Spiritual Prayer for Financial Needs

Many people have spiritual beliefs but don’t attend a Church or even believe in religion. If this applies to you, you too have needs like everyone else, and do believe there is a being, force or entity who can hear you. Names can vary, like God, Jesus, Mary, Holy Spirit, Universal Creator, Angels, Unseen Helpers, or perhaps people you love who have passed on. If you can’t put a name to a helper from the other side, but would like to ask, just say… “Whoever is out there, who loves and cares about me.”

I have written a series of prayers to help you put what’s in your heart into words. I pray for you to receive love and blessings, and for your highest good.


This prayer is for everyone who is in financial need. I have deliberately used the word need. If you are hoping to receive a Lamborghini, mansion or millions of dollars, this prayer is not for you. If you need help to feed your family, pay a bill, buy clothes for your children, pay your mortgage, or help with work or project then this prayer can help.

Before you pray, quiet your mind and think about what your greatest need is today. I suggest that you limit your requests to one or two. Remember you can pray as often as you like but your prayer will be heard the first time. Perhaps, pray the same prayer each day until you receive a breakthrough in those first needs, then you can start over.

You may address your prayer in any way you like, in a way that you can personally believe in, or use several names if you aren’t sure. Now, find a place to be alone and undisturbed, quiet your mind and heart and then begin.

Dear …I thank you for listening to my requests and for your support over the years. I know there have been times when I have despaired and then help arrived from you.

Thank you for all the good people and blessings in my life. I am grateful that I’m not alone in this wonderful Universe you have created. I thank you that I exist and have life given by you. Your unconditional love upholds me, your presence comforts me, thank you for being there for me.

There are many unseen spirits around me and I pray for your protection from any entities that may wish me harm. I ask you to surround me with the bright light of your love and shelter me from any negativity.

You know my struggles and my needs. At present I have no Earthly person to turn too and seek your supernatural help in my needs today. I respectfully ask for you to hear my needs and send help. Today, I need help specificity for…

(Use this time to ask for your needs)

Thank you that you have heard my plea and help is on its way. I understand that help can come in many forms and I leave you to resolve my problem in the best way. It may be you have better solutions in store for me, events that I could never imagine.

While I wait for you to answer my prayer remind me to be of help to others in any small way I can. A kind word, a warm meal, whatever I can do with my present resources. I pray for my highest good and for the good of those around me.

Thank you for being there, for your loving-kindness. Remind me to turn to you first for any future financial or other need.

Thank you.

Sit quietly for a few moments and listen with your inner ear, your mind. You may receive a word of advice to move forward, or experience a loving presence or feeling of peace. Don’t worry if you don’t, be assured that your prayer was heard and help is winging its way to you.

Thank you for reading and may you receive a miracle today.