Early Hour Terror Thoughts

Terror thought attacks occur around three in the morning. You wake in a sweat, stare at the ceiling as fearful thoughts race through your mind. This is the time when your confidence and common sense seems lowest. Worries of what might happen or how you have messed up tangle and twist through your mind.

Questions race in circles. What should I do? Why did I say that? Where can I turn? How can I fix this? Life seems complicated and the worst case scenarios juggle for primacy. Answers are sort without success, your worst nightmares seem insurmountable. You feel so down that sleep eludes and you know you will be tired with muddled thinking as dawn approaches. Does this resonate with you?

So what can you do to overcome the early morning panic attacks?

Allow yourself to feel your anxiety. As each thought arises, get into the sensation, make the situation as bad as possible. You may be thinking; “that defies the purpose.” But you would be wrong. Until you accept and delve deeply into the heart of your fear you can’t change. Then take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are stronger than you think and you can survive the worst result if it happens. Remember ninety five percent of fears never come to fruition! Then think of past events that you have overcome. The Universe has your back. Give over your anxiety to your higher self and trust that a solution will come and you will be an over-comer. When it comes down to the wire your inner strength will see you through.

Next accept that fear is the price we pay for life. No-one escapes being afraid at some time during their lifetime, often many times. It’s okay to be scared. It’s normal, you are not alone.

Now close your eyes and imagine you are in front of a huge screen. With your imagination create the future or past event that is plaguing you the most. Think of yourself as an accomplished and knowledgeable person. Let the scene unfold before you, if a past event, see the result you would have preferred. If a future worry, allow yourself to see the screen change into your ideal result. Let the finished scenarios fix firmly in your mind, and believe the past is changed and the future resolved.

Again, declare to yourself that you have overcome past difficulties and you can easily solve future ones. Remind yourself for the second time that events are never as bad as they seem in the cool light of day.

Still not convinced? Return in your imagination to the movie screen. This time let the scenes play out like a comedy. Imagine ridiculous characters and silly solutions. Laugh and giggle at the stupid antics of people who you fear. Make the scenes as funny as you can, smile, turn over and go to sleep.

Don’t let those early morning worries get the better of you. It will all turn out well in the end, if not, it’s not the end!