Do you Love Yourself?

Do you love yourself, or is your self-esteem damaged? Are you self-defensive, with a get them before they get me attitude? Do you look at your reflection in a store window and feel disgusted with your image? When someone’s kind, do you wonder what the hidden motive is behind their actions? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then you may have a low self-esteem.

Well-meaning parents and siblings could have unknowingly dented your sense of worth. Negative comments, designed to buck up your ideas, and perform in the way they want, had the opposite effect. Outwardly you may comply and become people pleasers, but inside, your self-worth is slowly destroyed.

As an adult, it’s time to take control, and give yourself what you need. Practicing self-kindness can quickly lift your self-image. No one is perfect, so accept yourself, warts and all. Choose self-loving actions, small or large, from a lazy bubble bath to the great vacation you’ve always dreamed of taking. Get into the habit of positive self-talk, and stand tall.

Forget the mistakes of the past and focus on the future you dream about. Each day, move toward that dream, and don’t underestimate yourself. Look in the mirror and say all the words you wish you had heard from others. You don’t have to wait around for anyone’s approval, you can give yourself the love, the pep talk, and the ‘Atta girl’ or ‘Atta boy’ encouragement in everything you do.

Decide to feel comfortable in your own skin, with your great personality, and move forward with many, many, acts of kindness to yourself. Have a fabulous day and a self-nurturing year.