Higher Self


Finding a problem difficult to solve? Contacting your higher self through your subconscious can help you find the answers. You have far more knowledge than you realize, gathered over time from personal experiences and the media. Even from your former lives if you believe in reincarnation.

Adversity is part of life and without some problems you can’t grow and appreciate the good times. Your soul is here to learn lessons and as you overcome a particular crises you move higher in vibration, and so on. For example, picking the wrong partner time after time, or running up credit card debt on articles you don’t need. There are of course big problems as well as little ones. Larger problems are harder to deal with and sometimes you have to learn a way to live more comfortably with them. A loss of a loved one, or living with a disability can be hard to overcome but one can learn ways of making your suffering a little less.

So, how do you contact your higher self, soul, or spirit guide? First it’s essential to find a quiet place. Perhaps your bedroom or a serene corner of your garden or other outdoor place. Being in nature is less distracting and brings you closer in vibration to the spirit world.

Find your quiet place and have a pad and pen beside you. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Relax each muscle in turn and quiet your mind. Send a message using thought, asking for advice from your higher self or guide. Stay quiet for a few moments longer, letting any stray thoughts pass out of your consciousness, just as if you were watching a cloud float by.

Now, open your eyes and write down your problem or circumstance for which you need an answer. Then write down your first question, close your eyes and let your subconscious mull over the question until an answer comes to mind. Open your eyes and write down the answer.

Follow this process as you ask a series of questions about your situation. Here are some questions you may find helpful to ask.

  1. What is my lesson, what can I learn from this circumstance?
  2. Has this same problem appeared in my past?
  3. Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes?
  4. What should I notice or consider about this problem?
  5. Is there a way I’ve dealt with it in the past?
  6. Can I see how other people have coped in similar circumstances?
  7. Did I draw this problem to me, how did I contribute to causing the problem?
  8. What parts of my circumstance can I control?
  9. What parts of my problem is out of my control?
  10. Bring to mind the skills I have which will help me in this situation?
  11. Which skills will be of value, or new abilities I can learn to help me?
  12. How can I use my knowledge to change my life for the better?
  13. Do I need to seek expert advice?
  14. Are there friends or family with the experience to help?
  15. Will those people be willing to help me?
  16. Is there an aspect of my problem that I’m missing in some way?
  17. Are there questions that I’m not asking but should be?
  18. If I had a group of respected people with high intellect, what would they advise?

These questions are samples to start your search for answers, but there can be many questions more related to your circumstances.

As you go through this practice you may receive some answers and insight allowing you act on and move forward with. Your subconscious needs time to mull over the questions, drawing from deep within soul to give you the right answers. Therefore you may find you need to follow this process several times.

The answers can arise into your conscious mind at any time, giving you a ha-ha moment. Often on awakening or any other time when you are quiet and relaxed. Try not to be impatient and ask your questions often as you work through the problem. You will find the benefit of asking questions during all your life will give you success. Wisdom and knowledge is King!