Forbidden Cure Review



Dr Rubins third book in the Detective Chris Revello series is a sure winner.

Forbidden Cure – Detective Chris Revello returns but this time he’s in dire straits. The edge of the seat storyline keeps the reader holding their breath; what will he decide to do, and will it work? Medical thrillers have the extra elements that not only educate but add an extra dimension to the run of the mill thriller.

As before, clever twists and turns keep the reader waiting to see what happens next. This story ends with a cliff hanger I didn’t see coming. Can’t wait until the next installment!

Gifts at Christmas


Christmas Peace

The gift of love. The gift of peace. The gift of happiness. May all these be yours at Christmas.

I found this story online and thought you may enjoy reading about the begger boy.

The Beggar Boy at Christ’s Christmas Tree


Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky


I am a novelist, and I suppose I have made up this story. I write “I suppose,” though I know for a fact that I have made it up, but yet I keep fancying that it must have happened on Christmas Eve in some great town in a time of terrible frost.
I have a vision of a boy, a little boy, six years old or even younger. This boy woke up that morning in a cold damp cellar. He was dressed in a sort of little dressing-gown and was shivering with cold. There was a cloud of white steam from his breath, and sitting on a box in the corner, he blew the steam out of his mouth and amused himself in his dullness watching it float away. But he was terribly hungry.

Several times that morning he went up to the plank bed where his sick mother was lying on a mattress as thin as a pancake, with some sort of bundle under her head for a pillow. How had she come here? She must have come with her boy from some other town and suddenly fallen ill. The landlady who let the “concerns” had been taken two days before the police station, the lodgers were out and about as the holiday was so near, and the only one left had been lying for the last twenty-four hours dead drunk, not having waited for Christmas.

In another corner of the room a wretched old woman of eighty, who had once been a children’s nurse but was now left to die friendless, was moaning and groaning with rheumatism, scolding and grumbling at the boy so that he was afraid to go near her corner. He had got a drink of water in the outer room, but could not find a crust anywhere, and had been on the point of waking his mother a dozen times. He felt frightened at last in the darkness: it had long been dusk, but no light was kindled. Touching his mother’s face, he was surprised that she did not move at all, and that she was as cold as the wall. “It is very cold here,” he thought. He stood a little, unconsciously letting his hands rest on the dead woman’s shoulders, then he breathed on his fingers to warm them, and then quietly fumbling for his cap on the bed, he went out of the cellar. He would have gone earlier, but was afraid of the big dog which had been howling all day at the neighbor’s door at the top of the stairs. But the dog was not there now, and he went out into the street.

Mercy on us, what a town! He had never seen anything like it before. In the town from he had come, it was always such black darkness at night. There was one lamp for the whole street, the little, low-pitched, wooden houses were closed up with shutters, there was no one to be seen in the street after dusk, all the people shut themselves up in their houses, and there was nothing but the howling all night. But there it was so warm and he was given food, while here—oh, dear, if he only had something to eat! And what a noise and rattle here, what light and what people, horses and carriages, and what a frost! The frozen steam hung in clouds over the horses, over their warmly breathing mouths; their hoofs clanged against the stones through the powdery snow, and everyone pushed so, and—oh, dear, how he longed for some morsel to eat, and how wretched he suddenly felt. A policeman walked by and turned away to avoid seeing the boy.

There was another street—oh, what a wide one, here he would be run over for certain; how everyone was shouting, racing and driving along, and the light, the light! And what was this? A huge glass window, and through the window a tree reaching up to the ceiling; it was a fir tree, and on it were ever so many lights, gold papers and apples and little dolls and horses; and there were children clean and dressed in their best running about the room, laughing and playing and eating and drinking something. And then a little girl began dancing with one of the boys, what a pretty little girl! And he could hear the music through the window. The boy looked and wondered and laughed, though his toes were aching with the cold and his fingers were red and stiff so that it hurt him to move them. And all at once the boy remembered how his toes and fingers hurt him, and began crying, and ran on; and again through another window-pane he saw another Christmas tree, and on a table cakes of all sorts—almond cakes, red cakes and yellow cakes, and three grand young ladies were sitting there, and they gave the cakes to any one who went up to them, and the door kept opening, lots of gentlemen and ladies went in from the street.

The boy crept up, suddenly opened the door and went in. oh, how they shouted at him and waved him back! One lady went up to him hurriedly and slipped a kopeck into his hand, and with her own hands opened the door into the street for him! How frightened he was. And the kopeck rolled away and clinked upon the steps; he could not bend his red fingers to hold it right. the boy ran away and went on, where he did not know.

He was ready to cry again but he was afraid, and ran on and on and blew his fingers. And he was miserable because he felt suddenly so lonely and terrified, and all at once, mercy on us! What was this again? People were standing in a crowd admiring. Behind a glass window there were three little dolls, dressed in red and green dresses, and exactly, exactly as though they were alive.

