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Gifts at Christmas


Christmas Peace

The gift of love. The gift of peace. The gift of happiness. May all these be yours at Christmas.

I found this story online and thought you may enjoy reading about the begger boy.

The Beggar Boy at Christ’s Christmas Tree


Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky


I am a novelist, and I suppose I have made up this story. I write “I suppose,” though I know for a fact that I have made it up, but yet I keep fancying that it must have happened on Christmas Eve in some great town in a time of terrible frost.
I have a vision of a boy, a little boy, six years old or even younger. This boy woke up that morning in a cold damp cellar. He was dressed in a sort of little dressing-gown and was shivering with cold. There was a cloud of white steam from his breath, and sitting on a box in the corner, he blew the steam out of his mouth and amused himself in his dullness watching it float away. But he was terribly hungry.

Several times that morning he went up to the plank bed where his sick mother was lying on a mattress as thin as a pancake, with some sort of bundle under her head for a pillow. How had she come here? She must have come with her boy from some other town and suddenly fallen ill. The landlady who let the “concerns” had been taken two days before the police station, the lodgers were out and about as the holiday was so near, and the only one left had been lying for the last twenty-four hours dead drunk, not having waited for Christmas.

In another corner of the room a wretched old woman of eighty, who had once been a children’s nurse but was now left to die friendless, was moaning and groaning with rheumatism, scolding and grumbling at the boy so that he was afraid to go near her corner. He had got a drink of water in the outer room, but could not find a crust anywhere, and had been on the point of waking his mother a dozen times. He felt frightened at last in the darkness: it had long been dusk, but no light was kindled. Touching his mother’s face, he was surprised that she did not move at all, and that she was as cold as the wall. “It is very cold here,” he thought. He stood a little, unconsciously letting his hands rest on the dead woman’s shoulders, then he breathed on his fingers to warm them, and then quietly fumbling for his cap on the bed, he went out of the cellar. He would have gone earlier, but was afraid of the big dog which had been howling all day at the neighbor’s door at the top of the stairs. But the dog was not there now, and he went out into the street.

Mercy on us, what a town! He had never seen anything like it before. In the town from he had come, it was always such black darkness at night. There was one lamp for the whole street, the little, low-pitched, wooden houses were closed up with shutters, there was no one to be seen in the street after dusk, all the people shut themselves up in their houses, and there was nothing but the howling all night. But there it was so warm and he was given food, while here—oh, dear, if he only had something to eat! And what a noise and rattle here, what light and what people, horses and carriages, and what a frost! The frozen steam hung in clouds over the horses, over their warmly breathing mouths; their hoofs clanged against the stones through the powdery snow, and everyone pushed so, and—oh, dear, how he longed for some morsel to eat, and how wretched he suddenly felt. A policeman walked by and turned away to avoid seeing the boy.

There was another street—oh, what a wide one, here he would be run over for certain; how everyone was shouting, racing and driving along, and the light, the light! And what was this? A huge glass window, and through the window a tree reaching up to the ceiling; it was a fir tree, and on it were ever so many lights, gold papers and apples and little dolls and horses; and there were children clean and dressed in their best running about the room, laughing and playing and eating and drinking something. And then a little girl began dancing with one of the boys, what a pretty little girl! And he could hear the music through the window. The boy looked and wondered and laughed, though his toes were aching with the cold and his fingers were red and stiff so that it hurt him to move them. And all at once the boy remembered how his toes and fingers hurt him, and began crying, and ran on; and again through another window-pane he saw another Christmas tree, and on a table cakes of all sorts—almond cakes, red cakes and yellow cakes, and three grand young ladies were sitting there, and they gave the cakes to any one who went up to them, and the door kept opening, lots of gentlemen and ladies went in from the street.

The boy crept up, suddenly opened the door and went in. oh, how they shouted at him and waved him back! One lady went up to him hurriedly and slipped a kopeck into his hand, and with her own hands opened the door into the street for him! How frightened he was. And the kopeck rolled away and clinked upon the steps; he could not bend his red fingers to hold it right. the boy ran away and went on, where he did not know.

He was ready to cry again but he was afraid, and ran on and on and blew his fingers. And he was miserable because he felt suddenly so lonely and terrified, and all at once, mercy on us! What was this again? People were standing in a crowd admiring. Behind a glass window there were three little dolls, dressed in red and green dresses, and exactly, exactly as though they were alive.

Once was a little old man sitting and playing a big violin, the two others were standing close by and playing little violins, and nodding in time, and looking at one another, and their lips moved, they were speaking, actually speaking, only one couldn’t hear through the glass. And at first the boy thought they were alive, and when he grasped that they were dolls he laughed. He had never seen such dolls before, and had no idea there were such dolls!

All at once he fancied that some one caught at his smock behind: a wicked big boy was standing beside him and suddenly hit him on the head, snatched off his cap and tripped him up. The boy fell down on the ground, at once there was s shout, he was numb with fright, he jumped up and ran away. He ran, and not knowing where he was going, ran in at the gate of some one’s courtyard, and sat down behind a stack of wood: “They won’t find me here, besides it’s dark!”

He sat huddled up and was breathless from fright, and all at once, quite suddenly, he felt so happy: his hands and feet suddenly left off aching and grew so warm, as warm as though he were on a stove; then he shivered all over, then he gave a start, why, he must have been asleep. How nice to have a sleep here! “I’ll sit here a little and go and look at the dolls again,” said the boy, and smiled thinking of them. “Just as though they were alive! …” and suddenly he heard his mother singing over him. “Mammy, I am asleep; how nice it is to sleep here!”

“Come to my Christmas tree, little one,” a soft voice suddenly whispered over his head.

He thought that this was still his mother, but no, it was not she. Who it was calling him, he could not see, but someone bent over to him, and … and all at once—oh, what a bright light! Oh, what a Christmas tree! And yet it was not a fir tree, he had never seen a tree like that! Where was he now? Everything was bright and shining, and all around him were dolls; but no, they were not dolls, they were little boys and girls, only so bright and shining. They all came flying round him, they all kissed him, took him and carried him along with them, and he was flying himself, and he saw that his mother was looking at him and laughing joyfully. “Mammy, Mammy; oh, how nice it is here, Mammy!” and again he kissed the children and wanted to tell them at once of those dolls in the shop windows.

“Who are you, boys” who are you, girls?” he asked, laughing and admiring them.

