Eat Less Live Longer

Recently, I watched a program produced by Horizon that impacted me. The reporter talked with several professors’ about Western diet. The oversized takeout culture is giving many people, diabetes, and high blood pressure, leading to heart disease. The average sixty year-old now takes 6-9 prescription drugs each day. Of course, extra food, medications, and doctor visits cost money too.

Scientists tell us that too much protein speeds up cell production, leading to cancer. Reducing protein and calories allows the cells to slow, then move into repair mode, lessening the cancer risk.

The reporter tried three ways of reducing food intake. First, he fasted for three days and four nights, reducing his glucose, and blood pressure by half. The second method consisted of, eating normally one day and having a one 500 calorie meal the next. This works even though people tended to eat an extra ten percent on the ‘eat what you like day’ they still lost weight. The third method suited the reporter the best. Each week, he fasted but drank liquids, for two days. At the end of five weeks, he had lost weight and could come off his medications.

Why not try one of these techniques and improve your health, and vitality? I’m not a doctor so please consult your doctor first, if you have an illness as these methods may not be suitable for you.

As for me, I going to give the weekly two day fast a try.