Emotional Needs in Relationships

Emotional needs are the basic requirements in a relationship. To attain a good relationship, you need to be the best version of you, and work towards self-improvement. To love and be loved is a fundamental human need.

Without your emotional needs being met you attract negative social and emotional Issues, such as the following. Underachievement, you can’t access all your natural abilities and talents. You become needy which pushes people away from you, making for greater unhappiness. Stress and anxiety begin to increase and some need medication to deal with mental issues. Others may overeat to fill the void in their heart, and lose hope.

Both women and men feel hopeless and unsatisfied when their emotional needs aren’t met. Giving your partner, child or parents the actions they need to feel loved and wanted is essential to not only their well-being but your own happiness. When you give love you receive love usually. There can be times when love is not returned. In these cases its best to move on and find the right person for you.

Having a good attitude and thinking positively will attract people to like you. People with a strong emotional desire for connection in a relationship like to do many things with their partner, big and small. What can you do for the people in your life? Like we have heard Doctor Phil say, “Each morning ask yourself, what can I do for my partner today to make them happy?”

Don’t overlook your parents’ emotional needs because you are too busy with your own family. Remembering special days like birthdays and Mother or Father’s day means a lot as you grow older. It shows them that their children still love and care about them.

Some people find their fulfillment through spirituality and mixing with people from their church or temple.  It’s often in these places you can find people to emphasize with your problems and needs, and offer real help. This is especially important for people who live alone. It fills their need for companionship, love and connection. Also, they may feel called to help others which also fills the need to be wanted. Strong relationships and an active social network can have an impact on your health which church life can provide to the lonely.

Children need to know they are loved and wanted and the best way of insuring their happiness is to spend quality and quantity of time with them. You can help your children to learn to manage their emotions through talk and play. Your aim is to enable your children to become self-sufficient adults who can live a happy life. You can encourage them to follow their own life path and choose friends and partners that are supportive and of good character.

It’s important for divorcing — and already divorced — parents to sit down with their kids and encourage them to say what they’re thinking and feeling. Parents must ensure their children know that they aren’t in any way to blame for the separation, and do all they can to keep both parents in the children’s lives.

Emotional needs are the same for everyone. Give others what you would like others to give you. It all boils down to the Golden Rule “Do onto others, as you would have them do onto you.”