Health & Healing

Most people are born healthy, and bodies designed to heal themselves. Your body is a marvelous creation, with automatic systems built in to protect you from harmful organisms. Your skin, your digestive system and your airways are designed to protect you. Your natural state is health, and your body will work well, if treated well.

Even when you develop illnesses, doctors largely rely on the body to heal itself. They may use surgery to remove diseased tissue, or medication to help with a virile infection, but it’s the body which heals.


The brain controls all the functions in the body automatically, and the way you think has a remarkable effect on your health. As we have seen, the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination, but works at trying to keep a balance. If your thoughts are negative about your health, you attract illness. Your powerful inner mind brings about what it believes is your reality.  It’s well known voodoo practitioners can put a death curse on their victim, and as the victim believes in the curse, they usually die shortly after hearing the curse pronounced. The victim thinks he will die and his subconscious mind directs his body to obey.

On the other hand, if you convince yourself that you are well, and your body is healthy, your mind will work to bring about balance, resulting in a healthy and energetic body.


As we have seen above, if you program your subconscious to heal, your body will obey.  On the other hand if you think negative and destructive thoughts they cause illness, tiredness and you feel run down.

Bitter, angry thoughts, activates your automatic ‘fight or flight’ reaction, and secretes chemicals. These cause problems like arthritis, heart damage and indigestion. With thoughts of health, energy and love, your body produces good chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins help deaden pain, produce a feeling of well-being, and stimulate the immune system. So if you want to feel wonderful and have life giving energy, change your thinking. Think of all that is good, upbeat and harmonious.


A twelve year old boy, diagnosed with an inoperable terminal brain tumor, had no hope. His therapist, who was helping him to cope emotionally, believed in the healing power of the mind. He suggested to the boy that he imagine that his white blood cells resemble Pac-men and send them to the site of the tumor, then imagine them eating the cancer cells.

The boy did this two to three times a day. Some weeks later, during a session with the therapist, he told her that when he mentally sent the Pac-men to the tumor, they couldn’t find it.  They sent him for a new brain scan, and found the tumor had disappeared. The doctors discharged the child, and he went on to live a normal life.



Scientific studies prove that prayer works. One study consisted of a group of heart patients in hospital. Half the group received normal care and medical treatment, the other half were prayed for in addition, without being aware of it. The group which received prayer recovered faster, had fewer complications, and the survival rate was significantly higher.

Combine right thinking with the power of prayer and you are release healing energy against your illness. Imagine your body as whole and energetic, and your thoughts and prayers will release divine healing power within you. It’s important to have faith that you will be healed, as thoughts with strong emotions are the answer to receiving healing. Faith is achieved by thinking positive and constructive thoughts, substituting them for the negative.

Thoughts of pain, illness and poor health will produce exactly that for you. You often get what you most fear, if that is what you dwell upon. Job said, “That which I greatly feared came upon me

In the Bible, God says, “Choose this day. Choose life or death.” Choosing life means selecting all that is good in thoughts, words and deeds. You already have the healing power within you. Choose life. Choose now.


If a patient is in a poor state (for instance with major burns), doctors will induce a sleep or coma. This removes emotional strain, and enables their body to use its resources for healing.

You can make use of the same state, by using ordinary sleep, with instructions for your body to heal itself.  When you go to sleep at night, and when you wake in the morning, say a health and life producing affirmation aloud. Your mind is working while you sleep, and your last thoughts as you drift off will be affect your body, so make sure that you program your mind accordingly.


It’s not always easy to line up your thoughts and words you say with your emotions, especially when you’re in pain. Your subconscious mind will always follow your strongest feelings. Unless you believe, you may be wasting your time. To overcome this problem, stop struggling and relax. Take time to sit quietly, and imagine the result you want. Imagine how you want to feel, and what can do when you’re fit and healthy.

Eventually, your feelings and thoughts will come into balance, allowing miracles to happen. Your subconscious will work to and bring about the wonderful outcome that you long for.

Keep relaxing, mentally imagine the best conclusion, and speak your needs are if they are true, and they will be. Control your thoughts, and speak out a carefully worded affirmation that you can believe. If you find this difficult, just keep affirming to yourself one word ‘health’, this will sink into your subconscious.



Even the best doctors and surgeons rely on the patient to ensure their lifestyle contributes to their health and healing. If the patient isn’t prepared to change a destructive lifestyle habit, such as smoking, then the doctor’s work is in vain. These practices sabotage the body’s healing mechanism. There have been cases of dramatic instant healing, through prayer, but when the recipient reverts to their former lifestyle, the problems return.