Once was a little old man sitting and playing a big violin, the two others were standing close by and playing little violins, and nodding in time, and looking at one another, and their lips moved, they were speaking, actually speaking, only one couldn’t hear through the glass. And at first the boy thought they were alive, and when he grasped that they were dolls he laughed. He had never seen such dolls before, and had no idea there were such dolls!

All at once he fancied that some one caught at his smock behind: a wicked big boy was standing beside him and suddenly hit him on the head, snatched off his cap and tripped him up. The boy fell down on the ground, at once there was s shout, he was numb with fright, he jumped up and ran away. He ran, and not knowing where he was going, ran in at the gate of some one’s courtyard, and sat down behind a stack of wood: “They won’t find me here, besides it’s dark!”

He sat huddled up and was breathless from fright, and all at once, quite suddenly, he felt so happy: his hands and feet suddenly left off aching and grew so warm, as warm as though he were on a stove; then he shivered all over, then he gave a start, why, he must have been asleep. How nice to have a sleep here! “I’ll sit here a little and go and look at the dolls again,” said the boy, and smiled thinking of them. “Just as though they were alive! …” and suddenly he heard his mother singing over him. “Mammy, I am asleep; how nice it is to sleep here!”

“Come to my Christmas tree, little one,” a soft voice suddenly whispered over his head.

He thought that this was still his mother, but no, it was not she. Who it was calling him, he could not see, but someone bent over to him, and … and all at once—oh, what a bright light! Oh, what a Christmas tree! And yet it was not a fir tree, he had never seen a tree like that! Where was he now? Everything was bright and shining, and all around him were dolls; but no, they were not dolls, they were little boys and girls, only so bright and shining. They all came flying round him, they all kissed him, took him and carried him along with them, and he was flying himself, and he saw that his mother was looking at him and laughing joyfully. “Mammy, Mammy; oh, how nice it is here, Mammy!” and again he kissed the children and wanted to tell them at once of those dolls in the shop windows.

“Who are you, boys” who are you, girls?” he asked, laughing and admiring them.

“This is Christ’s Christmas tree,” they answered. “Christ always has a Christmas tree on this day, for the little children who have no tree of their own …” and he found out that all these little boys and girls were children just like himself; that some had been frozen in the baskets in which they had as babies been laid on the doorsteps of well-to-do Petersburg people, others had been boarded out with Finnish women by the Foundling and had been suffocated, others had died at their starved mothers’ breasts (in the Samara famine), others had died in the third-class railway carriages from the foul air; and yet they were all here, they were all like angels about Christmas, and He was in the midst of them and held out His hands to them and blessed them and their sinful mothers. … and the mothers of these children stood on one side weeping; each one knew her boy or girl, and the children flew up to them and kissed them and wiped away their tears with their little hands, and begged them not to weep because they were so happy.

And down below in the morning the porter found the little dead body of the frozen child on the woodstack; they sought out his mother too. … she had died before him. They met before the Lord God in heaven.

Why have I made up such a story, so out of keeping with an ordinary diary, and a writer’s above all? And I promised two stories dealing with real events! But that is just it, I keep fancying that all this may have happened really—that is, what took place in the cellar and on the woodstack; but as for Christ’s Christmas tree, I cannot tell you whether that could have happened or not.

Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

Remember the less fortunate this holiday season. May peace and love be yours always.



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Fallen Men by Brian O’Hare


Fallen Men Review – Digs deep into the Emotional life of Priests – Fascinating

I like books that move me emotionally and this in-depth story of Ray as he enters the priesthood takes one to unexpected storylines. The characters are real and give the reader insight into the real problems faced by Catholic priests.

The story carried me along effortlessly and I wanted to keep reading to see the result of Ray’s eventual future. It takes the reader inside the sacrifices and challenges a man must make to become a priest.

The story clearly shows that everyone is vulnerable and have depths in our personalities unknown by others. People judge so easily without true knowledge of a person’s inner struggles.

To me the book lays out an excellent case to allow priests to marry. Why condemn men to lonely lives without the support of a wife and family. The demands on a parish priest are hard enough without emotional support for themselves.

Another character Dan would benefit from a personal experience of being a married man when trying to help other married couples.

The book also shows the political side of religion and lengths institutions must lower their morals to keep the public from knowing the truth.

The Fallen Men gives the reader an insider’s look into the priesthood with an interesting and entertaining story. I will read more books by this author, decidedly recommend.


Fallen Men by Brian O’Hare on Amazon

Author Yellow Pages


Author Yellow Pages

Perhaps like you, I’m an author and constantly looking for ways to increase reviews for my books. But once you’ve exhausted your mailing list, where do you turn to find reviewers?

A few years ago, I came across a directory of book bloggers designed to help in this regard. It was available in book form and organized with authors in mind. What I mean is that I could find lots of book blogs by doing a Google search, but then I had to poke around all these websites to discovery what kinds of books the blogger wanted to review, not to mention how to submit my book for a review.

