you in any way, not for them, but for you. Holding onto negative feelings causes both mental and physical illnesses.

The Buddhist way of sending out loving-kindness to you and others is healing, both for you and for them. By acting in this way you will build mutually beneficial relationships and feel happier. So remember, think before you speak. You will be glad you did!

Attitude! Does it Matter?

Attitude! Does it Matter?



Attitude! Does it Matter?

You build attitudes from all your life experiences. Some serve you well and other do not. Often your attitude can limit you, especially if you act mindlessly. By being aware of your attitude in a given moment you have the opportunity to recognize if the approach you are taking is valuable or harmful.

Attitudes are habitual and form patterns as you live your life. A typical pattern could be never feeling good enough. This attitude stops you from applying for a great job, or asking out the young woman of your dreams. Another way of thinking could be ‘a get them before they get me’ mind-set, causing you to be belligerent and perhaps arrogant. Neither approach will be good for your relationships.

Past hurts and put-downs become ingrained by life experience, but can be overcome. Being aware and seeing your responses for what they are enables you to change. When faced with a challenge, stop, think, and then act with the right response instead of your habitual response. Before long you will see how you normally respond inappropriately and can choose instead a better way.

Your attitude can become unbalanced in other ways such as when you know you should be doing something else but can’t be bothered. You just don’t feel like going out for a run or reading the textbook you need to pass an exam, so you turn over and go back to sleep or play another video game. Feelings aren’t reliable all the time. Sometimes you have to make an effort anyway and ignore your frame of mind. Especially negative feelings can be destructive and saps your energy. By getting up and doing a more productive job you can overcome inertia and negatively.

Many attitudes remain from childhood and aren’t appropriate in your adult world. Acting childlike is the default for many and you may need to grow up and decide like an adult. By challenging your attitude and beliefs you can choose wisely, improving your life exponentially.

Be mindful, and decide in each circumstance. “What would be my best response”? Changing your attitudes can give you a beautiful life!

Physical Protection

Physical Protection


Physical Protection

How aware are you? Unfortunately life is fragile and in ways you don’t expect. The news reports muggings, assault, home invasions, and just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. How wise are you as you go about your daily life? Can you protect yourself in a practical way from physical harm? Here are some ideas worth reading. Increase your knowledge about personal protection and being responsible for your own well-being.

Life is more unpredictable and dangerous these days. The instances of violence, robbery and general crime increases each year and you need to take some steps to learn how to protect yourself to prevent attacks.


  1. Be aware of what’s going on around you. Many people move in a daydream, thinking of where they’re going and what they’ll do when they get there. They have no idea of the furtive looks someone may be sending in their direction, getting ready to rob them, or even worse. Live in the moment, look around and move to safety if you feel uncomfortable.
  2. Don’t walk around looking like a victim. If you walk confidently and look people in the eye, any potential attacker is more likely to pass you by, and look for an easier mark.
  3. You may think because a person is young, old, drunk or infirm or female that they are no danger to you. Don’t assume that this is the case. The most unlikely people have proved to be killers.
  4. If attacked the number one rule to remember is never, never let the attacker take you to another location. Much better to make as much fuss and noise as you can, where you are.
  5. Keep your eyes on their hands and their eyes, looking for clues of their next move. Be aware of your surrounding area in case other accomplices should appear.
  6. Never give lifts to hitch hikers, as it isn’t worth the risk.
  7. If possible shout at the attacker as loudly as possible, right into their face, telling them to leave you alone. Making such a decision gives you a sense of control and more likely to surprise the attacker giving you a chance of escape.
  8. Finally try not to put yourself into a vulnerable position to start with, such as parking your car in a deserted or dangerous area.

Sowing & Reaping

Sowing & Reaping

 Sowing & Reaping

Sowing & Reaping


“Man is so made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish.”

                                                                                       Jean De La Fontaine

The law of sowing and reaping governs all areas of your life. You can’t expect to grow flowers or vegetables in your garden unless you first sow seed, and it’s the same in all walks of life. You sow ideas, discipline, effort and determination, and following by universal laws, you reap success. This is a simplified explanation, but it’s the way the Universe works.

In fact, the farmer doesn’t just plant his crop and then wait for the harvest, without any further effort. Each day he has to weed, water, scare off birds and take care of the seeds he has sown. This is the effort he sows into his crop. The way to achieve success in your life is the same, sowing assets each day. The small actions that you take from the moment you wake until the time you go to sleep form the sum total of the future you will experience. If you can direct and harness those actions, you increase your chances of success many-fold.

You can only work one day at a time, so it’s important to use this day productively. You only live in this moment, and can only worry about today, consciously sowing the seeds for tomorrow. Worrying about the future is a waste of time, and dilutes your efforts. You create your future by what you sow today, moment by moment.

When you string days together they become weeks, which become months and the months, years. Every day that you work at achieving your goals and improving your thinking patterns will result in the harvest you dream of as the years unfold. Don’t waste a moment. This includes time to relax and take care of your health.

Each morning, make a list of the actions that you intend to do that day. The next day make a new list starting with any uncompleted tasks, then add new actions for this day. If you work like this consistently you’ll find yourself achieving more than you ever thought possible. Each time you reach a goal you’ll feel a sense of achievement and success, spurring you on to reach for more exciting goals and dreams.

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Negative Energy

Negative Energy

Negative Energy

Negative Energy

Everything in the world is energy of one sort or another as scientific evidence now shows. Positive emotions produce a high frequency vibration and negative emotions produce a low frequency vibration. Each day we walk in a sea of energy being produced by every single person on the planet. Some sensitive souls are so overwhelmed by this energy that they stay continuously in a low mood and suffer from general aches and pains, and headaches.

We need to be able to protect ourselves from this constant bombardment in order to feel comfortable and regain our energy levels. Not only are we targeted by negative energy from our fellow man but also from negative spiritual beings. Some who think that these beings don’t exist have experienced the hair rising on the back of their necks in fear for no apparent reason. People who say they don’t believe in God or in demons, express a belief in ghosts, poltergeists or otherworldly spirits.

How do you know when negative energy is being directed at you by an individual? Your biggest indication is feeling uncomfortable in that person’s presence, or you feel drained after spending time with them.

