Four Ways to Greater Happiness

Recently I read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and found so many gems of knowledge I immediately felt I should share.

I was so impressed by these four ways of interacting with my world that I made a poster for my wall to remind me each day.

Now I would like to share the essence with you.

  1. Words have power. Speak good words about yourself and others.

We all know this fundamental truth but forget when going about our busy days. The power of words to hurt and the power of words to heal. 

Words have a strong energy and can and do change each of us.

Saying I can’t do this or that for example drags your life force downwards. Positive affirmations can lift your mood and flood your body with energy.

Your family and friends can be hurt by your careless words and criticism. Yet taking the time to build them up by kind, loving words is so easy and leaves others feeling good about themselves.

Decide today to speak with love, kindness and encouragement to everyone you meet.

  1.  Don’t take things personally. It’s never about you but themselves.

I’m a sensitive person and this agreement is one that I fail to realise nearly every time someone upsets me.

It’s so true that people barely think about another person when making decisions and in the way they talk. The number one person in their life is them! Whenever you feel hurt, left out or ignored, remember it’s never about you. 

Reminding yourself of this fact can save a lot of heartache.

  1. Don’t ever assume. Assumptions are nearly always wrong. Ask questions.

Another of my downfalls. My children often call me Mrs. Jump to Conclusions!

We all do this. For example passing a friend in the street and they ignore you. All sorts of reasons go through your mind, none of them positive. When the actual reason is they were preoccupied and simply never saw you.

As parents, making assumptions about our children’s behaviour and motives can lead us down a rocky path. With family and friends, ask questions to clarify what’s really going on. Saves a lot of upset.

  1. Do your best in everything. Always do your best and you have no regrets.

Be the best person you can be. No one can ask or expect more than that. In everything from work to home try to be the best you can be.

Work hard, be kind, be helpful in all situations and you can sleep peacefully at night knowing you have given the best of yourself.

Bonus – Be skeptical but learn to listen.

We hear all sorts of opinions and information in today’s world and sometimes it’s difficult to sort out the chaff from the wheat.

Gather information from different resources then ask yourself, “is this true”. 

Listen carefully to conversations noting actions and tone of voice to discern what the other person is really saying.

You will be surprised by paying attention and learn far more than by casual listening.

I hope this article is helpful and brings more happiness into your life.