Gratitude the Best Step to Prosperity

Gratitude is the answer. The Universe consists of energy, including you, me, money and other types of prosperity. To draw good to you first be grateful for what you have. When you tell the Universe, Creator or God that you are grateful for the wonderful gifts in your life you activate a positive response. A flow develops starting from your own good thoughts about what you are thankful for, and back toward you bringing more gifts from the Universal energy.

It’s natural to think about what you haven’t got, and moan about your finances, job, family, friends and material objects, but that gives you more to complain about. Thinking about your life right now you will discover that you are better-off than ninety percent of the World’s population. Many people are on their deathbed today wishing they had just a few more hours with their loved ones. Big houses, fancy cars, and the right clothes don’t even enter their mind. My guess is that you have some good family and friends, food to eat and a bed to sleep in right now. There is lots to be grateful for and when you start dwelling on these thoughts your energy output undergoes a huge change.

The molecules of your body emit goodness or lack, depending on what you are telling yourself. It’s true that thoughts of lack can stream through your mind seemingly without control. But you can overcome this gradually by speaking prosperity and goodness into your life. Ignoring the negative thoughts keep speaking out loud to the Universe in general or to God in prayer, giving praise and thanks. By doing this several times each day your thoughts will change and you will immediately start attracting the substance of supply. The energy substance is all around you and will attract this energy to you, like for like, good or bad.

Don’t be anxious or strive to draw prosperity to you. Speak out your present blessings several times each day, relax in a state of love and peace as you wait. Ask for gifts that can create wealth such as talents, the right people to help you, and for wisdom. With these three prayers prosperity will become yours as long as you continue to be thankful for present day blessings.

Giving to others will accelerate your prosperity. When you give you are telling the Universe that you have more than enough. Remember you get like for like, if you act prosperous then you draw prosperity to you. You can give in time, love and a kind word, not just in cash.

It is simple. Bless everything in your life you are grateful for and then the invisible law of supply will jump into action, bringing you more blessings.

May Blessings flow for you….