“This is Christ’s Christmas tree,” they answered. “Christ always has a Christmas tree on this day, for the little children who have no tree of their own …” and he found out that all these little boys and girls were children just like himself; that some had been frozen in the baskets in which they had as babies been laid on the doorsteps of well-to-do Petersburg people, others had been boarded out with Finnish women by the Foundling and had been suffocated, others had died at their starved mothers’ breasts (in the Samara famine), others had died in the third-class railway carriages from the foul air; and yet they were all here, they were all like angels about Christmas, and He was in the midst of them and held out His hands to them and blessed them and their sinful mothers. … and the mothers of these children stood on one side weeping; each one knew her boy or girl, and the children flew up to them and kissed them and wiped away their tears with their little hands, and begged them not to weep because they were so happy.

And down below in the morning the porter found the little dead body of the frozen child on the woodstack; they sought out his mother too. … she had died before him. They met before the Lord God in heaven.

Why have I made up such a story, so out of keeping with an ordinary diary, and a writer’s above all? And I promised two stories dealing with real events! But that is just it, I keep fancying that all this may have happened really—that is, what took place in the cellar and on the woodstack; but as for Christ’s Christmas tree, I cannot tell you whether that could have happened or not.

Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

Remember the less fortunate this holiday season. May peace and love be yours always.



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Negativity Bias – Reacting to Events


Negativity Bias – Reacting to Events

Have you noticed when you receive news or an event happens, you tend towards what could be wrong or go wrong? Even with happy news, negative thoughts can creep in and spoil a joyous moment. People are programmed to react to danger as a primordial response. This bias toward the negative is simply natural.

Our first instinct is self-preservation and begins within the deepest parts of our brains, it means that we have to work harder to overcome damaging reactions. This is especially true in our relationships, the bad sticks in our mind more than good actions we receive from partners. With our children, the adage that we need to give five to ten times more positive encouraging comments to overcome one put down remark is true. Also, bear in mind that one big good action isn’t as effective as several small affirmative boosts.

In any experience there’s an element of good, even if it’s learning a life lesson to benefit us in the future. The worst events can give us empathy toward other people suffering the same losses. Take time to examine the facts when something happens, good or bad. Not jumping to conclusions is helpful, giving ourselves time to whittle down to the basic facts can stop wrong ideas in their tracks. How often do you immediately choose any number of disasters that could happen, and ninety- nine per cent of them never do?

Take a moment to examine your thoughts. Give yourself chance to enjoy good moments before sabotaging them with problems that could arise. Write down in a journal good moments to reflect on later and to instill them in your mind. Taking an active role in remembering good times and things makes you grateful and will enable your bias to shift away from an automatic negative response.

Each day take time to ‘smell the roses’ to notice each word, action, smell or feeling that creates good feelings. Store up sayings that inspire you and bring them to mind when you begin to slide down the feeling bad path. Bring to mind funny events from your kids or friends that gave you a real belly laugh.

When you hear a negative comment, instead of taking it to heart, realize the remark says more about the person who gives it than you. Imagine a light shower of rain cleansing it from your brain. Send a good thought to the person who hurt you, they’re obviously in pain if they feel the need to lash out.

The negative bias can be overcome with these simple actions. Most importantly, take the time to notice and examine your feelings, then choose the better response. Live in the moment as much as you possibly can, letting past or future worries take care of themselves.

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Articles – Life Changing

Freedom is a Choice

Freedom is a Choice

Freedom is curtailed every day. You’re told what you can and can’t do, and punished when you break the rules. Nanny state is a term often used as governments pass more and more laws. Read More…


Early Hour Terror Thoughts

Terror thought attacks occur around three in the morning. You wake in a sweat, stare at the ceiling as fearful thoughts race through your mind. This is the time when your confidence and common sense seems lowest. Worries of what might happen or how you have messed up tangle and twist through your mind. Read More…


Observe Life and Understand More

Observe means taking a step back and wait before reacting. Your natural instinct is to react automatically, often to your detriment. You may jump in with an action or opinion for instance, when you would be better served waiting before making a decision. Often doing nothing is the best course in many circumstances. Read More…


Memory Healing – Heal and Live

Many people live with hurtful memories, maybe childhood incidents from parents, schoolmates or difficulties in your upbringing. Adolescence brings its own problems, including peer pressure, college and deciding what career path to choose. Even simple bodily changes such as pimples breaking out on a first date, or rejection for some other reason. Adulthood has even more hurtful events such as partner challenges, work and a host of other hurts large and small. Read More…

Intuition Gives Wisdom and Insight



Intuition Gives Wisdom and Insight

“We belittle an intuition, calling it only a hunch, and therefore not be taken too seriously. I encourage you to take your hunches and intuitions very seriously. They contain some of your highest, most profound insights and wisdom.

Lucia Capacchione


Intuition! How many times have you ignored a hunch or gut feeling to your detriment? Can you remember times when you have taken action instead and received a benefit? I know I can, and have seen firsthand the latter is the only way forward.

Sometimes, you dismiss your conscience to your disadvantage, when it is another name for intuition or instinct. You know you shouldn’t do or say something and carry on anyway, then regret the decision often for years.

So, what is intuition? You feel it in your gut at times, or it can be an idea or perhaps a flash of insight comes unbidden into your mind. It’s an inner knowing without an outward sign.

Where does intuition come from? It can be from your subconscious, your higher self, or perhaps an outside spiritual guide, an angel or the Universe. The thought resonates in your heart giving you surety of a thought you should act on.

Ignoring these heartfelt deep thoughts and ideas can cause repercussions, some lasting a lifetime. It can mean missing a great business idea, or a connection with a future partner or friend.

Be aware, and question each intuition you think you receive before action. It may not be a true heart instinct. If the thought is good and doesn’t cause harm to another then you can go ahead.

I would suggest checking in on your feelings often and at first act on the smaller higher-self ideas for a time before going for the bigger ideas.

Wishing you love and success in every area of your life.

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Life Lessons – 77 Ways to Improve Your Life


Life Lessons

Picture yourself five years from now and how you envisage your ideal life.  Maybe you have made mistakes in the past that could have been avoided had you known what you now know.  Imagine what it would be like if you could avoid any more of those past costly mistakes.

You were born with a clean slate but life has programmed you. Parents, teachers, peers, colleagues and life’s experiences have all had a go at molding you.  Some lessons learned may be good but some not so good.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew some really useful strategies to use in your daily life?

Lessons are often painfully learned and can be costly, so why not learn from other people’s experiences? Wouldn’t it be great to avoid their mistakes in your own life?

Imagine having the wisdom to choose wisely in every situation.

If you take the following lessons on board and understand their value, your life will run more smoothly. You will gain the happy and successful life you want and deserve.

Let’s get going…


  1. Be Kind to Others

It takes little effort to give someone a smile or an uplifting word.  We all need encouragement and help from time to time. This is the golden rule in nearly all religions: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


  1. Learn to be your own Best Friend

Be kind to yourself.  Give yourself what you need.  Don’t rely on others to fill your empty spaces; they have their own needs.  Forgive yourself, encourage yourself and, most of all, love yourself.


