Negative Energy

Everything in the world is energy of one sort or another as scientific evidence now shows. Positive emotions produce a high frequency vibration and negative emotions produce a low frequency vibration. Each day we walk in a sea of energy being produced by every single person on the planet. Some sensitive souls are so overwhelmed by this energy that they stay continuously in a low mood and suffer from general aches and pains, and headaches.

We need to be able to protect ourselves from this constant bombardment in order to feel comfortable and regain our energy levels. Not only are we targeted by negative energy from our fellow man but also from negative spiritual beings. Some who think that these beings don’t exist have experienced the hair rising on the back of their necks in fear for no apparent reason. People who say they don’t believe in God or in demons, express a belief in ghosts, poltergeists or otherworldly spirits.

How do you know when negative energy is being directed at you by an individual? Your biggest indication is feeling uncomfortable in that person’s presence, or you feel drained after spending time with them.

Having nightmares on a regular basis is another warning that someone is adversely affecting you. Perhaps you fixate on the person without knowing why. Negative energy causes you physical pain, which is usually located in the neck or the pit of your stomach.


You can take several steps to negate harmful energy from an individual directed at you. First if at all possible, don’t let yourself be in the presence of the person that is draining you. If it’s a work colleague you should consider finding another job. It may be enough to cleanse your workplace through prayer and ritual as suggested in protection for your home.

Ask God to put a supernatural hedge around you to block the energy, and pray regularly for protection from them. If you have any objects belonging to them in your possession, get rid of them as soon as possible. Send out feelings of loving kindness and blessings toward them. This can heal and dissolve their negative energy.

If you are being affected by negative entities, then you’ll need stronger help. Perhaps talk to your Pastor or Priest. Remember, all is energy, so it really is a matter of overcoming the evil energy with the forces of good. Prayer is your best defense for keeping your home and workplaces spiritually clean.

Allowing negativity into your own emotions in the form of hate, anger or jealousy can create a negative vortex of your own. Keeping a good attitude, thinking in a loving manner, growing a closer relationship with your Creator and asking for angelic help will push this evil negativity away. However sometimes there can be severe cases that have been allowed to grow and fester, maybe for many years. In this case I strongly advise you to ask for professional help.