Do you rely on someone else to save you?

Do you look for validation from others to feel love for yourself, or for someone to provide a solution to every problem? Do you believe that you can’t save yourself when facing life’s problems?

Many people haven’t the confidence to believe they can rely on themselves when faced with a sticky situation. Simple steps can build your self-confidence and give you the tools to take care of your own problems. This may include accepting but not relying on help from others.

The first habit to practice is track self-talk though out the day. The mind is the seat of your emotions. This is where self-respect and self-love begin. Change your negative self-talk by saying the opposite out-loud. For instance, “I’m not good enough to apply for that job.” to “If I don’t try I’ll never know if the company would hire me.”
Take charge of your situation by asking yourself “What would a wise person do here?”

Use the Internet to find out ways you can make items you need, or repair them.
Avoid situations or people that put you down in any way. Sometimes people put themselves in a situation that invites disrespect. They have become addicted to this behavior from others. Recognize these times and stay away.

Take care of your health and fitness. A healthy body helps develop a healthy mind. If you feel good you have the energy to deal with life’s ups and downs.
If you do need help perhaps for legal reasons, then consult a professional. If a friend or family member offers good help or advice unconditionally, then take it. You do deserve other people’s care.
From today take responsibility for yourself. See what you can do before relying on other people. What is the one thing you can do today to improve your situation? Do that one thing, then do the next and the next over time.