Free Books

I have written three free books that will improve and change your life.

Attract Success

Picture yourself five years from now, when you have put into practice the tools of success found in this Powerful book.

Wouldn’t it be awe-inspiring to find that your relationships, career, education, finances and health have reached a level previously unmatched?

You’ve got to wonder why you haven’t taken advantage of the Law of Attraction before now.

You will discover the secrets of goal setting, blueprint building, effective list making, visualization and many financial principles.

This book answers questions such as, how do you define success? How do you measure it? How do you maintain it? What level of achievement or accomplishment shows that you have become a successful person?

You can use these practical tools to achieve the success and the rewards that real abundance brings.

Attract Great Relationships

Think back to when you were a child, and were totally dependent on members of your family for everything.

The Universe interacts with all people, and everyone is part of creation, sharing the same life energy.

We were born as social beings, designed to live in family groups and in communities. The human race was designed to give and receive mutual help, security, companionship and friendship.

Actually, if you think back you will see that your greatest moments were experienced through special relationships, with your parents, siblings, children, spouses and friends.

Your ability to get along with people in general can determine to a great extent your level of success and therefore, your degree of happiness.

This book offers you strategies and advice that will help you to improve present relationships, and attract satisfying new relationships in all parts of your life – home, work and leisure time.

Attract Prosperity

After living through one of the biggest global financial meltdowns in years many of you are focused on securing your financial future. Like many others, you are probably thinking about your finances more than ever before, and wondering how you can future proof your income and pension.

If you’re like everyone else you can’t help feeling a little uneasy about the impact the last few years may have on you and your family. Even so, remember in good times and bad there are always some people who continue to prosper. You can be one of those people. How? By practicing the Law of Attraction and using it to create the future that you want.

I live in Australia and we have a strong economy but even so, the media are talking the economy down and making people panic. Many of them are rushing to draw their money out of stocks and even banks. It is easy to see that media scaremongering and exaggerated negative talk can quickly turn a good economy into a recession.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to recession-proof yourself, even when those around you are speaking doom and gloom? At the conclusion of this book, you should have all the knowledge you need to succeed in any economy.