Miracles – An Everyday Occurrence


“Those things are properly called miracles which are done by divine agency beyond the order commonly observed in nature”

                                                                                    Thomas Aquinas

Miracles are defined as happenings that can’t be explained by the normal course of events, which defy the normal laws of nature, and which could only be attributed to intervention by God.  There are literally thousands of documented miracles from instant healing, miraculous escapes, through to miraculous material provision. You can read these if you search on the internet.

Many people experience miracles, and sometimes miracles have happened in people’s lives that they are unaware of. Later it’s pointed out to them, such as being saved from a disaster that they haven’t realized they’d missed.

In our modern secular, humanistic and scientific world, spiritual happenings are less likely to be accepted. We have become skeptical unless we can see it for ourselves, and even then we are unwilling to move out of our ‘comfort zone’ and accept something that we can’t explain. In ancient times, or indeed in modern isolated and less civilized societies, mystical, spiritual and unexplained events were and are part of life, and accepted without doubt.

This is written from a Christian perspective but please substitute your own name for the Divine Creator or Universal Spirit.



God is a supernatural being and can do anything that He pleases. If this weren’t so, and if we could understand all things related to God, then He wouldn’t be God.  Who would want a God who is only equal to us?  Can an ant understand everything about a human?  The ant sees only part of a human, and accepts it as part of its world, without trying to understand. God is omnipotent, and we can only sense a part of His character, from His message to us through the Bible. He’s able to intervene directly and at will in this world which He created.

God wants to aid us in our life journey, and sometimes will give a miraculous answer to our prayers. It says in the Bible that we entertain angels without knowing. There have been several accounts of angels rescuing people out of difficult situations. For instance snatching a small child out-of-the-way of an on-coming train. They have appeared in the form of a man and started a car when someone is stranded and in danger.


Littlewood’s Law of Miracles states that in any normal person’s life, miracles happen at a rate of roughly one each month. The proof of the law is simple. While we are awake and actively living our lives, roughly for eight hours each day, we see and hear events happening at a rate of about one  a second. So the total number of events that happen to us is about thirty thousand each day, or about a million  a month. With few exceptions, these events are not miracles because they are insignificant. The chance of a miracle is about one per million events. Therefore we should expect about one miracle to happen, on the average, every month.

Professor Littlewood from Cambridge University in England, who was the London Mathematical Society President in 1941 – 1943. He calculated the chance of a miracle was about one in a million, so the average person, according to the law stated above, should experience a miracle on average once each month!

The professor believed that a miracle was therefore a commonplace event.  This could well be the case as a miracle can happen without us knowing about it or noticing it.  For example, a person gets in his car and it fails to start.  If the car had started the driver could well have had a fatal accident around the corner. In this instance the driver would never know that a miracle had occurred for him.

“…to another miraculous powers,…” – 1 Corinthians 12:10



I have personally experienced several miracles. On two separate occasions I have been in a situation where my car has been in the path of a speeding oncoming car, leaving me with no escape.  Miraculously, those cars have seemed to go through my car, and seconds later they have appeared on the road behind me.  I believe that this is a case where you can see the quantum theory at work, and used by God to manipulate reality.  Perhaps the spaces between the molecules of my car and the other car were aligned by God in such a way that the matter was able to pass through me and out the other side.  Only God knows.

One evening my husband and I had two couples round for dinner.  One of the men, Mike, was suffering from a cancer on his lip and was due the following week to go for radical surgery, where a large part of his lip was to be removed.  Not only would he have been badly scarred from this procedure, but would also have a long recovery time. Time away from his business, which would have been devastating financially.

The five of us laid our hands on Mike as instructed in the Bible, and prayed for a miracle.  The cancer caused severe pain in his lips, and when he went home that night the pain grew worse.  Eventually he managed to get some sleep, and on waking he found that the pain had disappeared and the tenderness gone.  A couple of days later Mike went to see the surgeon for his pre-op consultation, who found no trace of the cancer, so the operation was cancelled.



There are many instances of healing in answer to prayer.  A friend of mine went to India on a short mission trip.  His group prayed for several people in one village and he witnessed several miracles.  A few the village children were profoundly deaf, which was a particular disability in that district.  After prayer, they were standing in a group, when a train passed close by, and they all heard the train. All the children turned and jumped, registering shock, as it was the first sound they had ever heard.

An even more spectacular miracle occurred when an elderly woman received prayer.  Born blind, and not only blind, but without eyes.  While praying for her, the group saw eyes grow where there weren’t any before, and the woman could then see.

There are many instances where a person with one leg longer than the other, causing walking difficulties and misaligned hip, shoulder and spinal column problems, have received prayer. The shorter leg grows to match the other while the prayers watched.

