Past Life Regression to Access Three Lives

Reincarnation – Have you ever wondered about reincarnation and the possibility of having lived many former lives? Specially trained hypnotherapists can use past-life hypnosis sessions to assist you in accessing previous lives. This, in part, can enable you to understand and deal with any traumas you may have experienced in those previous existences and which may be causing present-life fears and phobias, to empower you to heal them. For instance, a person who fears the water could have drowned during a past life and carries the fear with him or her from life to life. No one knows why or how it works, but reliving the experience while in a hypnotic trance can help the person to overcome phobias about water.

Psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss demonstrated this process during a live regression on an Oprah Winfrey show. A lady was terrified of dolls and wouldn’t allow her daughter to own a doll, which upset the little girl. During the past-life regression, she relived losing her two young children in a car accident. Immediately upon being brought out of the trance, she was able to hold a baby doll without any adverse reaction.

There are many reasons to try past-life regression. In addition to helping to heal present-day fears by reliving traumatic events in a safe environment, you can gain valuable self-knowledge about from former lives and discover your soul family, which reincarnates with your soul group many times. Trying this process is still valuable for a person who isn’t a believer in reincarnation. In this case your subconscious mind can create an imaginary life to heal and improve your present-day existence. Your subconscious mind knows what remains hidden from your conscious mind and how you would benefit by bringing to the fore certain events.

This hypnosis audio gives you the opportunity to experience three past lives if you wish. You may have to use the recording several times to allow yourself to access past lives, and each time a little more will be revealed to you.

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