My NFT Journey with OpenSea

It’s good to try something new that taxes your brain. This journey has certainly taxed mine!

I decided a few weeks ago I would like to make new art for the NFT market (non-fungible tokens). I really didn’t know what I was letting myself in for!

After watching countless YouTube videos and reading extremely dry articles about Bitcoin, Ether and Block Chains my brain was spinning.

Setting up a wallet and buying Ether was my next step. Then choosing a platform for my NFT artwork. I went with the biggest and most well known one, OpenSea.

I found OpenSea fairly easy to navigate and went to mint my first NFT. What a shock! My MetaMask wallet asked me for a minting fee of US$620.00. Of course I didn’t have that in my wallet and went back to do more research.

I found Information on OpenSea about minting without fees by using the Polygon block chain. After trial and error I was able to set this up in my MetaMask wallet.

Back to OpenSea to mint my NFT and success. Not entirely free as there is a one off payment for the first one, a charge for setting up the block chain, but no charge for subsequent NFTs. This payment can vary depending on the Ether price, in my case it was around US$130.00.

I put up four pieces of artwork called ‘Iridescent Nature’ to begin my store.

Today I loaded my first collection ‘Celebrating the Planet’ consisting of ten works of art,  for lovers of nature and souls concerned about saving the planet.

I intend to mint this collection 22/2/22 and hope this special date is lucky for me!

Going forward I’m busy creating other collections featuring nature, wildlife and endangered species.

In conclusion, it was hard work and mentally taxing but well worth the effort.

I enjoy creating and this new avenue gives me a worthwhile goal going forward.

With whatever excites you in life I encourage you to expand your world and learn something new.