Who are the Light Beings?
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Christine Sherborne

Location Gold Coast
Australia Email: chris@colourstory.com

Who are the Light Beings?

Who are the Light Beings?

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Who are the Light Beings? Find out how the Light Beings heal in the mysterious Avebury Circle. Is it possible to come back to life? Is Reincarnation Real?

“Imogene’s Message” is a gripping thrill ride of religious extremism run horribly amok. Christine Sherborne revives the ancient hysteria of witch-hunting when young Imogene is suspected of being a witch by the fanatical Phineas Priesthood. While this story is, first and foremost, an action-packed thriller, it also inspires the important questions of what separates constructive religious impulses from destructive ones; and how does a group of people who begin by contemplating their relationship with God end by committing and act of murder?

Sherborne takes us on a breathtaking and shocking adventure through worlds that we may not have known to exist, of both the earthly and ethereal kind. The characters are richly developed and the prose ferries between fast-paced and demonstrative in precisely the right places.

This is a paranormal thriller that I’d put on par with some of Stephen King’s work, and it hits you right between the eyes with the force of a flying Malleus Maleficarum. If you are a fan of paranormal thrillers, this one belongs in your collection!