When Life’s Unfair

Everyone’s life is a series of ups and downs, of valleys and mountain tops. We think if we do all what’s right, all will be well, but the truth is bad times do happen to decent people. The world doesn’t owe us a living and even when we believe that we deserve a abundant life, we’re sometimes thrown a curve ball.

Life can be unfair, and inconsistent. Life’s lessons are often painful because they there to teach us, and move us forward spiritually. You need the lows to appreciate the highs, otherwise life would be bland and uninteresting.

When you came into this world it was a struggle. You were forced down your mother’s birth canal and expelled out into the world. Your first emotion was pain, then as you grew older you learn to cry when hungry or needing a dry diaper. Right from the start life is teaching you through good and bad experiences.

Nobody owes you a living, as most people struggle with their own problems. The difference between survivors who prosper and those who don’t are the way they handle life’s curve balls. If you are real and accept problems will come your way, you’re prepared to deal with them more effectively. If you don’t accept that life will be unfair to you, then you will whine and complain your way through life, blaming others for your misfortune. When you think you have no control, you make no attempt to solve each problem. Then you won’t move on to future success.

We need some hardship to develop our characters and to make us empathetic, so we can comfort and encourage others. With every hardship, we grow in our capacity, to turn challenges into opportunities.

The author Tim Hansel said, “Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional”. Even the most successful people will face painful periods in their life, but they learn to overcome them or accept them. Accept reality, and you’ll be ready to deal with life’s ups and downs, learn from them, and come through on the other side a better person. When adverse events happen, you need to look for the silver lining and for constructive ways to deal with each problem. Some difficulties can’t be fixed, and in those cases you learn to handle the problem, seek alternative solutions, and make the best of challenges as they occur.

You may face hardships, but on balance, most of the time you can be happy, as long as you appreciate the good times, store up the reserves to cope with the bad. Good times will come around again. The bible it tells us “this too shall pass”, as eventually most problems do. Keep hope in your heart as you pass through the unfair storms of life.

‘This too shall Pass’