  1. Focus your Attention

What you give your attention to is what you draw into your life. Today, focus on the positive, live in the present and put past mistakes behind you.


  1. Nourish your Mind

Read good books, listen to teaching audios in your car and watch uplifting television. Focus on becoming an interesting person. Look constantly for things to learn and your life will be richly fulfilled.


  1. Respect Yourself

Only you can give yourself self-respect.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Appreciate the wonderful person you are, grow in dignity and, above all, be comfortable with yourself.


  1. Respect other People

Everyone has a right to their own beliefs thoughts and feelings. It is a diverse world so don’t try to change others. Help them but allow them to live their own lives and give them the benefit of the doubt.


  1. Develop your Resilience

Dwelling on the wrongs you have suffered and having a victim mentality will drag you down. Focus on what you have learned in a painful situation and move on. Let the past go.


  1. Free yourself from Toxic People

When you are being harmed by another, either emotionally or physically, remove yourself from their life. Wish them well, put them in God’s hands, and let them go. They are no longer your concern.


  1. Focus on Solutions, not Problems

You will always have challenges to face.  When they come along remember that you can choose to focus on what can be done to make things better. If nothing, then it is a waste of time thinking about them. Move on.


  1. Talk less and Listen more

A lot of useful information can be missed by not listening.  People love a good listener and it is an excellent way to build good relationships.


  1. Keep your Promises

Be a person others can trust. Think carefully before making a promise. Can you do it?  Have you the time?  It is better to say no than let someone down.


  1. Listen to your Intuition

How often have you ignored that gut feeling and later see it proved right?  Practice checking in with your internal guidance system when meeting new people or new situations. Listen to what it tells you.


  1. Give yourself Joy

Go out of your way to do the things that give you pleasure. Take the time to organize and do the things you love and enjoy.  Life is too short to do otherwise.


  1. Respond Don’t React

Often we jump in with a habitual response when someone upsets us. We attack without considering the result. It is wiser to ignore a remark, or at least take time to consider your response.


  1. Choose your Attitude

The option is yours to choose how you should behave in any given situation. The highest attitude is one of love. What would Jesus or Buddha do? Ask yourself that question.


  1. Making the Right Choices

Does this choice fit in with your values? Will it make you happier in the long term? How will it affect others?  Ask yourself these questions. It will help to crystallize your thinking.


  1. Never Assume

We are all very good at filling in the blanks, often finding later that we were completely wrong. Never assume that you know someone’s motivation for what they have said or done. Clarify with them first so that you know the truth; don’t just assume you know.


  1. Choose your Fights

Most things are not worth fighting over. Fights cause more aggravation and trouble for all concerned. Choose to fight only when it is worth it, on issues that really matter, and when you know you have a high probability of winning.


  1. Live Life with a Sense of Gratitude

Being grateful for the many good things in your life brings more of the same to you.  Whatever your circumstances, there is much to be grateful for.  Focus on the good in your life; it will make you a much happier person.


  1. Choose to be Cheerful

Being cheerful most of the time not only makes you fun to be with, it also benefits you in your mood, health and well-being. Remember, people love being around a cheerful person. It is a great way to have lots of friends.


  1. Value your Time

This is the only part of life that can never be recovered. Once an hour, day, or year has passed it cannot be lived again. Choose the best use of your time, each and every day, or other people will choose for you.


  1. Trust yourself More

You know yourself better than anyone else knows you. Instinct tells you what is best for you. Trust yourself to make the best decisions for you, knowing you have the resilience to recover from any wrong decision you might make. Your life direction can be changed at any time.


  1. Everything Passes in Time

The Bible tells us that “…this too shall pass.” Nothing lasts for ever and present day worries will be hard to recall in a few months or years. Have faith that all will be well in time and know, without a doubt, that situations do improve and change.


  1. Every day is a New Day

Each day you can make the choice to begin your life again, from that moment. You can choose to be, behave, and act differently to what you have in the past.  Let old mistakes go and look with hope to a better future.


  1. Choose your Thoughts

Yours is the choice to see the best in every situation. You can choose to think positive, uplifting thoughts. Today, look for the better thought and then for another and another. Keep doing this until you feel good again. It will happen.


  1. Live in the Present

When you are thinking about the past or the future you are missing out on living your life fully. The present is the only moment that exists. The past is gone and the future isn’t here yet. Practice mindfulness throughout your day.


  1. Make your Day Count

Today could be the last day of your life; no-one knows how long they have on this earth. Therefore, make your day worthwhile, one worth living.  Have you told someone today that you love and appreciate them?


  1. Seek out Peace

Choose the way of peace whenever possible. Enjoy nature; take a walk by the sea or in the forest. Be peaceful with your family and friends and with yourself. Meditate on peace.


  1. Value your Freedom

Don’t allow anyone or anything to enslave and entrap you. Don’t let others control and manipulate you. Don’t get trapped in a relationship or job that you hate. Be free!  If you feel trapped today take the first step towards breaking free.


  1. Now and then, Step Back from Life

Take a holiday, relax, do something totally different from your normal everyday existence. You will gain a greater perspective and clearly see any beneficial changes you should make.


  1. Pay Attention to your Self-talk

Monitor the way that you talk to yourself. Are you putting yourself down, or building yourself up? Are you nurturing or are you critical of yourself? Learn to use your self-talk to grow positively. Talk to yourself kindly.


  1. Believe there is Always a Way

Never let your-self or anyone else convince you that there is no way out of a situation. There is always a way and you need to do the work to find it. If you are having difficulty, seek advice from professionals.


  1. It is Fruitless to Judge Others

It is a waste of time judging others because you don’t walk in their shoes. You don’t know the truth of their situation or how it came about so how can you judge? Moreover, why should they care what you believe anyway!  In the same way, others cannot judge you.


  1. Ignore the Judgement of Others

Firstly, it is none of their business what you do or don’t do. It is your conscience you have to live with, so don’t be burdened with other people’s opinions.  There will always be judgemental people, so let their unwanted opinions wash over you.


Keep Going – You May Find a Treasure Tip


  1. Avoid Domination or Control

If you try to control others they are actually controlling you. If you feel the need to dominate, those people are really controlling you to act in that way. Let go of your need to control and don’t be controlled.


  1. When one Door Closes another Opens

Never be despondent when your plans don’t work out. It could be for the best in the long run. Often, something more beneficial will happen instead. At the time it is impossible to know if that door might have led downwards so accept when things don’t happen the way you would like them to and move on.


  1. Let Go of Resentment

Being resentful doesn’t change the situation in any way it merely hurts the one feeling the resentment. Push away resentment and look for the silver lining in every situation and person.


