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God And The Quantum Factor



Tap into the extraordinary Energy of the Universe – Peace and Abundance for All

Practical Techniques & Information to Change your Life!

Tap into the extraordinary Energy of the Universe to attract Peace and Abundance into your life.

God created this amazing universe we live in, and this book explains how some of the latest scientific discoveries are beginning to realize the fantastic power which makes the universe run, and how you can utilize some of this wonderful power to improve your life.

Within this book you will discover comprehensive knowledge of the Universal Laws, Powerful Prayers, Religious and Metaphysical Techniques to give you the tools you need to change every area of your life.

This comprehensive life manual is filled with practical ideas and behaviors which you can incorporate into your daily life, to gradually change any situation that you want to. Knowledge is power, and this book will reveal many immutable laws that you may unwittingly be colliding with, causing blockages to your success. Using the laws instead of opposing them will enable you to move smoothly towards your goals.

As you apply each technique or suggestion to individual situations, you will be amazed at the astonishing improvements in your success.

If you would like to invite success, abundance and peace into your life you will find the all the techniques you need within these pages to make your dreams come true.

This is a very comprehensive book of 80,000 words approx, jam packed full of advice and actions you can take to have a wonderful life.

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