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Communication – A Two-way Street

Communication – A Two-way Street



Communication – A Two-way Street

No relationship can survive without good communication, for that is the bedrock upon which a bond is built with each other. Communication has to be worked at, it doesn’t just happen, and it is part of the commitment that you make to each other. Make it a habit to set aside certain times to be with each other, a time that you can use to ‘catch up’ with things which have happened in your lives.

If necessary, book a date with your spouse on a regular basis so that you have uninterrupted time to talk. Take each of your children out on a date individually and plan outings that will honor and please that child. It means so much to children to have the individual attention of their parents, away from their siblings. This will enable you to connect with each child in a deeper spiritual connection that is impossible within a mixed family environment.

Spend time alone with God in prayer, to form a deeper bond with your Creator. Spend time with yourself to re-charge your batteries and get to know yourself more intimately. It is remarkable how many people don’t know what they think and feel, because they have never had the time or have never thought about thinking about themselves. They keep their schedule so crowded so that they don’t have to spend time with themselves, and even when alone often their hand reaches out to switch on the radio or the TV to drown out the silence. We all need silence and quiet time alone to really think things through. Often just the practice of time spent alone will bring insights and answers that will often surprise you. Try it.



Law of Cause and Effect

It’s a Funny Thing but True


It’s a funny thing but true,

The folks you don’t like, don’t like you.

I don’t know why this should be so

But just the same I always know,

That when I’m sour, friends are few,

When I’m friendly, folks are too.

I sometimes get up in the morn,

Awishin’ I was never born,

And then I make cross remarks, a few,

And then my family wishes, too,

That I had gone some other place,

But then I change my little tune,

And sing and smile,

And then the folks around me sing and smile.

I guess ‘twas catching all the while.

It’s a funny thing but true,

The folks you like, they sure like you!


People tend to reflect back to us what they see in us, whether it is friendliness or irritation and anger. To control what you receive back, in most cases you only need to control your own disposition. (This is not so 100% of the time, as the other person may be in a heightened state of aggravation before you came on the scene, or may be mentally ill).   As we have said before, you cannot control the other person’s actions or reactions, only your own, but in most cases your disposition is reflected back to you.

If you become angry with a teenager and rant and rave, the teenager will immediately react with his or her own anger, and the situation can escalate into a serious condition where both of you can say things you don’t mean and later regret.   Instead, if you keep calm, listen attentively to what they have to say, and speak in a low, measured voice, usually this will take the heat out of any situation.   Control your negative emotions and practice your positive traits and this will be reflected back to you.

The Law of Acceptance

The Law of Acceptance


The Law of Acceptance

“Lord! Give me strength to change the things I can change, give me courage to accept the things I cannot change, and grant me wisdom to know the difference!”

This law is similar to one of Non-attachment. When you accept people as they are without trying to change them, it brings peace and harmony into the relationship. It is amazing how many people marry the person of their dreams, and then immediately set about changing some aspect of their personality or actions. How quickly it is forgotten that a particular quirk, which now irritates, attracted you to them in the first place. Any person is a complete package, and changing or attempting to change one aspect of them can change them completely, wiping out the good things with the bad.

Acceptance makes sense because you cannot change other people, you can only change your attitude to them, and that may or may not cause some change in them. Practicing acceptance in love towards your spouse, children and others, will move you forward and deepen those relationships. This is especially true in relationships with your children. The greatest gift you can give to your child is to accept them exactly as they are and love them unconditionally.

The law of acceptance should also be practiced in situations that you may find yourself in. For example, your partner may develop an illness that obviously is out of your or their control. It is pointless to rail against this or let it develop a chasm between you, and acceptance with love will enable you to find answers and coping strategies. Non-acceptance puts you in the victim role and hinders you from thinking straight and making good decisions.

This law applies in many areas. It may be that you find it hard to accept your financial situation, your in-laws, your partner’s past, or changes in your partner or children. In every situation I urge you not to hit your head against a brick wall by trying to change circumstances without first accepting the reality. Start by acceptance and the remedy will follow.


Accept and be Content

“To be content with what we possess is the greatest of all riches”


“Content makes poor men rich; Discontent makes rich men poor”

                                                                                    Benjamin Franklin

Contentment in relationships follows practicing acceptance. When you accept situations as they are rather than as you would like them to be, you can work on that situation to enable you to be content in it.

In your marriage or partnership, aim for contentment, regardless of external circumstances. Make a commitment to each other that you will support each other and both endeavor to be content in all circumstances. If you have each other, can rely on each other, feel secure in each other’s commitment, then even in the worst situations, it is possible to be content and feel that you can overcome any adversity.

We hear Doctor Phil McGraw often say “You have to accept reality before you can change it.”

Maximizing Good Relationships

Maximizing Good Relationships


Maximizing Good Relationships

We were created to be social people, living in family groups in communities designed for mutual help, security, companionship and friendship. We receive our greatest joys and peace in life through special relationships, with our parents, siblings, children, spouses and friends.

Our ability to get along with people in general can determine to a great extent our success in life. If we haven’t the ability to forge and build worthwhile relationships, we find that friendships are short lived; marriages can be affected and lead to acrimony and strife, and careers jeopardized. Therefore it is crucial that we develop the skills to build meaningful relationships in all areas of our life.

General Rules for Social Interaction

To improve your relationships, work at being an agreeable person, fun to be with, helpful and attentive. Look for the good in others, and overlook annoying traits. There are some issues that are worth taking action on, but usually it is easier to overlook and accept other’s faults. Learn to let small annoyances go, and your day will go smoother, without building up unnecessary stress.

Develop your skills in listening and communication. A large part of communication is in body language, eye contact and active confirmation of understanding, besides just hearing. This is illustrated by a disability called autism, where the sufferer is unable to interact in a normal way, and does not understand body language and the socially accepted norms due to abnormalities in the brain. Although they hear what is being said, they cannot put it into context and therefore do not fully comprehend, having to learn acceptable behavior and ‘act’ it out.

For the rest of us, there are many good books to assist you to improve your communication skills. Become a good listener, focus on what the other person is saying, and convey this by your body language and actions. There is nothing more annoying and demeaning to the speaker than someone fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, looking at their computer, reading or continuing some other action while they are ‘listening’. Show that you are attentive and interested in what the speaker is saying, and it will really be appreciated. Don’t be a criticizer; instead look for ways that you can build up the other person, by being generous with deserved praise.

One of the biggest drawbacks to developing good relationships is low self-esteem. If we don’t think well of ourselves, how do we expect others to? Those with high self-esteem are more out-going and confidant, which draws people to them, and others want to be in their presence. People with low self-esteem tend to be critical, angry and self-centered. If this is a problem for you, work on building up self-esteem.

Forgiveness in Relationships

No one, including ourselves, are perfect, and all of us at some time will perform wrong or selfish actions to the detriment of someone else. If we take offence at every little offence that someone commits against us, or argue unreasonably against something we don’t agree with, we will soon end up with very few friends.

Learn to forgive people, because we are all human, and none of us flawless. It is a greater wrong to take offence, because very often we can offend people without even knowing it, so we are oblivious to the situation, but to take offence at something takes a conscious effort, with a decision to take offence. Even if you find it difficult to forgive the action that has offended you, make an effort to forgive the person them-self, separating their actions from their persona.

Holding bitterness and grudges causes great stress in our lives, resulting in ill health, high blood pressure and other related problems, whilst the person we believe has caused the offence, is very likely unaware of your feelings, so is unaffected. The act of forgiveness is a kindness not to them but to our-selves. Make your mind up that you will always practice forgiveness, no matter what the circumstance or offence. This will turn out to be one of your greatest health benefits and allow you to be at peace.

Fruits of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit


The first of these fruits is love. That means not just showing love in relationship to others, but also loving ourselves, as I have said above, you cannot love others until you love yourself. Sometimes, love is difficult to explain, but the following passage from The Bible explains what showing love means.

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.
Love never fails…….

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.                                                                       1 Corinthians 13

These words tell us clearly how we should act and respond with love towards others, and if we seek to show love in this way, we will draw people towards us who are positive and loving in return, increasing our enjoyment of our friendships and family relationships.



Mankind was created to be joyful, and in a good relationship with God. Unfortunately, in the modern, busy world, many of us have lost the art of feeling joyful, as we hurry through our over-scheduled lives. Very often this is a result of not having sufficient time to spend with God, and you can probably count on one hand the times you can remember feeling a sense of joy well up inside you.

In order for us to experience joy today, we need to spend time with God in prayer, enabling us to receive a supernatural imparting of joy from the Holy Spirit.

It may seem difficult to fit in prayer, but Paul advises us in Ephesians 6:18:

Never stop praying, especially for others. Always pray by the power of the Spirit. Stay alert and keep praying for God’s people.

Basically, Paul is saying pray in every circumstance – involve God in every area of your life, so that prayer becomes as natural as breathing. Pray about every situation in your own life, but pray constantly also for others, as reciprocity will again ensure that others’ prayers for us will be added to our own prayers, bringing an inner peace and joy into the mundane situations of life.

Sometimes, joy is denied us because we have unresolved anger or fear in our hearts, from past experiences.   When you decide that the past is past, and concentrate on the now and the future, then your mind will be freed to receive and benefit from joy. Joy in life is a decision and we have the choice daily to choose to practice and keep our joy.



I have covered peace quite extensively in chapter five, but have included some additional information here as peace is one of the fruits of the Spirit.   Jesus promised peace to those who believe in Him and rely on Him:

I have told you these things while I am still with you. But the Holy Spirit will come and help you, because the Father will send the Spirit to take my place. The Spirit will teach you everything and will remind you of what I said while I was with you.

I give you peace, the kind of peace that only I can give. It isn’t like the peace that this world can give. So don’t be worried or afraid.

John 14:25-27

You can have all the monetary riches in the world and they will mean nothing to you unless you have peace. You can strive to be a success in the eyes of the world, but lose the love of the family who you never see. Peace is being able to rely on God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that you don’t have to rely on yourself.

You can only experience peace when you learn to stop striving on your own, and allow God to work in whatever situation you are in.   This means that we have to do our part by using the fruit of self-control in order to keep our peace. The fruits of the spirit all work together to produce their fruit inside you.



What is patience? It is having the ability to wait with equanimity, what ever is going on around us. Waiting for God to move and answer prayer is sometimes difficult because we are impatient and want answers now. We have to remember that to God a thousand years is like a day, and God is never early and never late, but He knows all things, and causes things to happen at the right time, even if at the time we believe it is late.

Trusting in God brings peace, and sometimes when we think that God has made the wrong decision, or at the wrong time, with hind-sight, we understand that in fact it was the best for us. We may have really desired that new sports car, but God knew that if we had it, we would have overdone it and crashed with fatal consequences.

In our day to day life we are constantly tested in our patience, for instance when we are waiting in line and the teller is slow, when we are cut up by another car, or when other’s opinions differ from our own. Being impatient in these and most other circumstances is a complete waste of time and changes nothing, only causing the release of harmful chemicals into our bodies, whereas being able to wait with patience brings peace to our soul.

If we let our-selves get frustrated we are wasting our energy, and wanting immediate action often causes us to move in the wrong direction and make mistakes. Pray for patience and work at cultivating serenity at all times. Practice living in the now.



All of us like to be treated kindly, and to receive mercy and forgiveness when we have hurt others. It is easy to be kind to others when they are kind to us, but there are many times when we must be the first one to show kindness. People like kind people, as they are easy to get along with.

God’s nature is kind and He is pleased with us when we demonstrate kindness in our relationships. When you are caring and compassionate to others you feel better about yourself inside. This in turn builds up your confidence and sense of worth.

The law of reciprocity tells us that we are given the same measure as we give out. If you treat people with kindness and respect, you will get treated in the same way. You don’t have to wait for people to deserve our kindness, but you exhibit the God nature within you when you give your kindness to others anyway. God rewards this behavior and He is always kind to us.

Even blessing your enemies and doing good to those who treat you badly is possible with the power of the Spirit. If we all waited to receive from others before we give, the world would come to a standstill. Today’s attitude tends to move towards looking after number one first, but no man is an island and at one time or another we all need to be offered love and kindness from our fellow man.