  1. We Reap what we Sow

`What goes around comes around.’ It is the law of attraction that whatever we give out returns to us tenfold. Give out goodness and integrity and the same will be given to you. What are you sowing today?


  1. Lay no Blame on Others

When someone hurts you, it is useless to blame them for it. We always have the choice of our response. Choose to forgive and accept responsibility for the things we have attracted into our lives.


  1. Stop Struggling and let Life Unfold

The fact that we struggle against circumstance doesn’t change it. Struggle is dis-empowering so go with the flow and trust that all will turn out well. It usually does.  Accept what is and work from there.


  1. Feeling Sorry for Yourself Wastes Energy

There is always someone out there who would change places with you in an instant. There will always be people better or worse off than you. Don’t dwell on the negative, use your energy in a more productive way.


  1. Believe you have Everything you Need

When faced with any challenge you have within you the answer, the strength, and the talent to find a solution.  Sometimes you just need to search for solutions.


  1. Get out of your Comfort Zone

Think or your comfort zone like a prison, for that is what it is. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Try new experiences; push yourself that little bit further; make the most of every opportunity.


  1. Stop Complaining

People only complain about things they can actually do something about but haven’t. Complaining is pointless. Instead, smile and make the changes that are needed.  You’ll feel better for it.


  1. Change your Game Plan

We get in the habit of repeating the same endless cycles over and again in our lives. The only way life will be different is to change your game plan. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got!


  1. Do what you Love

The only way to build a really successful life is to do what you enjoy. Follow your heart and abundance will follow. True success is enjoying your life by working or living in a way that is meaningful to you.


  1. Learn to say No

It is impossible to please everyone all the time.  There is a finite amount of time available for us all and you don’t want to waste it on other people’s agendas.  Learn to say `No’ and be much happier.


  1. Ask Questions

Learn to ask the right questions, both of yourself and others. Listen to the answers then ask more. This will help you make your best informed decisions.


  1. Think before you Speak

Think before jumping in on a conversation.  Reflect before you speak.  A word thoughtlessly spoken can never be taken back. Learn to put your brain into gear before you open your mouth!


  1. Don’t tell Lies

Being untruthful is the result of low self-respect. Fibbers are almost always caught out. Lying can ruin your reputation. Come clean – people respect honesty.


  1. Find ways to Praise

Giving compliments and approval to those around you makes everyone, including you, feel good. Particularly find lots of ways to praise children but remember adults need it too.


  1. Use the Power of Affirmations

Affirmations do work. They are simply self-talk and can serve to build you up and improve your life. Choose just one or two affirmations to work on at a time.


  1. Give and you will Receive

It is a basic law of the universe that when you give freely of your time or finances you release the power of abundance into your own life. You may not receive from the person you gave to but it will happen.


  1. Avoid “Never” thinking

If you are always thinking and saying “I will never get this, or do that,’ guess what. You never will. Nothing is set in concrete so there is always the possibility to get what you want. You just have to believe and stop `never’ thinking.


  1. Associate with Positive People

Some negative people will never change but continue to drag others down. Seek out people who are encouraging, uplifting and happy. Their attitude will rub off on you and make you a more positive person.


  1. Never give Up

Determination moves mountains. People often give up just when success is around the corner. Never give up on your realistic dreams. Step by step is the way to reach them. Remember the story of the hare and the tortoise.


  1. The Power of Visualization

Think each day about what your ideal life would look like. Take time to sit and use your imagination to dream about your best job, relationship or other situations you would like to change.  Imagine your goals being a reality, and they soon will be.


  1. Deal with Rejection

Rejection is simply a thought in your head. You can take it on board or not, as you please. If someone turns you down or your plans don’t work out, remember that you didn’t have it or them in the first place, so get over it and get on with it.  Better times are ahead.


  1. Take action every day

Just a little action each day can move you quickly towards achieving your goals. Like water that wears away a stone, so your actions can wear away obstacles in your path.   Make a plan and then work your plan.


  1. Each day Passes, Relentlessly

Resist putting off until tomorrow what you can do today. Are you thinking of starting a diet or exercise regime?   Time will pass.  Months and years will go by, and you will be in the same place, unless you start today!  There is power in beginning; a momentum will build as you start something new.


  1. Feel the Fear and do it Anyway

We dislike being uncomfortable, and have an aversion to putting ourselves into situations where we are not sure we will succeed. You will never know the extent of your power, unless you feel the fear and do it anyway.


  1. Have the Courage to Change

Life by its very nature consists of constant change.  Each day we have fresh problems and new accomplishments. It is impossible to keep the status quo, so why not have the courage to change and gain a better life.  Choose your transformations or life will choose them for you.


  1. Write down your Goals

It has been verified that the people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. Having vague desires is not goal-setting. Not only write them down but continually re-evaluate them, read them and where necessary, change them.


  1. Moderation in all Things

Excess often causes problems for us.  When you drink in moderation, eat with self-control and work reasonable hours you will improve your life dramatically.  In what part of your life are you overindulging?


  1. Learn to Prioritize

Remember the 80/20 rule. Twenty per cent of what you do produces eighty per cent of your results. Do the most important tasks first and you will find that the unimportant ones will sort themselves out over time.


  1. Appreciate your Friends

No man is an island and we all need friendship. When you are a good friend you will have good friends.  How can you make your friend happy today?


  1. Be Gentle with Yourself

When events go wrong, don’t beat up on yourself. If you could have done any better, you would have. As we learn more we make fewer mistakes. Making mistakes is part of life so forgive yourself and move on.


  1. Never be too Old to Play

The child within you is always present. Relax and enjoy that child. Take every opportunity to play. Fooling around playfully lifts your mood and life becomes more enjoyable.


  1. Look after your Health

Without good health your life will be more of a struggle. Give up bad practices such as smoking, overeating and drug-taking.  Eat healthily and take plenty of exercise.  Have regular health checks.


  1. Get Feedback

Sometimes you may not be aware of changes that need to be made in your life. Discussing issues with a good friend or a professional can shine a light on areas or actions that you can improve on.


  1. Taking on other peoples’ problems

Other people’s problems are not your problems. Help when and where you can but don’t allow someone else’s monkey on your back. It is not your job to fix everything for everyone; you will just wear yourself down.


  1. You are Strong

You don’t need someone else to take care of you.  You are capable of making your own decisions and choosing your own life path. Don’t make the mistake of relying on other people to solve your problems.  Know that you can and will get through any situation by your own strength, belief and common sense.


  1. You Can’t Control Everything.

Events will happen that you have no control over and that is okay. You won’t like some situations but that is okay too. Sometimes you have to learn to live with people and situations that you just can’t change, but change will occur over time as that is the nature of life.


