Experiences Versus Materialism

What’s significant to you, a costly gadget or an unusual exotic vacation? Are you materialistic or do you prefer to fill your life with thought-provoking experiences?

Did you know people who regularly buy the latest new ‘thing’ are less contented and pleased with their life, and more likely to suffer from depression?

Experiments show clearly, people who spend their money on an experience such as an excursion or visited performance by a favorite artist enjoyed their memories for many years to come. They continued to feel good about the experience, than those who bought a physical item.

Over time, experiences often improve as you remember moments like your first date or a child’s birth. Conversely, the coveted dress or jacket you picked up in a sale is long worn out or given away. The piece is still just an article which gave temporary pleasure.

A car remains a car, even if it’s the latest model. Especially when you choose a vehicle merely to impress and not for your own comfort. A new car or truck pleasure for a limited time, and eventually rusts and wears out, whereas you keep happy memories for a lifetime.

Telling friends and family about the great time you enjoyed overseas is more interesting to them than bragging about your latest purchase. People become envious and their envy creates negative energy toward you. Conversely, if you enjoy plenty of experiences, you’re become a more attractive and congenial person, and people enjoy living the events through you.

With material possessions you get aboard the comparison bandwagon. Is your car or house better than the neighbors? This causes unhappiness and discontent eventually because there’s always someone who has a flashier car or makes more money than you do. If you’re the one, who has the most possessions the jealousy of your friends is still fleeting, compared with having wonderful life experiences.

Think about the bumper sticker “The one who dies with the most toys wins.” This is definitely not true when lying on your deathbed. The people who love you and are with you toward the end weeks and months of your life are there to give comfort and help.

Experiences tend to be unique but material possessions are churned out by the million. The latest gadget is one of masses being sold throughout the world. Enjoying a day out with your family and playing with your children, releases endorphins, the happiness hormone. Often, the person who owns the most toys and values them above relationships eventually ends unhappy and lonely.

Of course we like to own stuff, and that is absolutely fine, but let this come second to enjoying your life with family, friends and exciting events. So, I ask again, what’s most important to you, experiences or material possessions?