When you eat in excess, smoke or consume too much alcohol, don’t exercise, or live a stressful lifestyle, you suffer the consequences. Your body is designed to thrive on healthy foods, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, wholesome grains and healthy protein. Your body needs regular and adequate exercise and rest.

Because of pollution in today’s environment you would be wise to take supplements. Depleted and contaminated soil, has less goodness than in the past, and contains harmful chemicals from pesticides. Eating organically grown foods may soon become a necessity to extract the goodness your body needs for optimal health.

Modern laborsaving devices and the work many of us do means that we get little exercise. Therefore it’s important to make the effort to take exercise in the form of walking, gardening or playing sports, to keep the body in good working order. Exercise releases endorphins, which make you feel good, reduces stress levels, and gives your body time to recover.

If you follow sensible rules for healthy eating, exercise and take enough rest then your body repays you, by remaining in good shape.


Fasting can be good for your health, as your body needs rest from the process of digesting unwholesome foods. Fasting for a couple of days, or regularly missing a meal, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and controls weight. Drinking clear, filtered water, flushes toxins from your our system.

Fasting is not easy and without medical advice can be dangerous if practiced for extended periods. If you’ve new to fasting, I would recommend you fast from food only, for a maximum of one or two days. During this time ensure that you drink plenty of water, fruit juice and vegetable juices. If you have medical problems, consult your doctor before fasting.

If it’s difficult for you, or if you find you suffer excessively from stomach acid, tiredness or headaches, then fast just one meal a day.


People or locations can sap your energy, drain your resources. If you encounter bad energy over an extended time, it can cause illness. You may have experienced going into a roomful of people, then immediately felt uneasy because of a negative atmosphere. When introduced to someone who seems pleasant and friendly, you’re still uneasy, take note. Listen to these instincts, so you can take action. Leave the person or room.

Some people create negative energy, and drain positive energy away. It may be the person is negative, unhappy or jealous, and contact with them leaves you feeling tired, listless and depressed.

Think about the people that you see each day. Do any have a negative energy? Do you feel drained after spending time with them?  If so, then you need to act to protect your life force level. There is several ways of achieving this – first, if you can, get them out of your life. If not, lessen contact with them, and when you are with them imagine a shield or barrier surrounding you. You’ll reflect negative energy back to the sender.

Certain occupations or lifestyles come with negative and spiritually harmful oppression. For instance, doctors, policemen, and fire-fighters, are often in contact with misfortune and tragedy, and absorb feelings of oppression and trauma. If your job involves extensive public contact, be aware and sensitive to the spiritual. Protect yourself by prayer and affirmations, and imagine a protective light around you.

Old places radiate this negative energy, as the fabric of buildings absorb the energy produced by the people who have lived there. When you visit places, such as morgues, hospitals and cemeteries, you can absorb this energy.

You can cleanse buildings of harmful spiritual energy by prayer. Go through each room praying for any evil to leave, and asking for God’s love to fill each rooms.


Breathing is essential for life, but many people don’t breathe correctly. Deep breathing enables your life-giving process to work efficiently and revitalize your body. People often breathe shallowly and irregularly without realizing it. People can hold their breath, especially when concentrating.

Deep breathing is beneficial to your health, when you fill your lungs. Take time, especially in the morning, but also at intervals throughout the day, to breathe deeply near an open window.

At night breathing in and letting your breath out slowly will relax you and help you fall to sleep easily and naturally. A slower and more deliberate out breath than the in breath makes the body relax physically.


Slow stretching exercises, such as Pilates or Yoga, strengthens and relaxes your body. When you exercise the glandular and lymphatic systems clear and lead to increased flexibility. It’s an exercise that people of most ages can do, and is a low-impact, low damage exercise. To increase benefits, incorporate good breathing techniques.

Take a local course or buy a book or tape, and exercise your way to health.



“Cheerfulness and contentment make a person beautiful and preserves a youthful look”                                                                          Charles Dickens

Your attractiveness or is mainly due to your genes, but your lasting beauty is affected by the way you treat our body, through diet, exercise, and your inner serenity.

Your thoughts, words and deeds impact your outer appearance to a great extent. Many a natural born beauty who has habitually worn a petulant look on his or her face finds a pinched, harsh appearance has decreased good looks.

The old advice from parents “don’t make that face, you’ll stick like it!” Is truer than you think. Thoughts affect the expressions that our faces settle. Lines form as meanness etches them on your face.  Continual thoughts of sadness and despair produces a facial expressions that an endless gloomy look.

A cheerful expression on the other hand may produce more lines, but they go in the right direction. A bright, cheerful personality is attractive, and it shows in your facial expressions.

