Understanding the Art of Allowing

Over the last couple of days, I have been listening to ‘The Astonishing Power of Emotions’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks and had an amazing revelation. Like me, perhaps you’ve found the second or third time of listening to audio or reading a book that a light-bulb moment happens. Suddenly you have a greater understanding of the words than you had before. Now I would like to help you experience that light-bulb moment for you. This excellent book teaches us how to use our emotions as a guide so we can apply the Law of Attraction to our best advantage.

You will soon see that in every instance to complete the attraction process you have to master the Law of Allowing. And as you absorb this information, you’ll see why many people are not successful when using the law of attraction to create their dream life. The reality is most of us are so used to striving to achieve goals and fighting our way through life. The idea of letting go and allowing an outcome to arrive in its own time is difficult for us to do. The truth of the matter is, allowing is the opposite of striving. Please let that sink in for a moment. Jerry Hicks uses the analogy of rowing a boat. He explains the practice of allowing is the difference between rowing a boat upstream versus letting the current take you gently downstream. The light-bulb moment for me was the instruction to just let go, letting the current take you along. So, what’s the lesson? It is simply that you need to let go of a particular outcome, let go of expectations, let go of trying to control our family, friends, workmates and environment. If you are like me, the thought of letting go, relaxing and allowing the Universe to bring to me the possessions I want in its own time is such a relief. Think about, what a beautiful experience it is….to just let go… to relax… and let our thoughts bring about our desires.

Have you focused your thoughts on what you want and then worried about how it will come about, or if it’s even possible? Just think about it, as soon as you start doing this you are, in fact, sending out the complete opposite vibration to what you want. The result is that you receive the opposite of what you are asking for. Are you beginning to see how essential it is not to dwell on the many possible results? By letting go of the ending, often something happens that is even better than you hoped for, or appears from an unimagined source. If you find it hard to turn off those thoughts, don’t worry. All you have to do is make the following suggestion. “I am looking forward to receiving ………..and I know the Universe can bring this to me in many varied and miraculous ways.”

The law of attraction works on the emotions that we produce, and thus the energy released attracts like to like. What this all means is the act of letting go and relaxing gives us the vibrations that we need to attract the best to us. Like many of us, I am normally a goal oriented person and the thought of letting go was anxiety producing, as I like to be in control. However, imagine doing the opposite, being given the permission if you like, of letting the monkeys slide off your back. It makes sense doesn’t it? When you try to control everything, strive and fight for what you want, you can never produce the highest vibrations to attract your hopes and dreams.

The law of attraction is so simple. Keep focusing on what you want, form the emotions that vibrate with what you want, then relax and allow those wishes to appear for you. This doesn’t mean that you take no action at all, but try different actions, ones that move you toward your goal. Yes, of course down the track you should take steps to help those dreams along. However, this would be an action with a difference. That is taking action when prompted to by the Universe. Inspired action without a feeling of striving or stress, but feels right and natural. These actions are ones which make you feel good. The inspiration for these actions could be an unexpected door opening to a new opportunity. Perhaps the universe uses a dream to give you a new creative idea.

So, see yourself mastering the Law of Allowing, and then why not try an experiment? Think of one item that you would like to manifest for you. I suggest just a small object, as this will give you practice and the confidence to move on to bigger requests in the future. Think of this desire with emotion and bring up all the best thoughts you can about it. What it will feel like when it arrives? Smile as you look forward to how the Universe is going to bring this manifestation to you. Find it exciting and interesting to watch how the vibration activates the attraction to manifest this desire. Have no preconceived thoughts of the process, prepare to be amazed at the result.

Now picture yourself five years from now when you have mastered the art of allowing. Your life would be entirely different. Clearly, the idea is to find the better feelings and thoughts in all that you do. This will reduce your stress and set up a constant vibration that is attracting all your hopes and dreams into your life.