  1. Be Flexible

Often there is more than one way to skin a cat.  Be open and flexible to fresh ideas and solutions; many paths can lead to the result you desire. Others may have the solution you seek so take time to listen without shooting their ideas down in flames. They could just have the answer you are looking for.


  1. A Higher Power

Whatever their belief, most people are aware of a higher power that can answer prayer and bring love and goodness into their lives. Take time today to ask for help and be thankful for all that is good in your life. Count your blessings, you may be surprised how many there are.


  1. Everything has its Price

Work out the price of following your dreams and resolve to pay that price. Nothing in life is free; taking one course of action means letting others things go.  Despite popular belief you cannot have it all.


  1. Love is everything

To live a life without loving and being loved is a life wasted. Today, tell all the people you truly love that you love them. Show love to strangers as each one has their struggles and dreams. Help when and wherever you can.


My hope is for you to take some of these lessons to heart and improve your life and leave the World a better place, dispensing more love around to raise the energy of the Earth.


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77 Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss

77 Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss


77 Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss – How to prevent gaining weight over the holidays!

Imagine what it would be like if you could lose excess weight and keep it off for the rest of your life.

You’re probably wondering if this is possible. You’ve tried every diet going and while you lose some weight, before you know it the kilos return and you are back where you started.

Well, now it’s time for a change. Use these powerful cards as suggested and see a new you emerge.

Small incremental changes you can make to lose excess weight and keep it off.

When you hear the word ‘diet,’ is it enough for you to reach for the nearest block of chocolate? Good news – this is not a diet but a new way of working towards a slimmer you.That is why this method will work where others haven’t.

Today, most people realize that yo-yo dieting doesn’t work. In fact, in the long run, diets can actually cause you to gain weight. Making small daily adjustments to the way you eat and move can shift those pounds easily and painlessly without your body thinking, “Oh, no, I’m being starved again.”

Now I would like to help you experience the Japanese Kaizen method of reaching and keeping your ideal size. Kaizen means taking small incremental actions each day to reach your goal.

By choosing one or two suggestions each day you will gradually lose weight. And the bonus is – without too much effort!

I can’t wait for you to start – and I hope you will share your success with me.

Using the ideas on a daily basis will enable these beneficial changes to become a part of your daily routine. Each morning choose one idea and practice its lesson for that one day. Over time you will come to know which ones suit you best and these will sink into your subconscious and become automatic.

Remember, even though good food tastes yummy, being slimmer feels way better. Life is for enjoying. Ease into this programme and allow the weight to come off slowly. Ultimately, it’s all in the mind. If you think you can, you can.

1. Dark Bedroom

Make sure that your bedroom is always fairly dark. This enables your body to become sensitive to the hormone, leptin. This hormone tells your body when you are full.

2. Melatonin

Take Melatonin at bedtime to ensure that your body clock is set to give you a good night’s sleep. Melatonin has many life-giving properties and is well worth taking.

3. Cider Vinegar

Drink a tablespoon of cider vinegar with water each day. This acid drink will help your body digest carbohydrates and slow the rate that they enter your bloodstream.

4. Oil and Butter

Don’t be afraid to add a small amount of butter or olive oil to a meal or sandwich. Their use increases your metabolism and satisfies you, in turn reducing hunger pangs.

5. Evening Snacks

Where possible, do not eat after 8.00pm. If you must eat something, choose protein such as yogurt, chicken or turkey. Turkey or a banana will help you sleep.

6. Healthy Nuts

A handful of nuts as a snack can be satisfying and will stave off your hunger pangs for longer than many other snacks. It is true that nuts are high in calories but part of the nut is not absorbed and passes through the body. A small amount of nuts will satisfy your hunger.

7. Five Meals a Day

It is best to eat five small meals a day instead of three larger ones. Alternatively, eat three meals and two snacks. Eating regularly is necessary for weight loss – without food your metabolism will slow down. Choose fresh fruit or vegetable snacks so your body doesn’t go into a starvation mode.

8. Green Tea

Sip green tea throughout the day. It contains compounds that burn fat and increase your metabolic rate. Green tea has many health benefits including cancer-fighting enzymes.

9. Work or School Lunches

Always take lunch with you to work or school. To save time you can cook extra large healthy dinners and take the leftovers with you to work. Or make up a healthy crunchy salad by adding nuts to your normal salad mix.

10. Photo Pin-Up

Pin up a photo of yourself at your ideal weight or put a photo of your head on someone else’s body. You want to give yourself a positive picture, not a negative one. Our natural tendency is to move towards the way we want to be so always go for the best picture you can find.

11. Garlic & Onions

Add garlic and onions to your meals. These act on the fat by stopping some of it being absorbed into your body. Consider using spices such as tumeric and red peppers – these speed up your metabolism and aid weight loss.

12. Sit Down

Sitting down to family meals can make you feel more relaxed and therefore less likely to overeat. Usually family meals are cooked and more healthful than snack type meals.

13. Naughty Fats

Trans-fats are bad fats and are found in margarine and some cooking oils and salad dressings. Generally a bad fat is solid at room temperature. Good fats come in liquid form. Olive oil and grape-seed oil are ideal choices.

14. Walking Burns Fat

If you can take even a short walk before you eat and then another one about an hour later you will burn up to 15% more calories. The best time for a walk is after lunch and early afternoon when the body is at a higher temperature able to utilize the used calories much better.

15. Perfect Proteins

Choose lean protein every time for your main meal. Fish or skinless chicken are the best choices followed by lean cuts of beef and pork. Remember that the majority of your meal should be made up of fresh salads or vegetables.

16. Walk Uphill

When you go for a walk choose a route that takes you uphill for part of the way. Walking uphill burns more calories. Set your treadmill on an incline for faster weight loss.

17. Hidden Fats

Hidden fats are found in commercially baked goods, hard cheeses, cream soups, and creamy salad dressings. Choose the options with the smallest number of ingredients as these foods will have less additives.

18. Walk with Weights

Carrying small hand weights is a great idea when you go for a walk. This will not only burn more calories but will give your arms some tightening and make them stronger.

19.Water, water, water

Drink up to eight full glasses a day. Remember when you feel hungry you may just be dry so try a glass of water first. Drinking a glass of water before your meal with help make you feel fuller quicker.

20. Saboteurs

Don’t let your family and friends sabotage you. They may be in the habit of pleasing people with foods or they may be jealous of the progress you are making. Make it plain to them that they are not helping you by offering bad choices. Say No!

21. Low Fat Choices

It is a good idea to choose low fat options when buying milk and yogurt. These days the taste is much the same and you soon get used to the small difference. Check for hidden sugars as often these raise the calories to the same as the normal option.

22. Whole Grains

Include some whole-grain fibre when you eat a protein meal. This combination will keep you feeling fuller for longer than eating protein alone. Whole grains include brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and wholemeal bread.