That handy guide was called The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages and I’m happy to say that I just got a copy of the 9th edition. And as useful as that guide was in 2014, you should see it in 2017. Here are a few highlights, all new and not included in the already terrific earlier edition:


  • Detailed contact information for 200 book bloggers. I don’t recall the first directory being this large, maybe 150 or 175 bloggers, so more is always better. You get contact information, the types of books they are interested in, and a short bio from the blogger, not to mention several other helpful details.
  • 40 blog tour organizers are in a separate section, equally well documented with the lowest price they charge for review tours and a snapshot of their services. These are great resources you can tap to reach out to bloggers on your behalf for a reasonable fee.
  • The new section in this year’s book is a breakdown of paid reviewers. Yes, I know we don’t think we should pay for reviews but it is an accepted practice and not against any rules. It’s also the fastest way to get professional feedback on your book that you can use for marketing. PartnerPress (the publisher) lists 32 review businesses divided into four categories: traditional (no fees), fee-only, hybrid (no fee, and fee), and services. Services are like NetGalley and Goodreads.

Perhaps overlooked in all these listings is the quality of the included resources—everything you need to begin contacting reviewers. Besides thorough introductions to each type of reviewer and how to use that section, there’s a collection of articles: dealing with a negative review, how to make sense of Amazon’s review policies, and a very detailed guide about creating quality books. I plan to refer back to this article when it comes time to publish my next book.

If you are getting ready to publish a book, or struggling with getting more reviews, or even considering how to reboot an older book with more reviews, you need The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages. Its available from all the major retailers in print and eBook editions, and you can learn more here. I highly recommend it.

Here’s my review…

Much more than a directory of bloggers

When I first reviewed this book back in 2014 I said it was very detailed with a comprehensive list of reviewers. But this new edition takes it to a new level. Not only are their more reviewers, there is a whole new section with book reviewer businesses and lots more helpful information about getting book reviews.

If you don’t have the time to research and contact bloggers, the publisher has 40 blog tour organizers you can hire to do it for you. Or if you have the budget, there are 32 book review businesses you can contact.

One thing to keep in mind is that the convenience of having all this information in one package has a price—it can go out of date. But considering how much time it is saving me, and the fact that it’s updated each year, it is definitely worth the investment. In my experience so far, all the links work and reviewers are accepting books.

Highly recommended whether you just released a book, or are struggling to get more reviews, or you’re looking to build up reviews for an older release.

Powerful Tools to align with Universal Energy

Powerful Tools to align with Universal Energy

My purpose is to give you practical tools which will help you to manage your life. You will find many ways to deal obstacles and problems, to live the life you want.
With each tool is a brief outline explaining how to use them.
These tools work. Don’t worry about how they work, just use them and watch your results over time.


The Incredible Power of Thought

The first important tool is the use of your thoughts. Whatever you hold in your mind and mostly think about, you will manifest, whether good or bad. Proverbs 23:7 says ‘as a man thinks so is he’. Job 3:25 shows the negative thinking when Job said: “For the thing, which I greatly feared, is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me”. He went on to lose everything he owned, including his children.
The more emotion that you put into your thinking, the greater effect it has. If you’re afraid of what may happen I strongly advise you to work on changing those negative thoughts into uplifting, positive and life-giving ones. You can do this by using the affirmations, and visualizations. Choose carefully the areas you want results, and work on one or two at time, to avoid confusion in the energy you are sending out.
Be specific with your requests. If you’re looking for a new relationship, think carefully about the qualities you would like that person to have. Make a list, and read the list out loud several times each day.
If it’s a new home that you would like, study the market and type of homes that attract you. Cut out pictures of your perfect house. Visualize the rooms and imagine living in that house. Visit show homes, and as you walk around the building send out positive energy.
Perhaps your problem is conflict in your family or workplace. Imagine harmony and peace, each time you are in the home or office. Send energy of toward them for their happiness and well-being. Speak out words of calm and peace.
Thank the Creator for your blessings, and hold the energy of gratitude.
Don’t give up too easily. These processes take time. Remember that for your desires to come into fruition, circumstances in other people’s lives have to change as well. Practice the tools many times a day. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Get into the habit of checking your thoughts and bring them back to circumstance you want to create. Write down your affirmations, then look over them often, especially just before sleep.