Remember that if you are treated badly, God can turn that event into one for your good. With God on your side, you can afford do good for others whether you feel they deserve it or not. Practice kindness every day.



Goodness is allied to kindness in a way, but perhaps in use it is more active. God expects us to actively go around looking for opportunities to be good to people, so that we can bless them, and God can bless us for being obedient. People who go around doing good whenever they can are fulfilled in themselves, and command respect from others. God is good, and part of our life purpose is to reflect His nature more and more each day.

As the twenty third psalm tells us ‘goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our lives’. We are given goodness and mercy from God and the least we can do is to pass that on to other people.

You may be thinking that you would do more good if you were better set up financially, but you don’t have to wait for money to be more plentiful, as there are many ways of being good to others that don’t cost a cent. For instance, you could offer to baby-sit for a harassed single mom, give an elderly person a lift to the store to get their groceries, or look after a neighbor’s pet whilst they have a much needed holiday. Look for opportunities to pass on good to others, and you will find them easily, and the giving towards others fulfills you and makes you feel satisfied.

Doing good for others raises your own self-esteem, and makes you a great friend that lots of people will want to have. It has to be done with the right motives, to bless the other person, and not for the rewards that you may receive. Helping others has its own reward that you will soon discover when you begin to look for opportunities and practice goodness towards others.



Faithfulness is constant commitment to God, to others, and to our own plans and goals. It is sticking with a marriage that is not working to well and turning over every stone to improve and restore it. It is being faithful to and sticking with a friend who is going through a hard time and not so much fun to be with at present.

In our job we need to be faithful to do a good day’s work for a day’s pay, and not short change our employers. Eventually we will receive the rewards of being faithful, in our marriage, in our relationships with friends, in our work and in achieving our goals, because we didn’t give up too early and persevered.

Before you make major changes in your life situation, pray first, asking God if the time is right or if you need to persist a bit longer. Sometimes we give up on someone or a situation just before there would be a key change, and we lose the benefits that we might have had. Don’t be too quick to lose faith and commitment, weigh up the pros and cons carefully and see if there is anything further that you can try. Remember Edison, Abraham Lincoln and Colonel Sanders in the Law of Perseverance in Chapter two, who persisted against all the odds and achieved great success.

Most of all stay faithful to God and His will and purpose for your life. He has lots of good things in store for you, so stick around until you receive all the abundance that is yours.



Being gentle today in our ‘me first’ world, where everyone has ‘rights’, is usually looked upon as a weakness. Gentleness is really another word for mildness, calmness, tenderness and humility, all words which suggest restfulness and peacefulness. Using these words is even more detrimental in the eyes of the world, where everyone feels that they must have what they are entitled to, even if someone else has to go without to provide it.

In fact, gentleness is actually controlled strength, as in the case of Mahatma (In India, a title bestowed on somebody who is deeply revered for wisdom and virtue) Gandhi. He was a gentle, humble man who through passive and quiet strength freed the continent of India from British rule. Mother Teresa also exhibited gentleness in her dealings with the poor of India, and saved many lives. Her own life was a hard one, with very few creature comforts, but she had the quiet strength to change her part of the world and the situation of many of the desperately poor people, most of whom would have died in the gutter without her help.

I don’t think the world would accuse either of these two people of being weak, yet the main talent they had was gentleness, mixed with tenacity. Always think of gentlepeople as being people of quiet strength – The soft voice turns away wrath. Gentleness fosters peace, and as we have already discussed, peace is essential to our happiness.

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to be gentle with others, looking at all their good points, not concentrating on the negative. Allow people to express their own opinions without shooting them down in flames and speaking over them to get your own point across. Let your pride take a holiday and react with humility more often, becoming gentler; a peacemaker not a peace breaker, spreading peace and harmony, not strife and conflict at home or at work.



This is one of the greatest gifts we receive from the Holy Spirit. How many times can you remember when you were able to use self-control and it has saved you from nasty situations? Strength of mind is difficult to have under our own power and strength, but this power can be imparted to us when needed by the Holy Spirit.

Self-control means making the right choices by having the strength of character to do so, and the persistence to continue making the right choices until our desires or circumstances change for the better. Without discipline to choose correctly, we can quickly find ourselves in tricky circumstances, and without self-control we will be unable to achieve our goals and make our dreams a reality.

Pray to develop the fruit of self-control so you can make the right choices and achieve your desires. Discipline your thoughts so that you will be able to manifest the best outcome for your life. Self-control is essential when it comes to achievement. Chase after it, develop it and don’t give up until you achieve it.


Fruits of the Spirit – Summary

These Fruits of the Spirit were written about two thousand years ago, and although in our present day world they are not seen as important, they are in reality as relevant today as they were then.   The values of our world have slipped drastically in recent years, and the problem is that as it has happened over a period of time in small increments, as we accept each small deterioration, the next slide does not seem as far.   If you look back over say thirty years, and compare accepted values of society then with the present day, you will see that we have fallen a long way.

If you practice and use the fruits of the Spirit, you will stand out from the crowd, and will attract others with values into your circle of influence, and their influence will build up your self-esteem.

Affirmations to Raise Self Worth

Affirmations to Raise Self Worth


Affirmations to Raise Self Worth

Affirmations are very powerful – you programmed your mind over a period of time by the things that were spoken to you by parents, siblings or friends, but unfortunately these natural affirmations are usually predominantly negative and damaging to your self-esteem.

By choosing affirmations which are positive and tailored to the particular area of your self-criticism, you can use the natural system of learning and self-program yourself to overcome the conditioning of years, in just a short period of one or two months.

Choose just three or four affirmations from the ones below or come up with special ones of your own. Write them out, and keep them in places that you will see and read them regularly. You will find that when you say them out loud with feeling that they will begin to sink into your sub-conscious and the changes will soon take place in your personality and self-image.

The use of affirmations is particularly crucial in re-building self-esteem. Over the years you would have heard many negative statements said to you, and you need to spend time replacing these damaging statements with positive ones of your own. Depending on how damaged your inner self is will depend upon the length of time the new ideas will take to sink in and be effective, but it is generally accepted that thirty days is the length of time needed to form a new habit.


Self-esteem Affirmations

I am the apple of God’s eye

God is my encourager.

I can break through any barricade or obstacle that lies before me.

No one can gain control over me.

God arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect.

I receive courage from God daily.

I am strong and courageous and can cope with all that happens in my life.

Like a mountain I stand firm when chaos is around me.

Raging floodwaters of life are like a calm lake to me.

I am equal to dealing perfectly with any situation that arises.

Stress and worry are distant memories in my life.

God loves me.

I am a talented person.

I am emotionally calm and stable at all times.

I show responsibility in all my decisions.

I trust myself to make good choices.

All my decisions I make with confidence.

I am a complete and good person.

I always treat myself with kindness.

All my thoughts are becoming more positive every day.

I enjoy each day, allowing my inner child to express joy and playfulness.

I am becoming the person that I decide to be.

I am confident in all my dealings.

I love and accept myself unconditionally.

I am a unique person created by God to enjoy my life.

In all I do I am clear and focused.

I am accepting of myself and love myself.

I take full responsibility for my own happiness.

I feel competent and intelligent.

I am talented and creative in my work.

Self-confidence comes to me easily.

When I need to I can be assertive.

I control my temper when I need to.

I handle my problems easily and effortlessly.

I really like and appreciate myself.

I love my life and find the greatest pleasure in every day.

I feel vital and alive and ready for any challenge.

I have total confidence in my abilities and myself.

I feel good about myself and appreciate my amazing talents.

I am a powerful and effective person.

Brilliant ideas come to me often and easily.

I have a fantastic personality and friends flock around me.

Intuition grows in me and helps me to know how to act in every situation.

I have an inner strength that never lets me down.

I build a better and better life for myself day by day.

I am not afraid of any person or situation.

I am equal to any situation and deal with everything easily and quickly.

I feel secure.

There is nothing too hard for me to accomplish.

I am lovable, and I listen to the still, small voice of God within me.

I am always doing the best that I can with what I have in each moment, and I forgive myself for the mistakes that help me to learn and to grow.

I am capable.

I accept my successes and failures equally, as part of the adventure of life.

I know that my experience of life as negative or positive is up to me, and I choose to make it positive.

I keep a perspective when details become problematic, for I am resilient and balanced.

I have an invincible summer at the deepest part of winter in my life.

I welcome my challenges.

I am courageously facing my shame and fears of rejection. I choose a new way of life. I am willing to risk sharing my feelings and ideas.

I am my own best friend, even to the parts of myself I have rejected.

I love and care for my feelings and myself.

I am honest with myself about my anger, and find respectful ways to express it.

I am vocal, vulnerable, and vital. I am persistent, strong, a survivor.

I have a creative initiative that follows my intuition. I am a productive, pioneering light onto the world. I am willing to share my holistic vision of life.

I always have an optimistic attitude towards life, and life treats me well.

I am a worthwhile person and deserve to be treated with respect.

Even though I still make mistakes, I am worthy of love.

Understanding Wisdom

Understanding Wisdom


Understanding Wisdom

Wisdom & Now

Wisdom is choosing to happy right now, not waiting until………whatever the until may be. There is always another until. People say “If only I had children I would be happy”, then they say “I will be happy when the children go to school, to give me some spare time”, and these ‘until’s’ can continue through life, until they are saying “I will be happy when I retire, so that I can do what I want to”.   Unfortunately, some people don’t live to retire, and their whole life has been taken up waiting to be happy.


Happiness is largely a choice, and a state of mind. Sometimes we just have to go through the actions of being happy until the feeling of happiness catches up with us. Live in the now, enjoy each day as if it was your last. One of these days it will be, and if you have enjoyed every day up till then, you have not wasted your life.


Your present is made up of all the things which have happened to you in the past.   If even one small thing had been different, you would not be exactly as you are now, to remember, each choice you make affects the way you are in the future.


Decide to choose wisely.


Wisdom & the Past

The past is gone, and cannot be changed, so learn from it, then forget it and move on.   If you do not move on, you will be always chained to events which have already happened, and your future will dictated by your past.


There is never any point in beating yourself up over anything that has been and gone. Forgive yourself, and forgive anyone else who has hurt you, and get on with your life. Don’t let past hurts and disappointments determine how you react to events today, which can spoil your happiness.


Wisdom is choosing to live in the moment and looking forward to the future, leaving things of the past behind. God says “forget the former things, see what a new thing I do now”


Wisdom & Emotions

Anger and other negative emotions are killers. They release poisonous chemicals into your bloodstream, overwhelming your immune system, and leaving your body vulnerable to attacks by viruses and infections, and can cause all sorts of illnesses from arthritis to cancer.


Wisdom in controlling your emotions is an essential tool to learn for a long and happy life. Make every effort to live at harmony with others, and learn to let your ego go, endeavoring to get along with people and making peace rather than always trying to win.


Pick your battles, as often we choose to fight the wrong ones, which are not worth the effort and cost of the stress, when it would be far more profitable from all points of view to let go and get on with the next phase of our life. Use your wisdom to decide if it is worth fighting, as in many instances you can save yourself a lot of grief by letting things go and walking away.


Wisdom is a life long journey.


Affirmations for Wisdom

I act wisely in every situation.


I walk each day in integrity.


I listen to the wisdom of my conscience.


Wisdom is central to all my choices.


My wisdom prospers me.


God’s wisdom lays out a perfect plan for my life.


Wisdom and compassion flows through me and out from me.


I seek out wisdom in every situation.

Wisdom & Attitude

Wisdom & Attitude


Wisdom & Attitude


“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.”                                       Brian Tracy


Nothing affects our emotional state as much as having the right attitude.   It is not what happens to you, but the way that you deal with it that is important. Having a wise attitude to life makes all the difference to the quality of life that you enjoy. Nothing lasts for ever, and no matter what situation you are in now, it will change in the future.   Unfortunately, many people hang on to bad situations or memories, affecting their life in the present, long after the circumstances have changed.   This prevents them from enjoying the life they are leading now, which to outsiders may seem ideal, but to them they are still stuck in the past.