Having nightmares on a regular basis is another warning that someone is adversely affecting you. Perhaps you fixate on the person without knowing why. Negative energy causes you physical pain, which is usually located in the neck or the pit of your stomach.


Treating Negative Energy

You can take several steps to negate harmful energy from an individual directed at you. First if at all possible, don’t let yourself be in the presence of the person that is draining you. If it’s a work colleague you should consider finding another job. It may be enough to cleanse your workplace through prayer and ritual as suggested in protection for your home.

Ask God to put a supernatural hedge around you to block the energy, and pray regularly for protection from them. If you have any objects belonging to them in your possession, get rid of them as soon as possible. Send out feelings of loving kindness and blessings toward them. This can heal and dissolve their negative energy.

If you are being affected by negative entities, then you’ll need stronger help. Perhaps talk to your Pastor or Priest. Remember, all is energy, so it really is a matter of overcoming the evil energy with the forces of good. Prayer is your best defense for keeping your home and workplaces spiritually clean.

Allowing negativity into your own emotions in the form of hate, anger or jealousy can create a negative vortex of your own. Keeping a good attitude, thinking in a loving manner, growing a closer relationship with your Creator and asking for angelic help will push this evil negativity away. However sometimes there can be severe cases that have been allowed to grow and fester, maybe for many years. In this case I strongly advise you to ask for professional help.

Check this article for advice to cleanse your home and workplace.

Spiritual Protection for your Home

Spiritual Protection for your Home

Unseen Helpers from Invisible Realms – Angels

Spiritual Protection for your Home

Harmful energy can enter your home through visitors or objects. You don’t always know a person well enough to know if they have a negative spirit or negative vibration attached to them when they enter your home. Perhaps a tradesperson or friend leaves behind undesirable energy in your home. Especially professionals like police or even paramedics who have to deal with evil constantly in the cause of their work, can pick up a negative spirit.

Holiday souvenirs may not be as innocent as they look. Especially items such as ritual tribal masks and pictures depicting demonic type images, can be a problem. Walk around your home and ask God or Spiritual guide to reveal any spiritual negativity or evil you own. If you have any object in your home that makes you feel uncomfortable, then go with your intuition and remove it.

When you move into a new house you have no idea of what might lurk, spiritually speaking, in the corners. To cleanse your house, go through each room praying for anything negative or ungodly immediately. Finish by walking out of the front or back entrance, then walk around the outside the house, asking God’s blessing. Ask Angels to guard your property and family. Then take a drop of oil, dip in your finger and make the sign of the cross beside at each door and window. Pray that God seals the house from all evil and negative influences. You can perform this ritual over each car in the family, and in your workplace.

Protection Affirmations

I rest in God and am at peace.

I find refuge in God.

God’s shield surrounds me.

God always hears me and answers me when I call to him.

I am protected always.

The Creator is my stronghold in times of trouble, nothing can shake me.

I entrust my future to God who has good in store for me.

God’s angels provide for my safety always.

With God at my side nothing can move me.

God gives me refuge from those who attack me.

I am hidden in the shadow of God’s wings.

God reaches down from high above and lifts me out of all my troubles.

God pulls me out of the raging waters and rescues me.

I am brought out into wide-open places.

My Protector turns my darkness into light.

God arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect.

God is my rock and defender.

Angels help and protect me.

The light of God’s presence shine’s on me.

God protects me from my enemies.

My feet stand on solid ground and nothing can shake me.

There is no problem that God cannot solve for me.

God is in control so whom should I fear.

God gives me comfort and support through all my trials.

All fear fades and courage fills my soul.


Psalm 91

Known as the protection psalm, it’s useful to read out loud in the form of a prayer. As you read think about the many ways that God provides His protection for us.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD,

“He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday.

A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. If you make the Most High your dwelling– even the LORD, who is my refuge — then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. You will tread upon the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

“Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation”.

Everything is energy, both good and bad. Why not give this method a try and see if you sense a cleaner calmer atmosphere in your home?

Inspiration – Buckminster Fuller

Inspiration – Buckminster Fuller


Inspiration – Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller was a remarkable philosopher, inventor, architect and writer.

There’s a story from his early years which became a life-changing turning point. His reputation at the time wasn’t the best. He was a well-known wastrel who enjoyed parties, and going out.

One day in 1927 when he was 32, his 6-year old daughter, Alexandra, was sick, and he left the house to go to a football game. He promised to return soon, and bring his daughter a small game flag for her birthday, but he didn’t return home for three days.

When he returned, his wife told him that Alexandra was much worse, and had been asking for him.

When Fuller picked Alexandra up, she asked him if he had brought her the flag. He had to admit that he hadn’t, and the disappointment for her was so great that she gave up her fragile hold on life and died in his arms.

Fuller felt so bad, he walked out of the house, and decided to drown himself in Lake Michigan. Standing on the bank of the lake he heard a voice. The voice said he had no right to end his life, it was not his to end, and he hadn’t fulfilled his purpose yet.

Fuller decided to ‘experiment’ and discover what one penniless individual could do to benefit all humanity.

First he stopped talking for two years! He realized words had great power and often got him into trouble. He vowed not to speak until he was sure of the affect and meaning of any word uttered.

He believed there was a supreme being who wants to make people successful and provide everything that they need to live a full life. He tried to discover what ‘rules’ God used in setting up the universe, and went on to develop what he called the ‘Generalized Principles’ of the universe.

During his remarkable ‘experiment’, over the next fifty-four years, he…

  • Was awarded 25 U.S. patents
  • Authored 28 books
  • Received 47 honorary doctorates in the arts, science, engineering and the humanities
  • Received dozens of major architectural and design awards including, among many others, the Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects and the Gold Medal of the Royal Institute of British Architects
  • Created work which found itself into the permanent collections of museums around the world
  • Circled the globe 57 times, reaching millions through his public lectures and interviews.

It’s remarkable the catalyst that can propel us into achieving more than we ever thought possible. It’s a sad story in a way, but in another it shows the possibilities available. It shows how one man overcame the past and perform incredible achievements.

