How sensitive are you to life’s messages?

Do you sometimes feel as if your world is falling down around you? Have you experienced one setback after another? Then this article is for you.

If we believe that the Universe is essentially good then why do these things happen? Could it be that you are ignoring the messages that are being sent to you?

We have all heard people say that when one door closes another door opens. This is the same way the Universe works to guide you and direct you. When you find that over time you are meeting bigger and bigger obstacles that each door is larger and slams louder, then maybe you are not listening to the messages that are trying to get through.
You may have lost your job or your business is failing. It could be that a special relationship is becoming more difficult day by day. If you are finding that no matter what you do you are meeting problems after problems, then it is time to take notice and listen.

It seems that when one wrong turn is taken on your life path, others follow. That is often because the Universal power is trying to turn you back onto the right path.
Maybe your future lies in a different direction, and you are being shown that your current path is the wrong path for you.

If this rings a bell with you then it is time to get quiet and open up your heart to the messages that are being given.

Even though you may feel upset and even angry in your present situation, know that there is another reality for you. Quantum Mechanics tell us that we have the choice of multiple realties and that each decision we make guides us into one or another of those multiple realties.

So how do you know which path or direction to take? There are several things that you can do. The first is taking the time to get quiet. Personally, I find that a long walk in nature is the best way to block out the busyness of life and open me up to listen to my inner spirit.

As you walk or sit in the quiet, think back over recent events and ask yourself these questions.

Even though I felt it was the wrong thing to do, did I do it anyway?
Did I ignore my gut reaction?
Was I being stubborn and trying too hard to make it happen?
I could see the writing on the wall but ignored it?
Did other doors open that I didn’t notice or ignored?
Did I face reality or did I continue to live in a dream?
Am I too set in my ways and resistant to change?
Did I try too hard to justify a wrong decision?
In retrospect was it obvious that things couldn’t continue in the same way?
Will I allow myself to develop a different future, by facing my fears?

Sometimes we are afraid to change and fear a future that we can’t imagine at this point. However, changes can be made incrementally, and as they are made the future will unfold in a time frame that we can cope with.

What if your resistance to what is, is preventing you from experiencing a wonderful new way of living. Before changes can be made you have to accept the way things are and allow them to be that way. That is lowering your resistance to them. Only by doing so can you become open to new beginnings.

There is a path where your realty is all that you dream it to be, you just have to find that path. You find that path by being sensitive to the world around you. By seeing the events that are happening in your life and rating them. Are you fighting too hard? Is one direction more difficult than another? Are you aware of coincidences?
When you relax and let go of fear, by knowing that there is a new and better future, then you will become sensitive to life’s messages.

My wish is that this article will awaken within you a new sense of adventure and a sure knowledge that a wonderful new life is waiting, especially for you.

May wonderful blessings happen in your life, and all of your dreams come true.