Five Ways to Blend Images and Techniques for Digital Artists

iColorama is an amazing app for Procreate and other Digitalartists. It’s a wonderful addition to enhance your digital artwork with thousands of effects and adjustments available.

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Why take this class?
Procreate and digital art lovers can use this app as a creative accompaniment to make their artwork even more exciting and use one piece of art to transform into many variations. IColorama is a powerful tool with many effects, brushes, styles and textures. This class will take you through some of these iColorama tools and give you an overview of many others.

Amazing Results!
The various techniques can change your image into something extraordinary as you learn to use each
part of the program. This will give you additional images to upload to Print on Demand sites or to use for your own satisfaction.

What you will learn
Because there are thousands of ways you can manipulate and change your artwork I intend to break
down the techniques into several classes. In this class you will learn a five techniques to blend images in a variety of ways. The finished pictures will be;

*The Masked Woman
*The Dragon
*The Concept Cave
*The Japanese woman
*Romantic Lady with Fan

Your Creations

In each of the classes I will encourage you to use your existing artwork to change and transform. If you prefer to learn the techniques using my images, you find them in the class resources section to

Welcome to my fourth class using iColorama to Transform your Artwork into Amazing Images.

In this class I am using five ways to create five pictures. Using the blend technique to put an interesting image together and then using other techniques to transform them.

All levels of digital artists will benefit from this class.

I’ll be working on producing the next class  so Please be sure to subscribe to my courses so you will be notified when a new class becomes available.

In the class downloads I have included some of my images but I encourage you to use the techniques on your own artwork.

I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing images you create.