If you feel insignificant and without the means to make a difference in the world, remember this one man’s story. It is possible to soar to great heights many only dream of.

Direction Power List – Secret to Receiving

Direction Power List – Secret to Receiving


Direction Power List – Secret to Receiving

This is a powerful method of changing your future, helping draw your dreams and ambitions toward you. It works by programming your subconscious mind to change your conscious reality, to head your life in the right direction. As I said, it is a powerful tool, so write your list carefully.

Using a small notebook, write a list of seven benefits that you will enjoy when you reach the goal.


  1. The items must be specific and measurable. Think clearly how these benefits would look and feel when you have the pleasure of experiencing them. Write them down clearly so you will know when they have manifested your goals into being. I suggest that you write not fewer than seven items and not more than fifteen.
  2. Several times a day, sit down and relax then read out your list. As you read each item try to feel the emotion of achieving your goal. Imagine as vividly as you possible enjoying the experience. Feel as if your dream had already come true.
  3. As the goals on your list become reality, cross them off and add new ones. On reviewing items already on the list if your need has changed simply cross off that item and add the replacement.
  4. What you deeply desire becomes reality for you. Don’t panic when the goals materialize. When you first use this method it can be a little scary as your life takes dramatic turns. It’s an effective and powerful tool.
  5. One last comment is not to show your list to anyone. Keep the list private so you don’t attract the negativity of others. Some people’s energy could repel the goals, canceling your attracting energy.

Secret to Receiving

When you’ve decided on the direction you are taking in life, and start attracting what you are thinking about remember some important points:

  1. Directing your imagination, dreams and feelings will increase the speed at which your desires materialize.
  2. Remember the law of giving. You receive in proportion or more, to the amount that you give.
  3. Don’t hold grudges or be unforgiving as this blocks the movement of universal energy.
  4. Cultivate feeling wealthy and living in abundance, as you can only grow in the areas that you believe you can.
  5. Don’t mix with people who are energy drainers and those who love to knock your dreams down.
  6. Trust yourself to choose the right direction and goals for your life.
  7. Every event in your life happens for a reason. Look for the lesson, learn the lesson, and move forward.
  8. There’s no lack of abundance in the Universe.
  9. You are a child of God and He always loves you and wants to bless you. Live with a heart of gratitude towards Him.
  10. Use the law of vacuum to create space for new and exciting events to materialize in your life each day.

“Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, and then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would otherwise never have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.                                                                     Goethe

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Purpose – Why are you here?

Purpose – Why are you here?


Purpose – Why are you here?

You’re created for a reason, to achieve your life purpose. One or several events in your life could impact others. For example, a kind word at the right time, or founding an African orphanage.

If you are looking for a new direction in your life it’s wise to consider your purpose. Why are you here? Is there a something only you can carry out?

It’s not easy to find out the purpose of their life. Perhaps you naturally focus and have a clear vision, or as often is the case you struggle to move in the right direction. One couple that I have a high regard for are Reginald and Catherine Hamlin. They gave up the luxury of comfortable living in their home country of Australia to go to Ethiopia to help young mothers. These women, some only thirteen or fourteen years old suffer with a debilitating injury after giving birth at a young age, called a fistula.

After the birth of their first child, who often die, they suffer an internal injury that stops them being able to control their bladders. As a result the leaking urine makes them smell unpleasant, causing their tribe to ostracize them. Their husbands send them back to their parents, who build a hut away from the family and village and forcing them to live alone.

Reginald and Catherine set up a hospital that’s dedicated to repairing the injuries of these young women, enabling them to return to their husbands and villages and live a normal life.

For most of us our purpose isn’t as self-sacrificing and noble as the Hamlin’s, but nonetheless important. Perhaps you are the most important person in a child’s life which effects their future. You could be an important link in a chain of events that produces something great in the future. Don’t worry if your purpose is not immediately obvious, or if that purpose seems trivial. Your purpose is irreplaceable because you are unique, and only you can achieve your purpose. Consider the following:


Purpose & Impact

It’s possible you’ve already fulfilled your purpose on Earth and may never realize which event impacted the world. This story shows such an event. A poor Scottish farmer fulfilled his life purpose, and impacted millions of lives. He never lived to realize he had achieved his main life purpose.

This humble farmer in Scotland was busy tending his sheep on his small croft when he heard a cry for help. He realized it was coming from a nearby notoriously dangerous bog. Running towards the sound he came on a young lad who was struggling up to his waist in oozing black mud. The farmer pulled him out, saving him from an almost certain horrible suffocating death.

A man surprised Farmer Fleming the next day while the old man dug his garden, when a fine carriage pulled up outside his croft. He leaned on his spade and watched as a Nobleman stepped down from the carriage. The man walked and introduced himself as the rescued boy’s father.

“You saved my son’s life and I want to repay you in any way I can”.

“I couldn’t possibly accept any payment for what I did”, the farmer replied.

As they were speaking the farmer’s son emerged from inside the croft. “Is that your son?”, asked the Nobleman. “Yes” replied the farmer throwing his arm around the boy’s shoulder proudly.

“If you won’t take any payment for saving my son’s life then let me take your son and give him a good education”.

The farmer couldn’t let his son miss such a great opportunity and agreed to let the man take the boy.

Farmer Fleming’s son was a bright boy and a quick learner. Many years later he graduated from a medical school in London. Eventually he discovered penicillin and became known the world over as Sir Alexander Fleming.

Decades later the boy saved by Farmer Fleming that fateful day contracted pneumonia. He was again saved from death by the drug that has protected countless millions since, penicillin.

The boy was Sir Winston Churchill, who as Prime Minister of England led the country to victory in World War II.

This one quick action by the farmer resulted in saving and continuing to save, millions of lives. Although the farmer didn’t live to see the results of his actions that day and never knew what his purpose was in his life, he fulfilled it nonetheless.

To find your own purpose in life search your heart and look out for opportunities you resonate with. You are important to someone, somewhere and only you can discover the longing of your soul.

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Success & Goal Setting

Success & Goal Setting


Success & Goal Setting


“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

                                                                                    Earl Nightingale

Without setting goals, and working to achieve them, you cannot move forward in life, you will just drift, going around in circles and not achieving anything worthwhile. Take the time to think carefully about what you want from life, where you want to be and how to get there.

