Procreate Landscape Painting Techniques and Tips

In this class you will learn to choose and paint a landscape with a native bird either from the images I have provided, or a location and bird that’s meaningful to you.

I will show you my techniques and tips to produce a local landscape that you love. For example, my landscape is of a New Zealand Fiord and a Sacred Kingfisher and includes New Zealand native plants. 
Procreate Landscape Painting Techniques and Tips. Get Skillshare free for 1 month. 

I would like you to paint and upload to class resources, a painting that resonates with your favourite location.

The class includes the following;

Combining Reference Photos

Multiple Sketch Layers

Colour Blocking

Texture Brush Painting

Finishing Techniques

The Rule of Thirds

Procreate Tips

My techniques may be different from other artists and I’m sure you will find some new ideas to help you on your artistic journey.