Seven Secrets of Hope for the New Year

Is this going to be a phenomenal year for you?

By the time you finish reading this page, my wish for you is for you to feel optimistic and hopeful that this is the year that your dreams will come true.

The fact of the matter is that the whole world is reeling from the events of the past two years. Has this left you feeling flat and hopeless about the coming year?

The truth is that there are always some that will prosper despite the upheaval of Covid and climate change.Now I would like to help you adjust your mindset for a successful year. Imagine with me for a moment, that it’s a year from today. What have you accomplished in the past year? Did you move through the year on autopilot and can’t think where your time went, or did you realize some of your hopes and dreams? When you have finished reading this article imagine again your future, and I am sure you will find that you can answer these questions in a more positive and uplifting way.

The first secret is to ensure that your energy field is always positive. Use your positive energy to move you forward by acting as a magnet to draw your dreams towards you. See yourself keeping up a positive energy field as you move through each day. Check your emotional state on a regular basis, adjusting as necessary. Visualize yourself as a magnet that is drawing from the abundance of the universe, all that you need and desire. Imagine experiencing your life exactly as you intend it to be at the end of this coming year.

The second secret is to have big dreams, as the greater your dreams the more positive emotions you can muster to become that magnet for them to appear. Decide in your heart that this is the year that your dreams will come true. Make this a year to have positive friends who support your dreams and who will laugh and enjoy life with you. See yourself focusing on your goals and knowing that each step moves you closer to the life of your dreams.

The third secret is to believe in yourself. Self-confidence has a power of its own and when you step out into your world knowing that you are a wonderful human being you send out that positive energy that people respond to. Truly, you are a creative and talented person who has passion and a sense of adventure. You can do anything you put your mind to, and you know that persistence and hard work will get you where you want to go. Leave self-doubt behind and decide today that you will never give up on your dreams, as success is just around the corner.

The fourth secret is giving up worry. It is so true that worry is a form of negative prayer, and creates unwanted energy. In your heart you do have a natural strength that will always see you through any dark places to the sunshine on the other side. Just remember that, if your worry isn’t life threatening then it is just not worth expending your energy on it. Ninety-nine percent of your worries will never happen. Save your life-force to reach your goals and let go of all despondency. Every day is a new opportunity to begin your life afresh. You are stronger than you may think and when you keep sending out positive energy the universe has to respond by turning everything around for your good.

The fifth secret is taking time to enjoy your life. Remember what is most important to you. Show your family and friends how much you appreciate them and spend time enjoying their company. It is true that all work makes Jack or Jill a dull boy or girl. Each day is special and only comes around once, and it is your responsibility to laugh, smile and have fun for part of that day. The essence of life is love, and it is love that truly matters above all else, when you give love and receive love your life will be a pleasure and joy to you.

The sixth secret is to be true to yourself. Ask yourself, what is your authentic destiny? Are you following the path that others have laid down for you, or are you flying high, living the life that is intended for you? What is important is your journey, a journey that is magnificent and rewarding. Don’t let fear stop you from stepping into that wonderful future that is your destiny. It really is quite simple. Just ask yourself, do you wake up each day with joy and anticipation? If you don’t, then decide today that you will seek your own path and move towards a splendid future. Listen to your inner voice and it will lead you to a rewarding and enjoyable tomorrow.

The seventh secret is to make measurable plans and stick to them. It is a reality that you do have to plan your future, as a ship without a destination will never arrive. Don’t be tossed around on a sea of indecision, or blown by the winds of confusion. Know where you are going and why, and don’t be afraid to take the road less travelled. Use your talents and passions as this will give you the enthusiasm that will catapult you to achieve your goals even faster. Find out what your strong sense of purpose is and move in that direction.

I just know that you have what it takes to make all of your dreams come true. Have faith in yourself, for you are a unique and magnificent person. Walk each day in integrity, kindness and love, as the universe always rewards these qualities. You cannot fail when you truly believe.

Wishing all my readers a fantastic and rewarding new year.