Your attitude to other people has a huge impact on your own well-being.   You cannot change others, but can control your own attitude to them, usually changing the way they relate to you. The majority of your life is spent with other people, so make the decision to get along with your fellow travelers on this planet.


Decide to have a good attitude in every situation. Choosing a wise attitude gives greater benefits than you could imagine, which accumulate with the passage of time. Attitude is a matter of choice.

Wisdom and the Real World

Life isn’t fair. As the Bible tells us the rain falls on the righteous and the unrighteous, and we all have our fair share of ups and downs. We have to make our mind up to ride out any storm that comes our way, trusting that God will give us success ultimately and freedom from the world’s woes.


People are people; they can use you, betray you and hurt you in many ways, and accidents and illness can happen to anyone of us. Even so, we will benefit by resolving to have a wise response to whatever may befall us, knowing that this too shall pass and time will right most wrongs that we have suffered.


Knowing that good times do not last forever, and crises befall most of us at some time or another, try to plan in the good times for strategies to deal with problems which may occur.   It is a good idea to journal, recording all the good things that happen to you, and recording positive answers to prayer.   This journal can used as a reminder in the bad times; helping to uplift you and remind you that good times will come around again.


We can learn like Saint Paul to be content whatever the circumstances and believe that through the power of Christ we can do anything. That is the point to remember, we don’t have to rely on ourselves to go through trials but we rely on the help of our loving Father who can and will do more and abundantly more than we can ever ask or dream of.


Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying:

“People are about as happy as they choose to be”


Wisdom is making the choice to always see the silver lining in every situation.

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Problem solving is the ideal situation in which to use the tool of making mental movies.


Sit in a comfortable chair and relax your muscles, one by one. Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in a cinema. In front of you is a large screen and you are the star of this movie.


Start by seeing yourself in the middle of your situation on the big screen. Mentally create the setting which is most appropriate, and then bring in all the people involved. Play out the scenario of how you may act and how others could possibly re-act to your decision. This can be carried out several times, utilizing whatever alternative actions and reactions may occur to you as you play through the movie in your mind.   Next change the set and situation into the opposite avenue that you might take.


For instance you may have to make a decision on whether to have your mother in Law move in with you. Imagine her living in your home, and go through what you think a typical day would be like. Then imagine her moving into a village for the aged and again imagine what her typical day would be like. In both instances try out alternative realities as you go. Imagining the opposite can often give you valuable insights that would otherwise elude you.


This tool enables you to use your sub-conscious mind to feel out different scenarios, noting the effect that each one has on you, to choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Different Angles Give Different Views

Now look at the situation from a completely different perspective. Imagine that maybe you have got the circumstances all wrong, for instance the people involved may not be thinking along the lines that you think they are, or the imagined disaster may never happen. Re-run events through with the thought in your mind that your assumptions may be completely incorrect. Doing this may generate other options that you have never thought about.


You can play the movie through several times, with the aim that you refine the situation until the final scene should be you seeing on the screen the ideal outcome for your problem or you doing whatever you are trying to decide to do exactly as it would be if you couldn’t fail.


With that successful outcome in your mind slowly see the credits go up on the screen and gradually come to your fully awakened state. Sit quietly for a few more minutes and think about what you have learned from your visualization movie experience, and write down the solution you have learned.

The Parable of the Rich Family

The Parable of the Rich Family


The Parable of the Rich Family

One day a rich businessman decided to take his family to the country. His ten-year-old son sat in the back of the new Mercedes. “Why’re we going to the country, dad?”
“I think that you take everything we have for granted, so I thought I’d show you the difference between the rich and poor.”
The struggling farmer’s old ranch, had few furnishings, and plain food.
At the end of the week, as they drove away, the father looked across to his son. “How did you enjoy the holiday?”
“It was great, dad. Thanks!”
“Did you notice how poor people can be?”
“Yes, dad, I did.”
“So, what did you learn from the trip?” His father said.
“I saw that we have a pet dog at home, but that farmer had four well trained dogs. We have a swimming pool, but the farmer and his family have a beautiful creek with freshwater, that goes on forever. We have electric lamps in our garden, but did you see those stars and the moon? Our patio reaches to the front yard, but they have fields right to the horizon. You work in a stuffy office, but the poor farmer gets to be out in the fresh air all-day!”
The boy thought for a moment, then said “Dad, you said you were going to show us how poor people can be, didn’t you? I get it – I didn’t realize how poor we are!”

There are different types of prosperity, and depends on the way you view the world. If you are poor of spirit, you have nothing!

Intuition & Discernment

Intuition & Discernment


Intuition & Discernment


Take notice of your intuition. Universal guidance is when you receive a feeling of peace or unease. Use these intuitive nudges in all of your decisions.

If you have to start justifying a decision to fit in with what you want, or with what other people recommend, it’s probably wrong. If the path you want to take seems against everyone else’s wishes, but you have a deep feeling of peace, take notice.

Try not to jump into decisions if you can feel nothing either way. Wait until you sense a distinct peace. This is can be difficult, as you’re used to deciding and acting. However, if you send out your intention for guidance, listen to your inner voice, the answer will arrive.


The Gift of Discernment


Discernment is an inner knowing, insight, which you can’t explain naturally. It’s the ability given to you by a Higher Power, to your spirit. This gift allows you know the truth, about a situation or person, supernaturally. For instance, you could be thinking of entering a partnership with someone, or a business deal. The deal sounds profitable and exciting. But you feel a slight discomfort, without reason, then listen to your inner voice.

An acquaintance of mine in New Zealand, who’s wealthy, received a revelation during a meditation. He felt he should change his investments from the Stock Market into property. He obeyed the inner prompting, liquidated all his stock market investments, shortly before the 1987 stock market crash.

An American friend had the opportunity to invest in a successful company, at an advantageous time. Excited about this once-in-lifetime chance, and began to arrange to raise the capital needed. A few days later he felt uneasy about the investment. After further confirmation, he heeded this warning, and declined to invest. The next couple of years, the company was one of the stars of the business world, growing at a phenomenal rate, and he felt that he had missed the boat. However, a year later, the company collapsed, and many directors were prosecuted for fraud. Had he ignored his inner warning, he would have lost his investment.

Insight needs practice and a close connection with Spirit through prayer. Constantly check your inner spirit as different events arise throughout each day, and heed the feelings of peace or unease. After a while you will see the results, and you’ll find you’ve had a few narrow escapes. Gradually your discernment will become accurate, as you become skilled at listening.

The Movie Studio of Your Mind

The Movie Studio of Your Mind


The Movie Studio of Your Mind

Mental movies are fun and give you the opportunity to experience life in ways that you wouldn’t or couldn’t in the physical realm. Remember that because your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference, what you think about, meditate on or dream about, a mental movie can appear real. Especially when you ramp up your emotions, sense of smell, hearing and colors.

Begin by relaxing in a comfortable armchair, with your eyes closed. Relax, watch your breathing, and unwind. When you feel tranquil, imagine you’re sitting in a cinema, looking at the large screen. Now begin your mental movie. Just as you lose yourself in a good film at the cinema, it’s possible to do the same in your own imaginary movie.

I love ice-skating. In my mind I see myself on the screen, dressed in a beautiful skating costume, with my chosen music playing. I can effortlessly perform axles and pirouettes, and glide over the ice as if I’m flying. Ten minutes in my own private world, and I feel a sense of joy and freedom, all from my armchair at home.

Use this technique for problem solving and for focusing your mind on your goals and wishes.

You’ll find many more ideas in the rest of this book to excite your imagination, help you to control your mind, and suggest ways that will prosper you.

Chart Building and Effective List Making

Chart Building and Effective List Making



Chart Building and Effective List Making


The best learning techniques use multiple reinforcement. You learn visually, by doing, by adding to what you already know. Knowledge sticks when the facts are relevant to you at the time. This tool and the following one use both visual and action techniques to help to concentrate the mind. Visual inspiration is a powerful technique. One-way to use visual stimulus is to program your subconscious mind, using a chart.

Use this technique for problem solving, deciding, and programming your subconscious mind. Use chart building to work on your goals and wishes. For instance, you may want a spacious home, new job, car or new partner. Search magazines, newspapers or books for pictures that show your ideal needs. Paste the images on your chart, and put it in plain sight. Each time you pass the chart study the pictures and bring them to life in your imagination. In your mind brighten the colors, smell the new leather, and imagine sounds or voices that bring your vividly to mind.

For problem solving, use the chart to detail the information you have, and then write down the possible solutions. As time passes your subconscious mind will work to produce a solution.

Effective List Making

This is also a visual tool. Lists can be used in the same way as the chart, using columns instead of images.

For problem solving, use one column for all known details of the problem. Then start new columns for the steps required for each of the solutions you know about at the moment.   Writing, frees your mind so that you don’t have to hold the problem in your head, freeing you to think of solutions. As with the chart, leave it in some prominent place where you can see it easily, and ensure that you look at it several times each day.

As your subconscious mind absorbs the list information, it will gradually work, to produce solutions. In a short time you will have at least one, possibly several, solutions which were previously not available.

You use the lists to work on your goals and desires. Detail all the information you have. As you think of further information, add to the list.

Lists are useful as a basis for prayer, affirmations and visualizations. Read through your list several times a day, and always before sleep. Your subconscious will work on a solution during the night.

Creating Safe Havens & Sanctuaries

Creating Safe Havens & Sanctuaries



Creating Safe Havens & Sanctuaries

Sanctuaries are quiet, peaceful and comfortable places where you can relax, get away from the noise of everyday living, and allow your mind to work undisturbed on creating new ideas.

Ideally, a sanctuary should be home, a place where you can feel safe and secure, and where you control access.   When you’re decorating your actual home and buying furniture, think about the affect they will have. Is your house quiet, is it light and uplifting? Are the colors peaceful and the furnishings comfortable? Create a corner of your home where you can be at peace, taking special care the area is reflective of your inner spirit.

If you can’t physically create a sanctuary, it’s possible, with practice, to create a mental sanctuary in your own mind. This will give you a place of peace, you can retreat to, when you feel the need, and wherever you are.

Using your imagination, you can build and create the sanctuary in stages. First relax, close your eyes and begin to build in your imagination. Create an entrance to your sanctuary, a doorway or maybe a marble stairway. Your special place could be a house, room, or forest glade. Then imagine a couch or soft bed of feathers. I think you get the idea! Take as many sessions to build your sanctuary exactly as you want it. Remember you can always make changes or a new one. The only limit is your imagination. Happy building!

Change Your Behavior by Using Thought Anchors

Change Your Behavior by Using Thought Anchors


Change Your Behavior by Using Thought Anchors


Thought anchors are a physical way of reminding yourself to think in a particular way. For example, if you have to talk publicly, you may want an anchor to help you to relax and have confidence.

You do this by putting together the middle fingertip and thumb on both hands, pressing them together. As you press the fingertips together firmly, you say out loud and with feeling “I am relaxed and speak out confidently and with passion”. At the same time imagine standing in front of your audience, giving an excellent presentation.

You need to do this a few times in a relaxed posture until your brain has anchored these thoughts and feelings to the physical action of pressing the fingertips together. When it’s time to speak, press the fingers together, and your brain will bring back the same feelings. You will find you can speak out with confidence.

You can use thought anchors in many circumstances. For example, if you’re addicted to chocolate, and want to lose weight, imagine yourself as slim. Use words such as ‘I don’t need to eat right away’ and ‘I always choose food that nourishes my body’. The possibilities are endless. Why not try now, choose the words and behaviors you would like to change.

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The Incredible Power of Thought

The Incredible Power of Thought


The Incredible Power of Thought


The first important tool is the use of your thoughts. Whatever you hold in your mind and mostly think about, you will manifest, whether good or bad. Proverbs 23:7 says ‘as a man thinks so is he’.   The negative side of thinking is best shown in Job 3:25, when Job said: “For the thing, which I greatly feared, is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me”. He went on to lose everything he owned, including his children.

The more emotion that you put into your thinking, the greater effect it has. If you’re afraid of what may happen I strongly advise you to work on changing those negative thoughts into uplifting, positive and life-giving ones. You can do this by using the affirmations, and visualizations. Choose carefully the areas you want results, and work on one or two at time, to avoid confusion in the energy you are sending out.

