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Free Self-Help Books


Free Self-Help Books

Attract Prosperity


Christine Sherborne

After living through one of the biggest global financial meltdowns in years many of you are focused on securing your financial future. Like many others, you are probably thinking about your finances more than ever before, and wondering how you can future proof your income and pension.


Success Free book

Attract Success

by Christine Sherborne

How do you define success? How do you measure it? How do you maintain it? What level of achievement or accomplishment does it take to show that you have become a successful person?

I am sure you will agree that most people’s perception of success relates to material possessions – money, income, and maybe fame as a measure of a person’s achievements. Yet, to truly be successful, you need to have success in all parts of your life.

Attract Great Relationships

Attract Great Relationships

by Christine Sherborne

You were created to be a social being, living in family groups and communities designed for mutual help, security, support, companionship and friendship. And I think you will agree that you receive your greatest joy and happiness in life through the special relationships you have with your parents, siblings, children, spouses and friends.

Your ability to get along with people in general can determine to a great extent your success and therefore your happiness in life. If you haven’t developed the ability to form and build worthwhile relationships, you will find that friendships are short lived; your marriage difficult, often leading to acrimony and strife, and your career may be jeopardized. Therefore, it is crucial that you develop the skills to build meaningful relationships in all parts of your life.

Prosperity Consciousness: Stress Free Wealth Creation


Prosperity Consciousness: Stress Free Wealth Creation

This hypnosis will work for you!

Law of attraction books contain lots of useful information, but often it is difficult to implement because your subconscious mind resists the changes your conscious mind is trying to make. Even though you use affirmations, vision boards, and visualization as you’re saying the words or imagining the life you want, behind those activities your feelings are telling you it can’t be done. Of course feelings and emotions are the keys to attracting abundance, and you hit a barrier each time because you can’t deny your underlying beliefs. Everything is energy, and until you give off the highest vibrations, you will continue to attract lower energies.

Many listeners have benefited from my audio, Activating the Law of Attraction, written over 10 years ago. This best-selling audio worked because I used the power of hypnosis. Through hypnosis you receive suggestions straight into your subconscious, bypassing your conscious mind. The substance and energy of wealth and abundance are created by your mind, not by your job or other means of making a living. Prosperity is freely given by the creator of the universe when your subconscious mind agrees to accept the gifts. Align your spiritual vibration to the highest level, and open your ability to receive the good that is already yours, waiting for you.

During this hypnosis you will meet your spirit guide, who will direct you through the complicated maze that leads to your prosperity. Suggestions are given that will be remembered subconsciously throughout your day, ensuring you remain on track. Over time you will draw to you all you desire, without conscious effort. People will appear in your life at exactly the right times, doors will open, and unexpected gifts and financial windfalls will arrive.

The theta music played alongside the positive suggestions will keep your mind open and receptive. Using this hypnosis is the easiest way to program your subconscious mind to attract abundance. Why not give this method a try? You will be glad you did.

Listen to this hypnosis nightly for at least one month and then twice a week. At least once or twice a week, listen during the day – early morning is ideal. A suggestion is given at the end to either awaken you or for you to ignore the awakening suggestions. If it your normal sleep time, you continue to experience a comfortable night’s sleep and will awaken refreshed and ready to start your day. If you listen during the day, the suggestions will enable you to wake refreshed and relaxed.

Prosperity Consciousness: Stress Free Wealth Creation

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Believe – Walt Disney’s famous words of wisdom


Believe – Walt Disney’s famous words of wisdom

Walt Disney used these four steps to motivate his staff:

 Think
 Believe
 Dream
 Dare

Think – What would you really like to do?
Believe – Believe that you can do it.
Dream – Dream of your desire being a reality.
Dare – Dare to step out and achieve your dream.


Using these questions as guidance, we can really think outside the square, as Walt Disney did, to succeed against all odds.   If you really answer the questions honestly, you may be surprised by your hidden desires.

Wisdom & Goal Setting

A wise man leads a planned and structured life, but with room for spontaneity and the choice to change direction when required. It is essential to set goals in order to live wisely, and to continually review those goals as circumstances change.   Circumstances do change, and you are either moving towards a better life or away from a better life, with each decision you make, but are rarely static. Wisdom means thinking about how we want our life to be in five or ten years’ time, and making a plan today to get there.

Christine Sherborne – Author

Author of Colourstory Publishing books and audios. My name is Chris Sherborne and after raising three lively boys in the UK, our family moved New Zealand, and now live in the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia.