There are many publications on goal setting that you can read, but usually the simplest method is most successful. If you try to make it too complicated, you will not persevere, and give up.

Just take a sheet of paper and write down headings that cover each area of your life that you would like to set goals. For instance work, family, friends, leisure time, financial, health and spiritual.

Think carefully about your present state in each of these areas and where you would like to be in six months, one year and maybe five years. Write out your goals with confidence under each heading and time frame. Think carefully and make them real and achievable. Then, write out the steps you need to take to reach each goal, in detail.

Once you have a basic set of goals and a plan of how to get there, keep them in a safe place. Look at them regularly, and keep track of the achievements you’ve made. Prepare to adjust your goals, or method if needed as you progress. Your goals may change as you reach some of the steps on your list or circumstances change.   You may find that some steps are easier than you imagined, others harder, or you may find a faster way of achieving them.

Only seek the input of positive, encouraging friends and relations when deciding your goals, or keep them secret. Don’t discuss them with negative people, who are always quick to detract from other’s success and put you down. There will always be people who will knock your dreams and tell you are reaching too high. Or that you don’t deserve to advance, or you’re dreaming and have no chance of succeeding. Keep away from them.

When choosing your goals, don’t limit yourself unnecessarily. You need to have some realism.   For instance, you are unlikely to become a brain surgeon overnight, but on the other hand, you will find that you are able to achieve far more than you think. Especially, if you push yourself and are committed to progress. Aim for the stars, and you may just get there.


Plan for Success

Planning is one of the key ingredients to achieving success. If you don’t plan, you plan to fail. If you don’t know what you want, you haven’t much chance of arriving at an enjoyable destination.

Not only must you take the time to decide on your future goals as above, but you need to extend that process into each day. Plan your day, write down your goals and any priority tasks. Be sure to put the most important first, rather than the most urgent, as you will find that you are chasing your tail. Each evening, cross off the tasks you have achieved, add any new items, reprioritize them and produce a new list for tomorrow.

Discipline yourself to keep this system diligently, and you will find that you will quickly achieve success in many more areas than you thought possible, and will become known for being efficient and reliable.   You will surprise yourself at how much you are able to achieve each day!

Most people live in a rut. Their daily routine of work, food and sleep is followed without any thought of achieving their life’s dreams. They toss about battered by the winds of life, bending first this way then that, and wherever life’s storms throw them. There they remain, moaning and groaning that life isn’t fair. They have no thought of improving themselves, and believe the world owes them a living.

I can’t express to you strongly enough that you have to take the time to set detailed goals with a time frame for achieving them, in every area of your life.

The goals you set move the world around you to begin fulfilling those goals. Your mind and the universe works with you in a mysterious way to move you in the direction that you are thinking about. Read your goals daily and revise if need be, with new goals added, and innovative steps added as they come to mind.

When you sit down to set your goals don’t worry too much about how you are going to reach them. This limits your thinking and you end setting your sights too low. Think about each part of your life, career, marriage, relationships, and personal improvements. First, think of the target, what you want to achieve in each category, then set specific time frames and detailed steps towards achieving them.

Every day, think of one task that you can do today that will move you towards carrying out each goal on your list. For example, you may decide to have savings of a certain amount by a set date, so open a savings account. Plan how much of each paycheck needs to go into it, ensuring that’s the first payment you make from each paycheck.

Remember that what you think about with an intense desire, you will accomplish, so make sure that all your goals are felt with strong emotion. List all the benefits that you will receive by reaching that goal, which will increase your desire to reach the goal. Visualize your goals as being a reality, and decide that you will persevere until you have obtained your dream.


Success & Your Finances

To be successful in your finances, again you need a strategy. Many people drift by from week to week, becoming deeper in debt because they don’t sit down and analyze their situation and plan a budget. Often it’s not the money that you earn that decides your success with finances, but the way that you use the cash available. Some are good managers and make intelligent choices with our money and others don’t.

To enable you to plan, first you need to know the current state of your finances. How much income do you have? What are your regular outgoings? How much do you owe? Have you any savings? Do you know the details of pensions and insurance policies etcetera? Until you know all these details, you cannot begin to plan.

When you have all the information and find your outgoings are greater than your income, you have a problem! It would surprise you to learn how many people are in this fix, and don’t know it until they put all the details on paper. You will need to make measures to reduce your outgoings, and if possible increase your income, as soon as possible. For example, if you have a lot of debt, you can usually get a consolidation loan to help you pay it back over a longer period of time. It’s essential to have a detailed planned budget to pay off the debts and stick to it.

Examine each item of spending religiously, and question each item to see if it’s necessary. For instance, could you start taking lunches to work, rather than buying food and lattes at the coffee shop? Would it be cheaper to catch public transport to work, or car pool with someone, rather than wasting petrol in traffic queues, with one person in the car? How much do you spend on drinks or cigarettes? Cut your cloth to suit your budget, plan spending carefully, and avoid impulse buys.

Avoid credit card debt! It’s so easy to run up liability on credit cards, but they are one of the most expensive forms of borrowing. If you have an outstanding balance on credit cards, cut the cards up, and plan to pay off the balance over as short a time as possible. Consider a bank loan or extending your mortgage to clear the credit card balance, as the interest rates are much better. You may be able to switch the balance to a nil interest credit card for a time. Of course, you should only do so as part of an overall strategy for your finances.

Financially successful people spend their money on larger ticket items that appreciate, such as antique furniture, jewelry and of course stocks and shares. Items which the average person buys such as cars, cameras, televisions all lose value, and are therefore an expense rather than an investment. Buy a cheaper car, rather than putting yourself in debt to buy a new one as a status symbol.

Think, before you buy anything. Does the purchase of this item bring you closer to your goal of becoming debt free? Do you need a new dress or a one-day wonder electronic toy? Become astute in your buys.

Be sure to include a savings plan in your budget. Even though you’re still paying off debt, it’s important to get into the savings habit. Aim to save ten per cent of your income, but if that’s not possible right now, at least start a regular pattern of saving. This will give you the saving habit and emotionally help you feel that you have money available, even if you have no aim of spending it.


