Spirit Guide to Access Your Future

Would you like to receive advice about future life events and discover your natural talents and the paths you can take to be more successful? You can receive miraculous insights by contacting your spirit guide or higher self through the power of your subconscious mind using hypnosis.

This hypnosis can give you the chance to ask many questions about your future – for example, details of a future soul mate, or maybe the career path that’s best for you. If you have present-day challenges with finances, health, or relationships, you can gain valuable insights by asking the right questions.

As a qualified Ericksonian hypnotist and advanced past life regressionist, I have heard incredible past-life stories resulting in the healing of present-life fears and phobias firsthand from my clients. Past-life regression is popular, but few people realize that through the same technique of hypnotic trance, you can discover insights into your future by meeting with your spirit guide or by accessing your higher self.

Important: This recording is for your enjoyment and entertainment purposes only, and Christine Sherborne and Colourstory Pty Ltd take no liability for any outcome from using said recording. If you have any psychological or physical problems, please consult your doctor or therapist before using this audio. Do not listen to this recording unless you are in a safe place. Never play when driving or if you need to pay attention to external events.

About the author: Christine Sherborne has been writing hypnosis audios for 14 years. She is a certified Ericksonian and advanced past life regression hypnotist.

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