The Greatest Prosperity Lessons

  1. You are the creator in your own life. The law of attraction will bring to you all that you focus on with emotion, as you create the vibration that matches with the prosperity you desire.
  2. When you form a vacuum you create room to manifest new desires. For instance, if you clean out the clutter in your house or office, it signals the Universe to send new items to you.
  3. When you send out a clear intention you are placing your order with the Universe. Be specific in what you want to be manifest.
  4. Allow the Universe to work on your behalf without interference. This means that you allow the Universe to use any means or channels it wants to fulfil your request. Furthermore, that you let go of your need for the manifestation.
  5. As you go about your daily life, think, act and believe as much as you can that you have already received the prosperity you have asked for.
  6. Believe that there is a higher power that wants you to lead a prosperous and blessed life.
  7. Use the power of prayer to reiterate your needs and desires.
  8. Practice gratitude for everything you already have. Remember that when you don’t feel gratitude for the present blessings in your life, you create a blockage to receiving anymore.
  9. Without forgiveness you can never clear the negativity that is essential to manifest prosperity. Forgive yourself and every one of all things.
  10. Use visualization to manifest the abundance you want. Sit quietly and picture in your mind the state you would like to create. Visualize with clarity, color and emotion, exactly what you would like to be manifest.
  11. When you give you receive. When you give with love and no thought of return you can manifest up to a hundred fold increase.
  12. Do all that you can to give out a high vibration, by being happy, enjoying your every day life. Even if your life is not as happy as you would like, make an effort anyway to appreciate every little good thing that you can.
  13. Take time to think of the abundant world that you live in. A small seed becomes a large tree that in turn produces an abundance of fruit. There is no shortage and there is more than enough for everyone.
  14. Realize that your abundance does not mean that someone else has to go without. There is plenty for everyone to prosper.
  15. You must feel a sense of worthiness and self-esteem in order to attract wealth. If you feel that you don’t deserve it, you are pushing it away.
  16. By dwelling on the fact that you are a unique, one-of-a-kind person and that there is no-one in the entire world that has your talents, you will come to understand that you are as worthy as anyone.
  17. Always live your life as a person who is trustworthy and shows integrity in all that you do. Living your life this way signals to the Universe that you can be trusted to handle greater wealth.
  18. 8. Money needs to be spent or given away in order to circulate. Wealth must be in circulation in order to come into your life.
  19. Holding onto money and goods unnecessarily signals the Universe that you fear lack. Anything that you fear eventually manifests in your life.
  20. The more you practice appreciation and joy the easier it becomes to tap into the higher vibrations that act as a magnet to attract more of the same.
  21. Mentally bless others and be glad for them when they prosper and succeed. When you do this, you are giving out the magnetic energy that will bring the same blessings to you.
  22. As you fall to sleep at night, ask for creative and prosperous ideas to be given to you. You will find that as you sleep, ideas will come into your mind, which will help your own unique talents to bring abundance to you.
  23. Have a deep desire to live the life of your dreams and have no doubts that this life will eventuate, as you give clear detailed instructions to the Universal power.
  24. Find ways to reprogram any negative core beliefs which may be holding you back. Using visualization to re-frame past situations, by replaying them and imagining the ending you would have liked.
  25. Change negative beliefs by acting as your own lawyer, arguing the counter rationales until they change into new positive beliefs.
  26. Alcohol or drugs will not numb your inner pain, in fact they will stop you dealing with pain in a way that will cure it for good. Seek out professional advice to deal with negativity and pain once and for all.
  27. Always look for the positive thoughts to keep your vibration high. There is always a silver lining if you look for it.
  28. The power of affirmations will enable you to think in a more positive way and do help in the manifestation of your prosperity.
  29. You can program your subconscious mind by thinking the thoughts that you want to be manifest as you fall to sleep at night.
  30. Hypnosis is an excellent way to let go and change your inner core beliefs which will be holding you back. It will place into your subconscious mind the beliefs that will work for your good.
  31. No-one achieves success and abundance alone, we all need the help and guidance of other people. Therefore choose your friends carefully.
  32. Let go of ‘energy vampires’ and choose friends who support you and build you up, who believe in you.
  33. Change your daily habits by studying the habits prosperous people have. Don’t waste your money on things which lose their value. Invest instead, in businesses or goods which appreciate in value.
  34. The more you learn about managing your finances the better choices you will make.
  35. Setting goals using intense desire, and then acting on them is one of the quickest ways to generate wealth.
  36. Planning your life will bring success. Not making plans is the same as planning to fail.
  37. Writing down your goals regularly and reviewing them is the only way to be successful at achieving them.
  38. Take action every day, even small actions will move you towards realizing your goals.
  39. In everything, you do, resolve to go the extra mile, always do more than is asked of you.
  40. Be willing to take a risk. Big rewards often mean taking bigger risks. But bear in mind that all risk should be thoroughly calculated, giving you at least some chance of success.
  41. Whatever field you are working in, or whatever type of business you are running, do everything with excellence. Excellence brings its own reward.
  42. Never blame others for your failures. Just learn, move on, and use the knowledge gained to bring you greater success in the future.
  43. Generally, working for someone else creates wealth for them, not for you. Having your own business is the surest way to wealth.
  44. You are most likely to have prosperity manifest in your life when you work at something you love. When you enjoy your work you are giving out the prosperous energy which you need to enable you to receive.
  45. Being creative and being different in any field that adds value, is a sure road to wealth.
  46. Ask the Universe to give you many avenues of wealth producing ideas. Always have more than one income stream coming in, then you will prosper in good and bad times.
  47. Money which is planted in areas such as property, business, art, jewelry and other growth investments will accumulate to bring you more.
  48. Always save part of your income. Endeavour to have six months’ worth of living expenses in your bank account, for emergencies.
  49. Remember, when you have cash you are always ready to take advantage of opportunities as they come your way.
  50. Money has its own energy so use it wisely.

May all of your dreams come true!