I’ve been writing self-help, mind, body, and spiritual audios for the last ten years. I’m the author of the Quantum Factor Life Enhancement Series, and Law of Attraction Series. You can find my Life Mastery Apps on iTunes.  I’ve also written the Imogene Supernatural Thriller Series, and recently released Unseen Helpers from Invisible Realms – The Angels

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Wisdom – Making a Wise Decision Every-time


Wisdom – Making a Wise Decision Every-time


The total sum of your life is built on every decision and choice you have ever made. Therefore it is essential to take the time to make right choices and not be tossed by the winds of circumstance and change. Even if you have made unwise decisions in the past for which you will now be paying, it’s not too late to stop and begin to create a better life for yourself. Think carefully, following my guide lines to make good choices now.

It often takes courage to make a wise decision, and it’s important not to make a decision out of fear. The first part of starting the process of choice is to ask yourself a lot of questions and to ensure that you have as much information as you can on which to base your decision.

Questions such as;

Is it an easy or a complex decision?

If I did nothing at this time would there be any dire consequences?

Is there a real problem or an imagined one?

Have I collected all available data?

Have other people faced the same decision and what did they do about it?

Have you asked God to give you supernatural insight or an answer?

How big would the consequences be if I decided this way?

Can I live with this choice or that choice?

Would the decision I’m thinking of making hurt other people?

Am I over-reacting to the facts?

Are there any time restraints that need to be taken into account?

Is the problem involved with finances or connected with people?

Simple decisions should be made quickly and easily. If there are no long term detrimental consequences to your decision, such as which film to see, then it really doesn’t matter what the decision is. Don’t become a procrastinator.

Tossing a Coin

When you are not sure which way to jump when making a simple decision, you can simply toss a coin. Before the coin lands you will already know in your heart which side of the coin you hope will win. It doesn’t matter how the coin lands, it simply is a process that brings to the fore your real desire.

Delay making a Decision

Delaying making a decision can sometimes be the best thing to do if it doesn’t affect the outcome because of bad timing. Often time has a way of resolving the problem anyway, so don’t be in too much of a hurry, and don’t allow others to push you into a decision before you need to.

Write down the Problem

Always write down the problem. This act in itself is often enough to bring light to the right answer, or action you should take. Choose words that describe the problem fully then write down all the possible answers you can think of. The process will evolve as you write bringing new ideas to mind, and simply thinking about the problem and how you can describe it, clarifies it in your own mind.

Creating Distance

Sometimes you are just too close to the situation or the people and need to create some distance between it and you. If you can take a short holiday or even go on a long solitary walk it gives you the space to allow new ideas to come to you.

Using your Intuition

Problem solving is one of the best situations in which to utilize your intuitive powers. Always keep a pad and pen by the side of your bed as first thing in the morning as you awaken you will receive your best intuitive thoughts. Remember to ask your sub conscious mind to give you the solution as you fall asleep at night and then expect an answer to be forthcoming.


Use your gut feeling when checking out possible solutions or when taking advice from friends or professionals. What is that inner voice trying to say to you? Does what this person is saying ring true to you or do you get an uncomfortable feeling that all is not quite right? Don’t ignore your gut feelings.

Know when to Quit

Know when it’s time to call it quits. If you have made a bad decision then don’t hang in there, pull out, cut your losses and move on with your life. There is a time for holding on, as sometimes we quit just before a breakthrough is coming. But when you can clearly see the writing on the wall, don’t waste more time and energy on a dead duck. Quitting at this stage will leave you with resources to begin again in a new direction.

Prosperity – The ‘Let’s Spend’ Game


Prosperity – The ‘Let’s Spend’ Game

Are you subconsciously stopping the flow of financial blessings into your life by the wrong mind-set? You may feel that you don’t deserve to be blessed, and wouldn’t know how to spend a huge amount of money.

This is a great game to open your ability to receive. Play the game alone or with a friend. It’s easy to play with a friend. Email each other once a day, so you keep each other on track.

You’ll be amazed what happens when you start to play this game. It removes blockages, and you begin to receive financially from places that you wouldn’t have imagined yourself. When you’re matching the prosperity vibration, you can start to prosper. Try it and see for yourself.

The first day you have an imaginary $1,000.00 to spend. Write the figure, then decide how to spend it. Detail the amount and how it’s spent, and feel the emotion, as if it’s real.

It’s a good idea to give away at least ten percent to charity, or people in need, before you spend the balance on yourself.

The second day you double it. $2,000.00 to spend today, and continue in this way, each day doubling the amount you allow yourself to spend. By the eleventh day you will have $1,024,000 to spend.

You can play as long as you like but fourteen days is a good time to open the channels in your mind to think like a millionaire. Day fourteen will give you $8,192,000 to spend – see the table below:


Day 1              1,000
Day 2              2,000
Day 3              4,000
Day 4              8,000
Day 5            16,000
Day 6            32,000
Day 7            64,000
Day 8         128,000
Day 9          256,000
Day 10          512,000
Day 11        1,024,000
Day 12        2,048,000
Day 13        4,096,000
Day 14        8,192,000



You’ll find the items you thought you would buy, will differ as you progress in the game. Prepare for a surprise, as you discover your real self. Have fun!