Freedom is a Choice

Freedom is curtailed every day. You’re told what you can and can’t do, and punished when you break the rules. Nanny state is a term often used as governments pass more and more laws.

Because constant media streams fry and train your brains we no longer think for ourselves. The news isn’t always the truth, and the majority is to make us feel afraid. Do you question any of the state decisions or news stories? Ask yourself if they make sense or merely hype.

What hems you in daily? For most of you it is debt, mortgages, loans and credit cards. The population is manipulated to spend, spend, and spend. The latest gadgets, the bigger home, the flashiest car, and to what end? To put you in debt and thus under control.

Parenthood is another area in which you lose freedom. You have to send your children to a particular school unless you can afford private education.

There are many ways freedom is compromised. From the work available to when you can take a vacation. One can say that some community laws are fund-raisers for the government. Every day we hear of cars towed from empty disused parking lots and the owner fined to recover their car.

There are many forms of enslavement but the choice to think your own thoughts is not one of them if you choose to question everything!

Several kidnapped ministers, kept with a hood over their heads, one for seven years survived. This seems to me the ultimate loss of freedom, but they survived without lasting damage. The reason? Because they used their mind to keep their thoughts occupied. Perhaps, took mental holidays or imagined time with their family.

Whatever way you feel trapped you can still control your thoughts, use your imagination. No one can read your mind and in that sacred place you are always free.