23. Slimming Sleep

Go to bed an hour earlier. A full eight hour sleep at night produces more leptin. This hormone controls your appetite by letting your body know when you have eaten enough.

24. Craving Coffee

One cup of coffee a day without sugar can help to prevent weight gain on your tummy. Furthermore the caffeine will burn more calories. Avoid coffee near your bedtime as it will keep you awake and disturb your production of leptin.

25. Media No-No

Turn off the television when you eat and it’s also not a good idea to eat at your computer. It has been proven that we consume far more calories when our mind is occupied elsewhere. Mindful eating will help you to recognize when you are full.

26. Fabulous Fresh

Eat as much of your diet as possible in its fresh and original state. Eating fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and cooked meat will help speed up your metabolism.

27. Bedtime Blues

Try going to bed feeling a little hungry. It won’t worry you for long and it gives your body the chance to accept feeling hungry sometimes. It is often the late night calories that contribute to weight gain. 28. Alcohol Sense

Limit your intake of alcohol. Alcohol has lots of empty calories and a few drinks can be the equivalent of another meal. The best choice is one glass of red wine every other day as this has a useful amount of antioxidants that is good for your body and immune system.

29. Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are more easily turned into energy by the body than fat. These include nuts, beans, vegetables and wholegrain bread, pasta and brown rice.30. White Flour

Processed wheat in breads, cereals, or baked goods will make you gain weight. These foods give you calories without the benefit of vitamins, amino acids, and anti-oxidants. Also avoid eating white rice. Choose the natural brown variety instead.

31. Super Sunshine

Spending some time in the sun each day will allow your body to absorb vitamin D and the MSH hormone, both of which are essential to weight loss. But try to avoid the midday hours when the sun is likely to burn.

32. Love your Apples

The times when you crave sweets, chocolates or cake, eat an apple instead. This will curb your appetite and help you through to your next meal time. Apples are high in fibre and beneficial vitamins.

33. Stress Sabotage

Stress is a great weight gainer so try meditating for ten minutes a day. Sit quietly and simply concentrate on noticing your breathing. Avoid stressful situations. Stress releases a hormone called Cortisol, which affects the body and causes weight gain.

34. Thrifty Thyroid

Have you had your thyroid function checked by your doctor? A slow functioning thyroid slows down your body and quickly causes you to gain weight. Take the time to find out If you would benefit from medication. This can make a huge difference in the battle of the bulge.

35. Cinema Cravings

When you go to a movie or a show, choose mineral water and plain popcorn as your snack. You could even take a sensible snack with you. It is so easy to eat mindlessly during a two or three hour film.

36. Yummy Yogurt

Eat yogurt regularly in order to keep good bacteria in your intestines – it will help your body to process food in the correct way. Yogurt is a great help for weight loss and also gives you something sweet- tasting in your diet.

37. Happy Hobbies

Think of something interesting to do that takes your mind off eating. Take up a hobby that keeps your hands and mind occupied. Boredom makes you want to eat unhealthy foods, so stay busy.

38. Out and About

Get out and about, sightseeing, walking around the shopping mall, swimming or jogging; join a team sport. The more active you become the more calories you will burn. Every now and then take a turn around your home or workplace and feel how every little activity improves your fitness, mood, and weight

39. Clever Cooking

Eat cooked food as well as salads. Warm food is digested quicker and therefore moves faster through your body, speeding up your metabolism. Cooked food can also be comforting, especially during the cold weather.

40. Clever Shopping

When supermarket shopping, try to stick to the outer aisles where the fresh food and meats can be found. The center aisles house all the calorie-laden man-made snacks. Avoid them! Take a shopping list and stick to it.

41. Small Plates

We often fill our plates up too full and then feel that we have to eat what is in front of us. Make it a habit to leave at least ten per cent of the meal on the plate and restrict the amount you cook to start with. Use a smaller plate and trick your brain into feeling that you have enjoyed your usual full meal.

42. Rock n Roll

Put lively music on when doing household chores. Have some fun dancing with the broom and move more purposefully as you work. Alternatively, buy a fun exercise video and use it three times a week.

43. Nude Chickens

Remember to always remove the skin from chicken before you eat it. It has double the amount of calories as the chicken meat. Either steam or bake your chicken and leave the frying pan in the cupboard.

44. Step it Up

Twice a day walk up and down a flight of steps for ten minutes. You will be amazed at how this improves your fitness and your figure. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can.

45. Tasty Tomato

When eating pasta, either at home or out at a restaurant, always choose the tomato sauce version and avoid the cream sauces. Tomato sauce is lower in calories and can prevent many cancers, especially prostate cancer in men.

46. Step it Out

Buy a pedometer and aim to walk 10,000 steps each day. You will soon discover how much you need to walk to stay slim and healthy. Using a pedometer gives you a measure which encourages you to take up the challenge to reach your target.

47. Great Gardens

Get out in the garden and do some digging or mow the lawn. Even better, grow your own fresh herbs and salads. Soak up the vitamin D from the sun and reduce your waist size with all the bending and stretching.

48. Tuna Tips

When buying tinned tuna or salmon, it is best to choose the type that is packed with water and avoid the ones in oil. It is even better to eat fresh fish, smoked or baked.

49. Naughty French

When eating out or at home choose a salad with your meat or fish. Leave the French fries alone. If you just can’t do without a few fries then spray the potato sticks with oil and bake in the oven. Make a lower calorie choice by baking sweet potato sticks in the same way.

50. Clean that Car

On a sunny day get outside and wash the car instead of taking it through the car wash. Give it a polish and get that waist whittled down.

51. Great Snacks

For a great snack, choose raw carrot dipped in a tub of hummus. Always have low calorie snacks on hand in your fridge. Boiled eggs, chopped salad and lots of fruit will satisfy you and make you feel good. A small amount of nuts is nutritious and filling.

52. Slimming Swimming

Make use of any nearby swimming pool. This great exercise is fun and doesn’t put strain on your muscles and joints. Consider joining a water aerobic class; play water polo or basket ball.

53. Cheeky Kids

Take time out to play with your children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren. Chase them and race them. They will love it and so will you. You won’t even know that you are exercising and raised endorphins are a bonus.

54. I Love Pizza

Craving pizza? Then choose the vegetarian option. That has fewer calories than the fatty meats generally used. Use only a small amount of grated cheese and choose the thin crust option.

55. Clever Cleaning

Clean out the wardrobe or a set of drawers. This will give you exercise and keep you occupied and give you the bonus of a neat and tidy room or cupboard. Sell your unwanted items and invest in exercise equipment.

56. Best Buddies

Team up with a weight loss buddy, who can encourage you and keep you on track. Call each other for support when tempted to stray from sensible eating. Have a competition to see who can lose the most weight.

