Quiet your Mind and How to find Peace
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Quiet your Mind and How to find Peace

Quiet your Mind and How to find Peace

Quiet your Mind and How to find Peace

Your mind is working twenty-four-seven and you’re giving it impossible tasks, such as ‘make everyone like me’.  These tasks damage your psych over time. If you get this job or that promotion you’ll be happy and set for life. Untrue! A friend passes you in street, ignores you, and you agonize over it for days. Foolish!

Would you be more comfortable without these tormenting thoughts? That is why sages recommend meditation to clear the mind, to shut it down for a while, to give yourself a break. But there is a simpler method! Think about this: you are one of seven billion human beings on this planet, and a minute particle of the universe. Your life span is short, so why would you want to waste your time and happiness obsessing over minor problems? Yes, I know that to you your current problem is mammoth. We all go through hard times, but in a hundred years you will be gone, and so will your problems.

So, you ask, what do I do? First, be aware of your thoughts and tensions in your body. When that friend passes you in the street, or you lose your job, shrug your shoulders, relax and let it go. Or for my younger readers Whatever!

This is a constant awareness, relaxing and letting go, many times a day until it becomes second nature. Over time you’ll find your mind is clearer, you make better decisions, and happiness is a daily event!

How sensitive are you to life’s messages?

Do you sometimes feel as if your world is falling down around you? Have you experienced one setback after another? Then this article is for you.

If we believe that the Universe is essentially good then why do these things happen? Could it be that you are ignoring the messages that are being sent to you?

We have all heard people say that when one door closes another door opens. This is the same way the Universe works to guide you and direct you. When you find that over time you are meeting bigger and bigger obstacles that each door is larger and slams louder, then maybe you are not listening to the messages that are trying to get through.
You may have lost your job or your business is failing. It could be that a special relationship is becoming more difficult day by day. If you are finding that no matter what you do you are meeting problems after problems, then it is time to take notice and listen….