Using Affirmations to re-program your Mind

The spoken word is powerful, so be careful what you say. Think before you speak, as you could be unleashing forces for both good and bad by those words. Make sure they are words that will move you closer to your dreams and not ones that could make harm you. Words spoken aloud, you can’t take back. Words spoken in anger can harm another person, even if you don’t mean them.
Affirmations are statements spoken aloud, with passion and conviction. Always use the present tense and say them using the “I” statement. Carefully word the phrases that you use. You will see from the ones used in this book how to word them. You can make your own, to suit your situation, and in line with what you want to manifest.
Affirmations should be accurate, but not limiting. Obviously, you would be foolish to use this phrase: “I will become a brain surgeon within six months.” A phrase like “I’m drawing my perfect job to me now,” is the affirmation you should aim for. The secret to moving universal energy is to say each affirmation strongly, with emotion and faith. Look through the examples in the following chapters and pick two or three and start saying them today. The results will amaze you!


Reprogramming with Visualization

Your mind and body can’t distinguish between what you strongly imagine and reality. This fact makes visualization a fantastic tool for you to use. With this tool you can reprogram hurtful memories, as well as program future events.
For this tool to be effective, you need a deep state of relaxation. When fully relaxed try to experience the emotions, colors, odors and sounds as vividly as possible.
Most successful athletes use this method to improve their future performances. They picture performing their sport in the peak way. They see themselves winning the race, jumping there highest and swimming their fastest time ever.
Throughout the book I’ve created visualizations for you to try yourself.



Writing a personal journal can be helpful in many ways. You can use it as a way of clarifying your thoughts, releasing the past and negative emotions. It’s a great source of inspiration when you use it to record life changes and list all that you’re grateful for.
Use to record your requests and answers you receive. When you are feeling low you simply look at your past entries to see how universal energy has worked for you in the past. You’ve changed circumstances in the past by your energy, so you can do so in the future.
When you record troubling thoughts of the past you can use your journal to re-frame the events and put them in perspective. Listing each emotion you have daily enables you to slowly change your negative attitudes to positive ones, by showing you the attitudes that you consistently hold. You can read them and release them to the God of the Universe, letting them go.
Decisions become easier for you when you write down your challenges and directions you can take to change them. As you write them ask for the universe for guidance, and within a short time the decision that’s best for you will manifest itself.


Hypnosis Changes Your Thinking

Hypnosis has been used for many years as a tool for reprogramming your subconscious mind. There are many good recordings available. Check out my website I would encourage you to make your own, so you receive exactly the information that will do you the most good. The sound of your own voice can make the recording more effective for you.
It’s like self-talk, after all, that you use constantly, day and night. If the self-talk is carefully worded and listened to via a recording it change your thinking in a shorter time.
I have included some scripts within the next few chapters that you’ll find useful as a basis for making your own personalized script.


Self-Hypnosis Techniques

It’s easier than you may think to hypnotize yourself. After all, hypnosis is only allowing your subconscious mind to receive suggestions by quieting down your conscious mind. Simply relax and let go of the present, and allow sights and sounds to fade away.
It’s not a complicated, just similar to your state of mind just before you fall asleep. In the half awakening state your subconscious mind is open to accepting new suggestions.
Begin by making yourself comfortable. Lying down, supported by soft pillows in a dimly lit room is ideal. Focus your eyes on a spot across the room until you feel your eyelids begin to close. Repeat this several times, while breathing deeply and regularly. You should breathe slightly longer, than on the out breath. This allows your chest area and arms to relax naturally.
If you mind seems active cancel this by slowing repeating -relax. Don’t worry about whether you’ve achieved a hypnotic state or not, it doesn’t matter. Acting as if you are is all your subconscious mind needs.
After a few minutes of relaxation begin to say to yourself out loud in a soft gentle voice the messages that you wish to pass on to your subconscious mind. Make the words similar to the affirmations you would normally use. Make the words in the present and first person, worded in such a way that your conscious mind isn’t tempted to argue with them.
You can achieve a similar state by using the progressive relaxation technique. Do this by fixing your mind on each muscle group, then tightening and relaxing each muscle in turn.
For an even quicker technique use the time just before you fall to sleep or when you are in a half wakening state to repeat your suggestions to yourself.
Practice these self-hypnosis techniques often using short affirmations on one subject at a time. Preferably decide on one area of your life that you are trying to improve and use the suitable affirmations for perhaps a couple of weeks before moving on to a different subject. This will give your subconscious mind time to assimilate the message and act on it.


Using Thought Anchors to Change Your Behavior

Thought anchors are a physical way of reminding yourself to think in a particular way. For example, if you have to talk publicly, you may want an anchor to help you to relax and have confidence.
You do this by putting together the middle fingertip and thumb on both hands, pressing them together. As you press the fingertips together firmly, you say out loud and with feeling “I am relaxed and speak out confidently and with passion”. At the same time imagine standing in front of your audience, giving an excellent presentation.
You need to do this a few times in a relaxed posture until your brain has anchored these thoughts and feelings to the physical action of pressing the fingertips together. When it’s time to speak, press the fingers together, and your brain will bring back the same feelings. You will find you can speak out with confidence.
You can use thought anchors in many circumstances. For example, if you’re addicted to chocolate, and want to lose weight, imagine yourself as slim. Use words such as ‘I don’t need to eat right away’ and ‘I always choose food that nourishes my body’. The possibilities are endless and I give further ideas in the following chapters.


