Extreme Prejudice - Imogene's Message
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Extreme Prejudice

Extreme Prejudice

Extreme Prejudice – Imogene’s Message

Do you love Thrillers with a touch of the supernatural?

Edited and recommended by noted editor Don McNair

When extreme religious fundamentalists known as the Phineas Priesthood led by Ezekiel Yates and his three cousins, target Xantara Pembroke because they believe she is a witch, they launch a major conflict between unworldly disciples of good and evil. This 60,000-word, action-packed thriller shows the twists and turns of both sides as they try to destroy or save the souls of earth.
Imogene is the daughter of Xantara, a Guardian of Avebury Circle, an ancient monument near Stonehenge. For over three thousand years, wives of eight village families have performed ceremonies to heal local people, with power handed down from first daughter to first daughter. The Pembroke family encounter extreme prejudice from the Priesthood.
Braedon the village doctor is drawn into a world he didn’t know existed to protect his daughter. His wife Xantara keeps her secrets and causes conflict in the marriage.
All that is forgotten when Imogene levitates in Avebury Circle. Will the world believe Imogene’s incredible message?

Contains Religious and New Age themes, and some violent scenes.

This book has the potential to go viral!” Mike Smith of Creating Lifestyle!
“I just finished editing a thriller by an Australian writer Chris Sherborne, titled “Imogene’s Message.” I was so impressed with it that I offered to recommend it. This is only the second time I’ve done this in my 50 year professional editing career, so you can see that I’m enthused with her work. She has a good story, tells it well, and knows how to use good hooks and writing to keep readers engaged.” Don McNair
“Neither of us could put this book down, reading it in one sitting.” June & Peter Phillips
“Imogene’s Message is packed with excitement. I can’t wait for the next one.” Julie Lilley, UK
Interested in Spirituality, Paranormal, and a book that’s action packed?
This book will have you glued to your chair until you’ve finished it. Fast-paced, scary and outrageous!

Kindle Five Star Review

“Imogene’s Message: A Thriller of Extreme Prejudice,” by Christine Sherborne, is suspense/thriller novel where the main conflict is incited by religious prejudice. The main character, Imogene, is a young Guardian of Avebury Circle in a small village, a role that entails performing healing ceremonies with power passed down through the female lineage. Unfortunately, the Phineas Priesthood, a local religious splinter group, is on a witch hunt, and Imogene’s family is a target. The story involves lots of action with supernatural elements incorporated. It really is unlike any thriller I’ve read before, in a good way. Sherborne writes in a way that is descriptive and emotional yet concise, so the action scenes aren’t lost among the words. I was particularly impressed by the way Sherborne characterizes the complex relationships in the book. Overall, if you’re looking to read a fresh thriller unlike any thriller you’ve ever read, this book is a must-read.

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