Balance – Live your Life and Enjoy each day

Isn’t it true you think about the negative problems before anything else? Making a mistake, forgetting to pay a bill, making a bad comment, all the problems go round and round in your mind and joy is at the bottom. Consider this, life is a balance, a time for happiness and joy and you could spend a much shorter time to obsessing over difficulties.

Where do you give your attention? It’s natural to worry but you can plan a time just for worrying so you aren’t upset all day. For example you can decide to have a fifteen minute worry time at ten o’clock each morning. Set an alarm for the time to begin and end. During the time let yourself worry, imagine the worst scenario, and then decide you can survive or live with whatever happens. At the end of the worrywart session write down any step, however small you can take to help your problem. That’s it, no more worry for the rest of the day.

I’m suggesting you focus most of your day in the present moment. If working, deal with clients or projects cheerily. Making other people feel good, and doing the best job you can. You will feel satisfied at your day’s end, your mood will have lifted and you will have sown goodness for you future.

Spend your free time mindfully. Notice when you start to worry and turn your thoughts to happier times, daydreams, and future events you’re looking forward to, real or imagined. Distract your worry thoughts by remembering your achievements, joyful family times, and perhaps great holidays you’ve enjoyed.

Most of all life is for living, talking with friends, and reading, watching a funny movie or any activity you love. Make a planning time in the same way as your worry time. During your planning session think of simple affordable ways you can bring joy and happiness into your life. Visiting an art gallery or museum, taking the kids to the park or a walk in nature. Perhaps you will try some new hobbies, or make more friends.

It’s important to connect with Spirit through prayer. Ask for help from God, family and friends. Man is not an island!