Your Super-conscious mind and the Universe

All matter consists of electrically charged particles. Energy connects everything. Which means one thought can influence energy through electrical charges. The thought can repel or attract. Scientists have been able to detect faint radiation and radio waves which have originated millions of light-years away in space. All this energy mixes with your energy, and all the minds alive.
Scientists don’t know exactly how all this radiation affects you, but the electrical energy produced by the brain is small. Therefore it only takes small amounts of electrical charges to influence it. You can use this, by training your mind to relax, allowing these influences to work. The mind is amazing, and we understand little of how it works, but we do know the superconscious and the subconscious work together. By reducing conscious thoughts, you allow you mind to work on the problem presented. This enables you to solve vexing problems.


Angels and Spirit Guides

You can use the name angels and spirit guides, interchangeably. They are otherworldly beings that have your interests at heart. The Bible mentions Angels more than two hundred times. They’re powerful, and you will have heard many stories of their deeds. These spirit energies have warned people not to go to a particular place, and averted a disaster. Angels sometimes appear as supernatural beings, sometimes as mortal men, and can work invisibly.
Those supernatural beings want to help you, and you can ask them for help. Ask them for protection, for you and loved ones.


Creating Safe Havens – Sanctuaries

Sanctuaries are quiet, peaceful and comfortable places where you can relax, get away from the noise of everyday living, and allow your mind to work undisturbed on positive information.
Ideally, a sanctuary should be home, a place where you can feel safe and secure, and where you control access. When you’re decorating your home and buying furniture, think about the affect they will have. Is your house quiet, is it light and uplifting? Are the colors peaceful and the furnishings comfortable? Create a corner of your home where you can be at peace, taking special care the area is reflective of your inner spirit.
If you can’t physically create a sanctuary, it’s possible, with practice, to create a mental sanctuary in your own mind. This will give you a place of peace, you can retreat to, when you feel the need.
Using your imagination, you can build and create the sanctuary in stages. First relax, close your eyes and begin to build in your imagination. Create an entrance to your sanctuary, a doorway or maybe a marble stairway. Your special place could be a house, room, or forest glade. Then imagine a couch or soft bed of feathers. I think you get the idea! Take as many sessions to build your sanctuary exactly as you want it. Remember you can always make changes or a new one. The only limit is your imagination. Happy building!



Meditation is taking time to ponder, think deeply, and concentrate the mind. Focusing the mind takes practice, so all outside interference is blocked.
Meditation helps you to center and quiet your mind. It can help you find answers and direction for your life. When your mind is quiet you access not only your subconscious, but universal knowledge. The subconscious and superconscious minds can work in peace, allowing new thoughts to surface.
Meditation offers you serenity and relaxation, a time-out from the stresses of modern day life, allowing your body and mind time to repair.
There are many simple methods of meditation, such as watching your breath. I describe several methods later. Try more them, and find the method that works best for you.


Chart Building

The best learning techniques use multiple reinforcement. You learn visually, by doing, by adding to what you already know. Knowledge sticks when the facts are relevant to you at the time. This tool and the following one use both visual and action techniques to help to concentrate the mind. Visual inspiration is a powerful technique. One-way to use visual stimulus is to program your subconscious mind, using a chart.
Use this technique for problem solving, deciding, and programming your subconscious mind. Use chart building to work on your goals and wishes. For instance, you may want a lovely home, new job, car or new partner. Search magazines, newspapers or books for pictures that show your ideal needs. Paste the images on your chart, and put it in plain sight. Each time you pass the chart study the pictures and bring them to life in your imagination. In your mind brighten the colors, smell the new leather, and imagine sounds or voices that bring your vividly to mind.
For problem solving, use the chart to detail the information you have, and then write down the possible solutions. As time passes your subconscious mind will work to produce a solution.


Effective List Making

This is a visual tool. Use lists in the same way as the chart, using columns instead of images.
For problem solving, use one column for all known details of the problem. Then start new columns for the steps needed for each of the solutions you know about at the moment. Writing, frees your mind so you don’t have to hold the problem in your head, freeing you to think of solutions. As with the chart, leave it in some prominent place where you can see it easily, and ensure that you look at it several times each day.
As your subconscious mind absorbs the list information, it will gradually work, to produce solutions. In a short time you will have at least one, possibly several, solutions which were previously not available.
You use the lists to work on your goals and desires. Detail all the information you have. As you think of further information, add to the list.
Lists are useful as a basis for prayer, affirmations and visualizations. Read through your list several times a day, and always before sleep. Your subconscious will work on a solution during the night.