Be specific with your requests. If you’re looking for a new relationship, think carefully about the qualities you would like that person to have. Make a list, and read the list out loud several times each day.

If it’s a new home that you would like, study the market and type of homes that attract you. Cut out pictures of your perfect house. Visualize the rooms and imagine living in that house. Visit show homes, and as you walk around the building send out positive energy.

Perhaps your problem is conflict in your family or workplace. Imagine harmony and peace, each time you are in the home or office. Send energy of toward them for their happiness and well-being. Speak out words of calm and peace.

Thank the Creator for your blessings, and hold the energy of gratitude.

Don’t give up too easily. These processes take time. Remember that for your desires to come into fruition, circumstances in other people’s lives have to change as well. Practice the tools many times a day. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Get into the habit of checking your thoughts and bring them back to circumstance you want to create. Write down your affirmations, then look over them often, especially just before sleep.

Using Affirmations to re-program your Mind

The spoken word is powerful, so be careful what you say. Think before you speak, as you could be unleashing forces for both good and bad by those words. Make sure they are words that will move you closer to your dreams and not ones that could make harm you. Words spoken aloud, you can’t take back. Words spoken in anger can harm another person, even if you don’t mean them.

Affirmations are statements spoken aloud, with passion and conviction. Always use the present tense and say them using the “I” statement. Carefully word the phrases that you use. You will see from the ones used in this book how to word them. You can make your own, to suit your situation, and in line with what you want to manifest.

Affirmations should be accurate, but not limiting. Obviously, you would be foolish to use this phrase: “I will become a brain surgeon within six months.” A phrase like “I’m drawing my perfect job to me now,” is the affirmation you should aim for. The secret to moving universal energy is to say each affirmation strongly, with emotion and faith. Look through the examples in the following chapters and pick two or three and start saying them today. The results will amaze you!

Reprogramming with Visualization

Your mind and body can’t distinguish between what you strongly imagine and reality. This fact makes visualization a fantastic tool for you to use. With this tool you can reprogram hurtful memories, as well as program future events.

For this tool to be effective, you need a deep state of relaxation. When fully relaxed try to experience the emotions, colors, odors and sounds as vividly as possible.

Most successful athletes use this method to improve their future performances. They picture performing their sport in the peak way. They see themselves winning the race, jumping there highest and swimming their fastest time ever.

Throughout the book I’ve created visualizations for you to try yourself.


Writing a personal journal can be helpful in many ways. You can use it as a way of clarifying your thoughts, releasing the past and negative emotions. It’s a great source of inspiration when you use it to record life changes and list all that you’re grateful for.

Use to record your requests and answers you receive. When you are feeling low you simply look at your past entries to see how universal energy has worked for you in the past. You’ve changed circumstances in the past by your energy, so you can do so in the future.

When you record troubling thoughts of the past you can use your journal to reframe the events and put them in perspective. Listing each emotion you have daily enables you to slowly change your negative attitudes to positive ones, by showing you the attitudes that you consistently hold. You can read them and release them to the God of the Universe, letting them go.

Decisions become easier for you when you write down your challenges and directions you can take to change them. As you write them ask for the universe for guidance, and within a short time the decision that’s best for you will manifest itself.

Hypnosis Changes Your Thinking

Hypnosis has been used for many years as a tool for reprogramming your subconscious mind. There are many good recordings available.

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Colourstory Audio Books

Colourstory Audio Books

Colourstory Audio Books for Extreme Prejudice and Extreme Consequences

Check out these audio’s on You Tube. You can also find the first chapters on this site.

Extreme Prejudice

Was that them coming back?

Xantara Pembroke trembled as she held her breath, listening to the sounds from the church sanctuary above. No, it was the rats. It had to be the rats. Now she heard them in the crypt outside her cell.

She flinched as their claws again broke the stillness, now scratching against the cold stone flags. Rats! Her heart pounded as she clasped her hands across her chest to calm herself. She took several deep breaths to stave off a panic attack, to become grounded.

Reviews Five Star

By Thomas A. on October 25, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Imogene’s Message: by Australian author, Christine Sherborne is without a doubt EPIC! This is book one of the Imogene series, I enjoyed this book so much I already have started reading book II. Author Sherborne has an incredible talent for telling a story. At no time was there a chance to catch your breath. Roller Coaster doesn’t even come close to what a wild ride this first book is. Not only action packed but emotionally charged. When the Pembroke family return to Xantara’s place of birth, together with her husband, Braeden the doctor and their daughter Imogene, Xantara relaxes to settle in and enjoy the serenity of her quaint village. Xantara, is a Guardian of Avebury Circle, an ancient monument near Stonehenge. For over three thousand years, wives of eight village families have performed ceremonies to heal local people, with power handed down from first daughter to first daughter. However, a group of extreme fundamentalist have other plans for Xantara and her family, especially Imogene.

Without giving away key plot elements, I have to say, all the characters are so three dimensional that they leap off the page. The action is fast and to the point, If you blink, the bad guys have taken you! Several times throughout the book, I found myself thinking, holy hell! That did not just happen! If you want to get into an amazing series, grab yourself a copy of Book one now! 5 Stars Indeed!

Extreme Consequences

“Doctor Schneider, please stop. I don’t want to do it.” Imogene watched as he held up the syringe and squirted the liquid. Cold drops fell on her bare arm as she tried to push him away, but he grabbed her, stuck in the needle and pressed the plunger. She clutched the edge of the white leather couch.

“Hush, child. You’ll be fine, close your eyes. You are safe here, remember it’s just a dream.”

Her head swam, and she felt slightly sick. She fought back the waves of darkness, but it was no use. Her fingers relaxed, and she let go.

Review – Five Star

 on June 18, 2015
Extreme Consequences – Imogene’s Past Lives: Another gripping page turner from Christine Sherborne, the modern day Agatha Christie of Paranormal Mystery Thrillers. Imogene’s Past Lives, is a great sequel to Imogene’s Message and although it did start off from where the first book left off, it is a psychological thriller that you can easily follow without reading the first… but why wouldn’t you read, Extreme Prejudice – Imogene’s Message it is a classic, as is this one.
Imogene’s past lives is a fast pace action thriller with clashes within the spirit world, and good and evil forces on the mortal plane. It tells the story of the previous lives of young Imogene Pembroke, as she recalls them under hypnosis. There are the old characters, along with many new and exciting editions. The settings and scenes are perfectly described, especially the different time-periods. The story flows with imaginative and original storytelling with many unexpected twists.
I was so engrossed in this novel that I could tell you the full story, but I could not do it justice, so you must read it for yourself and you can decide. It is a great book whatever your genre preference. I will watch out for the movie when they make it, but it will not be as good as the book. You will believe reincarnation is a reality!

Powerful Talismans

Powerful Talismans

powerful talismans pendant 1
Powerful Talismans
powerful talismans pendant 2
Powerful Talismans

 Powerful Talismans

People have created and worn powerful talismans for centuries as a form of protection or as the bringer of good luck. The symbols used have magical properties, when charged by the maker or owner. By one knowing the power of each symbol and by believing in each secret code or message used, you create the mystical power within the object.

A gold or silver talisman can be in the form of an amulet, pendant, ring or bracelet. By belief in the Universal forces with which you endow your talisman, you create its unique properties. It’s recommended the maker is familiar with symbolism, and any personal touches you may like to include. The symbols can be anything from magical emblems to Bible verses. Often people use signs and symbols depicting planets and elemental forces.

Famous talismans include the Seal of Solomon. Many religions use the interlaced triangle symbol to protect against death, evil and all kinds of trouble. The eye of Horus worn by Egyptians gives the wearer protection against calamity and good health. The Christian community wear crosses and the swastika made famous by Hitler has been discovered in many cultures from thousands of years ago.

The Talismanic scroll is a medieval Islamic amulet holds sacred scriptures, similar to the Jews wearing their scriptures in a small box.

A Talisman is just as powerful today, and many people wear them. Something as simple as a lucky coin, or four leaf clover is also classed as a talisman.

You simply have to believe in the objects power and perhaps say a form of prayer to charge its vibration.

Right Thinking

Right Thinking

Right Thinking


 Right Thinking – Part One

Read or Watch

Undoubtedly, thinking affects your mood, your health and outlook on life. This three-part article explains typical wrong thinking and how to change those thoughts. This article is about Right Thinking!

One common mistake in thinking people make is Catastrophizing. You hear on the news that a particular batch of food is making people sick. You’ve eaten that food earlier in the week, you feel fine, but you worry that it came from the contaminated batch. Within moments, you feel ill and you’re going to die. The truth is the quantity was insignificant and the people affected contacted, and you are fine.

Watching the news and hearing of misfortunes can immobilize some people. Keep a clear head and examine the evidence. There’s no need to jump to conclusions over every little event and cause yourself pain. Stop, think, and calm down, the thing you fear is unlikely to happen.

Another way of negative thinking is blaming others for every upset that happens in your life. Conversely, you blame yourself. Neither way of thinking is correct. You have to take responsibility for your own life. Sure, other people’s actions may cause pain, but you can be responsible for the way you feel, and the actions you take. You can say the same for self-blame. Realize that you are doing your best and can improve. Be kind to yourself and take responsibility for your own actions and feelings. In both cases find a better feeling thought. For example, my work colleague didn’t realize how his actions could affect me, or he wouldn’t have acted that way. I can get over it and find the silver lining in this or any situation.

Thinking you can force people to change because you depend on them for your happiness. The truth is you can only change yourself, and often by doing that, the other person changes anyway. For example, you tell your partner you can only be happy if they give up golf. It’s only right that they should spend all their time with you. You may even get their compliance for a while, but the precious extra time that you want is spent sitting with a sullen unhappy partner.

If you decide to change and say take up golf or arrange other exciting occasions. The result could then turn out to be better than you imagined. Never, rely on believing you can change someone else’s behavior. It may work for a while but eventually, they will rebel or leave. Work on improving yourself, to make life enjoyable.

Often people overgeneralize and can become paralyzed in some areas. For example, Sally sees a terrible plane crash on television and cancels her much anticipated holiday. She tells herself, planes aren’t safe, she’ll never fly again. One incident causes her to label all air travel dangerous. If she looked at crash data and expanded her knowledge of flying, she would see that in fact flying is 99% safe.

Try to avoid making general rules on little information. People make assumptions about race traits, for example, all Germans are arrogant. Religion is another area that people assume they know the absolute truth without having any idea what other faiths believe. Next time you’ll tempted to tar a person or subject with the same brush, pause, and think. Do your research and then choose the belief that seems right to you.

Do you make everything personal? Do you believe that people act in a particular way because of you? Perhaps, you use other people as a measuring stick, are they more attractive, cleverer and more put together than you. The truth is that if you realized how little you cross anyone’s mind you would be amazed, it’s minuscule. People live their own lives, and you should strive to live yours. Don’t personalize the actions of others, be your own person, and stop thinking about other people’s agenda’s and reactions.

Do your emotions control you? Just because you may feel you’re not good enough, that it’s automatically true, it’s not. A friend ignores you in the street, your emotions go into overdrive. “What’s up with her, have I done something to upset her?” The truth is, she didn’t see you. You can see how emotional thinking causes pain. Notice when you feel a rush of emotion, pause, and bring your critical thinking mind into focus. Is this emotion valid, or just a reaction to an event from a skewed perspective?

This one’s a biggie. You’re always trying to prove you’re right. Being a right fighter is tiring and causes conflict. The truth is, you’re not always right, and even if you are, is it worth the fight? As Doctor Phil often says, “would you rather be right than happy.” Right fighters are one of the unhappiest groups in society. Give up right fighting apart from exceptional circumstances, for example, where lives are at stake. Next time you find yourself ready to bite back at a friend, pause, and ask yourself if it’s worth it. Usually, it isn’t. Why waste your energy and time?

Undoubtedly, thinking affects your mood, your health and outlook on life.

Now, we’ll look at Mind Reading. This is when you’re sure you know how other people are thinking and feeling, without evidence. Also, you believe that you know how they feel toward you, and you could be wrong. This is a type of thinking that I’m guilty of according to my children. They nicknamed me “Mrs. Jump to Conclusions”!

