Avebury Circle – Strange Vibrations
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Avebury Circle – Strange Vibrations

Avebury Circle – Strange Vibrations

Avebury Circle – Strange Vibrations

Many years ago, I lived nearby this mysterious monument and decided to use this magical place as a backdrop in my ‘Imogene’ series of paranormal thrillers.

The stones encircle an entire village in the middle of a flat landscape. My experiences at this mystic place have been unusual. There is a subtle vibrational energy one can feel at times, and the atmosphere is one of expectation. Many locals have experienced strange lights, noises and nearby witnessed overnight intricate crop circles that have appeared.

Deep holes perforate some of the larger stones, several feet in depth. No one knows the purpose of these holes, and some appear to have small pebbles pushed deep inside. Locals believe the holes allow the energy to rise from the Earth and dissipate through them.

Lichens cover many stones. Their intricate patterns resemble Celtic symbols, and the plant types may have existed thousands of years ago when the stones were raised. Facial images also appear on the rock face, with some people disputing they exist at all. Searching for these etched faces is a favorite pursuit.

The stones are laid out in a serpentine shape giving strength to the theory the site could be used for serpent worship. Diamond shaped stones are believed to be feminine and the pillar shapes masculine. Throughout this area energy ley lines crisscross the entire region, with one running from nearby Stonehenge.

People have claimed to have received healings within the circle. I’ve based the Guardians of Avebury as healers in my novel ‘Imogene’s Message’ as I believe many of these accounts to be true.

This ancient site predates Stonehenge by thousands of years and is the oldest circle in Europe. If you have an opportunity to visit Avebury, please do. You won’t be disappointed especially if you are a sensitive person.