Success & Giving

Giving is another of the paradoxes of a happy and fulfilled life. In the Bible, in Acts 20:35, it says “it is more blessed to give than to receive”.

This is true, as the fulfillment in giving and making someone happy is far better than the guilt of withholding when you have the resources to do so. You could say that you aren’t able to give but no matter how badly off you are, there is always someone worse off. Even a little can be exactly what that person needs.

The law of giving uses the law of reciprocity and the law of vacuum, so whatever you willingly give, you will receive up to ten times the value back to you. Not necessarily the same amount, or even in material goods, but you can be sure that if you give with the correct motives you’ll benefit more than you could imagine.

Tithing a tenth of your income is a well-known biblical principle, and as the quote from Malachi below shows. The promise is perfect, as long you give with pure motives. Usually the money is given to the church or people from whom you receive your spiritual teaching. If don’t attend a church or support another spiritual ministry, then donate to any good cause, without any strings attached. This can include time and goods, not only money.

Become a cheerful giver and see what wonderful gifts find their way back to you.

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test Me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out such blessing that you will not have room enough to receive it.”                                                                                                                                          Malachi 3 v 10


Success & Health

Success in other areas is useless if you don’t enjoy good health. Nothing else can compensate for loss of health and vitality. How can you enjoy success if you’re not healthy? Vitality and stamina are essential to make the most of life.

It’s important to develop healthy habits and make healthy lifestyle choices. Then you will feel great, the rewards far outweighing the effort. You will increase your energy, gain strength and stamina, and the promise of a longer, happier life. Commit to take the steps needed to become fit and energetic. You can then enjoy all the rewards good health returns to you.

Gain without pain is not possible. If it was easy you wouldn’t see all the unhealthy and overweight people walking around, and the health and diet industry wouldn’t be so huge. As with other areas of success, you have to plan, and decide that you are going to stick to your resolution to achieve your goals. You may have to make some uncomfortable choices to achieve maximum health. Start thinking about health as a change in lifestyle rather than a short-term diet or exercise routine.

Your body is designed to move, and need regular exercise to remain supple and healthy. Unfortunately, in the modern world, everything is ‘labor saving’, which sounds good, but has created a whole generation of overweight, unhealthy individuals. In the ‘good old days’, just normal living involved more effort than it does now.

Regular exercise is essential to keep our range of movement and staying power. How can we achieve or enjoy other goals when we are too tired to move off the couch? Today, decide to start your new workout regime and set out a plan with your ultimate health objective as the goal. You could start with walking a couple of blocks each evening, building up to thirty to sixty minutes of exercise each day. Think about employing a personal trainer, or join a gym, if they are within your budget. The secret is to make a start.

Change your habits, by taking the stairs instead of the elevator; park the car further away from work and walk the rest of the way. Look for ways to exercise during your normal daily routine. The more you exercise, the easier it will become. In time you will find the endorphins that your body releases when you exercise are pleasurable, and actually improve your mood.

Food is one of the essentials of life, and is not something that you can give up. However, modern food production is a multi-billion dollar industry, which tries to make it as easy as possible for you to eat, without thinking. To progress the industry fast-food has additives and sugar which make you want more. As a result processed food is habit-forming. Because the food is attractive, we crave more of it, and as a result end overeating.

You can’t stop eating altogether, but you can change your eating habits. Think before you eat, and ask yourself if the food you are about to eat is going to nourish you, and eventually move you towards your goal of better health. You have to make a plan to control your eating. Work out meals carefully, rather than taking the easy choice of eating ready-meals or takeaways. There are many diet books available for you to read and all claim to have the answer, but these days most of us know what foods we should eat. Common sense should help us to choose wisely. If you are not sure, get a book on nutrition from the library or your local bookstore. Personally, I find that giving up any sugary foods works well without the need to diet.

Start by making small changes in your eating habits; choose the fresh fruits and vegetables and eat fewer of the fats, cakes and cookies. Get into the habit of speaking out the affirmations that will help you, before you eat, for instance: “I always choose the foods and drinks that nurture my well-being”

You do know what to do, so take responsibility. Willpower alone won’t work, so make a specific plan that you can follow each day. For instance decide that you will take a half an hour walk each lunchtime, and you’ll take a healthy lunch to work instead of buying fast-food. Choose a plan you can stick to, then set up your environment for success. Have healthy food in the pantry and take a route to work that by passes the takeaways.

The other bad habits, which you should cut out as soon as possible, are smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and taking drugs. These days some people become addicted to prescription drugs, such as painkillers. These are just as habit-forming as the hard drugs. Addictions have a damaging effect to your health, so take action to get help from a professional.

In your goal setting and decision to change lifetime habits there are a few rules to follow for you to succeed.

  1. Make your goals specific. Write out exactly what you will do. For example “each day I will walk around the park track for thirty minutes each day” and not “I will take more exercise”.
  2. Set a goal you can measure. For example “I will lose twenty pounds”.
  3. Put with it a timeline “I will lose twenty pounds within three months”.
  4. Have a plan and work your plan, checking it and adapting it to circumstances.
  5. Set up your environment to help and not hinder. For instance if you are have a goal to lose weight, don’t have fattening foods in the cupboard. Just don’t buy them.
  6. Make yourself accountable for your actions. If you eat something that you have decided to give up, then you must walk for an extra thirty minutes the next day, or you will forgo some treat that you wanted.
  7. Keep in mind your long-term goals and don’t let short-term pleasures distract you.
  8. Live one day at a time. If you fall down one day, don’t worry. Resolve to live tomorrow well.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.”                                           Abraham Lincoln

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Secrets of Success

Secrets of Success


Secrets of Success

“He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much; who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children; who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; who has left the world better than he found it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul; who has never lacked appreciation of earth’s beauty or failed to express it; who has always looked for the best in others and given them the best he had; whose life was an inspiration; whose memory a benediction”

                                                                                    Bessie Stanley

How do you define success? How do you measure it? How do you maintain it? What level of achievement or accomplishment indicates that you have become a successful person?

Most people’s perception of success relates to material success, with money, income, possessions or fame as indications of a person’s success. However, to truly be successful, all areas of your life need to be part of that success, and need to be in balance.

