Be a Memorable Person

Ask yourself this. How do people remember you or think about you? Do they think about you at all? You may be beautiful, wealthy or have some incredible talent, but for most these aren’t the most important qualities people remember you by.

So, how do people think about you? They remember your Charisma, how you made them feel? Did you listen to them with interest, did you empathize with their problems, or were you more intent on making an impression?

In a group or with one person, how do you sound to them? Loud, aggressive, arrogant, or caring and interesting? Are you moody, after a bad day and take your mood out on the next person you meet? Take time, take a deep breath and think before you speak. Try to be uplifting, not hurtful. The way you feel when treated badly is exactly the way other people feel when you treat them in the same way.

People feel your thoughts and vibration without you saying a word. Genetic programming of the flight or fight response alert them to the fact you are attacking them. Subtle snide remarks aren’t as subtle as you think, people aren’t fools. They may make you feel powerful in the moment but leave others wanting to avoid you in the future.

It takes but a moment to consider your effect on others. By being warm, kind, sympathetic and interesting, means you leave an influential memory in people’s minds. They like you, they want to be close to you, and you become a memorable person.

Just one more thought for today. Be kind to yourself, love yourself and then you will have love and kindness in abundance to share.