Physical Protection

How aware are you? Unfortunately life is fragile and in ways you don’t expect. The news reports muggings, assault, home invasions, and just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. How wise are you as you go about your daily life? Can you protect yourself in a practical way from physical harm? Here are some ideas worth reading. Increase your knowledge about personal protection and being responsible for your own well-being.

Life is more unpredictable and dangerous these days. The instances of violence, robbery and general crime increases each year and you need to take some steps to learn how to protect yourself to prevent attacks.

  1. Be aware of what’s going on around you. Many people move in a daydream, thinking of where they’re going and what they’ll do when they get there. They have no idea of the furtive looks someone may be sending in their direction, getting ready to rob them, or even worse. Live in the moment, look around and move to safety if you feel uncomfortable.
  2. Don’t walk around looking like a victim. If you walk confidently and look people in the eye, any potential attacker is more likely to pass you by, and look for an easier mark.
  3. You may think because a person is young, old, drunk or infirm or female that they are no danger to you. Don’t assume that this is the case. The most unlikely people have proved to be killers.
  4. If attacked the number one rule to remember is never, never let the attacker take you to another location. Much better to make as much fuss and noise as you can, where you are.
  5. Keep your eyes on their hands and their eyes, looking for clues of their next move. Be aware of your surrounding area in case other accomplices should appear.
  6. Never give lifts to hitch hikers, as it isn’t worth the risk.
  7. If possible shout at the attacker as loudly as possible, right into their face, telling them to leave you alone. Making such a decision gives you a sense of control and more likely to surprise the attacker giving you a chance of escape.
  8. Finally try not to put yourself into a vulnerable position to start with, such as parking your car in a deserted or dangerous area.