Aged faces that show a serene, peaceful appearance, portray a life well lived, a life of contentment.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and reflect your character. We’re naturally drawn toward a person’s eyes. We’re attracted to eyes that have sparkle and a sense of fun in them, as they reflect inner health and peace. On the other hand, Dead and listless eyes are off-putting, and suggest a personality which will swallow your joy.

Use mind power to rejuvenate your looks, thinking youthful, joyful, happy thoughts, is reflected on your face, and the way you hold your body.

One of the great benefits of controlling and choosing right thinking is a renewal of youth in mind and body. Think young, think serenity, think happiness and grow an inner and outer beauty.



Lie down in a comfortable place and begin to relax.   Lie quietly and let your arms fall down by your side.

A warm light, a warm golden light surrounds your body; your body begins to feel warm and relaxed.

Take a deep breath, hold and let the breath out slowly, deepen into your relaxation.  Feel your arms growing heavier and your hands warmer.

Count down from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

As you breathe out, let your whole body relax.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden, with rich, lush grass and brilliantly colored flowers. Butterflies flutter around a lilac bush.

You see a path leading to a bridge that crosses a small stream. Walk along the path towards the bridge. Stop on the bridge and gaze down into the sparkling stream watching a leaf float lazily along. Watch as it slips under the bridge and emerges out the other side.

Continue along the path and see an old cottage ahead. You reach the cottage and notice the heavy oak front door is ajar. Slowly you push open the door and step into the hallway.

Moving along the hallway you see another door that lies open. You approach the door and look into the room beyond.

In the room is a comfortable looking and inviting four-poster bed. You begin to feel tired and decide to lie down on the bed. The soft feather comforter billows up softly around you cocooning your body gently.

Your body feels more and more relaxed. Your mind feels peaceful and calm.

In the corner of your eye you notice a figure appear in the doorway. It’s man wearing a white robe and a blue cloak. He enters the room and moves to edge of the bed and sits. You realize that it is Jesus the great healer. He looks down and your eyes meet. His eyes are full of compassion and you feel peace flowing towards you.

He lays his hand on your head and His other hand on your chest. His touch is gentle and loving. You begin to feel a tingle from beneath the palms of His hands. You feel the healing power of Christ enter your body. The warm energy flows from His hand throughout your body, down through your head, spreading across your shoulders and your chest area. The power continues flowing down, through your hips and along your legs, right down through your calves to the tips of your toes. You have never felt such a warm, golden glow before. The energy is infused with healing, love and compassion.

The energy begins to repair any damage it finds in your body. Each organ floods with the healing glow and is renewed. You feel the energy moving through your bones and your flesh, and they begin to glow with His healing power. You know that every cell in your body is being healed and rejuvenated by God’s power.

As you look again into the eyes of Jesus, you see the pure love he gives you.  You accept it, and a deep comforting and healing feeling continues to flood your entire being.

You close your eyes and relax into the moment. You feel a weight lifting off the bed and you know that Jesus is returning to where he came.

You know the healing has begun to work in your body and each cell is repairing itself through the God’s power.

You fall into a light sleep for a few minutes basking in the warm golden glow.

A sense of vitality spreads throughout your body as you begin to stretch and begin to waken.

You begin to feel a joy and energy growing inside you.

As you start to stretch you begin to count from one to five. 1, 2, 3, coming fully awake now 4, you feel happier and more joyful than you have felt in a long time 5, you are now fully awake.



Chose several affirmations and speak them out several times a day, with faith and conviction. You may find it helpful to write them on a card, which you carry with you as a reminder.

I am blessed with a long, healthy life.

Vibrant energy exudes from every fiber of my being.

My body is healthy because I choose to look after it.

Energy, strength and vitality are normal for me.

I am in total control of my eating.

I love my body as the divine creation that it is.

I live in a safe environment.

I find it easy to maintain my ideal weight.

I always choose the right foods to eat for my health and well-being.

My body heals quickly and easily.

Each day I move closer to my ideal weight.

I awake fresh and hopeful each morning.

Beauty and grace surround me.

I grow younger and more beautiful as I take care of myself with God’s help.

It’s great to be alive!  I love to be physically active.

I enjoy play, humor, fun and curiosity.  I am involved in living.  I love my wild and silly ideas.

My immune system strengthens daily.

I feel healing energy flow through my body.

I have a strong, healthy body that teems with vitality.

I am totally relaxed as the healing energy flow through me.

I do my work in a calm, relaxed state.

Anxiety leaves me as I breathe in and out deeply and rhythmically.

I grow stronger each day as I increase my exercise.

I choose food that nourishes me and creates a strong healthy body.

I feel tension leave my body as I relax and let go of my fears.

I am thankful for a healthy and strong body.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Blessings.