What use is it if a ‘successful’ businessman achieves all the material possessions he could crave for, but suffers a breakdown in his marriage, with estrangement from his children?   Or a ‘successful’ entertainer, who has fame, fortune and admiration, but becomes so bored by having access to all the distractions available to him, becomes a drug addict and eventually commits suicide?

With a good balance in all areas of your life; sufficient income to be comfortable, a happy family life, good health and satisfaction from giving back to the community through donations or time, you can achieve peace and harmony, which should be considered as the greatest success.

However, success is an on-going work in progress, encapsulating all areas of your life, needing to be constantly monitored and adjusted to retain that level of success.   What you may consider success this year, may be falling short in some areas next year, so needs constant scrutiny and adjustment.


Success in personal relationships

You will have read in the previous chapter, that we were born to be sociable creatures. To ensure that your life is as happy and fulfilled as possible, you need to develop good and nurturing relationships with the people around you.

No one can claim to be a success without the help and input of others around them, so it is important to make it a priority to work at and nurture our close relationships, but also to cultivate and develop selected casual relationships which could develop into close ones.

More than that, you should strive to be pleasant and agreeable at all times, making an effort to make the lives of those around us a little more pleasant by showing them friendship. Apart from the personal peace this engenders, you never know when the person you are interacting with may be in a more powerful position in the future, able to harm you in some way: Clash with the receptionist and you may never get that important appointment that could change your life; Complain or be unpleasant to waiting staff in a restaurant and you could find that your food contains more than you bargained for; The car you cut off at the intersection could belong to the person who is interviewing you today!

Often we don’t appreciate the people closest to us, taking them for granted and even taking advantage of the relationship to gain benefit in some way to the detriment of the other person. This again can backfire on you in the future.   Your family and friends are the most important people in your life, so give them the gift of your time. Make them a priority in your life, as time spent with your spouse and children is as precious as gold. They are the ones who you are working and striving for, and a successful life is one that gives you quality time with your family.

Learn to let things go; the issue is never really worth the argument, and left to fester will always grow out of proportion. Always make sure that you settle differences before you leave, and that you leave in as friendly and loving way as possible, for you don’t know what may happen to you or them in the future.   If anything happened to a loved one, you would be devastated if the last contact you had with them was an acrimonious and unhappy one.

Accept people as they are and let them be entitled to their point of view and beliefs, knowing when to back down. It is pointless putting up the backs of others just to win an argument, when winning will have no overall positive affect on your life at all.

Work towards helping others whenever you can, walk in peace and acceptance, smile and show others your appreciation of them, and you will always be surrounded by people who love you.


Education & Success

Success does not depend entirely upon knowledge, but certainly having knowledge helps considerably.   Knowledge is powerful! And learning increases knowledge in an exponential way, because the more you know, the easier it is to learn new things, as new knowledge is often built upon existing knowledge.

It is like trying to find your way in a new city, as even with a map, it is very difficult, because you have to plan out the entire route over unfamiliar ground. When you know some parts of the city, it is very much easier, as you can relate the new destination to places you already know, so you only need to plan part of the route from places you already know how to get to.

There is an old saying, “the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary!”, and that is true in the case of education.   The amount of time and effort we expend in getting an education or educating our-selves is in direct proportion to the success we achieve in our chosen field. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have had a college or university education, as you can still take steps to improve your knowledge through reading books, attending seminars, listening to tapes or one to one mentoring.

Even if we have missed out on a formal education, all is not lost. We still have the option to choose to follow our chosen path and begin to learn all we need to, to be a success in that field.

If you have a job but want to change careers and feel that you just haven’t got time to educate yourself in your new venture, don’t worry, you have. Some people seem to fit in amazing amounts of activity into their lives, and still appear relaxed and happy, while we struggle to manage a meager amount in a day, and end up feeling discontented.

But it’s all a matter of choice, as to what you do with your time.   You have time to watch television; go out to dances and parties; meet up with friends and generally socialize; but you don’t have time to learn!!!! If you can discipline yourself to make the most of your time in a productive way, and think of this learning time as a season in your life that will pay off in the future, you will find that you are much more satisfied, as you are working towards your goals.

Time spent in fuming in traffic jams is totally wasted, but if you have learning tapes in the car to listen to, you can use that unproductive time to help advance you in your quest for knowledge. Another good idea is to take one of your books that you need to read into waiting rooms with you. Whether you are waiting for the doctor, the dentist, or just waiting for a bus or train, you can use that time productively. The out of date, grubby magazines that are available for us to read whilst waiting, won’t move us forward towards the successful goal we are aiming for. Discipline yourself to get up an hour earlier in the morning, and have a quiet study time before the rest of the house arises.

A successful career means constantly updating your skills by learning. Whether you want to further your present career or change to a new one, learning the relevant skills will pay dividends. Take responsibility for your own education.

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Want a Great relationship with your children?

Want a Great relationship with your children?


Want a Great relationship with your children?


“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”                                                                Prov 22:6

Most of a child’s future is decided by their experiences in the formative years, usually reckoned to be up to seven years old.   During those years, they learn most of their values, they learn how the world works and they learn their own self-image from the way that they are treated.   This is why a child brought up in an abusive home, generally grows up to be an abusive person – this is how the world is supposed to be, and how it was for me.

It is important to spend as much time as possible with your children in these early years, and if necessary sacrifice time from other priorities to spend time with your children and tell them how special they are, how unique they are, and how much you love them.   Share as many different activities with them as you can, making them as much fun as possible, helping them to become versatile in their tastes so that in later life they will have a wide range of interests.

The main needs that children have are to feel secure, to be loved and to be accepted unconditionally. Make sure that you show them how much you love them, listen to what they have to say without being critical, let them know that you will always be there for them, and then when they have something important that you should know, they will tell you. Look out for ways to give them praise, as a child that is constantly praised, tries harder, and has high self-esteem.

Set them a good example. Remember that children learn more by seeing how you conduct your life than by what you say.