Women, in particular, think this way. They agonize over a male partner’s feelings toward them if he’s inattentive, when he’s actually thinking how he can fix his car, or he’s studying a fly on the ceiling.

Never assume you know what someone else thinks, you don’t for sure. Ask gentle questions to find out the truth.

Fairness is often an illusion. Life is not always fair unfortunately, and believing it should be can make you feel resentful. You may think you know what is fair and right, and when people don’t agree you get upset. Sometimes, fairness depends on several points of view. What may seem fair to one person, is seen as biased by another. If you feel you are unfairly treated, try to look at all points of view. In that way, you may have a change of heart. But remember, life isn’t always fair and take those situations in your stride then put them behind you.

Do you pass your thoughts through a filter, by taking out the positive and focusing on the negative? We feel protective toward ourselves and try to see problems that lie ahead, but focusing on the negative binds your ability to act clearly in the situation. There are always many sides to a story, a silver lining perhaps. Before you blow up the bad side out of all proportion, look for the good.

Many seemingly bad situations turn out well. For example, you lose a job but soon find an even better one. The partner walks out and you’re devastated, but soon you meet someone new, who’s fantastic!

Improve your thinking today, and save yourself a lot of heartache!

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First Chapter of Imogene’s Past Lives – A thriller of Extreme Consequences

First Chapter of Imogene’s Past Lives – A thriller of Extreme Consequences


Extreme Consequences - Imogene's Past Lives
Extreme Consequences – Imogene’s Past Lives


Chapter One

“Doctor Schneider, please stop. I don’t want to do it.” Imogene watched as he held up the syringe and squirted the liquid. Cold drops fell on her bare arm as she tried to push him away, but he grabbed her, stuck in the needle and pressed the plunger. She clutched the edge of the white leather couch.

“Hush, child. You’ll be fine, close your eyes. You are safe here, remember it’s just a dream.”

Her head swam, and she felt slightly sick. She fought back the waves of darkness, but it was no use. Her fingers relaxed, and she let go.


Kukulcon came for her.

With her arms bound, the young woman stumbled toward the bottomless limestone sinkhole and stared into the pit’s black depths as the Shaman pushed her closer. She fought against him, how could this be happening?

The drummers’ bright feather headdresses nodded and chanted as they beat the taut leather, and sweat gleamed on their backs in the firelight as they swayed in unison. The girl’s heart raced as she struggled. She didn’t want to die.

The Shaman gripped her harder and bowed low before the new king. He lifted his spear. “Yum Kaax, God of the Harvest, we offer you this sacrifice. Bless our crops and our people.”

He bowed again and dragged her to the edge of the sinkhole. The girl dug in her heels as Kukulcon pushed her. She whipped her foot around his ankle, pulling him off balance, and his primordial scream echoed as they fell together.


Imogene heard Professor Schneider’s distant voice.

“Imogene, I’ll count down from five to one. At one you will awaken, feeling relaxed and happy. Five, four, three…”

She winced as she opened her eyes. The professor’s face was close to hers and she could see her reflection in his wire-rimmed glasses.

“I saw you in my dream, professor. And I saw Ezekiel, the lawyer who murdered me. It was so real it scared me!”

He stood and helped her off the couch. “Don’t worry, my child. A bad dream can’t hurt you.”

Nicola, the professor’s assistant, walked her to the waiting room door and opened it. Her father, Doctor Pembroke, rose from his seat.

“We’re finished for today,” she said. “You may return to the ward.”

Dr. Pembroke pushed past them, into the office. “Professor Schneider, I have patients to attend to. When can we go home?”

The professor touched her father’s shoulder. “The authorities have the final say, not me. I’ll ask the Home Office when I deliver my report.”

Imogene clasped her father’s hand. “Daddy, let’s go back to the ward. Mommy and Aunt Sybil will worry.”

Her father took her hand, turned, and without another word led her down the stark corridor.


Inspector Grant studied the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary as they entered his office. The Prime Minister’s almost-too-perfect features were marred only by a crescent shaped scar on his forehead. A polo accident, it was rumored, received when he fell and his horse kicked him. His dark hair framed an almost frail complexion, hinting that he suffered from asthma. His ready smile and friendly manner had led to an election landslide. The Home Secretary was an old friend, an ex-royal navy commander he respected and understood. Alex’s straight backed stance matched his own.

“This way please.”

Inspector Grant looked around Swindon Constabulary’s packed incident room, and saw everyone was present. He rapped the table with his pointer.

“Welcome. I’d like to introduce The Prime Minister, Frank Carrington, and Home Secretary, Alexander Brittan. The prime minister wants to be brought up to date on the details of the Stonehenge bombing and massacre. Detective McCullage?”

Jim McCullage stood, loosened his collar and opened the file in front of him. “Sirs, first we had two kidnappings in Swindon, then two shopkeepers went missing in Monkton St Michael. It turns out that Ezekiel Yates, a lawyer and leader of a radical Christian cult, had a mission to rid the West Country of ‘sinners’. He kidnapped Xantara Pembroke, wife a Monkton St Michael doctor, because he believed she was a witch.”

Frank Carrington held up his hand. “Why did they think that?”

“Well, she and seven other women practice an ancient form of healing. The eldest daughters of eight village families have done this for thousands of years. They call themselves ‘The Guardians of Avebury Circle’, which is a monument similar to Stonehenge but much older.”

“So, what did this Yates man do with her?”

“He locked her in the crypt of a local village church.”

McCullage glanced again at his folder as he recounted the events, telling how Xantara’s seven-year-old daughter Imogene had earlier been crushed by falling rocks on the Isle of Angels. What was assumed to be an accident turned out to be a murder by Ezekiel Yates.

“He wanted to punish her mother,” McCullage said. “He also tried to kill her son, by initiating a car accident. The girl’s parents removed her body from the morgue and the Guardians performed a healing ceremony at Avebury Circle.”

The room became quiet. The prime minister glanced at the home secretary, then back at McCullage.


“And—well, she came back to life, as we all saw on the News Broadcast.”

The prime minister slapped his hand on the desk. “That isn’t possible. It must have been a trick!”

McCullage took a deep breath. “You haven’t heard anything yet,” he said, softly. “Here goes. As many people witnessed, the daughter also levitated, and delivered a message from the so-called Council of Elders, right in front of a huge crowd and the world’s press.”

He kept talking, hoping to get his story out and believed, praying these two important people wouldn’t simply walk out. He told about Ezekiel and his followers murdering the two shopkeepers, a young gay lad, and an Indian Sikh in the crypt, and how they dragged Xantara through underground tunnels to the island ruin and tried to burn her at the stake.

“Her husband alerted the pastor and me, and we managed to rescue her,” he said.

The Prime Minister frowned. “Well, why didn’t you arrest them?”

“They fled back through the tunnels. When lightning struck the tower and collapsed the tunnels, we believed them dead.”

Inspector Grant’s eyes narrowed. “McCullage, tell him about the underground city.”

McCullage knew this was getting weirder and weirder. Would these important visitors just throw up their hands and leave?

“Ezekiel’s cousin Obadiah used to be in charge of an underground facility near Corsham, built in the fifties to protect dignitaries from nuclear attack. It was decommissioned years ago, and now he uses it as his personal playground. He kidnapped local ‘heretics,’ held them prisoner and tortured them to ‘convert’ them. The group stored explosives in the old armory, and used them to blow up Stonehenge at the summer solstice ceremonies.”

He sat down and looked at his hands. Hell, he wouldn’t have believed such an outlandish story, either.

Inspector Grant nodded to him and turned to Sam Blackbridge. “We’ll now hear from the New York CIA agent, Mr. Blackbridge.”

Sam blinked and stood. “Jeremiah Yates, Ezekiel’s cousin, bungled a bank robbery in New York and fled to Wiltshire. He heads up the Phineas Priesthood, an even more radical religious cult, whose agenda is to eliminate anyone not Christian and white. We believe he’s determined to develop Priesthood chapters in Britain, and the Stonehenge massacre was their first major atrocity to cleanse the country of ‘sinners.’”

The prime minister wheezed, then cleared his throat. “Do you believe they’re planning another terrorist act?”

“Yes, sir, I do. They are true fanatics, convinced of their own superiority and that they are acting within God’s will!”

Frank Carrington turned back to McCullage. “Levitation? Detective, do you seriously believe that?”

Damn. There it was. The whole world saw it, and Carrington asks him if he believed it? “No one knows how she did it,” he said. “She ordered the world to abandon its selfish ways, but she spoke with a mature woman’s voice, and it wasn’t an eight-year-old’s speech pattern.”

“I thought you said she was seven.”

“The day of the speech was her birthday, sir.”

Frank stood. “Inspector Grant, what’s the status of the terrorists, and where is the girl now?”

“We think the terrorists died in the church explosion after a second attempt to kidnap her. We won’t know for sure until we clear the tunnels. Doctor Schneider is evaluating the girl at the Porton Down research facility, as you asked.”

Inspector Grant stood stiffly. “Prime Minister, why did you want to keep her at a secret chemical weapon facility?”

“For several reasons. First, it’s close to her family home. Second, the complex is secure, and Doctor Schneider is highly qualified. His primary job is to research chemical warfare’s psychological effects on the general populace, but he has previous experience with multifaceted childhood issues. He’ll use hypnosis and/or drugs to uncover any deceptions.”


Ernst Schneider sat at his desk and played the audio of the session he’d just concluded with the Pembroke girl. He called Nicola over. “The child is such a good subject,” he said, smiling. “She entered a past life within minutes, and spoke with amazing clarity. I must keep her here, there is so much to learn!”

Nicola sat opposite him, slid her elbows onto the table, and rested her head on her hands. “What happened?”

“She went back to a past life, where she was a human sacrifice to appease a Mayan god. But the remarkable part was that she recognized at least two people from the present day in this past life!”

Nicola frowned. “How could she?”

Schneider tapped his pen against the desk edge as he pondered. “It’s collective soul reincarnation,” he said, slowly. “The phenomenon is well documented, the most famous case occurred close by in Bath, Avon. A psychiatrist became intrigued when several new patients were plagued with similar bad dreams. The chance of mere coincidence was too great, so he decided to investigate them.”

Nicola’s eyebrows went up. “What was the collective dream?”

The professor eyed her, unsure of how much to tell her. Finally, he relaxed. “The group experienced being members of the Cathars, a twelfth century religious sect in Southern France. Pope Innocent the Third declared them heretics for their belief in reincarnation, and called for a crusade against them. Thousands were cruelly murdered.”

Nicola watched his face closely, as if something troubled her. She leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. “How did that psychiatrist connect the group?” she asked. “That would seem unlikely.”

It was a question he’d asked himself, and researched. The answer was actually quite simple. “He noticed that many of his patients described very similar dreams. After questioning each patient at length, many showed remarkable recall, down to such fixed details as names, family members, and nearby villages. He travelled to France, looked up old records, and dug deep to find the names and locations his patients revealed to him. He couldn’t see how such a diverse group could have independently found the information. In any case, they sought help, because the strange dreams disrupted their daily life.”

She shook her head. “So, you and I could have experienced past lives together? Do you really believe that?”

“Yes, I believe we could have met before, but relationships might change with each reincarnation. You could be my sister in one life, for example, and my father in another. Each life is designed to work out your Kama. A cruel character in one life becomes the victim next time around. The soul learns their life lesson, or not, then has to repeat the experience.”

He paused, thinking. “We have to keep her here until my research is finished,” he said, almost to himself.

“How will you arrange that? She has a family, and needs to go to school, lead a normal life.”

Schneider formed a steeple with his fingers. “The Prime Minister asked me to evaluate her, and these tests can take a long time. I’ll keep her here until I’m sure I have all the information we need. She could reveal new truths to me, and it could prove to be a famous case.”

“What about her message and levitation?” Nicola asked. “The authorities will want an explanation for that, it was seen by half the world.”

“Of course. I have my methods, and I’ll drill into those issues. They mesh nicely into my private research, so I can extend them as long as it takes. Besides, her past lives can connect us with this Council of Elders. I’m convinced they and the Rahmiel personage must live in the spiritual world.”