Proven in documented, scientific tests, that when one group of patients are prayed for regularly, they make a faster recovery than the control group for whom no one prays.



George Müller was an ordinary man, with an extraordinary faith.   With no resources, in Bristol, England, he set up and ran orphanages for the poor children, and his faith meant that he relied completely on God.   He never asked for money, never told anyone of his needs, but could set up several orphanages, eventually housing more than 2,000 children.  He raised more than ₤1,500,000 over the years, and this was in the nineteenth century!

Sometimes, at night, the orphanages would have no food, and no money to feed the children.  George’s faith never wavered, with prayer, every time, God provided, and by the morning food or money would appear, and they never missed a meal.

On one occasion, George went for a walk early in the morning, knowing there were no supplies for the children.  On this walk, he met a friend, who gave him some money, just enough for breakfast that day.  He never told the friend of his needs, but God provided exactly what was required.

George, during his sixty six years of ministry, never drew a salary. As with his orphanages, he relied on God to provide everything he needed, which he did until his death at ninety three!



A Tsunami which ravaged several countries in Asia, there were several reports of miraculous escapes. Read about this one.

Caroline Davies of the Telegraph Group Ltd reports:

Father James Pattinathan pastured four Catholic Churches with a congregation of 1,500.   Every Sunday except for three times a year, they held services in all four churches along the beach in Mullaittivu, a small town on Sri Lanka’s northeastern coast.

On the day the Tsunami struck, Boxing Day 2004, the entire congregation was worshiping at St. Joseph’s shrine, higher up and in the outskirts of the town. This was one of the three days each year they gathered there.  This particular day, the congregation were mumbling and complaining, because the service overran the normal time by fifteen minutes. Those fifteen minutes saved the lives of the entire congregation and their priest. If they had finished at the normal time, they would have been walking back home just as the wave struck.

Other churches and the homes along the beach were lost, and hundreds died.



The following story is related by Gorman Woodfin of The 700 Club:

Kim Bernhardt is a single mother with a four-year-old son, Evan. She’s terrified of tornadoes, as she grew up in an area where they’re common. It was a particular fear of hers.

One day, while driving through town with her son, she suddenly noticed the skies grow dark, and a level three tornado formed. She tried to speed up away from it, but the tornado picked up her car and carried them along, turning them around wildly. They would die on impact. But then could look down on the tops of houses, and a witness said the van was at least fifty feet in the air, carried over power lines and a telephone pole.

Kim could only think of her son, and she worried in case he died and she survived – how would she cope?

She loosened her seat belt, reached over and embraced her son, telling him “God is with us”. She then began praying the Lord’s Prayer, while trying to shield her son on the floor of the van.

As she got to the part ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’, an overwhelming thought came into her mind: ‘Oh, no!  I don’t think I put the van in park!”, and reached over and put the gearlever in park, before lying back down over Evan on the floor. The van was still being tossed around like a washing machine, and she thought to herself: “Why did I do that?”

Suddenly, the twister put the van down, gently on the ground, in the front yard of a house, facing towards it.  She believes if she hadn’t put the van in park, the van would have carried on careering into the house.   All the trees roundabout had been uprooted.

Kim believes that she felt God’s presence with her, and the Lord’s Prayer has a different meaning for her now, ‘…. On earth as it is in heaven. Thy will be done.’  Amid her worst nightmare, she felt the peace that only God can give. She believes that God showed how much He loves her, and believed they would survive, and they did, without a scratch!



Jesus performed many miracles, and He has given us the permission and the power to pray for miracles, when we believe in Him and obey Him.  Go boldly before the throne of God today, and ask Him for your needs.  Bring all your needs to the Father in prayer; ask for healing, for financial provision, for protection.  He is waiting to hear from you, and His greatest desire is to have a personal relationship with you. Talk to Him today.

God loves you and wants to answer your prayers. Affirm that miracles occur in your life by regularly speaking out the affirmations.



When you decide to pray, first quiet your mind and think about God. With your eyes closed ask God to be present with you. He promises us that He is faithful to answer our prayers and we can confidently believe that He will.

Often we feel that God has stopped helping us, when the real problem is that we have stopped praying.  To receive answers to our prayers we do have to remember to pray about every circumstance, and continue to petition God until we receive an answer.

Praying is simply talking to God as you would to a good friend. It’s helpful to imagine that He is sitting in an armchair opposite you and that you are both having a relaxed conversation.

God’s own words have a special power. Memorize Bible verses and incorporate those into your prayers.  You can use verses to remind God of His promises to us. There’s many Bible verses in this book you can utilize in use when praying.