Pray for your Children

Praying for your children helps to bring God’s blessings upon them, and the act of praying crystallizes your thoughts onto them, helping you to concentrate on ways that you can nurture and help them. When you pray, ask God to help your children to grow and exercise their unique talents and abilities. Pray for them to reach their full potential as human beings, and ask God to always have His angels around them to protect them from harm.

Pray with your children, teaching them about spiritual matters and how to pray.  Let them know that they are never alone, and that God is only a thought away.


Prayer for your children

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the wonderful gift of our children.

We thank you for choosing us to parent these children and we ask you

for the skills and wisdom to nurture them, for the finances to feed and clothe them,

for the love and understanding to grow their minds and characters so that they become loving, self-sufficient and caring adults.

Instruct your angels to guard their steps throughout each day and watch over them as they sleep at night.

Give us patience to listen to their hopes and fears and the insight to guide them with right actions and answers to ensure their future is successful.

Bless them with bright and inquiring minds and a good work ethic.

Bless them with good relationships at home, at school and with their friends.

Bless their bodies with strength and excellent health.

Make our children to be a blessing to others.

Thank you, Father for the amazing blessing that our children are in our lives.


Nurturing your Children

As parents we have a tremendous responsibility.   As I said before, the child’s formative years are up to age seven, and in those years the child’s initial values are formed, they learn so much, and are like a sponge, soaking up all the information around them.   Therefore it is important to monitor the type of information and surroundings they are exposed to, so that their personality is formed in a balanced and appropriate manner.

Encourage your children to be curious about the world around them, help them to dream big dreams and imagine the possibilities this wonderful world provides. Give them the opportunities to explore and grow through challenges, and stimulate their imagination so they develop their own creativity.

Help your child to develop their sense of optimism, teach them that whatever the circumstances at the moment, they will always change for the better. When they make a mistake, show them that it is not the end of the world and that they can do better next time. Let them know that they are still learning, and that even adults make mistakes, tell them that no one is perfect and never can be. Don’t force unrealistic expectations onto them.

Feed them a healthy diet and ensure that they get to play outdoors often, to be nurtured by the fresh air and the natural vitamin D from the sun’s warmth.

Monitor the type of television they watch and the type of web browsing they are doing, as so much today is complete rubbish and inappropriate. Encourage them to improve their concentration and focusing skills, improve their reliability by ensuring that they finish projects rather than giving up half way through. If you think they may have attention deficit disorder, there is professional help available, as with poor concentration their learning ability will suffer.

Ensure that they understand personal responsibility and accountability, so that they grow up as caring, sharing, dependable adults. You can help develop this by giving them small chores to do around the home, which are solely their responsibility, but make sure that the jobs that you are expecting them to perform are appropriate for their age and competence. If you push them too hard and give them chores beyond their years, you are setting them up to fail.

Today we see that parents have a tendency to over commit their children with too many activities, which are the parent’s dreams not the child’s. Try not to fill their every moment with dancing, piano, clubs, gym classes etc., but give them time to relax at home, dream and time to just play. Their adult life will have enough stress so let your children have the time to be what they are, children, while they can.


Prayer for Your Family

Father, I thank you for my family and my friends. I ask you to bless each and every-one of them. You are the God of love. Please enable me to treat each person that I meet with your love, to be understanding, kind, helpful and respectful. Nurture me so that I can nurture others. Let me grow in wisdom in all my relationships. May my relationships with my family and friends continue to grow and deepen. Thank you, Father, for your love.                       


Creating a strong Marriage or Partnership – Read More

Creating a strong Marriage or Partnership

Creating a strong Marriage or Partnership


Creating a strong Marriage or Partnership

The Power of Synergy

The synergy of bringing two people together should create a bond that is stronger than the sum of the whole. The two of you combining your talents, energy and physical attributes should form a powerhouse from which you can operate your life. Pulling together and not against each other is the recipe for success. Working in tandem will present a strong front to the world.


A Soft Place to Fall

One of the best parts of marriage, as Doctor Phil often says, is having a soft place to fall. When things aren’t going well in your outside world, you need to know that you can go home, which should be a haven for you, and be nurtured by your spouse. Be there for each other. Sometimes it will be one of you that need the support and cosseting and sometimes it will be the other. Be that soft place for each other.


Be Committed

Your spouse needs to know that whatever happens you are both committed to making the marriage work and last. You both need to constantly reiterate that commitment, comforting and reassuring each other of that promise.

When one partner starts threatening divorce or suggests something which could threaten the strength of the bond between the couple, whether they mean it or not, they create a deep insecurity in the other. There is no excuse for this, even in play, so think before you speak. Make a commitment with each other that if the marriage starts to have problems that you will both do your utmost to correct them and work towards recreating the strength of the bond between you.


Fulfilling each others’ needs

“Success in marriage consists not only in finding the right mate, but also in being the right mate”                                      Anon

Part of marriage means being able to fulfill your partner’s needs and they yours. Not in the sense of replacing something which is missing in your partner – both should strive to be as complete in them-selves as possible, so that the qualities brought by the other person complement and increase the completeness of the couple, rather than draining one to improve the other. The idea is to not suck the life out of the other person, but for both of you to give a hundred per cent to each other.

To enable each to provide the qualities needed to maximize the completeness of the relationship, you must both make sure that you communicate your emotional and physical needs to each other in an honest way. No one is a mind reader.

There have been studies done that have listed the top five basic needs for men and for women, and the results illustrate beautifully the difference between men and women. These needs obviously differ in importance and necessity in individual couples, but knowing what they are likely to be in your spouse will give you an insight and allow you to work at fulfilling them.

Men’s Needs

Women’s Needs

1.    Active Sex Life 1.     Affection
2.    A wife who is a friend to play with 2.     Conversation
3.    An attractive wife 3.     Integrity and Truthfulness
4.    Family & Home Support 4.     Monetary Support
5.    Admiration & Respect 5.     Commitment to the family

Don’t Let the Sun go down on a quarrel

When you have a disagreement, try to resolve it in a calm way – determine that you will sit down and discuss any differences in an adult manner, listening to each other until you can arrive at an agreement that you are both happy with.   If this is not possible, it is much better to reach an understanding of agreeing to disagree, rather than continuing the quarrel to the bitter end. Never go to bed without resolving your problems if at all possible, as they will fester and still not get resolved and can escalate into a full-blown fight.

