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Truth Drug – Extreme Consequences Excerpt

Truth Drug – Extreme Consequences Excerpt

The panel slid open, and Amelia turned. Her heart racing, she rested a hand on Imogene’s arm. Jacques held a white box printed with a green cross.
“I’m told Schneider uses sodium pentothal, the truth drug,” he said. “Now we can get to work.”
She felt Imogene cringe, then clutch her arm. “The child’s terrified. This is monstrous. Let us go.”
Jacques, his face inches from hers, glared at her. “Are you fond of your young brother?”
She stiffened. “What do you mean?”
“You will do precisely what I say, or he will never see tomorrow. Understand?”
Amelia nodded and looked at Imogene. “I don’t know how to give an injection, and I can’t see her co-operating.”
Jacques grabbed Imogene’s other arm. “Look, kid, play along, or your parents will suffer. Understand?”
Wide-eyed, the young girl nodded.
“Good. Let’s get moving.” He pushed them toward the makeshift office.
Imogene lay down, her gaze fixed on the syringe Jacques had just filled from a phial. He crossed the room and swabbed her arm and jabbed the needle in.
“Ouch, you hurt me!”
“Suck it up, kid.”
Amelia watched her for signs of physical distress. Imogene’s eyelids grew heavy, and she fell into a light sleep. Amelia dropped the pendulum into her pocket, then looked at Jacques. “What shall I do?”
“Talk to her. Induce her into a deeper state, as you would do in normal circumstances. When she’s deep enough, I want her to meet with Sakhment, the priestess.”
She drew in a breath. “Imogene, imagine you’re on a beach. You can feel the white sand between your toes. Gentle waves lap beside you, and you can feel a light, warm breeze. You see palm trees on your left, and hear birds singing in the fronds. In the distance, you see a temple. I want you to walk toward the building.”
She glanced at Jacques. He nodded. “You’re doing well.”
“Imogene, please tell me what you see.”
The child’s eyes darted beneath her lids. Her blonde lashes barely hid the purple smudges she’d developed over the last two days.
“The temple looks like a small pyramid,” she said, softly. “There’s a large stone figure on each side of a dark opening.”
“Good. That’s excellent, Imogene. Imagine a white light forming around you, a protective aura, then step forward and enter the opening.”
“The painted walls have Egyptian figures, boats, and animals. Oh, there’s someone here.”
Jacques nudged Amelia. “That’s her. Ask Imogene to speak to her.”
Amelia leaned closer. “Imogene, please ask the person’s name.”
Imogene’s fingers lifted, one at a time, then relaxed against the white leather. “Her name is Sakhment, and she says she’s the temple priestess. She has long black hair, and a twisted golden snake around her head. Her gown catches the light from the candles nearby. She’s beautiful, but her energy’s dark. I don’t like her.”
Jacques moved closer. “Tell her I want to talk to her.”
Imogene coughed, and her mouth twisted. A deep, feminine voice came out.
“Jacques, my dear, at last we meet. My spirit has been guiding you since your childhood, and I have long wished to communicate. My power is at your disposal. What would you have me do?”
Adrenaline rushed through Amelia, her skin tingled. “What’s happening? That’s not Imogene!”
Jacques grinned. “I have a simple request today. Is it possible to bring about the appointment of several Troth members to The Environmental Protection Agency, to influence business-related decisions?”
The woman’s silky voice arose from Imogene’s lips. “Consider it done.”
He punched the air, and Amelia shook and clutched her chest. “Can…can we finish now?”
He walked to the door and looked back over his shoulder. “Care for her. We’ll have another session tomorrow.”
The door swung shut behind him, and she turned back to Imogene. “Relax as I count backwards from ten. When I reach the number one, you will awaken. “Ten, nine, eight…”
The young girl moved restlessly, then screamed.
“What’s wrong? Speak to me, Imogene.”
“The priestess grabbed my hands. The power, the energy—I can’t let…”
Her head fell to one side.

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