Life Quote Meaning

Do you remember as a child what you wanted to be when you grew up? Perhaps, an astronaut, singer, a super hero or join the Police force. You played dress up games and acted out your dream future, but now as an adult your dreams lie in the dust, or for a few your dreams became a reality.

Influenced by television, video games, parents and teachers, or someone you admired like a doctor or nurse who helped you, you began to choose. As you grew older these experiences influenced more choices, such as which college you went to, or which first step of your career ladder you stepped on. But did you make the right choice?

How do you know? I suggest you search your soul and ask questions. Are you happy working or doing what you do each day? Have you since developed talents such as painting, writing or perhaps excel as a sport. These newer talents may be more appealing than your day job, and you’ve developed new dreams.

I’m not suggesting leaving your present job or role as mother, but it is worth exploring your new dreams. Perhaps you can try various types of work by coaching or offering your services to a nonprofit organization. Reading books and listening to audios by people who already have the lifestyle you aspire to can be helpful. It’s never too late to embark on a new career, to change your life around one hundred and sixty degrees. Become a different person.

You have this time on the planet for a reason, a purpose, and you could discover your purpose by inquiry. Perhaps meditate on various types of lifestyles that appeal to you. For instance I recently read a book about a nurse who by moving location started to care for hospice patients. This wasn’t something she thought she would like, in fact just the opposite, she hated the idea. But over time she felt a remarkable compassion for the dying and a feeling of fulfillment as she cared for them during their last weeks or days of life. I think she found her purpose for living, how about you?

Taking time-out to reevaluate your life is essential to leave the one you planned and find the one you waiting for you.