Dream Directing

Dream directing is simply using the time immediately before sleep to think program your mind. You do this anyway, unconsciously, by thinking of your worries as you fall asleep, resulting in a restless night, and sometimes nightmares.
Directing your dreams, orders your mind to the positive as you sleep, and is easier than you may think. You direct your thoughts naturally, but if not you can learn the technique. It’s a useful tool to master, and can provide answers, and heal past hurts. You can use this tool to have fun trying out new scenarios, such as skiing or deep-sea diving. The tool also improves sleep quality.
As you fall to sleep, direct your mind to think of a question you want answered. Direct your mind to provide answers or life direction. Start the dream consciously, put yourself in the place and imagine the people. Then feel the emotions that you want to experience. Even as you begin to fall asleep you will find that can focus on the picture you have chosen. If the image drifts, gently bring your mind back. As you practice, the easier it gets.
During the following chapters I have suggested directions that you may like to take in your dreams that can heal and help solve life’s challenges.


The Movie Studio of Your Mind

Mental movies are fun and give you the opportunity to experience life in ways that you wouldn’t or couldn’t in the physical realm. Remember that because your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference, what you think about, meditate on or dream about, a mental movie can appear real. Especially when you ramp up your emotions, sense of smell, hearing and colors.
Begin by relaxing in a comfortable armchair, with your eyes closed. Relax, watch your breathing, and unwind. When you feel tranquil, imagine you’re sitting in a cinema, looking at the large screen. Now begin your mental movie. Just as you lose yourself in a good film at the cinema, it’s possible to do the same in your own imaginary movie.
I love ice-skating. In my mind I see myself on the screen, dressed in a beautiful skating costume, with my chosen music playing. I can effortlessly perform axles and pirouettes, and glide over the ice as if I’m flying. Ten minutes in my own private world, and I feel a sense of joy and freedom, all from my armchair at home.
Use this technique for problem solving and for focusing your mind on your goals and wishes.
You’ll find many more ideas in the rest of this book to excite your imagination, help you to control your mind, and suggest ways that will prosper you.


Developing Intuition

You will have experienced a hunch, or flash of knowledge or inner knowing. This is intuition. Hunches trigger naturally, but you can develop them further.
These senses can detect minute changes in air pressure, aromas which are so diluted to be undetectable, tiny changes in light. So your hunch can be initiated by your physical senses, as they sense something in your surroundings. Sometimes, memories of an experience, or maybe a fleeting expression that crosses the face of a stranger that you have just met.
You may decide that you don’t like someone, or that they are lying to you, by unconsciously picking up on something that alerts you to their true nature. Paying attention to this quick insight, developing and honing this gift, can help you in many future circumstances.
Intuition is also spiritual. Your inner essence, your soul, is sensitive to atmospheres which are not detectable physically. Other people’s spirits can be sensed by your spirit, connecting you to the real essence of the person. This information arrives in the form of a gut feeling, or inner knowing, or ideas which come into your mind autonomously.
The information could be a symbol, image, or a straightforward sign. Such as an inner voice that says, don’t go or do that. Dreams can reveal hidden circumstances. You know that it’s your intuition when you know facts that intellectually you couldn’t know.
The way to develop and use your natural intuitive ability is to begin by noticing feelings and hunches that come to you throughout the day. Notice those hunches than act on them. As time goes you will see if intuitive messages prove true. Then begin to trust them for more important decisions or knowledge.
Ask yourself questions, which your subconscious mind will work on, and expect an answer. If you’re unsure ask for confirmation in the form of further questions. When you meet new people or a new situation, be aware of your feelings and thoughts. Ask for universal direction and then note when you receive an inexplicable knowing that feels right to you.
Keep notes of guidance received and see if a theme or general direction arises. In your journal make notes when you have followed your intuition and record how the circumstance turned out. In time you will gain confidence and be able to use this useful tool.


Gaining Fore knowledge

Foreknowledge is tenuous. I am not saying that you can predict the future, or know the lottery numbers, but you do sometimes receive foreknowledge. Universal energy works within you to help, guide and teach. Not only can you receive knowledge of future events, but in some circumstances, you receive knowledge of present and past events.
You access this knowledge through prayer, asking for guidance from the supernatural, such as the Creator, spirit guides, or otherworldly beings. Information comes several ways, the still, small voice that you hear in your mind. Sometimes you receive an inner knowing, that’s not your voice or thoughts. You may experience a waking or sleeping vision, especially when meditating.
Prayer should be a natural part of your life, and the basis of your connection with God, or Universal Spirit. Pray for revelation and knowledge, then wait with expectation and faith for your answer.
Summing Up

These practical tools can transform your life, your finances, relationships, and health, by aligning your life, with universal energy. As you use them you will start experience joy, happiness and prosperity that is your birthright. Your energy will increase as you stop fighting against life’s natural flow.

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Negativity Bias – Reacting to Events


Negativity Bias – Reacting to Events

Have you noticed when you receive news or an event happens, you tend towards what could be wrong or go wrong? Even with happy news, negative thoughts can creep in and spoil a joyous moment. People are programmed to react to danger as a primordial response. This bias toward the negative is simply natural.