Imogene’s Past Lives on Amazon


First Chapter of Imogene’s Message – A thriller of Extreme Prejudice

First Chapter of Imogene’s Message – A thriller of Extreme Prejudice


Extreme Prejudice - Imogene's Message
Extreme Prejudice – Imogene’s Message


First Chapter of Imogene’s Message – A thriller of Extreme Prejudice

Chapter One

Was that them coming back?

Xantara Pembroke trembled as she held her breath, listening to the sounds from the church sanctuary above. No, it was the rats. It had to be the rats. Now she heard them in the crypt outside her cell.

She flinched as their claws again broke the stillness, now scratching against the cold stone flags. Rats! Her heart pounded as she clasped her hands across her chest to calm herself. She took several deep breaths to stave off a panic attack, to become grounded.

Darkness surrounded her like a thick icy mantle, relieved by a single shaft of watery light that fought its way through an iron grid high above her. She drew a threadbare, mildewed blanket closer around her slender frame and hunched over. She rocked, small movements, back and forth.

Her light cotton dress didn’t stop the cold from the hard stone seeping into her bones. She wrinkled her nose at the musty odor of black earth mixed with decay from a heap of discarded religious paraphernalia. Her skin felt clammy, whether from fear or the damp, she didn’t know.

Is this some sort sick joke?

The faint light grew stronger as the moon climbed into the night sky. It streamed through the cell bars, then reflected up from her white summer sandals. A pile of dusty hymn books balanced precariously on discarded oaken pews. As she’d guessed, she sat in the crypt of St Michael’s.

The old Norman church perched high on a craggy outcrop surrounded by dark, empty fields. Faded paintings of Norman soldiers decorated the wall opposite, and the three cells, fitted with iron bars, stored communion wine and other church artifacts. One cell was packed with furniture and old church vestments.

She realized no one would hear her shouts, so she sat, a pale presence, waiting in silence. A candle stub and box of matches lay on a three-legged stool next to her. Her hands shook as she struck a match. The flame flickered, then sprang into life as the smell of sulfur surrounded her. She huddled over the flame, but drew little comfort from its warmth. The glow highlighted tendrils of pure white hair which flowed over her shoulders, and the darkness accentuated the pearlescent albino skin on her bare arms, which resembled the surface of a cold marble statue.

A time-worn, plastic-lined milking pail had been left for her convenience. In pain, she struggled across the uneven stone floor and relieved herself. Tired and bruised after her failed struggle, her arms throbbed. She rubbed them, and the pain lessened. She sank onto a narrow cot and dropped her head into her hands. A sigh of despair escaped her lips.

She clenched her fists. How could she have been so damned stupid? She shouldn’t have trusted them! Why did she ignore her gut feeling? Why on earth did she agree? Her outburst bounced around the vault, its echo diminishing as it lost power. She should have realized. What a bunch of fanatics!

Her shoulders slumped as she reflected on events that led up to her imprisonment. It was obvious in hindsight. They used surveillance, watched her every move, perhaps even witnessed a ceremony. She hoped not.

Her actions were misconstrued, twisted by warped minds, their real significance lost. They didn’t understand, but judged her, anyway. Prejudice and bigotry radiated from them, a foul stench so palpable she imagined black, misty auras curling around each evil one of them. She felt blood pounding through a vein in her neck, felt her face flush.

Her sixth sense warned her off, but Braeden hurt so much. It seemed such an innocent request. After all, what damage could a harmless church group do?

She stretched out in an attempt to get comfortable. As she lay back, she heard a ragged cry.

“Who’s there?”

A weak, hoarse voice answered. “Xantara, is that you?”

“Yes, who is it?”


She knew the young man at once. He’d arrived in the village not long after she, Braeden, and their seven year old daughter Imogene did eleven months before, and opened a hairdressing salon just two doors down from the clinic where her husband was the physician and she worked as a nurse and midwife. She pictured him, tall and thin, his tangle of ginger hair atop a face covered with typical teenage spots which stood out like a rough moonscape against his sun-reddened skin. She liked him right away. His ready smile showing his perfect white teeth flashed often, made her day feel brighter. She found him helpful and pleasant, and an excellent hairdresser.

“Why are you here?” she asked. “Are you all right?”

“No! They mangled my hand!” Another muffled sob escaped his lips. “How can I do hair now? They’ll be back soon.”

She ran her fingers through her hair, then let it fall back. “They’ve hurt you? I can’t believe it.”

“They pushed my fingers into a metal bone crusher, one at a time.” He moaned, apparently remembering the painful agony.

Blood pounded in her ears. “Who did this?”

“I don’t know. I was sweeping the floor, when someone pulled a sack over my head and held a smelly cloth over my face. Then I woke up here.” He yelled into the darkness. “What have I done? Please, let me out!”

She immediately knew his “crime.” It stood out like a circus in town.

It was obviously the same group who’d dragged her down here, her head also covered with a sack. Why the sack? Of course. Intimidation, shock tactics, their tools of choice. But he’s just a boy, how could they?

The lad quieted, and she thought about events that had led up to their predicament. The church group was behind it.

The group met on Thursday nights, right there, upstairs. She refused to go, but Braeden attended every meeting. A few villagers knew the group’s radical views, and sometimes let details slip. As a midwife and nurse she tended many locals, and heard plenty. She was shocked by the outrageous tales, and dismissed them. Big mistake!

She turned her attention back to the boy. How could she reassure him?

“Take a breath,” she said, “and calm down. I’m sure they’re just out to scare you.” She herself took a deep breath, determined to sound upbeat, although she knew she was lying. “They’ll let you go. After all, what else can they do?”

The boy cried louder. Her stomach contracted with concern as he wept in despair. What can we do?

“They” were a splinter group affiliated with St Michael’s church. Some of the rumors called them a zealous Fundamentalist sect, others thought them more sinister. Intolerant to “sinners,” some said. They wanted to cleanse the area of practices they considered abhorrent. Apparently, their targets were anyone outside their group. Now they’d put their plans into action by kidnapping Jonathan and her.

The young man cried out for his Mum. His voice became childish as he grew more fearful.

“It’ll be all right,” she whispered. “We’ll tell the police as soon as we get out. Then we’ll take you to hospital and get your hand fixed.”

She leaned back against the stone wall, thinking. They wouldn’t go any further, would they? She knew why she was chosen. She shivered as her imagination ran wild. What would they do to her, if they could mutilate a young man like Jonathan? She drew her knees to her chest and clutched the star that dangled from its silver chain.

They must have singled her out when the village clinic re-opened. Then, her unusual name gave her away. Xantara, meant “protector of the earth,” an ancient name passed down through the centuries, its source lost in antiquity. She carried on a sacred tradition, privileged to bear the honored title.

Her thoughts wandered. So much had happened since they moved to the village.


Her daughter Imogene wriggled about, peering over the front car seat. Her face beamed as they approached Monkton St Michael and drove down the High Street. Braeden would start his new job soon, as the village doctor. For the last few years, he’d worked as an emergency physician in Swindon, but she’d always known he preferred the variety and friendliness of a small village. And now they were here.

“This is it.” He stopped the car in front of the clinic. Xantara and Imogene jumped out as he searched the glove box for the key, then opened the front door. They stepped in.

The well-ordered waiting room had a dozen chairs placed against the walls, and a coffee table held a collection of tatty, out-of-date magazines. The doctor’s office looked comfortable. A padded but worn chair sat in front of a wide modern desk. Pictures of muscles and skeletons hung next to an eye chart on the wall.

They entered the living quarters, accessed from the office. She saw the terraced house ran from front to back, one room wide but five rooms in length. It charmed her from the start.

Together, they explored. Imogene skipped from room to room, chattering away as she swung her arms. They walked through the cottage and Xantara admired the compact rooms. She discovered the stairs, out of sight behind the kitchen, and climbed the worn wooden steps to inspect the three small bedrooms and single bathroom. Imogene followed her, then ran ahead. The front bedroom’s window overlooked the street. “I want this one, Mummy.”

Together they went back down and inspected the renovated extension. It would make a brilliant sunroom, she realized, an ideal place to relax with a good book. The forty-five feet long back garden included a vegetable patch filled with cabbages and beans. A small orchard consisted of three trees; a pear, an apple and a plum. She crossed her arms and smiled at the scene. The whole house and business was perfect! The whitewashed walls would set off their dark furniture a treat.

Xantara’s best friend Bryony arrived as arranged with a housewarming gift, a bowl planted with flowering pink hyacinths. Both were born and bred in nearby Avebury, only twenty minutes away, and it had been hard for them when Xantara moved to Swindon. Now they could see more of each other.

The childhood friends hugged, and Xantara led Bryony into the kitchen. “Let’s enjoy some fresh lemonade on the veranda,” she said, opening the clinic fridge. “Braeden, will you oversee the movers while we catch up? Remember that big box labeled “miscellaneous” goes into the kitchen.”

She poured and they went to the shady veranda, and they were soon laughing and sharing anecdotes about their fun-filled childhood days when they chased each other around Avebury Circle. The monolithic stones were just a normal part of their young world, but now Xantara realized the powerful historic site was a central part of their lives. The three thousand year old stone circle held a power that nearby Stonehenge had lost centuries ago. It predated the more famous site by nearly a thousand years.

She sipped the last of her lemonade and sat the sweat-covered glass onto the little glass-topped table. Well, let’s explore the village,” she said, jumping up. She went to the door. “Imogene, want to come along?”

Within moments they were walking arm in arm toward the lake, with Imogene running ahead, then lagging behind as she explored odd-shaped rocks and hopping frogs. She wedged between them and grabbed their hands, and soon they were swinging her high between them.

As they talked, Xantara glanced about at her new surroundings. The Wiltshire Downs area had many villages similar to Monkton St Michael, but none as isolated. She studied the quaint cottages made from local sandstone, many with thatched roofs. The cobbled main street added to its charm.

They stopped at the lake edge and sat on a council bench. The lake looked dark, mystical even, its surface hidden under a rolling blanket of mist. Xantara squinted as she peered over the strange water. The thick haze blurred details of the small island in the centre, and she could barely make out the shape of an ancient stone ruin, black against the sky.

Bryony saw her staring, and followed her gaze toward the island. “What is that?” she asked, pointing.

“It’s just a ruin,” Xantara said. “The locals call it ‘The Isle of Angels’ after the Archangel St Michael. They’ve made the island a bird sanctuary. The road ends at the lake, so no one ventures off the main highway, except for the wildlife, of course.”

As they watched Imogene wade in the gentle ripples of waves that lapped over the smooth stones, Xantara thought of her son Alistair. Since he lived on campus at Cambridge University and was busy with lectures, he hadn’t been able to help with the move.

What a beautiful day. We should treasure such days as they never return.


Distant metallic sounds echoed off the church basement walls, and the scrape of a door jolted Xantara back to the present. She clutched herself tighter, as relentless memories of the moving day flooded her mind. The mysterious island metamorphosed into a monster’s lair. The dark ruin had changed her life in a heartbeat, leaving grief and destruction behind. As she remembered that terrible day, a black despair settled over her, and she began to shake.

Fremont Braxton, holding a paraffin lamp, clattered down the stone steps. Xantara had first seen him on moving day, when she visited his butcher shop for sandwich meat to hold them until they could shop properly. He’d bowed and grinned, and asked her if she’d ever tried spiced luncheon meat. Now, as he waved the lantern back and forth inspecting her and her fellow prisoner, the light revealed a cold frown on his coarse, florid-complexioned face. His vast stomach swelled over his belt under a clean, white butcher’s apron, the result of too many large meat and potato dinners.

Next Eamon and Gloria Tierney came into view, an elfin Irish couple who looked so innocent. Behind them was her worst nightmare, Ezekiel Yates, the pack leader, with his dutiful wife Millicent at his side. The group’s final duo, Archie and Ethel Redford, brought up the rear, looking like simple country folk, almost yokels. In a different time and place they’d be wearing rough country smocks and have strands of straw sticking out of their mouths.