Try not to argue in front of your children, as even if it doesn’t seem to affect them at the time, it has been proven that constant conflict in the home can have a huge detrimental affect on the adults they become, affecting their home life also, perpetuating the conflict or violence.


Plan Your Future Together

“Failing to plan is planning to fail!”

It is true that if you don’t plan you will never know if you have arrived, as you don’t know where you are supposed to be! A ship that leaves port without a detailed plan of its course will very likely hit rocks and sink, and that is true of our own lives also.

A good relationship is one where each is a partner to all aspects of it, and everything is shared. If you don’t take the time to sit down with each other and write down your goals for your marriage and for your family, you probably won’t know what your partner’s goals and dreams are.

Planning the future together has many advantages beyond the obvious one of having a common goal to work towards.   Planning together ensures that the future vision is a planned one, which both have shared input into, and both put equal effort into achieving. Make sure your goals are exciting as well as practical, and when you both get energized to work towards them, it will add happiness to your lives and draws you closer together.


Finances As a Partnership

Marriage is a partnership in all things, including finances. In a good marriage there should be no ‘mine’ or ‘yours’, with everything ‘ours’.   It is possible to have individual accounts, but all aspects of them should be open to your partner’s knowledge, as secrets in any aspect of a marriage create division, leading to a breakdown.

Work together to plan out your finances, and ensure that each knows the full financial situation, so that each is responsible.   Be open with details of what savings you have, and discuss between you when to buy big-ticket items.

Working together to sort out your spending can save a lot of stress on a marriage, and can actually bring you closer together. The number one cause of divorce is money problems, which can be strain on finances or one partner being irresponsible with the family money.


The All Important Sense of Humor

A sense of humor, and enjoying a good laugh, has been proven to improve your physical health.   It also improves the health of a relationship when humor and laughter is part of it.

Laughing about everyday events and finding the funny side of problems releases tension and helps you both to relax and see challenges in a different light. Not only that, but playing together, having fun, telling jokes and having family quirks that you can laugh about makes life good.

Make sure that individually you are both fun to live with, which will improve your enjoyment of each other and strengthen your marriage, whereas being negative and pessimistic makes sure that people, including your partner, avoid you and leave you to be lonely.


Keep Romance Alive

When you are courting, each of you make an effort to bring romance into the relationship, arranging special dates, bringing flowers, giving surprise gifts etc. Unfortunately, in time, the romance can disappear, replaced by apathy and laziness, and taking the other person for granted.   This can lead to problems in the marriage, for instance when a husband does not feel appreciated or listened to at home, if he meets someone at work who takes an interest in him and listens to him, he seeks that attention out, which can lead to infidelity.

Don’t let romance slide when the demands of work and family threaten to overwhelm you. Make your husband or wife feel special, listen to their account of their day, make a point of hugging and kissing each other when leaving or returning, do nice things for each other, ensure that you remember anniversaries and special occasions, take flowers home for no reason, slip a note in your husband’s or wife’s lunch or briefcase.

It is a nice idea to have a weekly date with each other, especially if you have children. Make the date really special if possible, by dressing up and going somewhere nice. Try not to fall into the trap of not looking after yourself, letting your appearance and personal hygiene go. For the wife, have a good haircut and have your nails done, wear make-up, make sure you always look at your best.   For the husband, bathe and shave regularly, wear a good after-shave and nice cologne. All the things you did naturally when you were courting! It’s all the pleasant little things that create a great whole for the two of you.

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Keep the romance alive and you keep your marriage alive.

Attitude Makes All the Difference

Attitude Makes All the Difference


Attitude Makes All the Difference

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

                                                                                    Winston Churchill

“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”                                               W Clement Stone

Your attitude to people and life in general can be the most important factor influencing your success or otherwise in relationships. Everyone is drawn towards the cheerful, happy person who enjoys life and enjoys the company of others, and shows it in their attitude. No-one likes to be in the company of a perpetual complainer who displays a miserable countenance and has a negative attitude towards everything.

Be aware, the person who is always complaining about the Government, their boss, their job or the state of the word in general, will probably complain about you to someone else, so avoid them.

For your part, be the enthusiastic one, the one who lifts others up and encourages them. Train yourself to overlook offenses and to look for the good in others.

Loving Your Enemies

When the opportunity presents itself for you to defeat your enemy,
that is the time which you must not do it.
There will come a time, in many instances,
when the person who hates you most,
the person who has misused you most,
the person who has gossiped about you most,
the person who has spread false rumors about you most,
there will come a time when
you will have an opportunity to defeat that person.
It might be in terms of a recommendation for a job;
it might be in terms of helping that person
to make some move in life.
That’s the time you must do it.
That is the meaning of love.

In the final analysis,
love is not this sentimental something that we talk about.
It’s not merely an emotional something.
Love is creative, understanding goodwill for all men.
It is the refusal to defeat any individual.
When you rise to the level of love, of its great beauty and power,
you seek only to defeat evil systems.
Individuals who happen to be caught up in that system, you love,
but you seek to defeat the system.

Martin Luther King jr. – 1957

Journal to Remember the Good Times

Journal to Remember the Good Times


Journal to Remember the Good Times

Very often, especially in the bad times, we get depressed by our circumstances and it seems that it has always been that way, that there is no hope for the future.   We forget the good times, the answers to prayer, the feelings of gratitude and pleasure which we have experienced in the past. This is why keeping a journal can be a wonderful tool for reminding you of those good times, and giving you hope for the future because you have had those good experiences in the past.

When you are down and everything seems to be gloom and despair, you can go back to your journal and re-read those records of amazing and uplifting experiences. You will be surprised how many good things have happened to you, and how quickly you forgot them, even reasonably recent ones.

In a similar vein, Oprah Winfry promoted the idea of keeping a gratitude journal, which is an excellent way of reminding us of our blessings. Each day write down three to five things that you love about your spouse, children and friends. It may be a small thing like your spouse bringing you a cup of tea to drink in bed before you get up, or it could be that your friend is always ready with a listening ear when you need it. This type of journaling is so beneficial to our well-being, and makes us think about the good things rather than the bad, so try it today.