Our first instinct is self-preservation and begins within the deepest parts of our brains, it means that we have to work harder to overcome damaging reactions. This is especially true in our relationships, the bad sticks in our mind more than good actions we receive from partners. With our children, the adage that we need to give five to ten times more positive encouraging comments to overcome one put down remark is true. Also, bear in mind that one big good action isn’t as effective as several small affirmative boosts.

In any experience there’s an element of good, even if it’s learning a life lesson to benefit us in the future. The worst events can give us empathy toward other people suffering the same losses. Take time to examine the facts when something happens, good or bad. Not jumping to conclusions is helpful, giving ourselves time to whittle down to the basic facts can stop wrong ideas in their tracks. How often do you immediately choose any number of disasters that could happen, and ninety- nine per cent of them never do?

Take a moment to examine your thoughts. Give yourself chance to enjoy good moments before sabotaging them with problems that could arise. Write down in a journal good moments to reflect on later and to instill them in your mind. Taking an active role in remembering good times and things makes you grateful and will enable your bias to shift away from an automatic negative response.

Each day take time to ‘smell the roses’ to notice each word, action, smell or feeling that creates good feelings. Store up sayings that inspire you and bring them to mind when you begin to slide down the feeling bad path. Bring to mind funny events from your kids or friends that gave you a real belly laugh.

When you hear a negative comment, instead of taking it to heart, realize the remark says more about the person who gives it than you. Imagine a light shower of rain cleansing it from your brain. Send a good thought to the person who hurt you, they’re obviously in pain if they feel the need to lash out.

The negative bias can be overcome with these simple actions. Most importantly, take the time to notice and examine your feelings, then choose the better response. Live in the moment as much as you possibly can, letting past or future worries take care of themselves.

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Zen Sayings to Ponder


Zen Sayings to Ponder

Wisdom comes from many sources. Take a moment to digest the following Zen sayings and maybe you will find a peal of great price.

Never forget: We are alive within mysteries.      Wendell Berry

Few among men are they who cross over to the further shore. The others merely run up and down the bank on this side.        The Dhammapada

The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp.       John Berry

By definition, human beings do not see or hear. I broke loose from definition.   Jelaluddin Rumi

Things don’t change. You change your way of looking, that’s all. Carlos Castaneda

Silence is the essential condition of happiness.  Heinrich Heine

Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking.  Antonio Machado

One may conquer in battle a thousand times a thousand men, yet he is the best who conquers himself.   The Dhammapada

Our entire life, with our fine moral code and our precious freedom, consists ultimately in accepting ourselves as we are.    Jean Anouilh

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.    Helen Keller

To sit without emotion, hope or aim

In the loved presence of my cottage fire

And listen to the flapping of the flame

Or kettle whispering its faint under song

William Wordsworth

We all want to be famous people, and the moment we want to be something we are no longer free.     J. Krishnamurti

You know these things as thoughts, but your thoughts are not your experiences, they are the echo and after-effect of your experiences: as when your room trembles after a carriage goes past. I however am sitting in the carriage, and often I am the carriage itself.           Friedrich Nietzsche

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Truth Drug – Extreme Consequences Excerpt

