Spiritual Prayer for Health


Many people have spiritual beliefs but don’t attend a Church or even believe in religion. If this applies to you, you too have needs like everyone else, and do believe there is a being, force or entity who can hear you. Names can vary, like God, Jesus, Mary, Holy Spirit, Universal Creator, Angels, Unseen Helpers, or perhaps people you love who have passed on. If you can’t put a name to a helper from the other side, but would like to ask, just say… “Whoever is out there, who loves and cares about me.”

I have written a series of prayers to help you put what’s in your heart into words. I pray for you to receive love and blessings, and for your highest good.


Poor health impacts your life in a myriad of ways. Illness, whether physical or mental, affects your family, friends, your ability to work, and your own happiness. Some are born strong and healthy, and others have a weakness for disease, perhaps inherited from parents. Anyone can find themselves unexpectedly hurt in an accident or diagnosed with an illness. The impact of poor health, whether long standing or sudden can benefit by the power of prayer.

Several studies have been carried out using patients in hospital with heart disease. Using a control group, people not prayed for, and another group who were prayed for daily over a period of months, showed that prayer made a difference. The prayed for group left hospital quicker, recovered faster, and had less deaths than the group who received no prayer.

Stress plays a significant role in health, both in mind and body. It’s difficult of course to avoid stress, but finding time to be alone, practicing meditation, listening to music, or your favorite way of relaxing, is beneficial when carried out regularly.

The mind also plays a large part in recovery. When you pray or others pray for you, your belief in the power of prayer can improve your health. Praying to an outside supernatural presence has often been shown to make a difference. Some have recovered remarkably, others have experienced miracles, literally brought back from death’s door.

A word of caution; sometimes your pre-ordained life path can include some form of suffering, perhaps to learn life lessons that you agreed to before your birth, or it is yours or a loved one’s allotted time on this Earth. In these cases, prayer can still be helpful. Praying for someone to have less pain, perhaps stay alive a little longer, or to have a peaceful state of mind can improve the situation for everyone involved.

Lifestyle plays an important role in health. Changing the way you eat, exercise or think can improve your health in many ways. Gaining knowledge from research can also point you in the right direction to make positive changes. Praying for guidance in the way you live, or asking for the right physician, surgeon or other medical practitioner to give you the most effective treatment, is also of benefit.

There are no guarantees in life, but praying has been shown to help many people. Whether you are worried about your own health or the health of a loved one, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by praying from your heart with belief or even without belief. Your prayer will be heard and in one way or another your pain lessened.

Dear……..(pause) Thank you for your love. Thank you for hearing me in my hour of need. You have given life to me and my loved ones, and our spirits are connected with yours. I ask you to surround me with your loving and protective light and banish any negative forces that may be impacting my physical or mental health.

I ask that you guide me towards the people who can help me and to place in my heart the knowledge that I am loved by you and your desire is to bring me relief and comfort.

Bring to mind actions I can take to change my lifestyle. Guide me to the right advice whether from medical professionals or through complementary medicine that will improve my health and the health of the people I love.

My particular concerns for myself and my loved ones are…

Take time here to pray for your health….

Thank you that you are willing and able to relieve or cure illness. I acknowledge your divine spiritual guidance and thank you that you are leading me to the help I need. Thank you for giving me peace in my heart and mind, and for the strength to endure until your welcome support arrives.

I know in rare cases that you can supernaturally deliver a miracle, and I pray for such a miracle in my need. If that is not your will or in my life contract I know that you will reduce suffering and gently place a blanket of peace around me.

Your Divine force is within me. Help me to connect with your celestial healing energy to activate your healing power as I pray. Thank you for hearing my prayer and I wait with the sure knowledge that you will help in many ways.

Thank you.

Sit quietly for a few moments and listen with your inner ear, your mind. You may receive a word of advice to move forward, or experience a loving presence or feeling of peace. Don’t worry if you don’t, be assured that your prayer was heard and help is winging its way to you.

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To listen to the prayer please visit https://youtu.be/4ykBL_LfWQk