How could they be involved? They’d been so kind after the accident. The meals, the visits… they couldn’t do enough for her this past week. Ethel avoided her gaze and looked at Archie, as he looked back at her. Their shame radiated across the room.

As the seven stood in silence, Eamon inserted four rush torches into eye-level wall sconces. Xantara shank back as far as possible from the bars and saw Jonathan do the same, his face ashen. As Eamon approached, the torches’ flames sprang up and danced on the walls. The eerie light flickered over the ghoulish group, their faces taking on a sinister luminosity.

Xantara heard another set of steps, and turned to peer behind them. It was her husband! She drew in a sharp breath and her hands flew to her chest.

“Braeden! What are you doing here?”

He didn’t answer. The flames emphasized his shock of blonde hair and his Germanic blue eyes which, hard as diamonds, avoided hers. He looked at the floor, then away.

She glared at him. Unbelievable. How could he accept all this? Why doesn’t he stop this bizarre charade? He’d stood by and let them take her without saying a word.

Their marriage had strengthened as each year passed. Even the accident drew them closer. Could it fall apart now? She’d supported him without reservation for twenty-three years, working two jobs while he earned his doctor’s degree for the last seven. Now he’d betrayed her.

Torn up with grief after the accident, he’d accepted the group’s sympathetic support. Who could have known they would brainwash him? She realized only now that he’d been taken in by their radical views. A sudden coldness prickled her scalp, her eyes squeezed shut.

She understood his search for answers, some reason and understanding in the situation. The accident had changed everything. His atheism no longer served him. There was no hope for him, and he needed to believe in something, a future. Now she realized his vulnerable state had made him ripe for the plucking.

“Braeden, help me. Please.”

He didn’t respond. His blank stare now focused on something above her head. Her shoulders stiffened. She wouldn’t ask again. She concentrated on his eyes, trying to fathom the thoughts behind them.

Ezekiel Yates motioned to two men, and they unlocked the door of the neighboring cell with a massive iron key. Jonathan struggled and kicked as they dragged him out.

A coarse, altar-like flat stone lay in the crypt’s center, a rusted iron ring hanging down on each side. They pushed him face down onto the stone, shackled his hands to the rings, and bared his back. He screamed in pain as the chains rubbed against his crushed fingers. His breathing was ragged as he sucked in air. Horrified, she stared.

What on earth would they do next? It’s the twenty-first century, for goodness sake!

Ezekiel, beads of sweat on his forehead, flashed a cold smile and opened his bible. He began reading a passage, in a deep bass voice that filled the room.

“Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

His voice droned on, becoming louder. He interspersed “faggot” and “sinner” among the biblical words, as he leaned in closer and shouted into the young man’s ear.

Ezekiel lifted a whip, and a lump mixed with sour saliva almost choked her. Several leather thongs sprouted from the handle, each one’s end embedded with a metal weight. The flail swished through the air, the sound sickening her. Bits of torn skin flew up with each stroke. She ran across the cell and grasped the bars. “Stop, you bastards!”

Ezekiel focused on the task in hand, oblivious to her shouts or the boy’s cries. The white of his wide eyes stood out of his red, mottled face like marbles. Demented and uncontrolled, he lifted the whip, beaming as the sharp metal weights sank into flesh again and again. More fragments of skin and sinew were ripped out as the man’s arm went up and down, like a steam piston.

“Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman. It’s detestable!”

He struck the boy harder, with renewed energy. “You are a disgrace. Beg God for forgiveness!”

The young man didn’t answer. She saw he was disorientated as he lapsed in and out of consciousness. His slight body shuddered and stilled. Was he dead?

Ezekiel’s fury gained momentum, his voice shaking with insanity. Eamon Tierney caught his arm. “Stop, you’ll kill him!”

Ezekiel shrugged him off, but finally stopped. “He deserves to die!”

A rivulet of sweat glistened as it trickled through the deep scar cut into his left cheek. He threw the flail to the floor and dragged a clean, white handkerchief across his forehead.

The group stood around the stone, staring down at Jonathan. Fremont Braxton prodded him with his toe. No response. He kicked him, then watched with indifference as the boy remained sprawled out, as still as a dead animal left by the wayside. The butcher yawned and stuck his hands in his pockets.

Xantara tore her gaze away from the boy and stared at her husband. There was sheer horror on his face. His jaw hung open, reminding her of a rendition of “The Scream.” Time stood still as she searched his face, until the boy shrieked. She broke free from her trance and turned back to Jonathan. What now?

Ezekiel nodded a silent order. Eamon and Archie unclipped Jonathan’s restraints and flipped him over like a rag doll. Fremont moved between the boy’s legs and yanked his trousers down to his ankles, exposing a bush of fuzzy red hair framing a flaccid penis and shrunken testicles.

The butcher held his boning knife and sharpening block above the lad and drew them against each other, steel to steel. He dropped the block, tethered to his belt, and in one swift movement grabbed the boy’s genitals and swept the knife down in a flashing arc. A chill consumed Xantara as he held his trophy high. She couldn’t help but look down at the damage, and noticed how little blood dripped from the wound. Just a grotesque black slash gaping between his legs. The butcher wiped his knife on his apron, leaving a long, bloody line. He bent low over the boy. “I’ll stop your vile practices, my boy.”

She looked again at her husband as he raised a shaky hand to his forehead. He pulled at his collar, and flinched. His back straightened as his training kicked in and he strode forward to help the boy, but Ezekiel held him back.

Ezekiel nodded again at the two men. They released the chains, hauled his comatose body from the altar, and dumped him onto the cot like a piece of garbage. They pushed Braeden aside as he tried again to help the boy. The cell door clanged shut in his face, and they turned the lock.

Xantara’s chin trembled as she shook her head in disbelief. They all terrified her. She could see they felt no regret; in fact they seemed to enjoy what they’d just done. Just what evil plans were they dreaming up for her? Her whole body quaked, her stomach churned, and she lurched forward, throwing up all over the stone flags. Acid bile rose into her throat as the smell of vomit and coppery blood made her gag again.

Scared stiff, she shrank back against the wall as they turned toward her.


Imogene’s Message on Amazon


Writing Quotes

Writing Quotes

Writing Quotes

 Writing Quotes

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou


“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

― Ernest Hemingway


“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

― Toni Morrison


“You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.”

― Saul Bellow


“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

― Anaïs Nin


“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”

― Robert Frost


“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”

― Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing


“Fiction is the truth inside the lie.”

― Stephen King


“Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.”

― E.L. Doctorow


“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

― Louis L’Amour


“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

― W. Somerset Maugham


“Imagination is like a muscle. I found out that the more I wrote, the bigger it got.”

― Philip José Farmer


“You can make anything by writing.”

― C.S. Lewis


“Tears are words that need to be written.”

― Paulo Coelho


“So what? All writers are lunatics!”

― Cornelia Funke, Inkspell


“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”

― Jack London


Thomas Mann

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”

― Thomas Mann, Essays of Three Decades


“The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.”

― Albert Camus


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”

― James A. Michener


“Write what should not be forgotten.”

― Isabel Allende


“Easy reading is damn hard writing.”

― Nathaniel Hawthorne


“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert


“I hate writing, I love having written.”

― Dorothy Parker


Writers don’t have lifestyles. They sit in little rooms and write.

– Norman Mailer


If you can’t annoy somebody, there’s little point in writing.

– Kingsley Amis


“Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.”

– Gene Fowler


“Writing is so difficult that I often feel that writers, having had their hell on earth, will escape all punishment thereafter.”

– Jessamyn West


“A bad review may spoil your breakfast, but you shouldn’t allow it to spoil your lunch.”

– Kingsley Amis


Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamp-post how it feels about dogs.

– Christopher Hampton


Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public.

– Paulo Coelho


All literature is gossip.

– Truman Capote



Easy Weight loss Tips

Easy Weight loss Tips

Simming Tips
Easy Weight loss Tips

 Easy Weight loss Tips

Most people realize these days that yo-yo dieting doesn’t work.  In fact it in the long run it causes weight gain.  If you have tried and tried again the myriad of weight loss diets without success then this is the book for you.

Making small daily adjustments to the way you eat and move can shift those pounds easily and painlessly without your body thinking that you are starving it yet again.

Restricting calories simply slows down your metabolism which causes weight gain.  Only changes to your lifestyle in small but easy ways can give you the permanent weight loss and health and fitness that should be yours.

Simply read through the list of easy weight loss tips and begin by choosing the ones that apply to you and appeal to you.  By just choosing a few at a time and gradually adding more changes as those become a habit with you will in time help yourself reach your weight loss goals without effort.

The tips given are in no particular order so that you read through them all often to help you to make the best choices for you personally.

Good luck and welcome very soon to the new gorgeous you!