Truth Drug – Extreme Consequences Excerpt

The panel slid open, and Amelia turned. Her heart racing, she rested a hand on Imogene’s arm. Jacques held a white box printed with a green cross.
“I’m told Schneider uses sodium pentothal, the truth drug,” he said. “Now we can get to work.”
She felt Imogene cringe, then clutch her arm. “The child’s terrified. This is monstrous. Let us go.”
Jacques, his face inches from hers, glared at her. “Are you fond of your young brother?”
She stiffened. “What do you mean?”
“You will do precisely what I say, or he will never see tomorrow. Understand?”
Amelia nodded and looked at Imogene. “I don’t know how to give an injection, and I can’t see her co-operating.”
Jacques grabbed Imogene’s other arm. “Look, kid, play along, or your parents will suffer. Understand?”
Wide-eyed, the young girl nodded.
“Good. Let’s get moving.” He pushed them toward the makeshift office.
Imogene lay down, her gaze fixed on the syringe Jacques had just filled from a phial. He crossed the room and swabbed her arm and jabbed the needle in.
“Ouch, you hurt me!”
“Suck it up, kid.”
Amelia watched her for signs of physical distress. Imogene’s eyelids grew heavy, and she fell into a light sleep. Amelia dropped the pendulum into her pocket, then looked at Jacques. “What shall I do?”
“Talk to her. Induce her into a deeper state, as you would do in normal circumstances. When she’s deep enough, I want her to meet with Sakhment, the priestess.”
She drew in a breath. “Imogene, imagine you’re on a beach. You can feel the white sand between your toes. Gentle waves lap beside you, and you can feel a light, warm breeze. You see palm trees on your left, and hear birds singing in the fronds. In the distance, you see a temple. I want you to walk toward the building.”
She glanced at Jacques. He nodded. “You’re doing well.”
“Imogene, please tell me what you see.”
The child’s eyes darted beneath her lids. Her blonde lashes barely hid the purple smudges she’d developed over the last two days.
“The temple looks like a small pyramid,” she said, softly. “There’s a large stone figure on each side of a dark opening.”
“Good. That’s excellent, Imogene. Imagine a white light forming around you, a protective aura, then step forward and enter the opening.”
“The painted walls have Egyptian figures, boats, and animals. Oh, there’s someone here.”
Jacques nudged Amelia. “That’s her. Ask Imogene to speak to her.”
Amelia leaned closer. “Imogene, please ask the person’s name.”
Imogene’s fingers lifted, one at a time, then relaxed against the white leather. “Her name is Sakhment, and she says she’s the temple priestess. She has long black hair, and a twisted golden snake around her head. Her gown catches the light from the candles nearby. She’s beautiful, but her energy’s dark. I don’t like her.”
Jacques moved closer. “Tell her I want to talk to her.”
Imogene coughed, and her mouth twisted. A deep, feminine voice came out.
“Jacques, my dear, at last we meet. My spirit has been guiding you since your childhood, and I have long wished to communicate. My power is at your disposal. What would you have me do?”
Adrenaline rushed through Amelia, her skin tingled. “What’s happening? That’s not Imogene!”
Jacques grinned. “I have a simple request today. Is it possible to bring about the appointment of several Troth members to The Environmental Protection Agency, to influence business-related decisions?”
The woman’s silky voice arose from Imogene’s lips. “Consider it done.”
He punched the air, and Amelia shook and clutched her chest. “Can…can we finish now?”
He walked to the door and looked back over his shoulder. “Care for her. We’ll have another session tomorrow.”
The door swung shut behind him, and she turned back to Imogene. “Relax as I count backwards from ten. When I reach the number one, you will awaken. “Ten, nine, eight…”
The young girl moved restlessly, then screamed.
“What’s wrong? Speak to me, Imogene.”
“The priestess grabbed my hands. The power, the energy—I can’t let…”
Her head fell to one side.

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Articles – Life Changing

Freedom is a Choice

Freedom is a Choice

Freedom is curtailed every day. You’re told what you can and can’t do, and punished when you break the rules. Nanny state is a term often used as governments pass more and more laws. Read More…


Early Hour Terror Thoughts

Terror thought attacks occur around three in the morning. You wake in a sweat, stare at the ceiling as fearful thoughts race through your mind. This is the time when your confidence and common sense seems lowest. Worries of what might happen or how you have messed up tangle and twist through your mind. Read More…


Observe Life and Understand More

Observe means taking a step back and wait before reacting. Your natural instinct is to react automatically, often to your detriment. You may jump in with an action or opinion for instance, when you would be better served waiting before making a decision. Often doing nothing is the best course in many circumstances. Read More…


Memory Healing – Heal and Live

Many people live with hurtful memories, maybe childhood incidents from parents, schoolmates or difficulties in your upbringing. Adolescence brings its own problems, including peer pressure, college and deciding what career path to choose. Even simple bodily changes such as pimples breaking out on a first date, or rejection for some other reason. Adulthood has even more hurtful events such as partner challenges, work and a host of other hurts large and small. Read More…

Accepting People and Circumstances


Accepting People and Circumstances

Accepting ‘what is’ can prevent frustration and unhappiness if you haven’t the power to change your circumstances. For example you’re stuck with your relatives even if they fail to live up to your expectations. You may have an illness to endure for a time, or a work colleague you find difficult to cope with. Railing against conditions you can’t change is a waste to time and energy.

Obviously, you do the best you can to avoid certain people, try new drug treatments or change occupations, but often you can’t immediately or even ever. By accepting whatever is happening in the moment you can avoid further hurt, upset and frustration. Meantime you can choose to go with the flow.

People are who they are, you haven’t the power to change them, they can only choose change whether you like it or not. Have you the power to change the weather, the government’s decisions, even your own actions seem automatic at times don’t they?

Each day the unexpected turns up, and you feeling like screaming! For example this past week I have had the Internet line broken to the house. No telephone, Internet or television, resulting in hours of phone calls to try to get the problem fixed. Meanwhile I have read many books from my library and had some relaxing downtime off the never-ending round of social media. The choice wasn’t easy, but I did what I could then accepted the situation and made the best use of my time.

Struggling against the unchangeable is futile, a waste of time and energy. If you are facing difficult circumstances then I urge you choose acceptance. You will be happier than the alternative waves of anger and frustration.

‘There is no good in arguing with the inevitable. The only argument available with an east wind is to put on your overcoat.’  James Russell Lowell

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