When you’re talking with a friend you give them an opportunity to talk too. It’s the same when you’re talking to God, you have to give Him a chance to talk as well. When we pray and then sit quietly, and wait, we can often receive an impression of what God is saying to us.  Or a picture appear in our mind or words form in our mind. The other way God may speak to us is through the Bible. It’s helpful to have a Bible with you when you pray, now and then reading a verse or page.  You will know that God is talking to you when certain words or sentences appear stand out as you read.

Sometimes you may not receive any message from God during the time of prayer. But later in the day you often find that He whispers in your spirit a word for you, when you least expect.

It is always helpful and uplifting to pray in a positive tone. Not dwelling on the problem, but praying for a positive solution, in fact praying in faith, as if you have already received the answer. For example don’t pray: “God, I have another cold again.  I catch whatever is going” it is much better to pray: “I thank you Father that you are strengthening my immune system and healing me now”

When you have finished praying, relax, let go, and leave God to deal with the problem.  Don’t keep taking it back from God and worrying about it, just look forward to seeing His miracle working power in answer to your prayer.  But do remember that God’s timing is in His time not ours, so be patient.

Lastly take any action that you can that will help the answer to come.  If you are praying for a better relationship, do everything you can physically to heal and nurture the connection.



Heavenly Father, I thank you that you care for me and care about the situation that I am now in and want to help me.

You know all the details of my problem Lord and you know that I can do nothing to help myself.

I am relying on you Lord for your supernatural intervention in my life to deliver me from this problem.

Rally your angels for me Lord.  Send them out to work in this circumstance to change the outcome to one that will be a total blessing to me, Father give me the victory.

Let others marvel at the wonderful outcome that you are working in this situation for me Lord. Let resolving my problem be a blessing not only to me but to all.

Let the workings of your power bring glory to Your Name Father.

I thank you now that you have my deliverance in hand.

In the powerful name of Jesus I pray.                              Amen

Lord Jesus, in your time on this earth you healed many people. After your death on the cross you rose again to new life and you are alive now and still working your healing power in our lives.

You know the healing that my body needs to make it perfect again, the way you intended my body to be.  I ask you now Father to reach out your hand to me and release your healing power into my body.

By faith I receive your supernatural healing now.

Thank you Jesus that you love me and want to heal me.

Thank you Jesus for making me whole again.              Amen

Father God, I am in need of a financial miracle from you. I know that I may have not made the best financial choices in the past, and that’s the reason that I find myself in need now.

By Your grace Lord I ask you for a miracle. A miracle of financial overflow.  Open the windows of heaven Father, and pour me out a blessing that I can scarce receive it all.

Lord; give me a financial overflow for the rest of my days.  Lord; give me the wisdom to honor you with my wealth.

Thank you Father that you have heard my prayer and I wait in expectation for the wonderful blessings that you release today.

In Jesus Name I pray.                  Amen



Miracles manifest in my life daily.

I receive blessings and I am a blessing to others.

Miracles happen in my life naturally.

All things are possible through God in whom I put my trust.

There are no limitations to what I can achieve in my life.

Every day something wonderful happens to me.

Wonderful, exciting doors open for me now.

If I need help it comes to me from unexpected sources.

My greatest good is manifested in every situation.

The Holy Spirit gives me fore knowledge when I need it.

The Holy Spirit guides me into all truth.

The Holy Spirit makes known to me things that are unknown in the natural.

The truth about this situation is revealed to me now.



We are a miracle.  Formed in the womb from just a couple of cells, each part of our body develops in its own unique way. From those first few cells, each cell’s individually designed for a particular purpose.

The way our body works, and all the different processes which are happening all the time, just to keep us breathing. Our blood circulating, food digested, is nothing short of miraculous. We live in a miraculous world. Miracles aren’t rare and meant to be a normal part of our daily living. Faith and prayer are the tools that attract miracles to us. Live with expectancy and you will find that miracles begin to occur regularly.



David Hume described a miracle as: “a transgression of a law of nature by a particular volition of the Deity, or by the interposition of some invisible agent”

Angels are God’s invisible agents, and are powerful beings created by God to be in His service.  Part of their duties is to help and protect us, God’s children, and there are many ways that we can ask God to use his angels to perform miracles for us.

Each day pray for the angels to protect you and your family.  Pray for them to protect your property, ask God to send angels ahead of you into conditions that may be dangerous and make that position one of safety.



On holiday in Tahiti, I decided to take a bike ride out of the resort to explore some of the island. The day was hot and I was out of condition. Also I had neglected to take a bottle of water with me and became dehydrated.

I had ridden for about one and half-hours, and began to worry how I would make it back.  I prayed for God to send an angel to help me and started to ride back to the resort. My miracle happened. First, the pressure on the bike pedals lightened and the bike went faster. I didn’t notice the distance on the ride back, but suddenly I looked up and found that I had arrived back at the resort. I looked at my watch, it had only taken fifteen minutes. The angels had somehow transported me over that distance, without me realizing it, in a record time.

