Peace & Serenity: Effective Stress Management

Are you constantly feeling stressed and unable to cope with the fast pace of modern life? Do you want to feel at peace and in control, rather than always on edge?

Using the power of your subconscious mind, this audio program will teach you how to be peaceful and calm in any situation. The included techniques, triggers, and “anchors” will help you achieve instant calm, peace, and harmony, whenever you wish. In addition, beautiful visualizations of your own tropical island will give you the opportunity to enjoy a holiday from everyday stress whenever you listen to the recording. Never again will you need to react with fear or trepidation when dealing with any of life’s circumstances.

The Quantum Factor Life Enhancement Series of recordings uses powerful natural techniques to help you make profound changes, enabling you to visualize, plan, and achieve the future you want. They work by tapping into the vast natural resources available in your own mind. The information is absorbed into your subconscious while you are in a relaxed and receptive state, without any effort whatsoever.

The series uses four techniques to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the course: Visualization, Meditation, Hypnosis, and Affirmation. Their easy acceptance by your subconscious is ensured by the use of background alpha rhythms, which help to place the brain into a relaxed – but not unconscious – state. You will be aware of things around you while being in an ideal condition to learn and retain new information. In addition, theta rhythms will help you to relax.

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