57. Easy Eating

Avoid allowing yourself to get too hungry; it will cause you to go back to old habits. Eat something every three hours but choose low calorie snack options. Drink regular glasses of water.

58. Lift some Weights

Do some weight lifting and weight bearing exercises. Although muscle weighs heavier than fat it does allow you to eat more and not put on weight. Even lifting a couple of cans out of the pantry, or lifting your child up and down, can help.

59. Jump on those Scales

Weigh yourself regularly. If you don’t monitor your weight you will soon find it going up and out of control. Weigh yourself at least twice a week and at the same time of day. 60.

Oh No!

If you find that you have had a weak moment and pigged out, don’t worry, simply refocus. After all, you are not on a diet you are simply making small changes to lose weight without effort. Remember, it is what you do most of the time that is important.

61. Brain Power

Make it a habit to eat slowly. Remember what your grandmother said about chewing each bite ten times! Make your meal last so that your brain has time to let you know when you are full. It takes twenty minutes for the full-up signal to reach from your stomach to your brain.

62. Sugar, Please

If you take sugar in your tea or coffee it is time to give it up. It only takes a couple of weeks to get used to the new taste and you will find that sugar will taste sickly sweet after that. This alone could help you lose kilos.

63. Nutritionists Rock

Consult a nutritionist if you aren’t sure which foods are good for you. These experts can tell you a lot in one appointment and the visit might be covered by your health insurance. After all, knowledge is power.

64. The Automation Key

Take time to decide on some good meal choices and then automate one or two of these per day. Doing this will give you a better chance of staying on track. When planning your meals ensure that you stock the right foods in your pantry to give yourself less chance of straying.

65. Trusty Time Savers

Use frozen mixed vegetables that you can microwave in minutes. They will be fat-free and always ready and easy to go. Pick up ready-made salads on your way home. Open a can of tuna or salmon. Choosing these options gives you fast but healthy food.

66. Douse the Flames

Inflammation of your body is known to cause obesity. Each day include some inflammation-fighting foods – anything bright and natural like red peppers. Other good choices are fish oil and walnuts and a daily aspirin will also reduce inflammation.

67. Emotional Eating

When you are you thinking of reaching for a high calorie snack, check how you are feeling; it may be that you are anxious or stressed. In that situation a brisk walk, relaxing bath, or talking over your problems may be the answer. Being aware of your emotions helps to overcome this common cause of obesity.

68. Dream-time

Spend a few minutes each day in a comfortable chair and let yourself daydream about a wonderful slim you. Enjoy the feeling it gives. Listen to hypnosis slimming CDs as you fall asleep. Check my slimming CD, ‘Slender & Gorgeous’ at

69. Lifesavers

Sometimes we need something just to chew on, for example on a long drive. Keep some sugarless gum or other low-calorie fruit gums on hand for those ‘must chew’ moments.

70. Learn to Cook

Invest in a good slimming cookbook or borrow one from the library. Learning how to cook using low calorie methods such as using herbs and spices instead of oils can help keep off the weight.

71. Slimming Aids

Maybe you feel that you need further help to curb your appetite. If so, see your doctor for some weight loss assistance pills and listen to their advice on which is the best option for you.

72. Clever Chemist

Xenical or Orlistat can be taken with advice from your chemist. These drugs stop 20% of fat being absorbed by the body and are a great way to lose weight or help in keeping lost weight off.

73. Tempted

Write the following out and place it where you will see it everyday. “Food doesn’t taste as good as slim feels.” This will help remind you to choose the healthy option. Place several reminders around you, in the car, office, and home.

74. Artful Affirmations

Affirmations do work. Write one or two out and repeat them several times a day. “I love eating healthy foods” “Every day I make wise choices” Check out my website for lots of choices or make up your own.

75. Artful Ads

Food advertisements are designed to get our mouths watering and tempt us to buy delicious looking foods that aren’t in our best interests. Record your TV programmes so that you can skip over these adverts. Watch only low-calorie type cooking programmes for the same reason.

76. Move that Meal

Have you just eaten a big meal and feel that all your good work has gone to pot? Then get moving, go out for at least a 30 minute walk and try to move about as much as possible for the next few hours. This will help you metabolize your food and use up some of those extra calories.

77. Enjoy Life

Life is for enjoying. Don’t get hung up on thinking about nothing but weight loss. Ease into these tips and let the weight come off slowly and naturally. Choose one or two strategies at a time. Gradually they will become second nature, helping you to stay slim and healthy.

Extra Tip for a Quick Start – Give up Sugar in any form!

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Free Self-Help Books


Free Self-Help Books

Attract Prosperity


Christine Sherborne

After living through one of the biggest global financial meltdowns in years many of you are focused on securing your financial future. Like many others, you are probably thinking about your finances more than ever before, and wondering how you can future proof your income and pension.


Success Free book

Attract Success

by Christine Sherborne

How do you define success? How do you measure it? How do you maintain it? What level of achievement or accomplishment does it take to show that you have become a successful person?

I am sure you will agree that most people’s perception of success relates to material possessions – money, income, and maybe fame as a measure of a person’s achievements. Yet, to truly be successful, you need to have success in all parts of your life.

Attract Great Relationships

Attract Great Relationships

by Christine Sherborne

You were created to be a social being, living in family groups and communities designed for mutual help, security, support, companionship and friendship. And I think you will agree that you receive your greatest joy and happiness in life through the special relationships you have with your parents, siblings, children, spouses and friends.

Your ability to get along with people in general can determine to a great extent your success and therefore your happiness in life. If you haven’t developed the ability to form and build worthwhile relationships, you will find that friendships are short lived; your marriage difficult, often leading to acrimony and strife, and your career may be jeopardized. Therefore, it is crucial that you develop the skills to build meaningful relationships in all parts of your life.

Prosperity Consciousness: Stress Free Wealth Creation


Prosperity Consciousness: Stress Free Wealth Creation

This hypnosis will work for you!

Law of attraction books contain lots of useful information, but often it is difficult to implement because your subconscious mind resists the changes your conscious mind is trying to make. Even though you use affirmations, vision boards, and visualization as you’re saying the words or imagining the life you want, behind those activities your feelings are telling you it can’t be done. Of course feelings and emotions are the keys to attracting abundance, and you hit a barrier each time because you can’t deny your underlying beliefs. Everything is energy, and until you give off the highest vibrations, you will continue to attract lower energies.

Many listeners have benefited from my audio, Activating the Law of Attraction, written over 10 years ago. This best-selling audio worked because I used the power of hypnosis. Through hypnosis you receive suggestions straight into your subconscious, bypassing your conscious mind. The substance and energy of wealth and abundance are created by your mind, not by your job or other means of making a living. Prosperity is freely given by the creator of the universe when your subconscious mind agrees to accept the gifts. Align your spiritual vibration to the highest level, and open your ability to receive the good that is already yours, waiting for you.