  1. Always make sure that your bedroom is fairly dark.  This enables your body to be sensitive to leptin.  This hormone tells your body when you are full.
  2. Take Melatonin at bedtime to ensure that your body clock is set to give you a good night’s sleep.
  3. Drink a tablespoon of cider vinegar with water each day.  This acid drink will help your body digest carbs, and slow the rate that they enter your bloodstream.
  4. Don’t be afraid to add butter to a meal or sandwich as it increases your metabolism and satisfies you, which in turn make you eat less.
  5. Don’t eat anything if possible after 8.00pm in the evening.
  6. If you must eat something before you go to bed choose protein such as yogurt, chicken or turkey.
  7. A handful of nuts as a snack can be satisfying and stave off the hunger pangs for a long time.
  8. If possible eat five smaller meals a day instead of three larger ones.
  9. Sip green tea throughout the day.  It contains compounds that burn fat and increases your metabolic rate.
  10. Always take lunch with you to work.  The best way is to cook extra dinner and take the leftovers with you to work.  Or to make up a healthy but crunchy salad by adding nuts to your normal salad mix.
  11. Pin up a photo of yourself at your ideal weight or of someone else’s body without the head part.  You want to give yourself a positive picture and not a negative picture.  Our natural tendency is to move towards the way we want to be so always go for the best picture you can find.
  12. Add garlic and onions to your meals as they act on the fat by stopping some of it being absorbed into your body.
  13. Taking the Pill has been found to cause weight gain.  If possible use another form of contraception.
  14. Nuts are high in calories but very good for you.  Just a handful will give you some good nutrients and slows down your appetite.
  15. Sit down to family meals whenever possible.  It makes you more relaxed and less likely to overeat and normally the meals are cooked and more healthful than snack type meals.
  16. Trans-fats are bad fats and are found in margarine, some cooking oils and salad dressings.  Olive oil and grapeseed oil are ideal for you.
  17. If you can take even a short walk before you eat and then another one about an hour later you will burn up to 15% more calories.
  18. The best time for a walk is after lunch and early afternoon.  The body is at a higher temperature and can utilize the used calories much better.
  19. Choose lean protein every time for your main meal.  Fish or skinless chicken is the best choice followed by lean cuts of beef and pork.
  20. When you go for a walk choose a route that takes you uphill for some of the time.  Walking up hill burns more calories.
  21. Be aware of hidden fats found in commercial baked goods and hard cheeses, cream soups and creamy salad dressings.
  22. When walking carry a set of small hand weights.  This will not only burn more calories but will give your arms some tightening and make them stronger.
  23. Water, water, water.  Drink eight full glasses a day.  Remember when you feel hungry you may just be dry so try a glass of water first.
  24. Don’t let your family and friends sabotage you.  They may be in the habit of pleasing people with foods or they may be jealous of the progress you are making. Say No!
  25. In the same way the Pill can cause weight gain so can HRT, for some people.  Look for natural alternatives.
  26. Always choose a low fat milk and yogurt.  These days the taste is much the same and you soon get used to the small difference.
  27. When you eat a protein meal include some fibre, preferably whole-grain. This combination will keep you going longer than eating them individually.
  28. One cup of coffee a day without sugar can help to prevent weight gain on your tummy.
  29. Go to bed earlier.  A full eight hours sleep per night produces more leptin a hormone that controls your appetite.
  30. Turn off the television when you eat.  It has been shown that we consume far more calories when our mind is occupied elsewhere.
  31. Eat as much of your diet as possible in the fresh and original state.  Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts and cooked meat.  Eating these foods will help speed up your metabolism.
  32. Go to bed feeling a little hungry.  It won’t worry you for long and it gives your body chance to accept feeling hungry sometimes is okay.
  33. Limit your intake of alcohol.  The best choice is one glass of red wine every other day as this has a useful amount of antioxidants that is good for your body and immune system.
  34. Complex carbohydrates are more easily turned into energy by the body than they are turned to fat.  These include nuts, beans, vegetable and whole grain bread and brown rice.
  35. Wheat either in breads, cereals or baked goods is more likely to make you gain weight.  Avoid the ones you can and choose products with low wheat content when possible.
  36. Spending some time in the sun each day will allow your body to absorb vitamin D and the MSH hormone which are both essential to weight loss.  But please avoid the midday hours when the sun is likely to burn.
  37. When you crave some carbs, eat an apple which will curb your appetite and help you get through to your next meal time.
  38. Stress is a great weight gainer so try meditating for ten minutes a day.  Sit quietly and simply concentrate on noticing your breathing.
  39. Avoid stressful situations.  Stress releases a hormone called Cortisol which affects the body causing weight gain.
  40. Have your thyroid function checked by your doctor.  Slow functioning slows down your body and quickly causes weight gain.  If you need medication this can make a huge difference in the battle of the bulge.
  41. If you go to the cinema or a show choose mineral water and plain popcorn as your snack.  Or take a sensible snack with you.
  42. Eat yogurt regularly in order to keep good bacteria in your intestines.  This will help your body to process food in the correct way.
  43. Do something interesting to take your mind off eating.  Take up a hobby that keeps your hands and mind occupied.
  44. Get out and about and try sightseeing, walking around the shopping mall, swimming or team sports.  The more active you become the more calories you will burn.
  45. Eat cooked food as well as salads.  Warm food is digested quicker and therefore moves faster through your body and speeds your metabolism.
  46. When supermarket shopping try to stick to the outer aisles.  This is where the fresh food and meats can be found.  The centre aisles house all the calorie laden man-made snacks.  Avoid them!
  47. We often fill our plates up too full and then feel that we have to eat what is in front of us.  Make it a habit to leave at least ten per cent of the meal on the plate and restrict the amount you cook to start with.
  48. Put lively music on when doing jobs around the house.  Have some fun dancing with the broom and move more purposefully as you work.
  49. Always, always remove the skin from chicken before you eat it.  It has double the amount of calories as the chicken meat.
  50. Twice a day walk up and down a flight of steps for ten minutes.  You will be amazed at how this improves your fitness and you slimness.
  51. When eating pasta either at home or out at a restaurant, always choose the tomato sauce and avoid the white cream sauces.
  52. Buy a pedometer and aim to walk 10,000 steps each day.
  53. When the gravy boat gets passed around the table let it pass you by.
  54. Get out in the garden a do a little digging or mow the lawn.
  55. When buying tuna choose the type that is packed with water and avoid the ones packed with oil.
  56. When eating out choose a salad with your meat or fish and not the French fries.
  57. On a sunny day get outside and wash the car instead of going through the car wash.  Saves money too.
  58. A great snack to choose is raw carrot dipped into a tub of hummus.
  59. Buy a fun exercise video and put it on four times a week.
  60. Always look for fruit that is canned in natural juice not syrup.
  61. Make use of any nearby swimming pool.  This great exercise is fun to do and doesn’t put strain on your muscles.
  62. Play with your children or grandchildren. Chase them and race them.  They will love it and so will you.
  63. If you must have a pizza, choose the vegetarian option.  They have fewer calories than the fatty meats usually used.
  64. Clean out the wardrobe or a set of drawers.  Gives you exercise and keeps you occupied and you end up with a nice neat and tidy room.
  65. Team up with a weight loss buddy who can encourage you and keep you on track.
  66. Avoid getting too hungry, this will cause you to go back to old habits.  Eat something every three hours and choose a low calorie snack.
  67. Do some weight lifting and some weight bearing exercise.  Although muscle weighs heavier than fat it does allow you to eat more and not put on weight.  Even lifting a couple of cans out of the pantry can help or lifting your child up and down lots of times.
  68. Weigh yourself regularly.  If you don’t monitor your weight you will soon find it going up and out of control.
  69. If you find that you have had a weak moment and pigged out don’t worry.  Simply refocus, after all you a not on a diet you are simply making small changes and loosing weight without effort.
  70. Always eat slowly.  Remember what your grandmother said about chewing each bite ten times!  Make your meal last so that your body has time to tell you that you are full.
  71. If you take sugar in your tea or coffee stop now.  It only takes a couple of weeks to get used too and then you will find that sugar will taste sickly sweet after that.
  72. Roast or grill meat and avoid any type of fried meat or fish.
  73. Remember that you aren’t trying all these weight loss strategies at the same time but choosing instead the ones you feel comfortable with.
  74. Consult a nutritionist if you aren’t sure which foods are good for you.  They can tell you a lot in one appointment, knowledge is power.
  75. Either go dancing or put on a favorite CD and dance away in your home.
  76. Buy a little calorie book from your local bookseller.  Then when you are not sure of the calorie content you can look it up.
  77. When driving to work if you pass fast food shops choose another route so you are not tempted.
  78. Use smaller plates.
  79. Buy a good low fat cookery book and try out new recipes so you don’t get bored with the same meals all the time.
  80. Eat a couple of squares of dark chocolate when you feel that you must have something nice and sweet.
  81. Choose whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta.
  82. Stuff a large capsicum with minced meat, chicken or fish and bake in the oven.  Lovely and low fat.
  83. Spend a few minutes each day in a comfortable chair and let yourself daydream of a wonderful slim you and enjoy the feeling.
  84. Use a chicken or beef stock to stir fry with instead of oil.
  85. Have low calorie snacks available and ready to eat in your fridge.
  86. Chewing sugarless gum can be a life saver.  Keep some in the car.
  87. Love your wine.  Drink half a glass instead of a full one each time.
  88. Check out the food labels of similar food and choose the one with fewer calories.
  89. Take a shopping list to the grocery store.  Stick to it.  Get what you want and get out fast.
  90. Utilize the latest packets of mixed vegetables that you can microwave in minutes.  They will be fat free and always ready and easy to go.
  91. Use herbs and spices instead of oils and butters. Some hot spices increase your metabolism and help with weight loss.
  92. Watch less television or record your programs so that you can fast forward over all those delicious food adverts.
  93. Avoid watching cookery programs unless they are low fat or low calorie ones.
  94. Drink water instead of fruit juice most of the time.  Saves calories.
  95. Don’t drink full sodas, choose the zero calorie option.
  96. Check out natural herb tablets that can assist with weight loss at your local pharmacy store.
  97. Fruit sorbet makes an excellent choice for dessert when dining out.
  98. Hurrah, McDonalds now offer a lean burger.  If you really can’t resist a burger this is one for you.
  99. When eating out ask for a doggie bag and take half of your meal home to have the next day.
  100. Remember even though food tastes good, being thinner can feel a lot better.
  101. Lastly life is for enjoying.  Ease into these tips and let the weight come off slowly.  At the end of the day it’s all in the mind.  If you think you can, you can.  If you think you can’t, you can’t.

Make no Little Plans

Make no Little Plans

Make no Little Plans
Make no Little Plans

Make no Little Plans

Make no Little plans, they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably them-selves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will not die, but long after we are gone be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistence. – Daniel Hudson Burham

Make no Little Plans

Have you heard people say you spend more time planning your vacation than your life? How true this is often the case. You go from day-to-day almost asleep following your regular routine. When was the last time you sat down and thought about your future?

How often careers progress through default rather than by design. With a little forethought, you could sign up for a course and gain a qualification that would move you up the next step of your career path.

Planning a family can produce a happier life when children arrive wanted and at the right time. Saving for your children’s college education is something you must plan for.

Even planning meals can help you and your family be healthy and strong. Putting money aside for emergencies can prevent a future catastrophe.

These plans are necessary but small compared to interesting larger achievements that remain possible. Why not sit down today, let your imagination soar, and then start on the first rung of the ladder toward the biggest plan of your dreams.

Secrets of Hope for the New Year

Secrets of Hope for the New Year

Seven Secrets of Hope for the New Year

Secrets of Hope for the New Year

Is this going to be a phenomenal year for you?

By the time you finish reading this page, my wish for you is for you to feel optimistic and hopeful that this is the year that your dreams will come true.

The fact of the matter is that the whole world is reeling from the events of the past few months. To cap it all the media has got on the band wagon and made the Global Downtown sound even worse than it is. Has this left you feeling flat and hopeless about the coming year?

The truth is that there are always some that will prosper despite the depressing financial markets.Now I would like to help you adjust your mindset for a successful year. Imagine with me for a moment, that it’s a year from today. What have you accomplished in the past year? Did you move through the year on autopilot and can’t think where your time went, or did you realize some of your hopes and dreams? When you have finished reading this article imagine again your future, and I am sure you will find that you can answer these questions in a more positive and uplifting way.

The first secret is to ensure that your energy field is always positive. Use your positive energy to move you forward by acting as a magnet to draw your dreams towards you. See yourself keeping up a positive energy field as you move through each day. Check your emotional state on a regular basis, adjusting as necessary. Visualize yourself as a magnet that is drawing from the abundance of the universe, all that you need and desire. Imagine experiencing your life exactly as you intend it to be at the end of this coming year.

The second secret is to have big dreams, as the greater your dreams the more positive emotions you can muster to become that magnet for them to appear. Decide in your heart that this is the year that your dreams will come true. Make this a year to have positive friends who support your dreams and who will laugh and enjoy life with you. See yourself focusing on your goals and knowing that each step moves you closer to the life of your dreams.

The third secret is to believe in yourself. Self-confidence has a power of its own and when you step out into your world knowing that you are a wonderful human being you send out that positive energy that people respond to. Truly, you are a creative and talented person who has passion and a sense of adventure. You can do anything you put your mind to, and you know that persistence and hard work will get you where you want to go. Leave self-doubt behind and decide today that you will never give up on your dreams, as success is just around the corner.

The fourth secret is giving up worry. It is so true that worry is a form of negative prayer, and creates unwanted energy. In your heart you do have a natural strength that will always see you through any dark places to the sunshine on the other side. Just remember that, if your worry isn’t life threatening then it is just not worth expending your energy on it. Ninety-nine percent of your worries will never happen. Save your life-force to reach your goals and let go of all despondency. Every day is a new opportunity to begin your life afresh. You are stronger than you may think and when you keep sending out positive energy the universe has to respond by turning everything around for your good.

The fifth secret is taking time to enjoy your life. Remember what is most important to you. Show your family and friends how much you appreciate them and spend time enjoying their company. It is true that all work makes Jack or Jill a dull boy or girl. Each day is special and only comes around once, and it is your responsibility to laugh, smile and have fun for part of that day. The essence of life is love, and it is love that truly matters above all else, when you give love and receive love your life will be a pleasure and joy to you.

The sixth secret is to be true to yourself. Ask yourself, what is your authentic destiny? Are you following the path that others have laid down for you, or are you flying high, living the life that is intended for you? What is important is your journey, a journey that is magnificent and rewarding. Don’t let fear stop you from stepping into that wonderful future that is your destiny. It really is quite simple. Just ask yourself, do you wake up each day with joy and anticipation? If you don’t, then decide today that you will seek your own path and move towards a splendid future. Listen to your inner voice and it will lead you to a rewarding and enjoyable tomorrow.

The seventh secret is to make measurable plans and stick to them. It is a reality that you do have to plan your future, as a ship without a destination will never arrive. Don’t be tossed around on a sea of indecision, or blown by the winds of confusion. Know where you are going and why, and don’t be afraid to take the road less travelled. Use your talents and passions as this will give you the enthusiasm that will catapult you to achieve your goals even faster. Find out what your strong sense of purpose is and move in that direction.

I just know that you have what it takes to make all of your dreams come true. Have faith in yourself, for you are a unique and magnificent person. Walk each day in integrity, kindness and love, as the universe always rewards these qualities. You cannot fail when you truly believe.

Wishing all my readers a fantastic and rewarding new year.