Ask God to reveal angels to you, and to put in your mind when you need to invoke their support.  Many people have seen angels who may appear as supernatural beings or many appear looking just like you or me.

Already angels have helped you, without you realizing it. If you look back over your life, you will find moments you’ve been puzzled by events hard to explain events. Angels are real and are ready and willing to help.



God tells us that He inhabits our praises. When we praise Him and worship Him, His power invades every cell of our being.

Sing to Him a sacrifice of praises. Don’t worry about the words you use, just let your emotions of thankfulness and gratefulness rise in your spirit and sing out.

In church the congregation attend to praise God in song and in prayer, and this draws the Holy Spirit into their presence, and miracles occur.

The Bible tells us there is power in praise. Start to offer up your praises to God regularly, and He is faithful to help us and will often give us the miracle that we need, during a time of praise.



When Jesus’ disciples tried to heal a deaf and dumb boy by praying for him, they weren’t having any success.  Jesus told them that this was a more difficult case to use a combination of prayer and fasting.

When we fast it concentrates the mind and moves us more easily into a spiritual state.   It calms the mind, and allows a deeper meditation to occur.  It works by taking away the control and concern of daily life; what are we going to eat and drink etc…?  It gives us a freedom by allowing your spirit to come to the forefront and commune with God.

Feeling hungry reminds you of that you are fasting to achieve your miracle.  It reminds you to seek God and pray. Fasting for someone else to receive a miracle is especially effective, and God respects and rewards the sacrifice you are making. He knows that you are serious.

The act of fasting in itself has healing properties, allowing the body to cleanse and repair itself. If you have a difficult decision to make and need a clear head to make it, you will find that fasting will open your heart and mind. This will allow you to clearly hear the voice of God whisper the way to take.

There are many opinions on the length of a fast and whether it should be a full fast, water or juice one. The maximum on water would be ten days and not recommended for a first timer. A juice fast can last up to 21 days. You can fast by missing one meal a day. Never do an extreme fast without talking with your doctor first.

My recommendation is to fast on juices for a maximum of three days. You may find that you only need to fast for one day or even just to fast by missing out one main meal. It’s not the length that’s important but the time spent praying and communing with God’s Spirit to receive your miracle.

Use the time to catch up on sleep, pray meditate and spend time reading the Bible or other uplifting books. You will know when you have achieved the break through that you are looking for.



We have to believe in the possibility of miracles to have them happen in our lives.  Miracles aren’t uncommon; there are thousands of documented miracles throughout every age in history. You are a miracle yourself, in the way your body and mind works.  Open your mind by reading of miracles that have happened to others and have faith that what God has extended to others He is just waiting to give to you.

Start now to seek your miracle. Pray with heartfelt sincerity. Fast and humble yourself to God. Praise God for the wonderful miracle that you are, wait with expectancy and enjoy the wonderful miracles as they unfold daily in your life.


Jesus is the son of God and as a member of the Trinity, is God.  Therefore He has supernatural powers to perform miracles. Jesus tells us that through His power we will have the ability to perform even greater feats of the supernatural than He did, during His time on earth. We haven’t the power ourselves but can only perform a miracle using His power through prayer.

Jesus performed many miracles during the three years of His ministry, when He walked on this planet. They are documented in the Bible and range from healing to walking on water. Here is a list of the documented miracles that Jesus performed.

  1. He turned six jars of water into wine at a wedding.
  2. He healed a young boy that was on the verge of death.
  3. He healed many who were demon possessed.
  4. He healed a woman of a high fever, instantly.
  5. He healed a several men who suffered from leprosy.
  6. He healed a man who was lame.
  7. He performed many mass healings.
  8. He healed a man who had a withered and deformed hand.
  9. He healed a sick and tormented servant of a Roman.
  10. He brought back to life a dead man.
  11. He healed people who were blind.
  12. He healed people who were deaf.
  13. He healed people who were mute.
  14. He spoke a storm at sea into becoming calm.
  15. He walked on water.
  16. He healed a woman who had suffered bleeding for many years.
  17. He brought a young girl back to life.
  18. On two occasions He fed a multitude of people using only a few fish and loaves.
  19. He healed an old woman that couldn’t straighten her back.
  20. The Bible tells us that He performed so many miracles that all the books in the world at that time couldn’t record them.
  21. He was raised from the dead after three days in the tomb.

Jesus is the same today as He was then and is ready and willing to give you your miracle.

Talk to Him and remind Him of the miracles that he has performed and ask Him to do the same for you. Don’t give up asking, waiting in faith until you receive a supernatural blessing from Him.