During this hypnosis you will meet your spirit guide, who will direct you through the complicated maze that leads to your prosperity. Suggestions are given that will be remembered subconsciously throughout your day, ensuring you remain on track. Over time you will draw to you all you desire, without conscious effort. People will appear in your life at exactly the right times, doors will open, and unexpected gifts and financial windfalls will arrive.

The theta music played alongside the positive suggestions will keep your mind open and receptive. Using this hypnosis is the easiest way to program your subconscious mind to attract abundance. Why not give this method a try? You will be glad you did.

Listen to this hypnosis nightly for at least one month and then twice a week. At least once or twice a week, listen during the day – early morning is ideal. A suggestion is given at the end to either awaken you or for you to ignore the awakening suggestions. If it your normal sleep time, you continue to experience a comfortable night’s sleep and will awaken refreshed and ready to start your day. If you listen during the day, the suggestions will enable you to wake refreshed and relaxed.

Prosperity Consciousness: Stress Free Wealth Creation

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Spirit World – Do You Believe?






Spirit World

Do you believe in the Spirit World?  God, Angels, Spirit Guides,  and all kinds of Ascended Masters really do exist and they can help you!

Would you like to receive advice about future life events and discover your natural talents and the paths you can take to be more successful? You can receive miraculous insights by contacting your spirit guide or higher self through the power of your subconscious mind using hypnosis.

This hypnosis can give you the chance to ask many questions about your future – for example, details of a future soul mate, or maybe the career path that’s best for you. If you have present-day challenges with finances, health, or relationships, you can gain valuable insights by asking the right questions.

As a qualified Ericksonian hypnotist and advanced past life regressionist, I have heard incredible past-life stories resulting in the healing of present-life fears and phobias firsthand from my clients. Past-life regression is popular, but few people realize that through the same technique of hypnotic trance, you can discover insights into your future by meeting with your spirit guide or by accessing your higher self.

Important: This recording is for your enjoyment and entertainment purposes only, and Christine Sherborne and Colourstory Pty Ltd take no liability for any outcome from using said recording. If you have any psychological or physical problems, please consult your doctor or therapist before using this audio. Do not listen to this recording unless you are in a safe place. Never play when driving or if you need to pay attention to external events.

About the author: Christine Sherborne has been writing hypnosis audios for 14 years. She is a certified Ericksonian and advanced past life regression hypnotist.


Have you ever wondered about reincarnation and the possibility of having lived many former lives? Specially trained hypnotherapists can use past-life hypnosis sessions to assist you in accessing previous lives. This, in part, can enable you to understand and deal with any traumas you may have experienced in those previous existences and which may be causing present-life fears and phobias, to empower you to heal them. For instance, a person who fears the water could have drowned during a past life and carries the fear with him or her from life to life. No one knows why or how it works, but reliving the experience while in a hypnotic trance can help the person to overcome phobias about water.

Psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss demonstrated this process during a live regression on an Oprah Winfrey show. A lady was terrified of dolls and wouldn’t allow her daughter to own a doll, which upset the little girl. During the past-life regression, she relived losing her two young children in a car accident. Immediately upon being brought out of the trance, she was able to hold a baby doll without any adverse reaction.

There are many reasons to try past-life regression. In addition to helping to heal present-day fears by reliving traumatic events in a safe environment, you can gain valuable self-knowledge about from former lives and discover your soul family, which reincarnates with your soul group many times. Trying this process is still valuable for a person who isn’t a believer in reincarnation. In this case your subconscious mind can create an imaginary life to heal and improve your present-day existence. Your subconscious mind knows what remains hidden from your conscious mind and how you would benefit by bringing to the fore certain events.

This hypnosis audio gives you the opportunity to experience three past lives if you wish. You may have to use the recording several times to allow yourself to access past lives, and each time a little more will be revealed to you.

Unseen Helpers from Invisible Realms – Angels


Imagine you had a divine best friend – not one but many good friends. These friends love you unconditionally and want your life to be the finest possible and want you to reach your full potential. They don’t judge you in any way and are always eager to support and help you in every area of your life. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

These new friends have expertise in many fields and can give you excellent advice on any problem. But also they have miraculous powers! They can move you out of harm’s way in an instant, warn you of danger, and protect you from psychic attack. Your special friends can comfort you in times of loss and direct you along the right path emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Imagine if you had a personal psychiatrist, doctor, counselor, and financial adviser, and they all wanted to and were able to help you. They have your happiness at heart; you’ve merely to ask them for help, and they’ll be there for you instantly.

Everyone faces problems, and most feel alone and helpless when dealing with difficult issues. Usually, family and friends have their own problems, or they’re unable to offer any practical support. Although they do love you, your friends and family, who live in the physical realm like you, often don’t have the experience or expertise you need to support you, but your spiritual friends are always there for you.

Included in this audio is a spiritual hypnosis to help you meet with your angels and receive advice and direction for your life. Christine has written spiritual, self-help, and hypnosis audios for 14 years. She is a certified Ericksonian and advanced past life regression hypnotist.

 To  see all my titles please visit my Amazon Page
Amazon Author Page

Believe – Walt Disney’s famous words of wisdom


Believe – Walt Disney’s famous words of wisdom

Walt Disney used these four steps to motivate his staff:

 Think
 Believe
 Dream
 Dare

Think – What would you really like to do?
Believe – Believe that you can do it.
Dream – Dream of your desire being a reality.
Dare – Dare to step out and achieve your dream.


Using these questions as guidance, we can really think outside the square, as Walt Disney did, to succeed against all odds.   If you really answer the questions honestly, you may be surprised by your hidden desires.

Wisdom & Goal Setting

A wise man leads a planned and structured life, but with room for spontaneity and the choice to change direction when required. It is essential to set goals in order to live wisely, and to continually review those goals as circumstances change.   Circumstances do change, and you are either moving towards a better life or away from a better life, with each decision you make, but are rarely static. Wisdom means thinking about how we want our life to be in five or ten years’ time, and making a plan today to get there.

Christine Sherborne – Author

Author of Colourstory Publishing books and audios. My name is Chris Sherborne and after raising three lively boys in the UK, our family moved New Zealand, and now live in the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia.

I’ve been writing self-help, mind, body, and spiritual audios for the last ten years. I’m the author of the Quantum Factor Life Enhancement Series, and Law of Attraction Series. You can find my Life Mastery Apps on iTunes.  I’ve also written the Imogene Supernatural Thriller Series, and recently released Unseen Helpers from Invisible Realms – The Angels

– See more at: