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Opinions – Yours or Others



Opinions – Yours or Others

People have many opinions and it’s easy for you to sway from one to another. Popular at the moment are President Trump, Muslims, the Middle East, Brexit, Climate change and a host of other subjects. How influenced are you?

The Media is perhaps the biggest influencer, but do they always tell the truth? Having confidence in yourself allows you to read and listen without judgment to several points of view, and then make your own informed choice. It may even be you have no strong opinion at all, preferring to suspend your belief until you have further information.

Why should you question and make up your own mind, and not go with public opinion?

You have to make important decisions in your life, and sometimes going with the crowd or letting someone unduly influence you, could be disastrous. For example, would you let another choose your life partner, the house you live in or even the hobbies you follow? I think not. Unfortunately, many of us are people pleasers and want to blend in with the crowd rather than stand up for our own beliefs, forfeiting our happiness.

Wendell Phillips said: “Truth is one forever absolute, but opinion is truth filtered through the moods, the blood, the disposition of the spectator.”

Choosing your own opinion means you should give others the same courtesy. Trying to impose your ideas on others is not acceptable, as to be fair, you don’t like people doing the same to you. Having an opinion is great, letting others differ with their opinions, but listening to them anyway is civilized. An opinion is just that, it may be right or wrong or somewhere between.

Freedom to choose your thoughts, beliefs and ideas are the right of every human being. Giving others the same freedom without being judgmental is being kind and thoughtful.

People are all different. The culture, the country, parents, friends and education all play there part in shaping beliefs and ideas. Allow and even revel in the myriad of opinions expressed, you may just learn something new.

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