Affecting other People

We’ll all aware of how people affect us, but have you considered the affect you have on others? You know people who have adversely affected you throughout your life, by a careless word, a mean action or simply ignoring you. Often these actions by others affect you for life. For example, parents who call you stupid – no-good – amount to nothing. Snide comments from work colleagues and even friends, can leave you tossing and turning all-night reliving the horrible words or actions.

Everything is energy and people’s negative energy directed toward you can be harmful. But now, consider the way you affect when you interact with them, your family, friends and people you meet daily. Are you creating a negative or positive impression on the people you know?

Other people’s actions toward you play a part in the person you become, but also your actions toward them shape your character. You are in fact creating your life by how you choose to treat other people. Choosing to be kind, respectful and treating others with compassion, creates a positive energy that brings good into your life.

It’s true when you’re feeling irritable you can lash out instinctively and say words that can’t be unsaid. But you can repair any damage by apologizing or being especially kind to the person hurt in the future. In the same way, other people can be hurtful without meaning too. Forgiveness is always the right answer to all who have harmed you in any way, not for them, but for you. Holding onto negative feelings causes both mental and physical illnesses.

The Buddhist way of sending out loving-kindness to you and others is healing, both for you and for them. By acting in this way you will build mutually beneficial relationships and feel happier. So remember, think before you speak. You will be glad you did!