Attitude! Does it Matter?

You build attitudes from all your life experiences. Some serve you well and other do not. Often your attitude can limit you, especially if you act mindlessly. By being aware of your attitude in a given moment you have the opportunity to recognize if the approach you are taking is valuable or harmful.

Attitudes are habitual and form patterns as you live your life. A typical pattern could be never feeling good enough. This attitude stops you from applying for a great job, or asking out the young woman of your dreams. Another way of thinking could be ‘a get them before they get me’ mind-set, causing you to be belligerent and perhaps arrogant. Neither approach will be good for your relationships.

Past hurts and put-downs become ingrained by life experience, but can be overcome. Being aware and seeing your responses for what they are enables you to change. When faced with a challenge, stop, think, and then act with the right response instead of your habitual response. Before long you will see how you normally respond inappropriately and can choose instead a better way.

Your attitude can become unbalanced in other ways such as when you know you should be doing something else but can’t be bothered. You just don’t feel like going out for a run or reading the textbook you need to pass an exam, so you turn over and go back to sleep or play another video game. Feelings aren’t reliable all the time. Sometimes you have to make an effort anyway and ignore your frame of mind. Especially negative feelings can be destructive and saps your energy. By getting up and doing a more productive job you can overcome inertia and negatively.

Many attitudes remain from childhood and aren’t appropriate in your adult world. Acting childlike is the default for many and you may need to grow up and decide like an adult. By challenging your attitude and beliefs you can choose wisely, improving your life exponentially.

Be mindful, and decide in each circumstance. “What would be my best response”? Changing your attitudes can give you a beautiful life!